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[-] [+] No.13983
high tail hall has updates Flash 
File: s_1319819837422.jpg -(689931 B, 1177x820)
689931 689931 No.13983 13983 1

thought some of you would like to know...

Marked for deletion (clean-up - moderated).
No.13985 - Link Reply Report 13985 2

Only Crowchild would remove all of the porn and call it an update.

No.13986 - Link Reply Report 13986 2

Can someone tell me what's new this update?

No.14000 - Link Reply Report 14000 2

IMHO, Crowchild should work on, ya know, the part of the game that we WANT to play, not how navigating what was already fine even more spectacular. In other words.. HTH 1 layout with HTH 2 graphics

No.14046 - Link Reply Report 14046 2


You dont understand. He is making ART

No.14071 - Link Reply Report 14071 2

What the fuck is he doing if he does HTH "full time" except for having progressively less of what everyone actually wants out of an update whenever he redoes pre-existing rooms for the 10th time?

No.14077 - Link Reply Report 14077 2


The ART in the game is the SEX! Not the navigation to get to the SEX.

No.14093 - Link Reply Report 14093 2


I was trying to be sarcastic :(

No.14104 - Link Reply Report 14104 2


I was unaware of your intentions and i am sorry if i offended you, but you gotta admit i am kinda right :P

No.14517 - Link Reply Report 14517 2

Looks like High Tail Hall's site is down. Does anyone know what happened?

I've kinda lost faith in Crowe though, he seems to get sudden bouts of laziness and weird excuses like "THE ELECTRICITY WENT DOWN FOR A MONTH SORRY FOR THE DELAY"

I mean, really. Where does he live? Nicaragua?

No.14522 - Link Reply Report 14522 2

a dude at the art institute of portland could do in a weekend what takes crow 3 months to do.

No.14524 - Link Reply Report 14524 2

>>14517 a dude at the art institute of portland could do in a weekend what takes crow 3 months to do.

No.14531 - Link Reply Report 14531 2

No matter how many times people point out that nobody cares about the f-ing scenery AT ALL, that's all that ever seems to get updated anyway. The last update actually had FEWER sex scenes.

Someone probably COULD just do the sex scenes in an otherwise empty void and probably get a bigger donation base. Crow says "empty void = not sexy"... You know what's even less sexy? Taking out the sex. DERP DERP

No.14534 - Link Reply Report 14534 2

He's known for burning "donations" for his own pocket and then leaving for excess periods of time. The fire was one thing, but everything after that just led me to believe he's just trying to scam people out of their money. If I remember, most of his artists quit and no one wants to do squat for him.

No.14535 - Link Reply Report 14535 2

While I don't exactly know what you people are talking about, do you really need a pictureless thread on here, just to rip into somebody over the internet?

0 No.14536 - Link Reply Report 14536 2


I'm gonna be honest here. I've only made like 10 posts total on this board over a period of 5 years, or however old this board is, and I've lurked and played High Tail Hall games in passing.

This is what Crowchild does. He's honestly like Notch from Minecraft, but a million times worse:

  1. Make game with furry characters you can have sex with
  2. Ask for money and promise updates
  3. 3-4 lousy updates come out over the period of a year (Maybe add a character or two between all 4 updates, then refuse to update the game AT ALL, and in the "New" HTH 2 update, flat out remove characters

And now his site is down.

Here is what I think happened:

Crowchild's site finally went down for good because people got fed up with him and decided to quit giving him money, and I think this is the case because he NEVER met his "quota". There was always a banner saying something along the lines of "NEED LUDICROUS AMOUNT OF MONEY BY ________ OR ELSE THE GAME WILL BE SHUT DOWN!!!"

There's also the miniscule chance that his site is down because he's actually updating the game, but I doubt it.

I have a feeling he will re-surface sometime with "High Tail Hall 3" or "High Tail hall 2: II: The sequel"

Better start saving whatever he makes in Firefox before he removes it from the Web in any case. I saved the Anne Tittyfuck flash before his site went down because I liked it, but I don't know if its DNP or not because, like I said, I'm a lurker for the most part, but I had to get this off my chest.

File: sex147.jpg -(137634 B, 460x630)
137634 137634 No.14539 - Link Reply Report 14539 2



Have Macromedia Flash skills and would be more than willing to animate, just have no drawing skills. Would be nice to find others interested in making a real, complete, and free High Tail Hall style game.

In the meantime, let's post some scenes that would look great in an HTH-style game.

No.14542 - Link Reply Report 14542 2

I second this, perhaps have it be somewhat of a collab? The art styles would differ through out the game, but as long as the format for exploring and accessing various scenes stayed the same it would be fine. Not something HTH even tried to do it's self.

No.14639 - Link Reply Report 14639 2

>>14536 Long time lurker here too. I agree with this guy. I've played his flashes and it's always a big disappointment because he adds all these characters, then makes it where there is a select few, then never makes updates on bugs and such. He could be a big hit with his stuff but I rage along with this guy in saying Crowchild is lousy with updating and improveing his series in the time it takes for an update to even happen.

No.14774 - Link Reply Report 14774 2

Crowchild posted a test on Newgrounds, but the site is still down.

No.14783 - Link Reply Report 14783 2

So... does anyone have the old HTH? the one that actually wasnt so bad?

No.14784 - Link Reply Report 14784 2

I absolutely loved High Tail Hall 2, why did it turn into this? A mish-mash of separate .swf files and odd graphics. I just wanted him to finish HTH2 :(

File: hightailhall.swf -(1086486 B, 0x0)
No.14788 - Link Reply Report 14788 2

First, This.

No.14792 - Link Reply Report 14792 2


sigh One of the first furry flashes I have seen... still pretty good.
but how the mighty have fallen

No.14826 - Link Reply Report 14826 2

It really almost saddens me that HTH2 will not hit big. . .

No.14849 - Link Reply Report 14849 2

>>14046yeah people art takes time,belive me i'm having a helluva time trying to think of what i'll make next and it's been like 4 months.

No.14851 - Link Reply Report 14851 2

... mighty? Compare that art style to what he's doing now. He just made the mistake of thinking people wanted better art/animation instead of content. An easy thing to do when folks feed your ego. Just look at a lot of all the crappy anatomy and unrealistic movements in the first hth. Really look. He tried to break out of that and failed. Art takes little time, its the living up to what you perceive as peoples expectations that does.

That and the whole donations debacle which was not really his fault. He should have known better though.

No.14864 - Link Reply Report 14864 2


I am a good writer. I can help do dialog and some background details.

I been lurking crow's stuff for a long time now. I was there when he first made hth the first one, and was a little excited for the second one, but after what 3-4 years of debugging and updates I have come to the conclusion that he is a basket-case. Plan and simple.

No.14865 - Link Reply Report 14865 2

He has a new beta up, and once again, all it is is 'fluff,' there are three girls in the hall that when you 'talk' to them it goes straight to a sex thing, Tanya isn't even one of them, she's there but not clickable. about 1/3rd of the viewable area is stuff like "Updates coming" and a donation button. I swear these updates are more interface/movements rather than what people want. If I could draw and use flash I'd make my own flash game.

No.14867 - Link Reply Report 14867 2

Oh I forgot one other thing I noticed. Clicking the bartender takes you to an order page for the shirt he's wearing.

No.14872 - Link Reply Report 14872 2

The game's still laggy as all heck, the world is WAY too massive for the amount of actual content there is, the sex scenes now look like a photoshopped dick being controlled with a mouse to go up and down rather than in and out of anything, and once again he updates at the pace of grass growing. With that, the updates that he actually does tend to REMOVE content rather than expanding upon it. He's done nothing but step backwards from what the original game was and then constantly claims financial issues. If he listened to any type of criticism he was receiving he would have learned what his problems were a long time ago. Sadly, he does not, and it is ruining a game which had great potential. If anything I'd look towards the Penthouse series as opposed to this game.

No.14884 - Link Reply Report 14884 2

I don't know why he doesn't just concentrate on one section at a time, and get it finished befoer moving on. Especially with how long some of these areas take to load to be wandering around room after room, being surrounded by nothing... It's annoying to say the least.

No.14889 - Link Reply Report 14889 2

Crowchild's breasts and dicks look awful. Everything he does is boner murder.

No.14899 - Link Reply Report 14899 2

crossed my mind that he isn't responsible for the content by himself.

if he is, then he must just be incredibly lazy/stupid to not put out decent updates. Working properly at it, this game would be incredible by now.

No.14908 - Link Reply Report 14908 2

He's not. And the majority of the original artists left him a long time ago.

No.14923 - Link Reply Report 14923 2

A large collection of awful people.

Sounds like the same crowd that hated on Furronika.

No.14942 - Link Reply Report 14942 2


I've given up on him. Like most furry animators, he never finishes anything, he just sits in a constant holding pattern of "new ideas/improvements." The person who said his "updates" remove content rather than adding it was spot on; the only thing he's added in recent months that I thought was pretty good was Goldie, but his concept of anatomy and the interaction of penis and vagina is poor. Half of his girls have vaginas that are above their fucking pelvic bones, and all of them have vaginas/anuses that just sort of float while a dick disappears over them. He should have a Donate button that leads to a job application, since the only thing he needs donated is talent.

No.14953 - Link Reply Report 14953 2

The 10% of you can keep argueing for his case all you want, but the 90% of the other side speak loudly. I just visited his game too, and sadly I have to admit, the first HTH dispite that it wasn't as well drawn as HTH2 is, was better because it was in a way "complete". Ever since he started this it was great, lots to do and places to explore. Now it's become less and less almost to a point where all that gets a major updated is scenery which most of us kind of don't care about in a way.

No.14982 - Link Reply Report 14982 2

Lol I dont go to HTH to stare at trees, damnit!

No.14985 - Link Reply Report 14985 2

What I hate is he spends like 5 months building a specific facet of the game like the main hall, but on the next update scraps it all and implements a slightly different version with a different wall texture but now has less options, less interactivity and all of the girls are missing. Then says he needs more donations to make more progress on the game.

The progress of the game goes something like 30% finished, 35% finished, 20%, 25% ,15%. Three steps forward then 2 steps back.

I mean its kina like duke nukem forever they kept spending time and money developing it but ended up scraping it when its 9\10ths finish so they could re work the graphics or tweak something minor, and they did this repeatedly for what 15 years?

No.14986 - Link Reply Report 14986 2

I mean I wouldn’t mind him spending all this time working on these little things detail is really good, if they would actually get into the game, you know god forbid actually make progress and not just be filler for the next dump

No.14990 - Link Reply Report 14990 2

Who keeps sending him money?

No.14994 - Link Reply Report 14994 2


Well from watching his steams for about 30 minus each, every time progress was mentioned he brought up donations and everyone in stream trips over each other to see who can throw the most money at him the quickest.
He has like 60-70 people on average in every stream, all of them trying to out ass kiss the other.

No.14997 - Link Reply Report 14997 2

Compare him with the guy who's making Corruption of Champions. That's what dedicated fulltime work is. He keeps his fans updated all the time, he actually adds content and expands on what he created in the first place.

What Crowchild needs is a designer/semi-producer, he needed one from the very start and he's still in need of one.

No.15015 - Link Reply Report 15015 2


No, what he needs is to be fucking sued by all the people who pre-ordered his Rio DVD that he never finished. Dude should have been a lawyer because he's an expert at making money disappear while producing no results.

No.15116 - Link Reply Report 15116 2
Source: http://en.wikifur.com/w/images/0/00/HTH2Screengrab-300px.png

anyone have the first version of hth2?

No.15136 - Link Reply Report 15136 2


I preferred that version as well.

I didn't mind the flash style graphics.

No.15144 - Link Reply Report 15144 2


Back online

No.15234 - Link Reply Report 15234 2

by far the greatest grief filled thread I've read in a long time

No.15260 - Link Reply Report 15260 2

Nice, an update after something like 3 months! It looks like it may even have a whole 3, possibly even 4, days worth of work done on it! Sweet!

No.15441 - Link Reply Report 15441 2

Seriously, stop sending money to that guy. It's a financial black-hole and a poorly managed project..

No.15668 - Link Reply Report 15668 2

If you guys want a game like high tail hall there is a game by baddog studios that comes to mind.

No.15702 - Link Reply Report 15702 2

and the name of it would be?

No.15918 - Link Reply Report 15918 2

Not same poster here as whoever mentioned that but IIRC it's called "The Penthouse". I don't know what the situation/status is though. Last time I heard/saw anything about it was a while ago and it was very incomplete. I'm hopeful but we know how these projects can tend to turn out. We shall see.

No.16010 - Link Reply Report 16010 2

Ha, his whole site's down now.

No.16058 - Link Reply Report 16058 2

Another version seems to be up.

File: tumblr_o3c9zgejIu1rwlz7go1_1280.png -(669861 B, 1280x720)
669861 669861 No.19454 - Link Reply Report 19454 2
File: tumblr_o3c9zgejIu1rwlz7go1_1280.png -(669861 B, 1280x720)
669861 669861 No.19456 - Link Reply Report 19456 2