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Pictures of anything involving both genders (including bi). No solo pictures. (unless it's /a/, /ah/ or /c/ material)

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[-] [+] No.18502
File: landingzone_nao_bastet_2.jpg -(335190 B, 891x919)
335190 335190 No.18502 18502 1

Anyone know the source for this? Been looking for ages

No.18503 - Link Reply Report 18503 2

The filename identifies the artist; it's landingzone on FurAffinity.

File: sample_5bd692a7fcec186c34391d37ad5eefc6c59eb62b.jpg -(99784 B, 850x488)
99784 99784 No.18577 - Link Reply Report 18577 2

Looking for the artist for this image.

No.18579 - Link Reply Report 18579 2

Oh wow, that's a hot one... But a google search just doesn't pull up the full-res version! Maybe someone recognizes the logo?

No.18580 - Link Reply Report 18580 2

>>18577 The artist is Deezmo, here's a link to the source of that image: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14323396/

File: s_1413923745332.jpg -(362848 B, 1098x1029)
362848 362848 No.18603 - Link Reply Report 18603 2

I cant read signature on this pic..
Anyone knows?

No.18629 - Link Reply Report 18629 2


Looks like Omari

Tried checking FA, but don't have an account and his stuff is private

File: 5efe4bcd827e5af527d55beb7cffd632.jpg -(447943 B, 610x800)
447943 447943 No.18704 - Link Reply Report 18704 2

I'm looking for 2 images. The first one has 1 male an 1 female taking shelter from the rain in a cave, both are soaked and the male is turned away from the female while taking off his shirt. The second one is of the same pair but now they are having sex. I believe the name of the artist used to be Kyuubi-something on pixiv. This picture is from him.

File: s_1420689686220.jpg -(230773 B, 1000x1237)
230773 230773 No.18709 - Link Reply Report 18709 2


No.18711 - Link Reply Report 18711 2

That's it! Thank you so much!

No.19685 - Link Reply Report 19685 2

I need help. I'm looking for an image of two anthro female dragons, one is blue and the other is yellow. They are both bathing at a waterfall with a male human. Please help!

File: 4e49d535-cdc5-456f-bbe6-ca7d21874a54.jpg -(99152 B, 608x864)
99152 99152 No.19692 - Link Reply Report 19692 2

Trying to find source on the artist.

No.19693 - Link Reply Report 19693 2

>>19692 The artist goes by optionaltypo.