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Pictures of anything involving both genders (including bi). No solo pictures. (unless it's /a/, /ah/ or /c/ material)

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[-] [+] No.18972
Straight-curious/forced straight? 
File: s_1438708013070.marian0_de__tomierlan_comission_170001.jpg -(404261 B, 920x1280)
404261 404261 No.18972 18972 1

There's a huge lack of this sorta thing and there's gotta be more of this out there somewhere.

No.18973 - Link Reply Report 18973 2

LOVE this stuff. Does any unwilling male count (not much of that either), or do you only want obvious orientation-play?

No.18974 - Link Reply Report 18974 2

>>18973 Unwilling works too! The more the better :D

File: b417ae978780b379a7d1950aae0f6111.png -(528402 B, 1047x1068)
528402 528402 No.18975 - Link Reply Report 18975 2
File: 76f.jpg -(227485 B, 550x778)
227485 227485 No.18977 - Link Reply Report 18977 2
File: trptrthgn.jpg -(218344 B, 1280x941)
218344 218344 No.18985 - Link Reply Report 18985 2
No.19003 - Link Reply Report 19003 2

Is there a such thing as forced gay?

No.19009 - Link Reply Report 19009 2


Yeah, I think that's a lot more common. It's harder to find the forced-straight stuff, haha.

No.19011 - Link Reply Report 19011 2

Yup. I tried finding some forced straight stuff on FA...couldn't find shit, it was all forced gay.

No.19012 - Link Reply Report 19012 2

Next inevitable question...is there such a thing as forced bisexual?

No.19079 - Link Reply Report 19079 2

Dude, anything can be forced.

What you need to understand is that the labeling of forced is not a matter of gender and/or preference. Whether something is forced or not depends on the cooperation of the sexual partners.

Forced is a little harder than vanilla sex, but usually not too brutal/rough to be considered rape (most of the time).

In short it all boils down to how hard the sex is, and what kind of consent exists between the partners.

File: 7f09182152d6df842193bb4228ea791a.png -(689546 B, 1050x950)
689546 689546 No.19084 - Link Reply Report 19084 2


Plus, forced bisexual just means someone's preferred sex is also involved in the forced sex. Not a bad idea, to help the guy along.

No.19089 - Link Reply Report 19089 2


...erm, no.

If there is no consent, and you're doing it to them, it's rape. Doesn't have to be rough.

If there's consent, it can be so rough you break bones and tear ligaments and wind up in the hospital with a hell of a story. Guess what, NOT RAPE.

File: crop_hetr.png -(374440 B, 690x954)
374440 374440 No.19096 - Link Reply Report 19096 2


Agree. Now that's cleared up...

File: s_1461092831869.shinjikami_the_sketchy_events.jpg -(209231 B, 707x1000)
209231 209231 No.19464 - Link Reply Report 19464 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1848957/

Part 1

File: s_1461092924779.shinjikami_sketchy_events_2.jpg -(166983 B, 495x700)
166983 166983 No.19465 - Link Reply Report 19465 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1851205/

Part 2

No.19482 - Link Reply Report 19482 2

Such a curious subject.

No.19484 - Link Reply Report 19484 2

>>19089 Well, yes, but the conversation wasn't about the topic of rape, it was about whether or not a fetish exists.

No.19555 - Link Reply Report 19555 2

Any more?

File: s_1468573424450.neala-appaloosa_thunder_riley_uncolored.jpg -(332057 B, 1280x1029)
332057 332057 No.19557 - Link Reply Report 19557 2


In the context of "straight-curious/forced-straight" this image suddenly becomes even more interesting.

File: s_1472363155891.tyhanson_wallshaveeyes.jpg -(122457 B, 1280x800)
122457 122457 No.19599 - Link Reply Report 19599 2
File: image.png -(651480 B, 800x1000)
651480 651480 No.19602 - Link Reply Report 19602 2

From Metal on FA

No.19621 - Link Reply Report 19621 2

Kind of hot

File: s_1476575688271.mojavecoyote_maskedpuppy_schmozygay.jpg -(201508 B, 1148x1280)
201508 201508 No.19622 - Link Reply Report 19622 2
File: s_1476575708365.mojavecoyote_eerieeden_schmozy2.jpg -(192233 B, 1280x1057)
192233 192233 No.19623 - Link Reply Report 19623 2
File: s_1476575731749.mojavecoyote_bounce_ram.jpg -(129509 B, 1220x1280)
129509 129509 No.19624 - Link Reply Report 19624 2
No.19635 - Link Reply Report 19635 2

>>19623 Woah...he's like....really really cute!!!

No.19709 - Link Reply Report 19709 2

Any more curious gay boys going down on a girl?

File: Treason.png -(803936 B, 2129x812)
803936 803936 No.19749 - Link Reply Report 19749 2
Source: Bojog
File: 7x24.jpg -(149507 B, 662x1030)
149507 149507 No.19753 - Link Reply Report 19753 2


ASB had this as a short story.

File: s_1500524497367.tegerio_dashersquirt.gif -(62690 B, 1074x730)
62690 62690 No.19849 - Link Reply Report 19849 2
File: s_1503961003908.schmozy_schmowizzle.png -(875611 B, 1150x1150)
875611 875611 No.19867 - Link Reply Report 19867 2
No.19870 - Link Reply Report 19870 2

>>19753 got a link to a source? Make my night if someone would be so kind.

File: 1.png -(2610705 B, 1950x3048)
2610705 2610705 No.19872 - Link Reply Report 19872 2

>>19870 It's a short comic from a comic series called Associated Student Bodies. Here's ther whole thing

File: 2.png -(2353166 B, 1950x3048)
2353166 2353166 No.19873 - Link Reply Report 19873 2
File: 3.png -(1960300 B, 1950x3048)
1960300 1960300 No.19874 - Link Reply Report 19874 2
File: 4.png -(2288723 B, 1950x3048)
2288723 2288723 No.19875 - Link Reply Report 19875 2
File: 5.png -(2743857 B, 1950x3048)
2743857 2743857 No.19876 - Link Reply Report 19876 2
File: 6.png -(2688076 B, 1950x3048)
2688076 2688076 No.19877 - Link Reply Report 19877 2
File: 9376b56edbc91c0412863e34385b3985.png -(1652690 B, 2200x1800)
1652690 1652690 No.19917 - Link Reply Report 19917 2
File: s_1512677966899.schmozy_mozzyexperiment_fa.png -(712131 B, 1000x1000)
712131 712131 No.19956 - Link Reply Report 19956 2
File: starykrow_force_succ_fave.jpg -(134902 B, 640x480)
134902 134902 No.19974 - Link Reply Report 19974 2


These are all exceptional, thank you fellas. Pic related is female forced but that still counts

No.19990 - Link Reply Report 19990 2

Any more of these?

File: s_1518141834133.sillyserpentine_1340840794.alastair_alastair_and_serpy.png.jpg -(95340 B, 1280x777)
95340 95340 No.19991 - Link Reply Report 19991 2

It's kind of a guilty pleasure of mine with this fetish and it sucks that it's pretty hard to find. Your best bet is to just look for gay fursona's/characters and try to find if they have any pictures with them and a female. Most will have at least 1 picture, but some won't. Most of these I'll post are pretty much first time curious, whether sober or help of alcohol, while a couple are just character trolls. They work better with the descriptions given to them. I'll do the curious images first and then explain what others are

File: s_1518141946846.sillyserpentine_1342082404.alastair_alastairserpyv2.png -(516698 B, 1079x800)
516698 516698 No.19992 - Link Reply Report 19992 2
File: s_1518142013574.knowntobite_untitled.png -(649183 B, 1280x743)
649183 649183 No.19994 - Link Reply Report 19994 2
File: s_1518142052369.sleepylp_1490224840.wave-line_sleepy_s_encounter3.png -(937318 B, 1267x1122)
937318 937318 No.19995 - Link Reply Report 19995 2
File: s_1518142165240.sleepylp_1490224959.wave-line_sleepy_s_encounter2.png -(701820 B, 1122x1069)
701820 701820 No.19996 - Link Reply Report 19996 2
File: s_1518142182220.sleepylp_1490225155.wave-line_sleepy_s_encounter1.png -(768910 B, 1101x1079)
768910 768910 No.19997 - Link Reply Report 19997 2
File: s_1518142213432.realworld_1511267901.rainhues_playing_with_a_panda.png -(110506 B, 911x564)
110506 110506 No.19998 - Link Reply Report 19998 2
File: s_1518142258529.evilfawx_evilfawxcp__2__1.jpg -(265819 B, 1047x1280)
265819 265819 No.19999 - Link Reply Report 19999 2
File: s_1518142690594.akiramizuhara_1471307731.kitsunewaffles-chan_ychcomic.png -(517780 B, 600x1150)
517780 517780 No.20000 - Link Reply Report 20000 2

Artist states character is pan, but this was his first time with a female. He has a few others, but they don't really fit into the criteria except the next one I post

File: s_1518142711131.akiramizuhara_akiradogsex.png.jpg -(291605 B, 1280x1129)
291605 291605 No.20001 - Link Reply Report 20001 2
File: s_1518142814855.thesiggy_mleo3sg.jpg -(316744 B, 1152x1280)
316744 316744 No.20002 - Link Reply Report 20002 2

this was a YCH raffle. Both the guy and girl are gay, so they decided to make it into a story of awkward sex.

File: s_1518142964465.brunalli_013855_563.jpg -(79464 B, 1000x934)
79464 79464 No.20003 - Link Reply Report 20003 2

this here was gift art to the guy on the bottom, so it kind of counts as forced and a bit of curious, I guess, seeing how the description says "cum the hardest he ever has in his life"

File: s_1518143056245.valkoglacies_1412495357.yaoifairy_valko_bea_resize.png -(2313773 B, 1250x1250)
2313773 2313773 No.20004 - Link Reply Report 20004 2

don't know what to count it as. Claims he only done it for the socks

File: s_1518143166700.konomichi_164435.jpg -(196672 B, 926x1280)
196672 196672 No.20005 - Link Reply Report 20005 2

this one is just his first and only time with a female

File: 3c1c0c5392a20afe4cb1b702e68e847a.jpg -(775279 B, 850x1169)
775279 775279 No.20006 - Link Reply Report 20006 2

Last one I have. There's not much story behind this one since it was a troll piece commissioned by someone who claims it's canon. Story behind character is that he's gay with a bf and was never able to talk to girls since he always got nervous around them. During the character's time away from his bf, the commissioner said this was going to happen, but never did make it into the comic. This is most likely curious sex with the aid of something.

File: s_1518374312737.evilfawx_caimxcarmen.png -(1125545 B, 974x1050)
1125545 1125545 No.20008 - Link Reply Report 20008 2

Forgot about this one. It's the same guy from >>19999. Like with the others, the description goes best with it.

File: s_1521070209110.-rai-_rai_spinda.png.jpg -(169963 B, 1280x993)
169963 169963 No.20016 - Link Reply Report 20016 2

found some more. Some, like before, go better with their descriptions

File: ea135e762f3c6486cd5ef92d9fe97fc7.jpg -(10654911 B, 5000x4743)
10654911 10654911 No.20017 - Link Reply Report 20017 2

Guy on bottom is gay and got roped into sex on a live camsite. Doesn't know what he should be doing

File: Ketzio11_nightdancer_1.jpg -(5847446 B, 3500x4000)
5847446 5847446 No.20018 - Link Reply Report 20018 2

Same guy as before. Doesn't know if he's comfortable with a blowjob from a chick

File: 087d0ca4867f2a9b0a4de18f9a17c45b.png -(2422757 B, 2560x1440)
2422757 2422757 No.20019 - Link Reply Report 20019 2
File: e0be8d44bf7e7b304187c321228bd542.jpg -(402482 B, 821x1200)
402482 402482 No.20020 - Link Reply Report 20020 2

Next 3 are from a gay comic

File: 6edf6885ed17794e584730f645676665.jpg -(396033 B, 857x1200)
396033 396033 No.20021 - Link Reply Report 20021 2
File: e73fe0bfcd3685318f9b1589594d468f.jpg -(337741 B, 819x1200)
337741 337741 No.20022 - Link Reply Report 20022 2
File: dd5c7bbe9cf4c7e3a387c07075a5dbff.png -(354560 B, 636x879)
354560 354560 No.20023 - Link Reply Report 20023 2
File: 3640b48371192ca565545585e6278aa6.png -(2019829 B, 900x2339)
2019829 2019829 No.20024 - Link Reply Report 20024 2
File: e488c8112fcb42fe391dceb80beedadd.jpg -(365863 B, 792x1224)
365863 365863 No.20025 - Link Reply Report 20025 2
File: s_1521071070061.furinkazan_twitch_5.png.jpg -(163402 B, 926x1280)
163402 163402 No.20026 - Link Reply Report 20026 2
File: s_1521071128219.brunalli_043142.jpg -(197506 B, 1280x1229)
197506 197506 No.20027 - Link Reply Report 20027 2

He really is

File: s_1521071312933.-husky92-_drs0003.jpg -(318683 B, 900x1280)
318683 318683 No.20028 - Link Reply Report 20028 2

"We were tipsy, she was cool, i was horny, last time i had sex was after christmas... i always wanted to try. I don't need other explanations xD"

This is actually a visual diary page of his IRL life, so I guess that's bonus points

File: s_1521071419158.norua_alexdragoncommission.png.jpg -(184025 B, 1280x1102)
184025 184025 No.20029 - Link Reply Report 20029 2

The male is gay, but royal duty must come first, even if he doesn't like it.

File: s_1521073464019.synxthelynx_synx_princessll2r.png -(1024341 B, 1067x880)
1024341 1024341 No.20030 - Link Reply Report 20030 2

Got teased for being full homo, got coaxed into doing this

File: s_1521073982867.synxthelynx_explicital_synx2.png -(546362 B, 987x758)
546362 546362 No.20031 - Link Reply Report 20031 2

Same guy as before. He prefers males, but it seems he has a strong personality fetish, which is netting him in these pics

File: s_1521074055241.synxthelynx_syrinoth_dns_clr_fix.jpg -(170466 B, 1280x914)
170466 170466 No.20032 - Link Reply Report 20032 2

Curiosity and again, strong advancements on his submissive nature

File: s_1521074295332.z00p_kabier.jpg -(555176 B, 1068x1200)
555176 555176 No.20033 - Link Reply Report 20033 2

First time with a female, but it's only anal

File: s_1521074722145.z00p_drayk.jpg -(505474 B, 1186x1200)
505474 505474 No.20034 - Link Reply Report 20034 2

I'm not sure if this should be here or not. It's the same guy as the previous post, but the other character is a Cunt boy, but the description talks about the cboy popping his vag cherry since it was his first ever

File: s_1521074782383.drayk_z00p_-_reverse_auction_prize_-_practice_makes_perfect_eye_clean.jpg -(314103 B, 760x1000)
314103 314103 No.20035 - Link Reply Report 20035 2

these next two are just follow ups of the previous picture

File: s_1521074810273.drayk_z00p_-_reverse_auction_prize_-_practice_makes_perfect_dark_fluids.jpg -(298337 B, 760x1000)
298337 298337 No.20036 - Link Reply Report 20036 2
File: s_1521075697169.itragedy_bunnys2_done.jpg -(183217 B, 1280x1272)
183217 183217 No.20037 - Link Reply Report 20037 2

a femboi rabbit's first time domming and being with a female, I believe

No.20043 - Link Reply Report 20043 2

This is my secret fetish, would love to help a gay boy go bi.

No.20044 - Link Reply Report 20044 2


Odd as it may sound, there are those of us who would want you to.

No.20051 - Link Reply Report 20051 2

>>20043 hi, gay boy here >////>

No.20052 - Link Reply Report 20052 2

>>20043 Hi, gay boy wanting this here >///>

No.20054 - Link Reply Report 20054 2

Got any FAs boys?

No.20056 - Link Reply Report 20056 2

>>20054 https://www.furaffinity.net/user/-rai-/ >///>>>18972

File: s_1529449190705.amaterasu1_5135b853-3c61-431f-8393-f0a164ce297a.jpg -(312963 B, 1280x983)
312963 312963 No.20057 - Link Reply Report 20057 2
No.20058 - Link Reply Report 20058 2

You're a braver man than I am... >//O//<

File: s_1530130575674.eddiew_junemax.jpg -(50620 B, 550x740)
50620 50620 No.20061 - Link Reply Report 20061 2

Hello, it's the same anon who did the previous dump. I've got some more images that's probably going to take me a while to upload. I guess I'll get started. As always, the description goes best with these images and for some, I'll post a short context of the image.

This one is actually from a story here (furaffinitynet/view/1539859/) about a gay raccoon having his first time with a female.

File: s_1530130970281.eddiew_triad.jpg -(93347 B, 835x930)
93347 93347 No.20062 - Link Reply Report 20062 2

Same raccoon from before. This takes place after the story, though there's none for this

File: s_1530131092274.shampu123_1280108063.eziel_1280078835.shampu123_1279871061_millislim_shampu_mature.jpg -(930953 B, 1126x1046)
930953 930953 No.20063 - Link Reply Report 20063 2

Lady is in heat and her gay friend decides to help her

File: s_1530145686976.nitedragon_some_steamed_buns.jpg -(182357 B, 1280x880)
182357 182357 No.20064 - Link Reply Report 20064 2

Not much to say about this guy. It's his fursona whose in 99% gay art and this was the only female picture I could find. Says he was peeking into the womens side and wanted to meet said female for the first time. There's really not much else to him since he's primarily a vore artist

File: s_1530145798245.arakiel_drunk.jpg -(267621 B, 1280x982)
267621 267621 No.20065 - Link Reply Report 20065 2

There's a joke between this guy and one of his female friends that if he were to get drunk, he'd go straight, but instead he gets even gayer, but he drew this picture for her fantasy

File: s_1530146013773.kemarcyri_attackofthefoxy.jpg -(124519 B, 1280x1093)
124519 124519 No.20066 - Link Reply Report 20066 2

Artist's two OCs. Green cat is gay and purple fox thinks she can make him straight

File: s_1530146164789.makenage_narbonnefin.jpg -(178156 B, 1000x781)
178156 178156 No.20067 - Link Reply Report 20067 2

Artist has a short story of this. I'll just paste it

"One day, Jess came to my place.

As we discussed about stuff, we were speaking about our skills to tease our mates. But each of us were saying that we're the best.

After we spent some long minutes, we decided to make a teasing test. As a gentleman, I let her beginning.

We were going to my bedroom, She didn't lose time and pushed me rightdown to the bed and stripped quickly. But she wanted more, she'is gone out of the room but came back with a babana and some chocolate syrup (Yeah I like chocolate )

Laying on my bed, I'was smiling as much as her. She mounted me while she covered the banana with the chocolate. She was trying the best to show me how to burn the passion for his mate.

I was just smiling, enoying the show of a female trying to seduce a gay dog.

Do you think it works ?"

File: s_1530146707538.danielyote_daniel-yote-good-girl-small.png -(596373 B, 572x800)
596373 596373 No.20068 - Link Reply Report 20068 2

Here's another short story. Unfortunately, I can't find the owner of said Snowmew. Description says Hideki, but I can't find much.

"Cassie let out a muffled moan as she got onto all fours on the bed, wiggling her ass teasingly at the male snow leopard. She knew that his tastes were for other fruits, but she needed to get him to talk...
She was acting extra submissive, whimpering and whining and folding her ears back submissively.
Stealing a glance over her shoulder, the coyote noticed that the feline was already quite hard and looking at her lustfully. Without warning, he plunged his thick throbbing member into her tight folds and hilted within her.
"Mmmm, such a good slave." The leopard purred as he slowly rolled his hips back and forth, his spiny cock dragging along Cassie's inner walls and driving her mad with the sensations .
She let out a throaty whimper in reply, rocking her own hips to meet his thrusts, her folds slick and glistening with her juices. Before long the coyote was panting through her muzzle, struggling to hold her composure as each deep, powerful thrust brought her closer and closer to climaxing
Suddenly, the feline withdrew his member from the coyote, and she whimpered and growled in frustration. "FUCK I WAS SO CLOSE!" She screamed in her head.

"That's right, slut. I may be gay but that doesn't mean I can't put a bitch in her place." he growled, bringing a clawed paw down on her rump with a firm slap.

Ah, the troubles and tribulations of the modern day secret agent. Cassie doing her best to seduce and garner information from a potential lead. She's actually quite good at her job. Sometimes... (see the most recent submissions in my other gallery for reference) "

File: s_1530147035497.noble-idler_ni-20131117-dontwakeherup.png -(1660473 B, 991x1199)
1660473 1660473 No.20069 - Link Reply Report 20069 2

Lesbian couple had a sleepover at their gay friends house. When she woke up, she discovers that same sex couples doesn't necessarily mean gay

File: s_1530147312786.takutheghost_1403934100.digihunternana_saiori_and_ghost_adult.png.jpg -(258403 B, 989x1280)
258403 258403 No.20070 - Link Reply Report 20070 2

Title of this is called forced. Dude also claims to be gayer than sanfrancisco. There is one more image of him, though

File: s_1530147372367.takutheghost_1444069051.pig_double.png.jpg -(176172 B, 1280x1083)
176172 176172 No.20071 - Link Reply Report 20071 2

Same guy as before

File: s_1530147697752.tokenworks_kenjitaurenandgirls1.jpg -(994682 B, 1200x948)
994682 994682 No.20072 - Link Reply Report 20072 2

The artist writes in engrish, but the title says taming the bicurious tauren and explicitly states that he's gay and the Worgen wanted him to take her virginity. That's as much as I can make out from the guys description

File: s_1530147727571.tokenworks_kenjitaurenandgirls2.jpg -(397673 B, 1280x989)
397673 397673 No.20073 - Link Reply Report 20073 2

Here's part two of the above picture

File: s_1530147937015.rileylynx_mistystriker_-_ashtraska_and_riley_small.png -(607373 B, 686x950)
607373 607373 No.20074 - Link Reply Report 20074 2

lynx is gay and was horny and wanted to experiment

File: s_1530148058134.riptideshark_alaincouplecuckold.png.jpg -(151157 B, 1280x771)
151157 151157 No.20075 - Link Reply Report 20075 2

it's cuck, but doesn't really matter. Here's the story. The dob is the gay one

"Recently, Panic and Victoria have had a hard time spicing it up in the bedroom..so why not invite another guy over to see what a real man can do? Alain's a perfect choice, because he's gay - he's totally doing it out of the goodness of his heart! Panic's quite content with just watching as the purebred Doberman has his way with his girlfriend, rutting her like he would a bitch in heat. As for Victoria, she's enjoying the larger, rougher male on top of her, grabbing and using her like her boyfriend never could. She can hardly believe how big he was and how much he's stretching her open - and he hasn't even knotted yet. Let's hope Alain's sated after one go, otherwise it might be Panic's ass on the line next..it's safe to say that once she's had the knot, she won't be able to go back. Maybe even puppies in their future~"

File: s_1530148125203.riptideshark_alainhassana.jpg -(98547 B, 1233x872)
98547 98547 No.20076 - Link Reply Report 20076 2

Same dob as before. This one is non canon to his character, but there's still a story to it

"Hassana thought she could sneak around the abandoned police station to find some weapons and supplies. After all, once civilzation fell, the first thing to go were the forces of law and order, right? Unfortunately for here, Alain was still on the job - relatively still on the job, at least. His own workplace is his main base of operations and he certainly doesn't appreciate the rat intruding in on his territory. That being said, it has been a long time since someone came by not looking to kill him (immediately), so he's willing to cut a deal, even if he has to be a little forceful about it in the first place. While he generally prefers another stud, he can't be too picky during these hard times...Who knows, she might come back for more in the future!"

File: s_1530148202818.wolfulfang_1418241828.tailung_xmas.jpg -(278727 B, 1205x1280)
278727 278727 No.20077 - Link Reply Report 20077 2

Got drunk one christmas and had fun with a lady despite being gay

File: s_1530148231182.pervynamek02_switchandi.png -(781041 B, 826x1219)
781041 781041 No.20078 - Link Reply Report 20078 2

This one is self explainatory

File: s_1530148819218.fishwrappe_ych.jpg -(95008 B, 1280x1003)
95008 95008 No.20079 - Link Reply Report 20079 2

Not much info on this guy other than saying he was being his regular gay self and the girl got him drunk and this happened. I say not much info because the artist has about 3500 pieces of work and sounds kind of psychotic in his descriptions, but all I know is that he's "finally doing something straight for once" according to another picture

File: s_1530148959972.nulizz_takishida.jpg -(123396 B, 1280x835)
123396 123396 No.20080 - Link Reply Report 20080 2

female wanted paws, guy is gay, but was was only willing if she could help a guy out.

File: s_1530149130366.doketsu_arfandmeow.png -(371257 B, 704x704)
371257 371257 No.20081 - Link Reply Report 20081 2

I can't find much info on this guy other than the rest of his gallery is him being gay. Description says that any ladies upset at him being only gay, this pic is proof that he can make the switch

File: s_1530150092277.eyegrim_missionary_povcumhd.jpg -(338480 B, 1045x1280)
338480 338480 No.20082 - Link Reply Report 20082 2

The horse is gay, but the owner thought he would be nice to help a friends new female character be broken in and thought his horse would be the best fit

File: s_1530150124426.sek-raktaa_1441972221.mlock_missionary_povcleansmalll.jpg -(1197467 B, 1003x1230)
1197467 1197467 No.20083 - Link Reply Report 20083 2

no cum version of one above

File: s_1530150229330.hyusky_1446003987.limizukistudios_dom_sm.jpg -(458978 B, 900x900)
458978 458978 No.20084 - Link Reply Report 20084 2

Curiosity led him inside, and he was enjoying what he found

File: s_1530150520639.cyrille_image.jpg -(176031 B, 672x1280)
176031 176031 No.20085 - Link Reply Report 20085 2

The gay guy is the wolf in the back. Submission was named Sometimes.... and in the description, continued as "Gay guys jizz on chicks".

Also guy on the left states that he's bi, but his galley has about 150 images of just gay and only about 5 (including this one) of his as straight. Not sure if it's worth posting him. His name is logan963 if you're interested in looking for yourself)

File: s_1530150728533.screamqueen1991_cherry_and_jullian.jpg -(162521 B, 1172x1280)
162521 162521 No.20086 - Link Reply Report 20086 2

twincest, brother is gay, but his sister can always seem to turn him on and he's always willing to play. Don't know if there's more of him since gallery of artist is 1300 submissions

File: s_1530150886455.amaterasu1_screen_shot_2015-12-05_at_5.07.52_am.png.jpg -(198612 B, 1280x932)
198612 198612 No.20087 - Link Reply Report 20087 2

The owl is gay. Female seems to be a bit notorious for hitting on gay guys, even if he intentions are just a strapon

File: s_1530151190927.sek-raktaa_1466540088.rachverity_couple_ych.png.jpg -(147329 B, 905x1280)
147329 147329 No.20088 - Link Reply Report 20088 2

Don't really know what to say about this guy. Character owner has him pretty much has him being the sub in every picture he's in, but only this and another pic I'll post has him with a female. Owner even states "hey, he's not in a gay situation in this picture!"

File: s_1530151246651.sek-raktaa_dfgfdghr5yu56u5tu5rytghet456456456y546yg.png.jpg -(222760 B, 1280x1280)
222760 222760 No.20089 - Link Reply Report 20089 2

same blue lizard from above

File: s_1530151930735.teran~_teran_yena.png.jpg -(150590 B, 905x1280)
150590 150590 No.20090 - Link Reply Report 20090 2

I don't really know what to say about this guy either other than his profile says he's mega gay and likes cock, but he has quite a few straight pics that I'll post. I think it has something to do with his friend having a lot of characters and also because he likes to joke about it.

File: s_1530151949845.teran~_5a1ddce1fd7f.jpg -(213015 B, 1280x1024)
213015 213015 No.20091 - Link Reply Report 20091 2
File: s_1530151965214.teran~_kittokubathrookstallfuckingcomiccommission.png.jpg -(244334 B, 865x1280)
244334 244334 No.20092 - Link Reply Report 20092 2
File: s_1530151980332.teran~_1504282538.jeanwoof_how_to_treat_losers_and_deal_with_winners_zrobione_male.png -(1201840 B, 1260x808)
1201840 1201840 No.20093 - Link Reply Report 20093 2
File: s_1530151999039.teran~_1481983403.penni-chan69_101.jpg -(177259 B, 1280x768)
177259 177259 No.20094 - Link Reply Report 20094 2
File: s_1530152013772.teran~_rytmbomb_duze.jpg -(208676 B, 1280x1128)
208676 208676 No.20095 - Link Reply Report 20095 2
File: s_1530152050682.teran~_1507621898.eyeswings_Вклубе23.png.jpg -(218868 B, 1225x1280)
218868 218868 No.20096 - Link Reply Report 20096 2

femdom fetish seems like the pattern

File: s_1530152068148.teran~_1502709111.kaiotawolf_thre.png.jpg -(157628 B, 1280x848)
157628 157628 No.20097 - Link Reply Report 20097 2
File: s_1530152083936.teran~_8r1c9mi.jpg -(209905 B, 1280x630)
209905 209905 No.20098 - Link Reply Report 20098 2
File: s_1530152270000.devin-da-husker_1468643743.robinwright_devin_sketch_lr.png -(934186 B, 756x1076)
934186 934186 No.20099 - Link Reply Report 20099 2

Gay guy and typical "X is with a lady!" type picture

File: s_1530152379069.devin-da-husker_1469798396.robinwright_devgin_quickie.jpg -(128545 B, 816x1136)
128545 128545 No.20100 - Link Reply Report 20100 2

same guy as previous, previous picture made him get a feeling that he's not as gay as he might think he is

File: s_1530152407670.devin-da-husker_small.jpg -(121218 B, 1136x816)
121218 121218 No.20101 - Link Reply Report 20101 2

same guy as before and last of his lady pictures

File: s_1530152698110.777249222416989_891853642_o__1.jpg -(109593 B, 1280x904)
109593 109593 No.20102 - Link Reply Report 20102 2

Here's another case of a strictly gay bottom having a few pictures of him topping a female.

File: s_1530152723240.foxarvid_1469659693.naomy_foxarvid_3.jpg -(626729 B, 1280x904)
626729 626729 No.20103 - Link Reply Report 20103 2
File: s_1530152742000.782734375201807_2143532483_o.jpg -(472237 B, 1280x904)
472237 472237 No.20104 - Link Reply Report 20104 2
File: s_1530152771399.foxarvid_7373f589d3c027871a9a25251b7eb444.png -(816227 B, 1000x916)
816227 816227 No.20105 - Link Reply Report 20105 2
File: s_1530152859690.varg_1486514158.anime.cosplay.builder_sketch1486507880859.jpg -(149502 B, 1280x985)
149502 149502 No.20106 - Link Reply Report 20106 2

Titled "Trash goes straight". It's the guy's only female picture

File: s_1530153044663.20percentcooler_chrisglaceon1.png -(525961 B, 1045x1280)
525961 525961 No.20107 - Link Reply Report 20107 2

The mighteyena is gay, but how could he say no?

File: s_1530153089568.20percentcooler_chrisglaceon2.png -(454848 B, 1280x768)
454848 454848 No.20108 - Link Reply Report 20108 2

same guy as before

File: s_1530153141731.20percentcooler_chrisglaceon3.png -(272184 B, 1280x768)
272184 272184 No.20109 - Link Reply Report 20109 2

last pic in the series

File: s_1530153249005.twstacker_maskedjackal_01.jpg -(161687 B, 1280x905)
161687 161687 No.20110 - Link Reply Report 20110 2

Birb is gay, that's all I can really say about him. Not sure if pegging counts, but it's the only picture of him with a female

File: s_1530153269683.twstacker_maskedjackal_02.jpg -(163035 B, 1280x905)
163035 163035 No.20111 - Link Reply Report 20111 2

cum version

File: s_1530153468052.vareoth_1525140550.ruaidri_x004.png.jpg -(299886 B, 1280x983)
299886 299886 No.20112 - Link Reply Report 20112 2

here's his story

"Vareoth is rather easily convinced by those of a more dominant persuasion to take part in pretty much anything, but even he had
his doubts when confronted by these two lovely lady birds. That hesitation wore off rather fast when he was tied up, naked and
helpless, and left completely at the mercy of Cloud and Anila here. They sure know how to play with pretty boys, as it wasn't long
before the gay bird was shuddering in orgasm and begging for more~"

File: s_1530153654787.vareoth_fa_fotft.png -(1576884 B, 1500x976)
1576884 1576884 No.20113 - Link Reply Report 20113 2

same bird as before. This time he's hypno'd

File: s_1530153910108.lukos-wolf_renamonlukos.png -(824579 B, 1000x1000)
824579 824579 No.20114 - Link Reply Report 20114 2

Titled "Challenging my sexuality", the wolf is curious about renamon, and after stating he's gay, she took it as a challenge.

File: CLW-twinskilofoxcolors_u18chan.png -(5884217 B, 2672x3000)
5884217 5884217 No.20115 - Link Reply Report 20115 2

The twins from cats love water. Their bio state's they're bi, but they've never been in any pictures with a female before, whether it was in or out of the comic. The only one that they were in was a commission request on patreon.

This is the last one I have for now. Don't know where any others can be since you've got to dig pretty deep with tag and description searches, but I might find some eventually and post them here, or find a few pics in my folders that I might've missed.

File: fe606c29af8b58881e6065c57d8df65c.png -(790165 B, 1499x1249)
790165 790165 No.20117 - Link Reply Report 20117 2


Don't think too hard about it. It doesn't have to be a character's canon that they're gay being forced straight. For this thread it just has to look like it could be. Thanks for the images! :D

File: IMG_6189.jpg -(387842 B, 612x792)
387842 387842 No.20118 - Link Reply Report 20118 2

girly gay guy decides he likes girls instead ^^

File: s_1537815194327.tygerdenoir_helping_a_gamer_complete2_edit_by_sillysinz-dc6retd.png -(3378414 B, 2152x1479)
3378414 3378414 No.20156 - Link Reply Report 20156 2
File: s_1537815266280.tygerdenoir_masada_and_ty_pepe_out_smol.png -(1631881 B, 1280x989)
1631881 1631881 No.20157 - Link Reply Report 20157 2
File: s_1537815292735.tygerdenoir_masada_and_ty_pepe_in_smol.png -(1624562 B, 1280x989)
1624562 1624562 No.20158 - Link Reply Report 20158 2
File: s_1537815399750.tygerdenoir_zynnty.jpg -(385543 B, 1280x858)
385543 385543 No.20159 - Link Reply Report 20159 2

The owner of the character is gay, and the fursona is mostly seen with males but there is also a few females spread throughout as it seems he tries new things in art.

No.20160 - Link Reply Report 20160 2


I'm curious to see the full comic.

File: s_1538606832154.karnaltiger_theredshadow_resize.png -(1290010 B, 1071x1275)
1290010 1290010 No.20164 - Link Reply Report 20164 2
File: conversion.jpg -(237926 B, 2090x1609)
237926 237926 No.20174 - Link Reply Report 20174 2
No.20179 - Link Reply Report 20179 2


I'm a bi guy actually hoping to do this with my bf at some point. He is pretty gay, but he has said that a "vagina would not be a deal-breaker" if I could arrange a threesome. There's plenty of stuff he could do with her that he can do with guys anyway, right? And if I end up with the pussy all to myself, who am I to complain?

File: s_1542244379391.whimsicalsquirrel_exposure_therapy__color.png -(1445193 B, 700x941)
1445193 1445193 No.20185 - Link Reply Report 20185 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26284689/
File: 00687226c0e4a5fa80700745f3adc850.jpg -(514925 B, 1647x1788)
514925 514925 No.20191 - Link Reply Report 20191 2

Non-con anyway, not sure if it's really "forced straight" but still pretty fun.

No.20192 - Link Reply Report 20192 2

How many people in this thread are Bi? I am and this is a top tier fetish for me. just curious if I'm among company.

No.20194 - Link Reply Report 20194 2


If I am bi, it's like a 5% hetero, 95% homo mix. Pretty much gay, heh

File: s_1556245007649.sabinewolfe_the_raf2.jpg -(105869 B, 720x1232)
105869 105869 No.20262 - Link Reply Report 20262 2
File: s_1556683777174.taurinfox_cmdr-6-9-18.png -(722077 B, 1000x786)
722077 722077 No.20265 - Link Reply Report 20265 2

fox is gay

File: s_1564358920384.karnaltestridelogan_2018-10-22_14-15-05.jpg -(90130 B, 1280x800)
90130 90130 No.20315 - Link Reply Report 20315 2

Curiosity didn't kill the cat

File: cfeae5fdebe721bb5d6d9979bfaf351d.gif -(711555 B, 1640x1080)
711555 711555 No.20316 - Link Reply Report 20316 2
File: cfeae5fdebe721bb5d6d9979bfaf351d.gif -(711555 B, 1640x1080)
711555 711555 No.20317 - Link Reply Report 20317 2
No.20318 - Link Reply Report 20318 2

>>20316 source?

No.20320 - Link Reply Report 20320 2

Aww, no one knows?

0 No.20321 - Link Reply Report 20321 2
No.20334 - Link Reply Report 20334 2

>>20321 curious now what was going in that deleted pic.

No.20344 - Link Reply Report 20344 2

>>20022 Any more to this story?

File: s_1576644109184.tyhanson_tigertryouts.jpg -(180120 B, 1280x905)
180120 180120 No.20356 - Link Reply Report 20356 2
File: s_1582153835361.marjani_flatrate250final.png -(3298388 B, 1976x1868)
3298388 3298388 No.20387 - Link Reply Report 20387 2
File: s_1589659833283.nero-_kaliboonero.png -(2384228 B, 3000x3300)
2384228 2384228 No.20434 - Link Reply Report 20434 2
File: s_1589659880578.ericthelombax_eric_x_vanessa_with_caption.jpg -(227378 B, 1280x1224)
227378 227378 No.20435 - Link Reply Report 20435 2
File: s_1589659961137.aggrobadger_areyoustraightyetink.png -(996679 B, 1143x1280)
996679 996679 No.20436 - Link Reply Report 20436 2
File: pg_1.png -(4479204 B, 2233x4000)
4479204 4479204 No.20437 - Link Reply Report 20437 2

not the average go straight but i think it works well and isnt too extreme

File: pg2.png -(4054161 B, 2431x4000)
4054161 4054161 No.20438 - Link Reply Report 20438 2

part 2

File: s_1598650616556.takutheghost_1403934100.digihunternana_saiori_and_ghost_adult.jpg -(258403 B, 989x1280)
258403 258403 No.20457 - Link Reply Report 20457 2

It was titled forced truth.