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[-] [+] No.104177
File: b34ccdc2411c4a75cc8131c0c4507b22.jpg -(181663 B, 815x578)
181663 181663 No.104177 104177 1

Let's restart.

File: 100027_-_Garion_Legendz.jpg -(131005 B, 700x481)
131005 131005 No.104346 - Link Reply Report 104346 2

Cum on, I know you have things to share.

No.104993 - Link Reply Report 104993 2

im writing a story soon but i have to watch the full 50 Episodes first for all the background information i can gather ... but i will skip the manga since its pretty different

File: toon_1341345861373.jpg -(97414 B, 644x916)
97414 97414 No.105206 - Link Reply Report 105206 2

Writing letters is not a big deal. How about bringing some decent pictures?

No.105276 - Link Reply Report 105276 2

>>105206 thats a typical "male" answer... look at me im soo dumb i cant do shit like reading ... i only need a picture to jerkoff and always finish before you do in Bed and then im leaving you unstatisfied behind ... XD

File: toon_1341585914417.vorkkael_harpy2.png -(375327 B, 1000x707)
375327 375327 No.105297 - Link Reply Report 105297 2

>>105276 is this an attempt at humour or a bad insult?

File: 295282_-_Greedo_Legendz_Shiron.jpg -(45405 B, 430x478)
45405 45405 No.105304 - Link Reply Report 105304 2


> i only need a picture to jerkoff and always finish before you do in Bed and then im leaving you unstatisfied behind ...

You say it like it is a bad thing.

No.105402 - Link Reply Report 105402 2

ok i kinda only have 2 hours free timea day and wasting 23-24 mins on a episode is nearly too much ....

but anyway here are possible "couples" till episode 20

Shiron x Dandy = 100%
Shuu x Harpy = 90%
Haruka x Shiron = 100%
Shiron x Salamander =25% (he only admires him)
Shu x Shiron= No way
Mac x Ranshiin=only hypnosis or kind of ... ewww
Ranshiin x Shiron = not yet...
meg x bigfoot= not really ... eww

File: 579929_-_Garion_Greedo_Legendz_Mutabouru.jpg -(76282 B, 470x530)
76282 76282 No.105464 - Link Reply Report 105464 2

Go on please, your analysis is really interesting to read.

No.105469 - Link Reply Report 105469 2

i simply hate it if nothing is at least a bit Canon... most are simply extremely out of their characteres and would never fit if you actually watched those shows/mangas/books im at least trying to get some possible sexual relationships to write about in the future...

No.105471 - Link Reply Report 105471 2

>>105469 this anime actually offers quiet much insinuations
you can almost imagine a romance between some legendz and humans...

for example
the blonde human female haruka dated shiron and is very interested in what he washes first if he baths and what his "Fur" feels like and so on ...she also shows many cartoon heart symbol most of the time if she meets shiron, which she doesnt do if she meets other legendz ..= the hearts are only ment for shiron...

while dandy is completely obsessed with his "big brother shiron" and really cares about him and even gets clumsy if shiron is near.. he made a drink for shiron called "sweet dandy" and always carrys a picture of him and shiron after their first meeting

there are also alot more between the harpy and shuu

File: toon_1342143727261.jpg -(361788 B, 1600x953)
361788 361788 No.105474 - Link Reply Report 105474 2

>>105471 Don't forget about Wolfy the werewolf and Leon the manticore (aka Nicole :P) seem like they'd make an obvious couple.

Also, it's cool to see an monster & kids type anime take place in New York City, rather than Japan.

Bonus Wolfy pic from Pixiv

No.105479 - Link Reply Report 105479 2

Don't forget Maze Octopus and his synthesizer.

No.105508 - Link Reply Report 105508 2

Don't forget Dandy and Salamander's implied "partnership" part-way through the series. The most obvious sign being Salamander working/living in Dandy's bar and being called "Sala-chan," I believe, by Dandy all the time.

No.105633 - Link Reply Report 105633 2


possible couples till episode 30 (and sex scenes)
(im working all day so its slow coming)

Haruka(halca) x Shiron = -70%
(Haruka now hates shiron and joined ranshiin)

Haruka (halca) x Ranshiin = 30%
(She only uses him as a toy to fullfill her goal and wants to get rid of

him later...Ranshiin could take advantage of this situation...)

Greedo x Dino = 90%
(dino even risks his life for Greedo and its stated that their bond is

"more" than friendship)

Dandy x Salamander =35%
(to be sincere until now they only know each others and work together

... still no "love" or "admire" signs)

Leon x Wolfy = 65%
(they mostly act like "very" good pals while Wolfy definately takes a

dominant role ... they are often paired together ...)

Bicorn Beatkill x Shiron/Ranshiin/Greedo = 80%
(she really thinks that dragons are handsome and is extremely dominant
but it would be mostly a domination/rape scene because she loves

"injured helpless men" but sad thing is in episode 30 she dies..)

Ranshiin x Shiron = 30%
(before shuu arrived to save shiron , Ranshiin could have taken

advantage of shirons weakened state and dominate/rape him...)

those are mostly notes to myself i will maybe implement some scenes
INTO the Anime (extend time) instead of making a complete side-story
im also thinking about cutting all those scenes together in new videos
so that most people dont have to watch the full anime in order to get

all Legendz relationships right...

File: 044.jpg -(1324244 B, 1018x1531)
1324244 1324244 No.105644 - Link Reply Report 105644 2

Well done! I find the analysis satisfactory.

> but it would be mostly a domination/rape scene because she loves "injured helpless men"

This is absolutely ok!

No.105656 - Link Reply Report 105656 2

>>105644 if i get this comic right (remembering) it had a MALE bicorn-beatkill in it which makes it pretty of the scale (so to speak) (but its great drawn as i remember...)

the freedom of gendershift conflicts with Mr. canon extremely.... XD

File: toon_1342696567287.jpg -(173391 B, 826x600)
173391 173391 No.105668 - Link Reply Report 105668 2

Unfurtunately, yes. For unknown reasons, most ones who dare to draw the bicorn are pervertively up to attaching a dick to her. But a couple of pictures have no gender indication, while they are still suggesting enough. So, taken off context, they can be treated as rather canonic.

File: toon_1343077012550.jpg -(107205 B, 550x375)
107205 107205 No.105833 - Link Reply Report 105833 2

So, let's proceed.

File: toon_1343243235549.jpg -(49103 B, 720x530)
49103 49103 No.105907 - Link Reply Report 105907 2

Shame on you for letting this awesome subject thread to be outbumped by tons of random toonish mediocrity!

File: 4b94ee9ca29faff7f3d7964d09687e4293b8c1da.png -(35657 B, 400x600)
35657 35657 No.106041 - Link Reply Report 106041 2

Your calculations seem to miss the griffin.

No.106053 - Link Reply Report 106053 2


Hey who drew that? The art style and sig look very fimilar.

No.106098 - Link Reply Report 106098 2


I finally made it to the end even with a 2 week "unwanted" holidays in an Hospital...

so here it is from episode 30-50

Ed x Fire Giant = 15%
(yes they share an own episode but its rather unlikely that
they really are specially interested in each other in a way
that it could be canon)

Linda x Ed = 70%
(Ed could have actually said yes which makes it a very interesting
situation ... but mot likely no one is intersted in
human x Bigfoot lady things..)

Dandy x Slalamder x Shiron = 20%
(Yes a threesome its extremely unlikely but as dandy loves shiron and
salamander seems to admire him (as mentioned before) Salamder maybe joins
if theres a special meeting between them you know what im talking about....

Shiron x Ranshiin =30% +5%
Now they finally accepted each other but its a really awkward situation
deciding if they are individuals or not is still to be solved (even
after the end of this anime it is unclear)

Garion x Anything =?
As for Garion(the griffin) im completely unsure in what she really prefers ...
she only seems to like and know Greedo in the whole anime which is a bit
too sparsely to really tell if she is interested in him or not ...

BB Bunny Brookmeyer x Greedo = 80%
Surprise surprise... Greedo seems to be very delighted about
the later actions of Bunny Brookmeyer and gives her a "i like you
look" she directly interprets it as an "i love you" while j1 and j2
seem to notice the same ... they even state that she looks like
she has fallen in love ...

No.106099 - Link Reply Report 106099 2

there seems to be a posting error... i will check back later

No.106102 - Link Reply Report 106102 2

>>105474 finally pixiv has english support now im in ... XD can someone please give me a list or something which allows me to search for legendz specified artwork .. aslo maybe some names ??? please..

No.106103 - Link Reply Report 106103 2

ウォルフィ = wolfy
thats all i got so far ... not even legendz in general thanks to this link anyway

No.106808 - Link Reply Report 106808 2

>>106103 umm could somebody please help with pixiv...

File: toon_1345659628248.jpg -(1423370 B, 1000x1528)
1423370 1423370 No.106845 - Link Reply Report 106845 2

What's difficult about it? 1) Go to pixiv (.net). 2) It autodetects the language and gives you most essential things (login, register etc.) translated. Some minor issues are still in Japanese but they are clear from the context and don't interfere. 3) Register, confirm via email and login. 4) Go to account settings and enable all R-18s you need. 5) Type in whatever you need in search form on the top. 6) Click on one of result thumbnails. 7) ??? 8) PROFIT!

File: big_p0.jpg -(124810 B, 540x730)
124810 124810 No.107313 - Link Reply Report 107313 2


File: p0.png -(747196 B, 1600x1006)
747196 747196 No.107393 - Link Reply Report 107393 2
File: 04.jpg -(696013 B, 998x1500)
696013 696013 No.107516 - Link Reply Report 107516 2

More activity plz

No.107616 - Link Reply Report 107616 2

needs so much more Wolfy

File: p1.jpg -(181022 B, 700x750)
181022 181022 No.107822 - Link Reply Report 107822 2
No.109309 - Link Reply Report 109309 2

>>107822 keep it up a little while longer please

File: p8.jpg -(291012 B, 600x431)
291012 291012 No.109655 - Link Reply Report 109655 2

bcuz u creeps don't contribute

No.110606 - Link Reply Report 110606 2

>>109655 theres sparsely any new stuff around that is post-able ... most things that are new includes ah materials

File: toon_1355868521591.jpg -(213499 B, 1000x800)
213499 213499 No.110782 - Link Reply Report 110782 2

Post anything you can find, anyway. At least you can always make a new thread with '/ah allowed' mark.

No.110801 - Link Reply Report 110801 2

Nice, which artist?

No.110802 - Link Reply Report 110802 2

Some japanese finding from pixiv.

File: p5.jpg -(122262 B, 795x579)
122262 122262 No.111103 - Link Reply Report 111103 2

This is NOT CP! This is just a picture of friendship.

No.111108 - Link Reply Report 111108 2

>>111107 Isn`t karabineer DNP?

No.111240 - Link Reply Report 111240 2

>>110782 WOW great job finding this one ... i rarely see anything better than an oetaki drawing most of the time...

No.111241 - Link Reply Report 111241 2

>>110802 whats ranshiin in the correct kanji/japanese words??

No.111323 - Link Reply Report 111323 2

Not sure if it will copypaste here in correct encoding, but you can check english wikipedia article it contains the kana version of the names so you can paste from there.

No.111376 - Link Reply Report 111376 2

Straight from wikipedia. If all you get is broken symbols, I think you'll need to install a language pack.

No.111422 - Link Reply Report 111422 2

>>111376 thanks alot pal..

No.111959 - Link Reply Report 111959 2

i have some open commissions going ... some more pics will hopefully come soon !!! (if im allowed to post them here...)

File: toon_1360047922809.dreke_ranshin_got_fingered_sketch.jpg -(447479 B, 800x1045)
447479 447479 No.111965 - Link Reply Report 111965 2
Source: Dreke

Here is a piece by Dreke.

0 No.112451 - Link Reply Report 112451 2
Source: http://e621.net/post/show/30807/3_fingers-abstract_background-artistic-biceps-blon

This may not truly be porn, but its artistic quality alone is fappable

File: toon_1362432018124.jpg -(152911 B, 700x482)
152911 152911 No.112514 - Link Reply Report 112514 2

This picture takes by its teasing implicity.

File: p11.jpg -(96655 B, 450x420)
96655 96655 No.112567 - Link Reply Report 112567 2
File: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!15049892_p27.jpg -(198355 B, 495x701)
198355 198355 No.112665 - Link Reply Report 112665 2


omfg yes yes yes ........ thank you i literally spent days in pixiv and other sites (after getting some adult stuff i searched ALL clean stuff

File: toon_1365856403414.jpg -(178253 B, 600x800)
178253 178253 No.113267 - Link Reply Report 113267 2

A little bit ah-ish but since you don't contribute anyway...

File: toon_1366457836635.jpg -(648565 B, 1200x982)
648565 648565 No.113432 - Link Reply Report 113432 2

Simply bump.

File: toon_1366690161901.jpg -(189278 B, 700x1000)
189278 189278 No.113483 - Link Reply Report 113483 2

Does anyone have the full comic to this? Preferably in english?

File: Ychan_-_r_-_legendz_double_bind_doujin__shiron_x_ranshiin__-_legendz_double_bind_doujin__shiron_x_ranshiin.jpg -(212895 B, 800x1090)
212895 212895 No.113592 - Link Reply Report 113592 2
File: toon_1370031907422.dust999_ran.jpg -(237953 B, 905x1280)
237953 237953 No.114362 - Link Reply Report 114362 2
File: y1_q.jpg -(212193 B, 1056x720)
212193 212193 No.116117 - Link Reply Report 116117 2
File: large_08.jpg -(104537 B, 550x770)
104537 104537 No.116668 - Link Reply Report 116668 2
File: 704953_-_Legendz_Wolfy.png -(11896 B, 300x400)
11896 11896 No.117762 - Link Reply Report 117762 2

there was a comic which has been half-translated... anyone knows the source of the free comic series where shiron injures ranshiin and he has to go to dr. shiron?

File: toon_1390623970157.png -(2712910 B, 2000x2700)
2712910 2712910 No.118126 - Link Reply Report 118126 2
File: squeeze.png -(35030 B, 450x600)
35030 35030 No.118127 - Link Reply Report 118127 2
File: toon_1390624490052.shiron_ranshiin.jpg -(1388653 B, 962x794)
1388653 1388653 No.118128 - Link Reply Report 118128 2
File: p1.png -(667709 B, 1000x750)
667709 667709 No.118129 - Link Reply Report 118129 2
File: k-19.jpg -(75545 B, 700x500)
75545 75545 No.118144 - Link Reply Report 118144 2
File: toon_1392568349688.danielssj_rika_x_copia.jpg -(176091 B, 1032x1280)
176091 176091 No.118414 - Link Reply Report 118414 2
No.119645 - Link Reply Report 119645 2

no one else has something new?? im will maybe search the endless pixiv tame stuff for something "spicy" i hope i will find something

File: toon_1399322158555.spiritofarc_mytiredgirl_fa.jpg -(856346 B, 1280x800)
856346 856346 No.119817 - Link Reply Report 119817 2
File: big_p1.jpg -(188144 B, 600x800)
188144 188144 No.119865 - Link Reply Report 119865 2
File: toon_1401307540511.danielssj_killbeat_breeding_copia.png -(600615 B, 1300x917)
600615 600615 No.120177 - Link Reply Report 120177 2
No.121648 - Link Reply Report 121648 2

I know there is not much i could find on pixiv myself (im not good at japanese) but there should at least are some pg pictures

File: toon_1419679794886.zerofox1000_shiroran.jpg -(841855 B, 1189x1188)
841855 841855 No.123068 - Link Reply Report 123068 2
File: 121671_-_Blackberry_Dragon_Legendz_Shiron.png -(324277 B, 600x500)
324277 324277 No.123172 - Link Reply Report 123172 2
File: Legendz.jpg -(2558494 B, 3511x2354)
2558494 2558494 No.123330 - Link Reply Report 123330 2
No.123559 - Link Reply Report 123559 2

Just started watching this. Holy shit this show is dark for a kid's show.

File: toon_1450181114583.3_nsfw.png -(758439 B, 800x1000)
758439 758439 No.126861 - Link Reply Report 126861 2
File: 091854e6e9aef6f39e86232315054f85.png -(1050621 B, 1280x1000)
1050621 1050621 No.128591 - Link Reply Report 128591 2
Source: zerofox1000
File: 15f643b4ef382739d5bb53116313597a.png -(634185 B, 1273x1280)
634185 634185 No.130039 - Link Reply Report 130039 2
Source: dangpa
File: 60251d249873b5f016912bbe5d99d814.png -(818056 B, 1000x914)
818056 818056 No.132654 - Link Reply Report 132654 2
Source: nurinaki
File: c1ae4f6125a90c73ec7fe8a0e5ddb8da.png -(951170 B, 1280x1162)
951170 951170 No.134181 - Link Reply Report 134181 2
Source: zerofox1000