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All Palcomix content, VIP or otherwise, is now considered DNP.
Moebius Unleashed content is commercial and as such is also DNP. Do not post either.

This board is for images drawn in a toony style and non-morphic characters.

For specifics, explanations, and definitions, please see this thread.

Art that contains toon character and /ah-related themes does in fact belong in /toon. However, in order to keep threads relevant, any thread with /ah art in it needs to be explicitly marked in title. Threads without mention of /ah in title cannot contain such art.
See also the relevant FAQ thread.

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[-] [+] No.108346
W.o.W. Pandarens (M-only) 
File: Sefeiren_-_Quit_Starin.jpg -(246355 B, 703x900)
246355 246355 No.108346 108346 1

Okay its been around a few days now. All I mostly find are the bimbos showing off their tits.... no thanks..

Lets seem some of those sexy males, and the less clothing the better.

No.108347 - Link Reply Report 108347 2

And \/\/o\/\/ pandas are different from normal anthro pandas how?
(I think someone's addicted to wow)

File: Rishaki.jpg -(145137 B, 1024x768)
145137 145137 No.108348 - Link Reply Report 108348 2

They are a bit different.. not always Black and White and with facial hair

File: Pandaren.jpg -(174428 B, 1280x1280)
174428 174428 No.108350 - Link Reply Report 108350 2
File: tL2Yz.jpg -(158162 B, 1357x989)
158162 158162 No.108351 - Link Reply Report 108351 2
No.108390 - Link Reply Report 108390 2

thanks for killing the thread where it belonged and moving to where you "Felt" it belonged.

No.108391 - Link Reply Report 108391 2

Shut you troll mouth before you get the hammer.

No.108392 - Link Reply Report 108392 2

Shut your troll mouth before you get the hammer.

No.108396 - Link Reply Report 108396 2

well you moved this here because you felt pandaren from wow was toon, what about all the obvious tauren, druids in bear or cat form, orcs and other photos that are also derived from that game.

Will there be a great migration of content given that? it's not fair to call foul on one element and not on all the other types.

No.108402 - Link Reply Report 108402 2

trolls love to hate to back to living underneath your bridge in WoW troll

No.108404 - Link Reply Report 108404 2

Why the hell is this in /toon/

No.108507 - Link Reply Report 108507 2

So anything of the nature to be posted?

File: 967470_-_Pandaren_World_of_Warcraft.jpg -(109971 B, 1280x783)
109971 109971 No.110289 - Link Reply Report 110289 2


File: toon_1354893835551.kenaihand_熊猫.jpg -(157894 B, 1004x1280)
157894 157894 No.110576 - Link Reply Report 110576 2
No.110578 - Link Reply Report 110578 2


Who's the artist for this? I showed this to a WoW friend of mine, and he liked the artwork so much he wants to contact the artist and commission him for a pic like this.

No.110587 - Link Reply Report 110587 2



File: toon_1355281168872.palladinthug_jojocolor.jpg -(428841 B, 847x873)
428841 428841 No.110662 - Link Reply Report 110662 2


File: image.jpg -(213608 B, 847x873)
213608 213608 No.120928 - Link Reply Report 120928 2


No.120929 - Link Reply Report 120929 2

I think this fits better in the /m/Male board.

No.121074 - Link Reply Report 121074 2

I wonder why there isn't any porn of Chen x Strongbo

No.121090 - Link Reply Report 121090 2

>>121074 Because you haven't drawen any.

No.121127 - Link Reply Report 121127 2

>>121090 If my drawing skills weren't the equivalent of a toddler, I totally would...I mean, those two look good and we could see some pr0n from the the time they trained together.

No.121128 - Link Reply Report 121128 2

>>121127 Despite that fact, the only way you are probably going to get any porn of those 2 characters is if you draw them yourself.

No.121133 - Link Reply Report 121133 2


Or he could, oh, I dunno. Pay an artist to draw it.

No.121143 - Link Reply Report 121143 2

>>121133 Yes indeed there is always that, but I'm sure that he will come up with the excuse that he can't afford to commition an artist.

No.121153 - Link Reply Report 121153 2

>>121143 Precisely. Oh well. It's not like it's a matter of life and death. All I'm saying is that a pic of those two would be hot. I guess I'm the only strongbo fan in this world (he was an one-off charcater)

File: toon_1435051287787.seth-iova_pandaren_ad.png -(1522216 B, 1560x1816)
1522216 1522216 No.124870 - Link Reply Report 124870 2