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[-] [+] No.110974
Which character first got you interested in furries/anthros? 
File: Gadget_1347756197510.gif -(234478 B, 716x1024)
234478 234478 No.110974 110974 1
Source: Anonymouse

It was on the day after Christmas in 2004 when I was looking through some Rule 34 pics and came across some of Gadget Hackwrench from Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers. It's been eight years now, but I've never forgotten that it all started with a mouse.

Marked for deletion (too big - automatic).
File: b08d1f533f69f25c86959f18655e4214.jpg -(46883 B, 800x468)
46883 46883 No.111044 - Link Reply Report 111044 2

Pretty much from when I first saw Road Rovers on TV and saw Colleen....

File: 808664_-_Tony_the_Tiger.jpg -(341099 B, 580x818)
341099 341099 No.111051 - Link Reply Report 111051 2

This sexy tiger was the one that got me

File: toon_1356672342058.gif -(1062285 B, 400x300)
1062285 1062285 No.111059 - Link Reply Report 111059 2

This gal right here. I loved her voice and accent (blame Soucie), and she's still my favorite =P

File: Chibineko90_foxandkrystalcolor.jpg -(1780773 B, 1370x2012)
1780773 1780773 No.111067 - Link Reply Report 111067 2
Source: https://inkbunny.net/Chibineko90

Pretty sure it was either Fox McCloud or Krystal... or maybe Falco or Wolf O'Donnell. One of those four anyway

File: kHISs.jpg -(216410 B, 1000x1000)
216410 216410 No.111071 - Link Reply Report 111071 2
File: 270761_-_Ratchet_Ratchet_and_Clank.jpg -(524874 B, 900x636)
524874 524874 No.111072 - Link Reply Report 111072 2

this sexy lombax <3

File: Steamboat-willie.jpg -(94708 B, 570x364)
94708 94708 No.111077 - Link Reply Report 111077 2



File: Renamon_style_by_skajemm_freestyle.jpg -(101585 B, 725x1000)
101585 101585 No.111078 - Link Reply Report 111078 2

when I would watch Digimon when she would come on I would feel funny.

File: toon_1356743088188.morphbeast_road_rovers.jpg -(188240 B, 511x650)
188240 188240 No.111079 - Link Reply Report 111079 2

Definitely the Road Rovers!

File: Ychan_-_m_-_horses_-_98877.jpg -(295442 B, 1280x922)
295442 295442 No.111109 - Link Reply Report 111109 2



File: c774_Foxglove328s.jpg -(10554 B, 280x210)
10554 10554 No.111111 - Link Reply Report 111111 2

Definitely, definitely Foxglove. I love the idea of this thread, btw.

File: 7e25415c8fed84ca89dcaac93e50b1ec.jpg -(212239 B, 841x894)
212239 212239 No.111112 - Link Reply Report 111112 2
Source: furaffinity.net/user/zen

He turned me for sure.. : D

File: a9175d5f1750b7f8c4efd939e0b8c191.jpg -(171586 B, 666x1000)
171586 171586 No.111113 - Link Reply Report 111113 2

Yea furry because of him but,I don't let it get to me.Tch I don't talk about alot...

No.111125 - Link Reply Report 111125 2

yup, fifi got me in also

No.111126 - Link Reply Report 111126 2

Renamon for me too. I mean come on, Renamon has probably converted more people than any other.
And Sally Acorn in part >_>

0 No.111137 - Link Reply Report 111137 2


No.111138 - Link Reply Report 111138 2

i can't exactly pin point who got me

as a little kid, maybe some loony toons got me first
maybe it was some pokemon, or digimon, something got me, and now i'm here :)

File: ml.jpg -(614464 B, 982x1348)
614464 614464 No.111139 - Link Reply Report 111139 2

Marion, from the only Robin Hood that matters

No.111140 - Link Reply Report 111140 2

In my case, it was random internet furry porn that did it some time in 2005. I had never seen anthro characters as sexual until I saw them fucking. Although, Krystal's ass did help.

File: zzzzzzzzzz.jpg -(357229 B, 1000x1077)
357229 357229 No.111170 - Link Reply Report 111170 2
Source: Unknown


Fuck. Yes.

0 No.111171 - Link Reply Report 111171 2
Source: Unknown


Fuck. Yes.

File: Shift08.png -(148780 B, 400x400)
148780 148780 No.111172 - Link Reply Report 111172 2
Source: http://mariano.kemonoart.org/ShapeShift/1

This image right here from Mariano's ShapeShift comic.

Lugia & Suicune is my first One True Pairing

No.111173 - Link Reply Report 111173 2

I never have safesearch on because of that

0 No.111179 - Link Reply Report 111179 2

When I saw this one I was hooked.

File: toon_1357922450692.jpg -(490600 B, 882x1250)
490600 490600 No.111448 - Link Reply Report 111448 2

I'm surprised she wasn't already on this list

File: 03._Echsen-Schlangen-Krokodile.avi_snapshot_04.45_[2013.01.15_01.13.38].jpg -(28902 B, 512x384)
28902 28902 No.111531 - Link Reply Report 111531 2

Oddly, it was him! :) And even more oddly there is zero R34 of him anywhere...

Yes, Kurt Conners aka The Lizard. I first saw him in the old Spiderman toon - the one from the seventies, not TAS - and immediatly thought how awesome would it be to be a half-human/half lizard mutant. :P Yeah, my mind works in weird ways.

And before anyone thinks so -nope, I am straight. But it was The Lizard who started it all. My first female furry crush, though, was Kit Mambo from Animalympics... and my second biggest - who made me start drawing stuff in earnest - was Stith from Titan AE.

No.111533 - Link Reply Report 111533 2


Funny. As a kid, I actually got a lab coat and cut it up to wear and pretend to be The Lizard. Of course, that's also probably my starting realization of love for all things reptilian, too.

File: sword_in_the_stone.jpg -(287466 B, 1196x1210)
287466 287466 No.111538 - Link Reply Report 111538 2

when i was a kidi was soooo sad arthur didn't get to stay a squirrel and have babies with that super sweet sexy squirel girl

File: maidmarian1.jpg -(95306 B, 603x939)
95306 95306 No.111542 - Link Reply Report 111542 2
File: vaporeon_suit.png -(295228 B, 620x607)
295228 295228 No.111543 - Link Reply Report 111543 2
File: lizard_labcoat_tear.gif -(1013401 B, 425x290)
1013401 1013401 No.111550 - Link Reply Report 111550 2

As classic as The Lizard's look is, I've grown to like his new TASM version more. I don't know what it is, but I guess after being "around" the furry fandom, and seeing thousands of look-alike scalies, The Lizard's new look is like a breath of fresh air, as well as something more unique as far as anthro reptiles go.

There was a deleted scene called "Bad Lizard" where he comes up from the sewers and ends up in a high school girls restroom! He corners a couple of chicks who were in there and smells them with his tongue sticking out, its kinda arousing to watch. Add the fact that he walks around naked most of the time with a nice body, and you've got trouble trying to watch the movie with others. (I'm straight too BTW.)

File: 880810_20-_20Gex_20dracovar.jpg -(132604 B, 661x762)
132604 132604 No.111551 - Link Reply Report 111551 2

Sorry for DPing, same guy as >>111550

Gex singlehandidly got me into scalies and sex in general when I got Deep Cover Gecko back in the early 2000s. After I saw the ending with him and Agent Xtra in a bedroom, (those who've played it know what I'm talking about.) that's definately what got me into liking reptilian guys in more ways than one.

"A little tongue now, alotta tail later!"

File: AinMacdougal.jpg -(59793 B, 371x378)
59793 59793 No.111557 - Link Reply Report 111557 2

That exact excerpt from that exact Gamepro (or maybe Nintendo Power) magazine. When I first saw that as a kid, the concept of an animal person blew my mind. I cut out this little scrap and fell in love with this character Ain McDougall from an obscure Japan-only Super Famicon game called Feda: Emblem of Justice. I even own the Japan-only Sega Saturn sequel, in which I found a program that could rip cutscene videos from it. The rest was history from there, and eventually my rule 34 fanaticism blossomed over a decade later.

File: bomb.png -(496056 B, 900x750)
496056 496056 No.111559 - Link Reply Report 111559 2


And then I found porn of him.

File: Father-of-the-Pride-father-of-the-pride-30726129-848-464[1].jpg -(70290 B, 848x464)
70290 70290 No.111582 - Link Reply Report 111582 2

Sierra, from Father of the Pride. I think I've always been kind of a "closet" furry but she dragged me right out of there.

File: Picture22.png -(1028196 B, 824x888)
1028196 1028196 No.111962 - Link Reply Report 111962 2

wuff <3

File: Untitled.png -(563183 B, 737x665)
563183 563183 No.112149 - Link Reply Report 112149 2

This sexy bastard, and pseudosexual exploits...

File: toon_1360999657148.metalfox_gin_back1_I_don_t_think_you_can_break_anything..._so_go_on.jpg -(102027 B, 1280x1280)
102027 102027 No.112151 - Link Reply Report 112151 2

This guy.

No.112175 - Link Reply Report 112175 2


Oh, that's a geat idea! :) Come to think of it, it'd be quite easy to make a Lizard costume. Maybe I'll do it for a carnival... :)

No.112176 - Link Reply Report 112176 2


I dunno, I quite disliked the new look (one of the reasons I disliked the whole movie). He had no snout, making him look like just a scaly human - and we have had hundreds of those from Killer Croc to every reptilian alien on Star Trek, Babylon 5 or other sci-fi shows.

File: Untitled.png -(276822 B, 532x386)
276822 276822 No.112177 - Link Reply Report 112177 2

Scooby Doo. I Have a thing for weight gain and he started it. It Just progressed from there.

File: 730374_-_Sally_Acorn_Sonic_Team_Sonic_The_Hedgehog.jpg -(128394 B, 1280x1031)
128394 128394 No.112180 - Link Reply Report 112180 2

It's not exactly unique, but honestly it wasn't just Sally, it was their romance. It was the first time that I was genuinely interested in a story not for the plot but the movement of the romance between the two main characters. Pictures or stories of these two together always did it for me because there was something more there than just their combined hawtness. I've always thought these two were meant for eachother.

...It's also (mostly) the reason why I hate Amy Rose.

No.112206 - Link Reply Report 112206 2


I liked the movie, but I'll agree that the design was terrible. He looked like the Thing from Fantastic Four covered in scales. I guess they must have thought that audiences wouldn't respect the character's intelligence, or would have thought of him as cartoonish, if he didn't have a humanoid face.

I would have even been okay with him becoming more and more reptilian with each transformation, and only being bestial for the final conflict, but he needed a muzzle.

File: sfasdzvxc.jpg -(35084 B, 480x373)
35084 35084 No.112208 - Link Reply Report 112208 2

all about ryo, but she is hard to find

File: toon_1361260208784.shin0r0z_readytoride.png -(145465 B, 938x680)
145465 145465 No.112209 - Link Reply Report 112209 2
File: Jerome_Pby_MikachuTuhonen.png -(21617 B, 493x633)
21617 21617 No.112210 - Link Reply Report 112210 2

Ginga brought me out of the furry closet also. The first pictures I saw of it where not pornographic though,but sometimes imagination can be better anyways.
Sense I have to decide on the character Ill choose Jerome,and sense it was the first suggestive pic Ive seen of the series also.

Charlie from All dogs go to heaven may have been my first interest though. I don't really remember well,and I can't exactly credit my behavior on any character.

No.112214 - Link Reply Report 112214 2

Ok Jerome probably helped too.

File: Flamey_finsh.jpg -(518728 B, 834x1162)
518728 518728 No.112992 - Link Reply Report 112992 2
File: ca8a6b7bcf48513f487ac90e591be751.jpg -(379731 B, 789x819)
379731 379731 No.113461 - Link Reply Report 113461 2

Mostly R34 Pokemon, but more specifically a picture of Vulpix.

It wasn't this one, but I just remember searching around for Pokemon pics, innocently clicking on a picture of Vulpix which I didn't know was porn and getting a huge fucking erection from it. After that is history. Been going downhill ever since.

File: sandwich_spread_color.jpg -(110081 B, 706x957)
110081 110081 No.113536 - Link Reply Report 113536 2

This guy, right here.

And then someone was kind enough to draw the pic for me when I signed up on the old YiffStar chat

No.113549 - Link Reply Report 113549 2


SN... It's really too bad a lot of his old adult stuff is really hard to find, and sucks that he barely draws it anymore in the first place.


File: nakedcats.png -(138569 B, 350x281)
138569 138569 No.113577 - Link Reply Report 113577 2

>>111448 Same with me. Pic is from the first episode.

File: WValeria_The_She_Bat_535px.png -(374924 B, 347x535)
374924 374924 No.113717 - Link Reply Report 113717 2

For me, it was Valeria The She-Bat. A little known superheroine from an indie company that got bought out by another. For me, it was always about the wild, untamed part. The fact that she was able to let loose what she was actually thinking or feeling, when no one else could.

I think she got absorbed into another title Hybreed, but it's been so long. Of all the things I miss from my early-teen years, I miss her the most. I really need to pick up her titles again.

File: Jen016.jpg -(577791 B, 636x899)
577791 577791 No.113719 - Link Reply Report 113719 2

Her and her goddamn space suit <3

File: !_Yiffy_-_Outlaw_Star_Aisha_hentai_[RARE].jpg -(62965 B, 472x738)
62965 62965 No.113767 - Link Reply Report 113767 2
File: 332053_-_Chip_n_Dale_Rescue_Rangers_Gadget_Hackwrench_TDK.gif -(99044 B, 950x1024)
99044 99044 No.114065 - Link Reply Report 114065 2

There was something about this little mouse that just would not leave my mind. Maybe it was her naivete, maybe it was her upbeat personality, or maybe it was the way her body filled out that jumpsuit, but I knew that she was the one. Of course, Jenny from Bucky O'Hare followed soon after, and then the floodgates opened up. I haven't looked back since.

File: 039.png -(96534 B, 897x529)
96534 96534 No.114098 - Link Reply Report 114098 2

there's SO many CHARACTERS, but I think ALL started WITH renamon

File: tailsyawn.gif -(1765 B, 50x50)
1765 1765 No.114142 - Link Reply Report 114142 2
File: untitled.png -(79105 B, 252x200)
79105 79105 No.114143 - Link Reply Report 114143 2

This scene turned me, but l don't know why

File: toon_1369676163235.jpg -(57303 B, 600x913)
57303 57303 No.114245 - Link Reply Report 114245 2

She is directly responsible for turning me to the fur side. It wasn't sex at all, it was the idea that there were animal based people who had to deal with tails and fur and not the typical "funny animal" type where the characters just had animal heads. I also find competence in a female to be a real turn on and she had it in spades. The porn came later...

No.114246 - Link Reply Report 114246 2

I think I first discovered yiff through finding the artwork of one Ferris the Furry Artist... but that was some years ago now and this guy seems to have disappeared completely from the Internet...

No.114893 - Link Reply Report 114893 2


I didn't like the movie either, besides Lizard's inclusion. The Raimi films are timeless IMO.

But about Lizard's look, personally but I find him hotter than yet another generic reptilian anthro.

You think we have tons of human reptiles? What about all the Digimon, Pokemon, etc. that get threads here daily?

Time for Digimon and Pokemon m/m thread #124.

File: mewtwo_interpretation__crimson-nemesis.jpg -(112134 B, 1280x1235)
112134 112134 No.114895 - Link Reply Report 114895 2
Source: crimson-nemesis


File: a3.jpg -(77371 B, 800x525)
77371 77371 No.114903 - Link Reply Report 114903 2
File: 607954-anubia1.jpg -(154135 B, 441x1518)
154135 154135 No.114944 - Link Reply Report 114944 2

Mine's a really obscure one: Anubia, who appeared once in a 90s Scarlet Spider comic.
It kinda sucks that this is literally the only picture of her on the net.

No.114954 - Link Reply Report 114954 2

I really liked pictures of Krystal from Star Fox Adventures, ones drawn by DNP artists.

File: 317293_-_Birdo_Super_Mario_Bros..jpg -(106912 B, 790x583)
106912 106912 No.115514 - Link Reply Report 115514 2

this pic i caught awhile ago here

File: 0689.png -(423107 B, 864x1240)
423107 423107 No.115569 - Link Reply Report 115569 2
File: 35.jpg -(389921 B, 1000x1520)
389921 389921 No.115571 - Link Reply Report 115571 2


Wow... are you psychic?!? I just found out about her today and came here to post it!!!! (she only appears in one issue of Scarlet Spider Unlimited, alongside Spinerette and Flying Fox, two other anthro gals)

No.116102 - Link Reply Report 116102 2

>>115571 I shouldn't be surprised that the king of obscure furries would find out about her.
Any plans to draw them?

File: toon_1378198166332.tikky_wileecoyote.png -(158152 B, 970x562)
158152 158152 No.116107 - Link Reply Report 116107 2

Almost certainly Wile E.

File: tumblr_lmtpijjZ9B1qa0r9so1_250.gif -(350856 B, 202x239)
350856 350856 No.116150 - Link Reply Report 116150 2

I was pretty young (7-8 years old) when I first saw Mrs./Mama Toad, never stopped loving her

File: lollypop.jpg -(149848 B, 597x769)
149848 149848 No.116368 - Link Reply Report 116368 2

Well I got into the Anthro thing because of Ziggy here and I have the hots for her ever since. I wish she was real.

No.116496 - Link Reply Report 116496 2


Now I am flattered... :) And yes, I will draw the Ani-Men and probably add Anubia to that pic too... My idea is to make the ending scene of the comic a bit different - when Scarlet Spider and the High Evolutionary return from their convoluted plot-exposition-trip, they find the two groups, well--- engaged in a good old-fashioned orgy. To which the High Evolutionary would mutter through his facepalming "I seriously cannot leave them alone for one minute..." :D

No.116511 - Link Reply Report 116511 2

>>116496 I eagerly await it.

File: toon_1334489755619.vani-fox_colleen_by_vani-fox.jpg -(303947 B, 700x1146)
303947 303947 No.116517 - Link Reply Report 116517 2

Definetely Colleen from Road Rovers...no doubt about it

File: normal__7c3f8e0e72f3ca3e728d66a16720d9ed_fub1600-jp.jpg -(38093 B, 600x450)
38093 38093 No.116518 - Link Reply Report 116518 2
No.116526 - Link Reply Report 116526 2

Oddly enough, Baloo the Bear from Disney's Jungle Book.

It was also the first time I fantasized about MPREG. I was 11 when I thought Mowgli was a fool for leaving the jungle, and that I would have just bent over and begged Baloo to fill me with as many bear cubs as he could.

File: 329118_-_Knuckles_the_Echidna_Sonic_Team.jpg -(156174 B, 700x525)
156174 156174 No.116533 - Link Reply Report 116533 2

For me, it'd be either him....

File: sandwich_spread_color.jpg -(110081 B, 706x957)
110081 110081 No.116534 - Link Reply Report 116534 2

...or him. Someone I met on the old YC even drew this pic for me when I had the 625 username.

The guy used the name Hamsterviel (very appropriate) although I had this feeling he was called SN everywhere else.

I miss him ;_:

File: 01e31e66e279f2698f7cad4ecbd06ffb.jpg -(89215 B, 800x623)
89215 89215 No.116636 - Link Reply Report 116636 2

yeah it was nala

File: cac26d3e51969ce813c6bb06c7871ed3_-_Kopia.png -(281101 B, 652x626)
281101 281101 No.116662 - Link Reply Report 116662 2


Bolt because he is just freaking dreamy

File: sample_19de82222cf346b6fa69ab163bd13c52ea3c34c6.jpg -(187915 B, 850x491)
187915 187915 No.116679 - Link Reply Report 116679 2

All of them ;)

File: 261189_-_American_Dragon_Jake_Long_Jake_Long_Numa.jpg -(326233 B, 595x758)
326233 326233 No.116693 - Link Reply Report 116693 2

It was this guy that struck my curiosity. I started trying to find pictures of him and eventually came across fchan, it's also how I discovered that I'm gay.

File: HSIWU11.jpg -(28343 B, 400x300)
28343 28343 No.117342 - Link Reply Report 117342 2

Hsi Wu, Jackie Chan Adventures

File: toon_1387566171431.draconis0868_120303_wile_04-1.png -(1173310 B, 900x950)
1173310 1173310 No.117631 - Link Reply Report 117631 2

The first thing I ever got off to was this sexy guy ^.-

File: Gadget_1362675361279.jpg -(242850 B, 509x634)
242850 242850 No.117751 - Link Reply Report 117751 2

Topic creator here. I'm glad to see that this topic is still here for another anniversary. Gadget is just as lovely as ever.

File: 1242991_-_Colleen_Road_Rovers_avante92.png.jpg -(90796 B, 1067x1280)
90796 90796 No.117755 - Link Reply Report 117755 2

Colleen stole my heart when I saw her on TV

File: toon_1388174347781.jpg -(100063 B, 1280x960)
100063 100063 No.117756 - Link Reply Report 117756 2
File: 688752_-_Sonic_Team_Sonic_The_Hedgehog_Tails.png -(122347 B, 596x665)
122347 122347 No.117766 - Link Reply Report 117766 2
File: 40648_-_Lola_Bunny_Looney_Tunes_Space_Jam_jab.jpg -(80444 B, 577x592)
80444 80444 No.117773 - Link Reply Report 117773 2
Source: http://rule34.paheal.net/post/view/40648

Definitively, Lola Bunny

File: Jen013.jpg -(142650 B, 1280x860)
142650 142650 No.117778 - Link Reply Report 117778 2

Jenny from Bucky O'Hare And The Toad Wars.

File: Ninjara-08.gif -(152208 B, 760x1008)
152208 152208 No.117813 - Link Reply Report 117813 2

For me it was this one. Ninjara from TMNT
Love at first sight. Didn't know what she was, but I was fascinated by her design.
I think I was about 6 when I first saw her, still took quite some time for me before I learned about furries on the internet.
I was about 13-15 when that happened.

File: Tanya_Mousekewitz.jpg -(32503 B, 600x450)
32503 32503 No.117835 - Link Reply Report 117835 2

Somewhere out there...

While Gadget and almost every other character voiced by Tress MacNeille (Colleen, Babs, Dot, etc.) are my favorites, here's a mouse that hasn't been mentioned:

Tanya Mousekewitz. I was very young when I had my first fantasies of her.

File: 737171_20-_20Jessica_Elwood_20Rouge_the_Bat_20Sonic_Team.jpg -(755031 B, 1086x1400)
755031 755031 No.117838 - Link Reply Report 117838 2
File: by_pmaestro.jpg -(42365 B, 800x480)
42365 42365 No.117839 - Link Reply Report 117839 2

Wolfsbane / Rahne Sinclair, from The New Mutants.

File: snapshot20100630092209.jpg -(29089 B, 512x368)
29089 29089 No.118041 - Link Reply Report 118041 2


Speaking of lizards, this one first got my interest when I was younger. I've tried to draw him recently, but damn its tough: something always sticks out wrong, whether its his feet or his head. I wonder if the animators had difficulty drawing this character.

Bonus points if you can figure out his name and from what show.

Even more if you could find fan art of the character or draw the character.

No.118044 - Link Reply Report 118044 2

>>117839 Ah, yes, she was a big one for me too.
But these days, it's her accent (that I can't even really hear!) that makes me hard more than anything.

File: 7edf62ccc1db11c42c6233057fecca04.png -(1081892 B, 1421x1695)
1081892 1081892 No.118046 - Link Reply Report 118046 2
Source: MarTheDoge (aka MTD)

Rouge was my first active search for furry porn. At the time, I didn't know that's what people called it, so I'd say that's the first that got me interested in all kinds of furries. But...

File: 80665731416e89aa8d2d99a0d5e7fb22.jpg -(68283 B, 457x613)
68283 68283 No.118048 - Link Reply Report 118048 2

>>118046 continued
Miss Kitty Mouse would have to be the first one to give me that "tingly feeling" as a child, and I have been interested in furry characters since then.

File: capwolf.jpg -(298364 B, 1023x785)
298364 298364 No.118049 - Link Reply Report 118049 2

It's 1992 and I'm about 9. I occasionally got a comic in the grocery store and one of them was of this. The concept of werewolves was nothing more than horror stories and the idea of a good guy being one, and still a good guy was pretty amazing. The comic mostly had males, but a few fem. Didn't know why, it just made me horny. Not in that 'to young to understand what horny is' way but in a more contemporary 'why boner' way.

Still have a soft spot for wolfies.

No.118050 - Link Reply Report 118050 2


Mighty Max

Season 2 - Episode 3 "Blood of the Dragon"

No.118123 - Link Reply Report 118123 2

>>118049 I actually saw the trade for that story arc in a comic shop today. Is it worth buying?

No.118130 - Link Reply Report 118130 2


It's actually kind of a fun time. Actually in the small Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe series coming out right now they reference it again.

If I remember clearly the plot is JJJamasons son goes missing and cap goes to find him. Turns out some evil magic bady wants to utilize artificial werewolves to take over the world. You get Rahne Sinclare, Wolverine, Moon Knight in it, Cable shows up at the end. Cap is a werewolf for about 3 issues. I'd say pick it up. It isn't exactly gripping story telling, more like a fun saturday morning cartoon.

File: 618113_-_Legend_of_Zelda_Ocarina_of_Time_Princess_Ruto_Zora_eridaiho_falcon-creative.jpg -(530752 B, 1280x828)
530752 530752 No.118207 - Link Reply Report 118207 2

I was at that age when OoT came out.

No.118210 - Link Reply Report 118210 2


No idea, I saw the whole Mighty Max series but do not remember him... what's his name?

Another cartoon that was sadly not released on DVD.

No.118290 - Link Reply Report 118290 2


First, sorry for the delayed response.
Second, nicely done. Yeah, its a cartoon from the 90s and it was a good series. I heard they were planning on doing a remake this year. I hope they go through with it.

Anyway, I could never figure out how it was spelled, but I think it's Tamoori (I'm using onomonpia). If anyone has the correct spelling, do let me know.

Now if there were only some fanart/rule 34 for the character...

File: toon_1395515340284.s-l-b_becky_handjobs.png -(436693 B, 1031x1039)
436693 436693 No.119239 - Link Reply Report 119239 2
File: Supersoft_Foxy.gif -(9648965 B, 360x270)
9648965 9648965 No.119242 - Link Reply Report 119242 2

This commercial mascot.
She was like the Cadbury bunny, eccept she's a vixen.

No.119243 - Link Reply Report 119243 2

and how ironic and helpful that she sells toilet paper

File: toon_1395608737079.s-l-b_sonxclaire.png -(620344 B, 502x800)
620344 620344 No.119280 - Link Reply Report 119280 2
No.119281 - Link Reply Report 119281 2

is there a YT video or more images of this character?

File: toon_1395611707122.s-l-b_drawing_claire.jpg -(392610 B, 825x877)
392610 392610 No.119282 - Link Reply Report 119282 2
No.119283 - Link Reply Report 119283 2

look what I found
h t t p://www.foxy.it/en/company/foxy

File: Carmelita.jpg -(33246 B, 296x464)
33246 33246 No.119286 - Link Reply Report 119286 2

Carmelita Fox always had a sort of fierceness about her that makes her irresistable... She opened my eyes into the furryverse and I never looked back :3

File: 397133_-_Sonic_Team_Sonic_The_Hedgehog_karlo.png -(67205 B, 550x563)
67205 67205 No.119289 - Link Reply Report 119289 2
File: Cartapaglia_Foxy.gif -(6290103 B, 384x288)
6290103 6290103 No.119296 - Link Reply Report 119296 2


File: toon_1395761664783.kcee_foxmccloudp250513.jpg -(714092 B, 603x1000)
714092 714092 No.119320 - Link Reply Report 119320 2
Source: Kcee

This sexy beast right here

File: minnie-tutu.jpg -(247844 B, 731x753)
247844 247844 No.120011 - Link Reply Report 120011 2

Minnie Mouse in general, but specifically this panel.

No.120018 - Link Reply Report 120018 2


Thats the story where she tries on a famous ballet dancers tutu and end up getting chased by a thief... right?

No.120021 - Link Reply Report 120021 2

Tutus remain my weakness.

File: toon_1400439377528.popesslodovica_malremake.png -(2010942 B, 2400x3473)
2010942 2010942 No.120032 - Link Reply Report 120032 2

Maleficent in her dragon form

File: untitledsdsddddddddddddd.png -(600923 B, 1331x1627)
600923 600923 No.120856 - Link Reply Report 120856 2
File: minneh.png -(819789 B, 1640x2336)
819789 819789 No.120866 - Link Reply Report 120866 2

Minnie Mouse got me into this mess. Along with Daisy Duck, sort of.

File: Robin_Hood_The_First_Night_W_Maid_Marian_nippy13.jpg -(65182 B, 600x708)
65182 65182 No.120870 - Link Reply Report 120870 2

aw yiss

No.121010 - Link Reply Report 121010 2

Never could find any good pictures of her but she was hot even in the game.

File: 34703f963f7035a4691c1d464324d45f.jpg -(468727 B, 750x900)
468727 468727 No.121011 - Link Reply Report 121011 2

This Sexy Fox ;)

File: rapper_cats_by_hypercat_z-d2ymvjc.gif -(2885484 B, 384x288)
2885484 2885484 No.128298 - Link Reply Report 128298 2
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx6xNxJsGIY

The kitty in lime and purple <3<3<3
Was she supposed to be afro-american?

File: Muzzle_Trouble.jpg -(179926 B, 784x784)
179926 179926 No.128354 - Link Reply Report 128354 2

Not sure if it does count but the scene with Lady muzzled all the way trigged something.

File: Nurse_me.jpg -(1318816 B, 1500x1485)
1318816 1318816 No.128378 - Link Reply Report 128378 2


File: 241.jpg -(113033 B, 769x899)
113033 113033 No.128459 - Link Reply Report 128459 2



File: 1043295_-_Don_Karnage_TaleSpin_sofakinggood.png -(361430 B, 922x701)
361430 361430 No.128467 - Link Reply Report 128467 2

A combination of 1980s/1990s stuff like TMNT, Duck Tales, and Tale Spin started it off and then Star Fox and finding fan fiction of Star Fox led me to the fandom. I'd have to say the first character I found really attractive was Don Karnage though. To think they almost didn't give him pants! I think him having pants just makes it all the more better to see him without them...

File: mnrvasex.jpg -(59331 B, 640x480)
59331 59331 No.128490 - Link Reply Report 128490 2
File: 540bd919582d97b646631b98432b988c.jpg -(43099 B, 971x733)
43099 43099 No.128775 - Link Reply Report 128775 2

These two sexy boys

File: Fanart_-_Charizard_Day_by_Dreiker.png -(306981 B, 1000x666)
306981 306981 No.128783 - Link Reply Report 128783 2

My first foray into furry porn was Karabiner's stuff, which is DNP

But as for a specific character, Charizard always got me excited, even before I recognised what that excitement was.

File: 410c63d0b2e145b2185dded54d993fcf.jpg -(377481 B, 840x892)
377481 377481 No.128806 - Link Reply Report 128806 2

It was Brooklyn from gargoyles. I started looking for r34 of him, but didn't have any luck (this was years and years ago), so i looked for dragon porn instead. found Foxxfire's art and the rest is history.

No.128807 - Link Reply Report 128807 2

One day while looking up pictures I found r/yiff and I was hooked. No exact character did it for me :)

File: bugs_bunny.png -(360679 B, 900x1696)
360679 360679 No.128984 - Link Reply Report 128984 2

Bugs Bunny.

File: Don_HardDay_700.jpg -(346008 B, 560x700)
346008 346008 No.128992 - Link Reply Report 128992 2
File: img_b.jpg -(99688 B, 360x278)
99688 99688 No.129874 - Link Reply Report 129874 2

No one else hooked by Cleo? She was the only reason to watch low rent garfield.

File: tumblr_o8dc48Qh6g1s6a06oo3_1280.jpg -(137984 B, 737x1132)
137984 137984 No.129875 - Link Reply Report 129875 2

My very first furry crush was Rita from Oliver and Company (Christ, I'm getting old).

Recently I found this image of her via tumblr and it has been in my favorites pile for months. The old flame never burnt out, even with a parade of other hotties since.

My favorite furry gal of much newer times would have to be Toriel from Undertale.

Also to the post above, Cleo is an excellent kitty. I recall her being of interest to me as well years ago.

No.129882 - Link Reply Report 129882 2

>>111109 did you see this as a spray in a cs server?

File: hqdefault.jpg -(18826 B, 480x360)
18826 18826 No.129896 - Link Reply Report 129896 2

I was watching Heckle and Jeckle - King Tut's Tomb as a young child and found this seen very sensual before I knew what that was.

File: image.jpg -(1102452 B, 2008x3000)
1102452 1102452 No.130074 - Link Reply Report 130074 2

>>116107 Hell yeah! He's most definitely my favorite and probably the reason I've been part of the fandom for more than half my life...wow I never really thought about that before. Is that pathetic or impressive? LoL. But honestly, if it wasn't Wile that sucked me into this strange, deviant, fantasy world, it would've just been another. I was into Pokemon and Digimon what seems like a lifetime ago...if I had to guess, it probably would've been a character from one of those, if not Wile...

No.130185 - Link Reply Report 130185 2

I hit puberty in the 90's, and was quickly face-to-muzzle with the women who are now icons of furry fapbait fandom...

Gadget, Callie, Renamon, and Colleen...

I never stood a chance.

File: HquPZFzfqwps0CjVABALMcmo4q7C7XqvZlWWTo34BYj7uaNRRKyo4rJJehQfqqMm_large_2.jpg -(36886 B, 920x518)
36886 36886 No.130251 - Link Reply Report 130251 2
File: BalooDon.jpg -(4264342 B, 3000x2400)
4264342 4264342 No.132313 - Link Reply Report 132313 2
File: 991a4d52f59c56e1fdad5314560a851a.jpg -(64155 B, 601x677)
64155 64155 No.132316 - Link Reply Report 132316 2

For me it was the Care Bears

No.132517 - Link Reply Report 132517 2

>>114245 Remarkably, somewhere I still have comics of this although, steven was an asshole. You Know, Galacci, or however he spelled his name,

File: 9d345048e5376d8873647a3da5aad9ad.jpg -(109741 B, 690x900)
109741 109741 No.132521 - Link Reply Report 132521 2
File: PrincessSally6.jpg -(77444 B, 669x720)
77444 77444 No.132536 - Link Reply Report 132536 2
File: abe7729ebfe79982820b6288fa7094ae.jpg -(144889 B, 1280x1271)
144889 144889 No.132537 - Link Reply Report 132537 2

This fucker right here. Hottest dude in the 'Dex to this day IMO.

File: toon_1500688965902.teaselbone_splinter_fin_net.png -(1666949 B, 1342x1500)
1666949 1666949 No.132554 - Link Reply Report 132554 2
File: orig.png -(84487 B, 640x448)
84487 84487 No.133062 - Link Reply Report 133062 2

As if anyone is aware of who she is or where she's from.

No.133063 - Link Reply Report 133063 2



Someone's supposedly trying to secure rights to make a Blinx comic book. Don't know if they're having any luck.

File: toon_1508225848886.jpg -(44149 B, 750x574)
44149 44149 No.133065 - Link Reply Report 133065 2

This cat!!

File: kitty_challenge_late_but_done_by_chochi_u18chan.jpg -(379315 B, 595x842)
379315 379315 No.133067 - Link Reply Report 133067 2
File: 2371255_-_Animaniacs_Dot_Warner_FairyCosmo_Lisa_Simpson_The_Simpsons.png -(952318 B, 2000x2230)
952318 952318 No.133164 - Link Reply Report 133164 2
File: cleoanimated.gif -(864049 B, 193x329)
864049 864049 No.133172 - Link Reply Report 133172 2

i dunno, i blame ths blonde.

File: mrs-brisby-captured.jpg -(179650 B, 525x393)
179650 179650 No.133176 - Link Reply Report 133176 2

I was 4, it was the first time I'd seen a girl naked, first time I'd seen a girl romantically desire someone, she was a mom and even that flipped some sort of switch. It was also the first memory I had of my dick being hard.

Who knew I'd still be interested after so long?

File: p0.jpg -(515012 B, 710x993)
515012 515012 No.134455 - Link Reply Report 134455 2

one more for the Renamon crowd

File: 4FwBJzLwNG_w22iAYq110PtXVeXReAWxISmTGaq4OJWzB68fVjrP6QckvVX8sscm.png -(1320049 B, 1500x1500)
1320049 1320049 No.134457 - Link Reply Report 134457 2
File: d46073def92b865a9ec5573a6dd38984.jpg -(76808 B, 800x597)
76808 76808 No.134461 - Link Reply Report 134461 2

When I was a freshman in HS (about 15 years old) in 1999 I was looking at some cartoon porn and I came upon a black and white line drawing (I think it was by Jay Naylor) of two male foxes fucking. There was no nudity just a fox on his stomach with another one on top of him also lying on his stomach. I have no idea why it caught me, but catch me it did and I printed it out. I jerked off over it like 100000 times before I burned it so my parents wouldn't find it. lol. I haven't seen the pic since, but at that moment I became furry and there was no turning back.

  • FoxiePrime
No.134475 - Link Reply Report 134475 2

Minerva was my furry crush. I've been drawing fan art of Minerva Mink for 14 years.

File: Sasha_2cb7d393f42e73cee22efdadff46bf54.jpg -(74809 B, 900x654)
74809 74809 No.134509 - Link Reply Report 134509 2

Easily sacha. A friend in high school bright a few pictures in to the cafeteria in his binder. I remember specifically this picture getting me hooked. I have no clue what she's from or who the artist is but I distinctly remember this picture and a few others that were in that binder

No.134524 - Link Reply Report 134524 2

Erma Felna EDF Pilot, and Omaha the Cat Dancer.

File: Bratz_petz_by_jdueler11-daqcwyw.gif -(9148861 B, 720x540)
9148861 9148861 No.134572 - Link Reply Report 134572 2

Anyone remember this commercial? I'd always get off to this every time. You can see that they have butts!

No.134577 - Link Reply Report 134577 2

>>134572 Yes I remember that commercial. Is there anyone that thinks the new CGI look for Toucan Sam on the box would look cool as a female.

No.134578 - Link Reply Report 134578 2

Wanna know the truth? I started with IRL horses around middle school but the limited and terrible quality of horse porn at the time made it difficult to find new stuff (and back then risky due to ease of malware getting into your computer).

So I went for drawn stuff starting with searches like "disney porn" be "pokémon hentai" before figuring out that magical word "yiff".

File: TMNT_ad.jpg -(246285 B, 1070x790)
246285 246285 No.134590 - Link Reply Report 134590 2

It took me a long time to dig this ad up, but I remember jerking off to this as a teen, and not really understanding why it turned me on - especially since at the time I didn't even know I was gay, let alone what a furry was.

Of course, now as an adult, I know that Donatello is a huge furry crush and that I love them turtle feet >////> It makes more sense

No.134591 - Link Reply Report 134591 2



File: 4031_20-_20Secret_Of_NIMH_20Mrs_Brisby_20Gilbhart.jpg -(288601 B, 669x713)
288601 288601 No.134592 - Link Reply Report 134592 2
File: bugs_bunny_gay_feet_anus.jpg -(305680 B, 1024x959)
305680 305680 No.134699 - Link Reply Report 134699 2

I think the definitive wakeup call for me was with Bugs Bunny. Cant believe no one ever mentioned him before.

File: 4673ec99f24bf478925813d04dba89b2.jpg -(292288 B, 661x904)
292288 292288 No.135142 - Link Reply Report 135142 2
Source: http://file.ychan.net/134283/155303557331441919.png
File: toon_1561867662401.zen_justin1.jpg -(173921 B, 1280x737)
173921 173921 No.135374 - Link Reply Report 135374 2
File: L9Yc65J_u18chan.png -(2746118 B, 2550x3522)
2746118 2746118 No.135402 - Link Reply Report 135402 2
No.135412 - Link Reply Report 135412 2

Bernal, there in the sig. Was on sexyfur iirc

File: mr_horse__1.png -(1340571 B, 1920x1080)
1340571 1340571 No.135413 - Link Reply Report 135413 2

Mr. Horse from Ren and Stimpy. There is very little art of him, so I will post this ref.

File: PROJECT__1.jpg -(299817 B, 786x1048)
299817 299817 No.135685 - Link Reply Report 135685 2

Probably Kate.

File: 2.png -(843996 B, 718x815)
843996 843996 No.135915 - Link Reply Report 135915 2

The Jester brothers from the glo friends.

File: 3.png -(1401273 B, 1113x811)
1401273 1401273 No.135916 - Link Reply Report 135916 2

The Jester brothers from the glo friends

File: 481815_-_Bleach_Sajin_Komamura.png -(501467 B, 676x595)
501467 501467 No.136028 - Link Reply Report 136028 2

Haha, I'll never forget. I remember as a kid, I was watching Bleach and felt "funny" whenever Komamura was on screen. This funny feeling made me really want to see his body, so I went on Google images and searched something along the lines of "Komamura shirtless", thinking maybe there was some scene in the anime or manga where he took his shirt off. IwI quickly greeted with this exact picture.
My entire sexuality instantly lit up like a goddamn firework at that moment, and from there, there was no turning back. I quickly discovered the furry fandom by clicking the links on Google of this and similar pics, and the rest is history.
Still to this day, this is probably in my top 5 hottest images in existence.

No.136029 - Link Reply Report 136029 2

Are there some guys that like both anthro women & human women? For an example of a human woman in the film Wild Wild West I think the Asian woman's butt is hot when she sits on the desk.

File: 8cfdf64478805677bee98ab1487c69a2c864a457.png -(145923 B, 730x739)
145923 145923 No.136034 - Link Reply Report 136034 2
File: one_size_fits_all_by_artbirchly-dc0zdzw.jpg -(574067 B, 1000x800)
574067 574067 No.136035 - Link Reply Report 136035 2
File: tumblr_luzwcjX1fO1qff28y.gif -(455234 B, 350x266)
455234 455234 No.136037 - Link Reply Report 136037 2
File: 158706229546.png -(406436 B, 373x443)
406436 406436 No.136055 - Link Reply Report 136055 2

sonic 1993 #63 Art: Steve Butler & Art Mawhinney story: Kevin Bollers & Ken Penders

File: 158706229546.png -(406436 B, 373x443)
406436 406436 No.136056 - Link Reply Report 136056 2

sonic 1993 #63 Art: Steve Butler & Art Mawhinney story: Kevin Bollers & Ken Penders

File: 158706229546.png -(406436 B, 373x443)
406436 406436 No.136057 - Link Reply Report 136057 2

sonic 1993 #63 Art: Steve Butler & Art Mawhinney story: Kevin Bollers & Ken Penders

File: EhTFLbiXgAMS8vi.png -(874521 B, 737x1200)
874521 874521 No.136058 - Link Reply Report 136058 2
Source: https://ychan.net/f/your+favorite+blue+vixen/
File: toon_1601104636534.xpray_xpr_renamon_pose_color2.jpg -(158728 B, 1095x1280)
158728 158728 No.136073 - Link Reply Report 136073 2
File: 0_Lola.jpg -(97103 B, 420x684)
97103 97103 No.136087 - Link Reply Report 136087 2


File: 1__1.jpg -(58588 B, 636x869)
58588 58588 No.136089 - Link Reply Report 136089 2
File: Vaporeon_HDBW.png -(10756075 B, 5535x3240)
10756075 10756075 No.136265 - Link Reply Report 136265 2
Source: https://kemono.party/attachments/7188931/25311389/Vaporeon_HD.png
No.136399 - Link Reply Report 136399 2

>>112208 what is ryo from????

File: 99f1ec62dda41590358dc157b4e3ecb1.jpg -(245684 B, 980x1364)
245684 245684 No.136400 - Link Reply Report 136400 2
Source: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=tenchi+muyo+ryo-ohki


File: KAZOKO3_final_space_commission_comic_cover_u18chan.png -(748955 B, 1793x2992)
748955 748955 No.136511 - Link Reply Report 136511 2
File: KAZOKO3_final_space_commission_comic_u18chan.png -(2121771 B, 1793x2992)
2121771 2121771 No.136512 - Link Reply Report 136512 2
File: KAZOKO3_final_space_commission_comic_u18chan.png -(2236982 B, 1793x2992)
2236982 2236982 No.136513 - Link Reply Report 136513 2
File: KAZOKO3_final_space_commission_comic_u18chan.png -(2307221 B, 1793x2992)
2307221 2307221 No.136514 - Link Reply Report 136514 2
File: KAZOKO3_final_space_commission_comic_u18chan.png -(1968922 B, 1793x2992)
1968922 1968922 No.136515 - Link Reply Report 136515 2
File: KAZOKO_final_space_commission_comic_u18chan.png -(3056369 B, 1793x2992)
3056369 3056369 No.136516 - Link Reply Report 136516 2