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[-] [+] No.123104
Unexploited Charecters Flash 
File: great_mouse_detective.jpg -(32570 B, 500x300)
32570 32570 No.123104 123104 1

lets try and make some things change. this desire to sex up our toons has been force fed to us our entire childhoods, long before pokemon and other popular characters. but what makes some of these characters so popular and other not even exist in this way. the show sonic for example was not well know, and the female characters were rarely featured in the games, and yet they are so popular in this scene. watch any Disney or chuck jones and you will see the sexing up of cartoon characters has been force fed to us forever. if you have seen the great mouse detective and enjoy this means of erotica this scene jumps right out at you and draws you in. even before I knew what sex was I wanted to fuck this mouse, and yet this movie has no rule 34 versions I have seen. let this page be a posting of other unexploited or rare characters that is overwhelmingly needed in this world

File: sword-in-the-stone.png -(308691 B, 500x362)
308691 308691 No.123106 - Link Reply Report 123106 2

I use to have severel sexy images of this squirrel girl from the sword and the stone. the scene with her had such an impact on me as a child either they are unpopular or hard to find, the scene with her should have inspired a lot of people into toon erotic exploits like it did for me

No.123145 - Link Reply Report 123145 2
>>...has no rule 34 versions

Where have you been living?, there's pic on them, just search for it, and if you want more, pay to an artist for a piece.

No.123149 - Link Reply Report 123149 2

Dude, read the freakin' threads. There are countless "Rare Toons" threads now. Here is the latest.


And Miss Kitty is hardly obscure. Just check R34.

File: 954f76bc02cd530fdae1f4f4381d4de2.jpg -(599443 B, 1154x1423)
599443 599443 No.123158 - Link Reply Report 123158 2

because i'm a nice...or just perverted...guy

File: 662eafaa3e67db60fd01362c81aacb0b.swf -(376186 B, 0x0)
No.123159 - Link Reply Report 123159 2
File: 0ae78b0311f8f9a96b9376d2f79adb13.jpg -(287466 B, 1196x1210)
287466 287466 No.123160 - Link Reply Report 123160 2
File: 0b1f50a4e46c2592c88647605fb47c78.jpg -(834565 B, 1191x1280)
834565 834565 No.123161 - Link Reply Report 123161 2
File: b098b24d8c04ddb81e686eb2819585b4.png -(745608 B, 624x759)
745608 745608 No.123162 - Link Reply Report 123162 2
File: b5b61b9e32e7d0f4a9cbd85cd8fafc42.jpg -(157535 B, 1255x1018)
157535 157535 No.123163 - Link Reply Report 123163 2
File: 4523aca1d59332724e7cf3a3e04ec1ca.jpg -(77155 B, 633x450)
77155 77155 No.123164 - Link Reply Report 123164 2
File: eae141c324668d3779589e3a6e781419.jpg -(122101 B, 466x903)
122101 122101 No.123165 - Link Reply Report 123165 2
No.123166 - Link Reply Report 123166 2

And that's all I could find. Not much I'd keep myself, but not bad either.

File: 641d9eeaeee151f3632bf2a1c0b24692.swf -(1404488 B, 0x0)
No.123167 - Link Reply Report 123167 2

And here's something different. Gotta love kid shows in Japan, they don't hold back. Shanet predated Minerva and Fifi by at least 11 years.

File: zWHs2rM.gif -(2072559 B, 384x216)
2072559 2072559 No.123170 - Link Reply Report 123170 2

Let me tell you who is heavily unexploited, Tiger Claw. This guy really needs some good R34.

File: ss.png -(350894 B, 1200x1600)
350894 350894 No.123231 - Link Reply Report 123231 2

miss kitty mouse is exploited...

but i think what the OP means is that she's not exploited -enough-, lol. a quick search reveals that Miss Kitty Mouse has like 2 pages on paheal compared to the 30+ that lola bunny has.

File: toon_1426014198300.rottenrobbie_1.png -(510638 B, 1280x1016)
510638 510638 No.123996 - Link Reply Report 123996 2

Kinda right?

File: toon_1426098238950.jeremy82_brisby009_final.jpg -(279788 B, 1280x720)
279788 279788 No.124004 - Link Reply Report 124004 2

by far my most beloved toon.

File: n.jpg -(12729 B, 310x310)
12729 12729 No.124046 - Link Reply Report 124046 2

Number one unexploited character

No.124128 - Link Reply Report 124128 2

What character is this? It kind of looks familiar.

File: ginsei_by_13thaisha-d37r15f.png -(196224 B, 600x700)
196224 196224 No.124137 - Link Reply Report 124137 2

There is a massive lack of ginsei from kobato

File: tumblr_ltyyhaw8uo1qzpkri.png -(215828 B, 500x281)
215828 215828 No.124191 - Link Reply Report 124191 2

Dull looking rabbits are hot

File: i_heart_nuts.png -(618739 B, 729x457)
618739 618739 No.124213 - Link Reply Report 124213 2

I require porn of this lil' cutie~


File: big_p0.jpg -(155563 B, 800x797)
155563 155563 No.124227 - Link Reply Report 124227 2

I've got you covered, anon.

File: kcee___fox_animals_of_farthing_by_aramitz-d5y1ynx.jpg -(486455 B, 1000x1920)
486455 486455 No.124229 - Link Reply Report 124229 2

Fox from The Animals Of Farthing Woods.

File: toon_1428412691341.riproarrex_jakegoingdownunder.jpg -(368599 B, 908x1280)
368599 368599 No.124236 - Link Reply Report 124236 2
File: KittyMouse1a.swf -(1005748 B, 0x0)
No.124242 - Link Reply Report 124242 2
Source: http://eye.swfchan.com/flash.asp?id=87105&n=KittyMouse1a.swf

What about this OP?

File: professor_ann_by_dedoarts-d8ptxry.png -(367956 B, 680x850)
367956 367956 No.124374 - Link Reply Report 124374 2

This girl

File: $_KGrHqZHJC!E9rRD!vn5BPh6JJ0,NQ~~60_12.jpg -(31002 B, 500x375)
31002 31002 No.124375 - Link Reply Report 124375 2

This girl

No.125408 - Link Reply Report 125408 2

There's also "The Devil and Daniel Mouse", where I can see Daniel being used by the weasel, the rabbit and the beaver.

File: toon_1443513989772.sligarthetiger_taomon_+_jdm_p.png -(947399 B, 682x850)
947399 947399 No.125654 - Link Reply Report 125654 2
File: kangaroo-fgtsze_kangaroo_stand.png -(2119 B, 91x95)
2119 2119 No.125682 - Link Reply Report 125682 2

Atari Kangaroo. This old school heroine needs more love.

File: Zed.png -(282246 B, 640x360)
282246 282246 No.125697 - Link Reply Report 125697 2

Zed the female Anubian Baskurr from ben 10

File: 46ed1d7e2c4a4961a8ed24ee1a8c4911.png -(2981866 B, 2100x2400)
2981866 2981866 No.125701 - Link Reply Report 125701 2
File: short_shorts_taomon_by_doomxwolf-d9b0ya0.png -(2336927 B, 1800x2200)
2336927 2336927 No.125711 - Link Reply Report 125711 2
File: toon_1444188456720.lonbluewolf_wertgtrtgt.jpg -(130776 B, 853x1280)
130776 130776 No.125753 - Link Reply Report 125753 2
File: toon_1444956243402.gif -(2894513 B, 280x260)
2894513 2894513 No.125888 - Link Reply Report 125888 2

Very little if at all art of her, porn or otherwise.

No.125919 - Link Reply Report 125919 2


Woaaaahhh, Professor Anne. I thought I was like the only person who watched this show.

File: Monsters-BLAST.jpg -(264056 B, 1920x1080)
264056 264056 No.126032 - Link Reply Report 126032 2

How about them?

File: 39437.jpg -(174156 B, 700x534)
174156 174156 No.126114 - Link Reply Report 126114 2

I haven't found any pic of this lady, and I'm sure she appeared in at least two episode (more than the leggy lamb).

File: 2565009-necky.jpg -(55094 B, 300x362)
55094 55094 No.126487 - Link Reply Report 126487 2
Source: http://www.giantbomb.com/necky-the-fox/3005-28045/

Is there any love for this guy?

No.126530 - Link Reply Report 126530 2


"Charecters". Classy.
Also, we already have a thread for this. Rare means the same as "unexploited" in this case.

File: DC-260-79F21A444.jpg -(300496 B, 1023x785)
300496 300496 No.126592 - Link Reply Report 126592 2

Is there any fan art of wolf Captain America?

No.126609 - Link Reply Report 126609 2


It can be fixed..., with some bucks I can fix your problem.

File: The_Temptress.jpg -(410433 B, 1500x2100)
410433 410433 No.126621 - Link Reply Report 126621 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lucario9869/

I don't see very much of Macha from .Hack//Sign. It's a shame, really. :/

File: toon_1448537890612.fasttrack37d_sanmercommission2.png -(1276075 B, 1300x807)
1276075 1276075 No.126630 - Link Reply Report 126630 2


Why yes. Yes there is.

No.126651 - Link Reply Report 126651 2

not surprising at all how ever, Macha is pretty much considered neuter combined with the fact it's Data is used to create the blatantly female Mia just drawing Mia porn is more of a go to thing.

File: toon_1449480250658.cheesecaked_shadowshowunmaskfsmal.png -(2164741 B, 1219x1280)
2164741 2164741 No.126781 - Link Reply Report 126781 2

I love this mousette <3

File: toon_1449480276790.cheesecaked_shadowshowmaskfsmal.png -(2156730 B, 1219x1280)
2156730 2156730 No.126782 - Link Reply Report 126782 2

I love this mousette <3

File: 4a9c629543f983dbd20f70a3e3f4957bda818c85.png -(124928 B, 594x744)
124928 124928 No.126817 - Link Reply Report 126817 2

anyone know who this character is? i remember seeing it here or on 8ch once and now i don't can't seem to find info.

File: 918a935de414e90f89faf5e14e3a052b87e7c01c.jpg -(41158 B, 799x409)
41158 41158 No.126818 - Link Reply Report 126818 2

whoever the artist is, it's really good.

No.128411 - Link Reply Report 128411 2

There is an issue or two of Superboy where Superboy ends up meeting an entire civilization of anthro animals. Anyone else know that issue and want to see porn of the anthros?

File: 8AA309D8-1BA3-4AA6-A02D-33B0DDAD8519.jpg -(224834 B, 1100x850)
224834 224834 No.128921 - Link Reply Report 128921 2

I wouldn't mind more porn of Miss Kitty or even Tiger for that matter.

No.131266 - Link Reply Report 131266 2

Here's a list 1 Rule 63 of the Cheshire Cat both animated & Tim Burton's version, 2 both female toucan twins from Brandy And Mr. Whiskers, 3 Roxie dog from Jimmy Neutron Junkman ep, 4 Empress She-Wolf Danny Phantom Reality Trip ep, and 5 Song female snow leopard from Kung Fu Panda Legends Of Awesomeness ep Ladies Of The Shade.

File: default_toxic-moose.jpg -(11288 B, 210x240)
11288 11288 No.131339 - Link Reply Report 131339 2

Can someone get this guy??
This one has been a long time coming.
He's from an old old show called Project G.e.e.K.e.R.
He's a moose that was morphed into an anthro moose due to exposure to toxic chemicals that originated from an evil corporation. Ever since then, he hated humanity.

No.131380 - Link Reply Report 131380 2


I never heard of it, but I lift my tail for Moose!

File: A_better_love_story_than_Twilight.jpg -(138882 B, 1000x768)
138882 138882 No.131408 - Link Reply Report 131408 2
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz0-6vqQ7og

Holy jiggling physics!
These two deserve some love.

File: sexy_kitty_from_palm_town_by_hypercat_z-d30nqkl.gif -(10184009 B, 768x576)
10184009 10184009 No.131552 - Link Reply Report 131552 2
File: LT_157_DCP_0013.jpg -(724985 B, 1280x2032)
724985 724985 No.131778 - Link Reply Report 131778 2

I still say, these should go under the "Rare Toons" topic, not sure why we need two topics on the same thing...
Her name is Sultry LaFemme, a femme fatale who lures Plucky Duck into a trap, from a Tiny Toons comic. Some dude asked for these 2 drawings on 4chan (I still don't get this, 4chan hates furries yet tons of R34 comes from there...)

File: Cindy_from_Rock___Rule.png -(261086 B, 640x386)
261086 261086 No.132059 - Link Reply Report 132059 2
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q62RjHfX5yM&t=36m

When we think about an adult Pistol Pete we all imagine her like a rip-off of her mother. But what if instead she inherited more from her father's side?
<<This is what she would look like.
Still cute, isn't she? And look in source how much generous she is in panty shots <3

File: Kyaa.jpg -(74479 B, 940x592)
74479 74479 No.132060 - Link Reply Report 132060 2
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7cSZ-Mn7X4

The lack of Kyaa stuff always puzzles me. I know he was just in one episode from an obscure six-episode anime, but on top of being downright adorable, he's basically the "mom" in a parenting relationship with another man. He's all but BEGGING to be Rule 34'd.

File: crazy_bunny.jpg -(66897 B, 669x535)
66897 66897 No.132101 - Link Reply Report 132101 2
File: dinotrux_r34.jpg -(117638 B, 909x800)
117638 117638 No.133601 - Link Reply Report 133601 2

How is it possible that there isn't more Dinotrux porn? I'm not good at drawing but I had to draw this just because someone needed to do it!

No.133636 - Link Reply Report 133636 2

Here's my list of some Big Mama and Vixey Fox And The Hound, rule 63 of Cheshire Cat Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland, Roxie Jimmy Neutron, Brain and Pinky's mom, and Emperess She-Wolf Danny Phantom

File: 712pg3XQzmL._SL1024.jpg -(92937 B, 480x516)
92937 92937 No.133637 - Link Reply Report 133637 2
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SrB6fQ5IRA

I always found this big cat pretty hot. Amazing I never found anything on him.

File: 7817cb199ac177102c0ed29c58189e90.png -(287530 B, 1008x1280)
287530 287530 No.133768 - Link Reply Report 133768 2

Patra from Pacman Party.

File: sally-2c.jpg -(76672 B, 640x480)
76672 76672 No.133798 - Link Reply Report 133798 2

This mascot for a Minnesota-based bar; "Sally's Saloon". She suffered quite a bit of controversy due to her scantily-clad design when first introduced, almost similar to the whole Dairy Air Ice Cream situation a couple months ago. fayxx001(.)rootoon(.)com(/)text(/)sally1.txt

File: 0eb7dc18d9a9c8e010e6c42dc52c27ce.png -(798569 B, 739x892)
798569 798569 No.133886 - Link Reply Report 133886 2
Source: https://imgur.com/gallery/Au9bGWU

I want moar of this Felicia-Nala hybrid 😻

File: LT_157_DCP_0013.jpg -(724985 B, 1280x2032)
724985 724985 No.133899 - Link Reply Report 133899 2

Sultry LaFemme. From the Looney Tunes comics.

File: tumblr_mhrvc2VjMS1qlirmko1_500.png -(288192 B, 500x375)
288192 288192 No.133907 - Link Reply Report 133907 2

Funny Bunny from Dot and the Bunny

File: Cybernetic_Kitsune-concept_art.jpg -(123530 B, 628x580)
123530 123530 No.133910 - Link Reply Report 133910 2

Cybernetic Kitsune from Sengoku 2 - concept art

File: 37e8d23ff96d5c773b5ba00838268503476812d8_00.jpg -(21123 B, 300x405)
21123 21123 No.134315 - Link Reply Report 134315 2

No results on paheal AT ALL

File: images__3.jpg -(37033 B, 743x750)
37033 37033 No.134316 - Link Reply Report 134316 2

Barely any r34 of this pigeon, the stuff that's there is anthro-fied

File: famous-Doraemon-cartoon-character-hd-wallpapers.jpg -(96849 B, 1035x1080)
96849 96849 No.134317 - Link Reply Report 134317 2

35 results on paheal, but most of them contain the human characters, like Nobita. Only 13 of the pics are without the human characters (9 or 10 without humans at all) and only 6 solo pics

File: toon_1532971052093.pixeloutlaw_risukuma.jpg -(111769 B, 853x1280)
111769 111769 No.134320 - Link Reply Report 134320 2
Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/28154958/

>>134315 found this on furaffinity

No.134340 - Link Reply Report 134340 2


No.134359 - Link Reply Report 134359 2

>>134340 you're welcome

No.134428 - Link Reply Report 134428 2

Here's a few characters that haven't been rule 34 yet any of the animals that Mad Madam Mim turns into Steven Universe all Gem Girls into animals for an example Amethyst turns into a cat in ep Cat Fingers there's still no rule 34 of The Junkman's female dog named Roxy from Jimmy Neutron.

File: 777972_-_Dingo_Here_comes_the_grump_Princess_Dawn_RLG_terry_dexter_the_grump.jpg -(145613 B, 765x984)
145613 145613 No.134581 - Link Reply Report 134581 2

This seems to be the closest thing to porn of the dragon from "Here Comes the Grump" that exists.

File: toon_1541883556824.png -(777709 B, 853x1280)
777709 777709 No.134618 - Link Reply Report 134618 2
No.134755 - Link Reply Report 134755 2

What about that pink saber tooth cat named Booster from Jingle All The Way?

No.134756 - Link Reply Report 134756 2

Surprisingly the human versions of this story have more actual nudity in them, than this version. Why they won't show a naked male lion is beyond me.

File: tracyww.jpg -(428758 B, 1408x812)
428758 428758 No.134812 - Link Reply Report 134812 2

Fangster and Tracy from ghostbusters.

File: 02.jpg -(8979716 B, 5596x3746)
8979716 8979716 No.134826 - Link Reply Report 134826 2

I don't think I have ever seen anything of the Hard Rock Park bears.

File: EBF64B03-10A3-49B6-94DA-40A432919949.jpg -(23349 B, 182x268)
23349 23349 No.135312 - Link Reply Report 135312 2

Very little of the dog family The Barkleys. Not surprising since very few know it exists. But that needs to change. We especially need pics of the mom (Agnes) and the daughter (Terry).

No.135377 - Link Reply Report 135377 2

How about the Crystal Jem girls as animal chicks? Watch the Steven Universe ep Cat Fingers for a reference & Amethyst Cat would look sexy with boobs. More rule 63 of Lion would be great too. Anyone ever thought about a rule 63 of Mad Cat being a chick or even a rule 63 of Fat Cat Rescue Rangers chick too?

File: peter_potamus.jpg -(73981 B, 774x539)
73981 73981 No.135405 - Link Reply Report 135405 2
File: tumblr_m343qz6nOj1qki16eo1_500.gif -(677990 B, 450x272)
677990 677990 No.135447 - Link Reply Report 135447 2

we need more udder play with Cow

No.135525 - Link Reply Report 135525 2

I recall one episode of Fangster failing at something wound up with him bound wrists and ankles and his shirt taken off and being whipped.

Surprised that there was a live action or animated version of this with a human character being totally naked, but the only time they make an anthro version they make him wear boxers, which would be unnatural, really; not to mention historically inaccurate underwear.

What about images of Junkyard from Toxic Crusaders? Or the anthro characters from Mighty Maxx (like the lion guardian Norman has to fight to continue existing?

File: 6B1316F8-F39C-4D2C-BDDF-C0624EBD6382.jpg -(1979012 B, 3526x1500)
1979012 1979012 No.135527 - Link Reply Report 135527 2

The Barkleys need to be exploited more despite their obscurity

No.135684 - Link Reply Report 135684 2

>>135405 - YES. There needs to be a lot more Peter Potamus, or more fat, sexy hippos presenting themselves. But definitely more Peter for sure!

File: 4.png -(431291 B, 549x400)
431291 431291 No.135917 - Link Reply Report 135917 2

The Jester brother from the glo friends are some of the most (or THE most) obscure characters I've ever seen. No one remember them. There's no fanart, no-nothing and people just don't care.

File: 158706229546.png -(406448 B, 373x443)
406448 406448 No.135918 - Link Reply Report 135918 2

No porn of them (sonic 1993 #63)

File: Jungle_Show.png -(572732 B, 1182x900)
572732 572732 No.135920 - Link Reply Report 135920 2
File: 42AB557B-2FBE-421B-A750-65E6897D0AA8-450-000000E23DE00A5E.png -(2532736 B, 1100x766)
2532736 2532736 No.135982 - Link Reply Report 135982 2
Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/37184385/

literally the first and only rule 34 of these characters

No.136003 - Link Reply Report 136003 2

What about Big Mama from The Fox & The Hound?

File: peg.jpg -(6142 B, 210x240)
6142 6142 No.136032 - Link Reply Report 136032 2

Peg (Lady and The Tramp)