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[-] [+] No.125903
MLP Ballbusting (/ah) 
File: weed_whack_color.jpg -(357393 B, 1879x1752)
357393 357393 No.125903 125903 1

Cuntbusting also welcome.
Thread now has proper tagging.

Marked for deletion (too big - automatic).
File: cloud_kick_color_CANON.jpg -(237489 B, 1600x1066)
237489 237489 No.125904 - Link Reply Report 125904 2
File: Trixie_Practices_Magic_color2.jpg -(320378 B, 1800x1200)
320378 320378 No.125905 - Link Reply Report 125905 2
File: wing_smack.jpg -(525731 B, 2000x2000)
525731 525731 No.125906 - Link Reply Report 125906 2
File: Checking_the_goods_color.jpg -(219879 B, 1445x853)
219879 219879 No.125907 - Link Reply Report 125907 2
File: Rover_kick_color2.jpg -(252516 B, 1900x1634)
252516 252516 No.125908 - Link Reply Report 125908 2
File: Delicious_Apples_color.jpg -(239881 B, 1500x1500)
239881 239881 No.125909 - Link Reply Report 125909 2
File: Thine_dreams_are_strange_color.jpg -(233063 B, 1209x1500)
233063 233063 No.125910 - Link Reply Report 125910 2
File: Not_the_kind_of_contest_they_expected.jpg -(286618 B, 1600x921)
286618 286618 No.125911 - Link Reply Report 125911 2
File: ball_emergency.png -(549270 B, 2000x1533)
549270 549270 No.125912 - Link Reply Report 125912 2
File: Thems_Fighting_Herds_fetish_porn_edition.png -(319177 B, 1400x1431)
319177 319177 No.125913 - Link Reply Report 125913 2
File: gymnastics_practice_about_to_wrong.png -(219061 B, 1300x1142)
219061 219061 No.125914 - Link Reply Report 125914 2
File: you_break_it_you_buy_it.png -(289366 B, 1331x1600)
289366 289366 No.125915 - Link Reply Report 125915 2
No.125918 - Link Reply Report 125918 2

Yay! It's back! I was worried sick when the thread I wake up for every morning was gone.

I also have a new set of ideas to share:

Ponies playing polo.

Harshwhinny checks athletes for signs of testosterone abuse.

Trixie attempts to vanquish Ursa Minor.

Pinkie bumps into Twilight as she's practicing a spell, making it miss its intended target.

Celestia plays with her guards.

Luna is amused by somepony's nightmare.

Applejack fights Chimera.

Rarity takes a stallion's measures with a spring-retracting tape measure.

Tired Applejack is a dangerous worker at the orchard.

Troubleshoes is almost tall enough for other ponies to dash under. Almost.

Iron Pony mixed wrestling.

File: A_rude_wakeup.png -(268905 B, 1600x1171)
268905 268905 No.125925 - Link Reply Report 125925 2

A few new ones for today

File: Standing_in_for_his_sister_was_a_bad_idea.png -(211216 B, 980x1600)
211216 211216 No.125926 - Link Reply Report 125926 2

Coming up with manestyles and cutie marks is a pain

File: train_your_stamina_and_get_swole.png -(304262 B, 1641x1894)
304262 304262 No.125927 - Link Reply Report 125927 2

I don't think this is what he meant when he said he wanted to 'get swole'

File: boys_can_learn_to_like_this_right.png -(279342 B, 1737x1196)
279342 279342 No.125928 - Link Reply Report 125928 2

And this is the last for now
Would you like to see more F/M or M/M stuff later?
More than two ponies at once?
Generics or show ponies?

No.125935 - Link Reply Report 125935 2


Absolutely F/M! It's just sad if the buster knows what he's doing, while with mares they have NO idea just how much it hurts! Your pictures capture their reactions perfectly, from nonchalant "It's not that big deal, sheesh!" to "oops, that must have hurt" absolutely perfectly. It is pure, flawless exctacy!

No.125936 - Link Reply Report 125936 2

I'd love to see some more M/M but all your ballbusting stuff is so great! What other sites do you post your ballbusting drawings on?

No.125937 - Link Reply Report 125937 2

im definitely hoping to see some cuntbusting

No.125938 - Link Reply Report 125938 2

F/M, mares going for the vulnerable malehood is the whole point!

No.125939 - Link Reply Report 125939 2

None. For the moment I'm fchan/this thread exclusive.
I don't even know where else there is for this sort of things.
Guess I could toss in the occasional cuntbusting and M/M pic but keep the core F/M.

No.125940 - Link Reply Report 125940 2

Maybe derpibooru?

File: Ball_emergency_color.jpg -(440541 B, 2000x1533)
440541 440541 No.125942 - Link Reply Report 125942 2

I'm pancake! I mean home! I finished this yesterday, but the old thread disappeared after I posted it. Luckily that gave me the chance to add some finishing touches so now it's even better than before.


I REEAALLY like F/M busting! I think M/M and F/F lose the playful innocence. I have nothing against intentional ballbusting -pretty much the contrary-, but stallions kicking stallions feels more like a fight than a sassy power trip.

More mares on a stallion sounds good in theory, but I don't have any idea how that would work. Unless it's a flock of breezies ganging up on a pony I guess...

Show ponies have certain great advantages over random ponies: You can see them in the show! At first I didn't pay much attention to Clear Skies and Open Skies, but after >>125904 they always remind me of how intimately familiar her hoof has been with his privates and how awkward the aftermath must have been! Just seeing them together in unrelated artwork makes me imagine her feeling a little sorry for that and asking sheepishly if his nuts are feeling better yet.

In this picture, we all know Pinkie Pie so we have a good idea of how she acts. She probably giggled adorably when she noticed what happened, and although she feels sorry for the poor guys, their reactions (and her being Pinkie) make it impossible for her to take the situation too seriously. Likewise, >>125906 and >>125910 are exactly the kind of brazen cheekiness I'd expect from Rainbow Dash!

File: _oc_explicit_blushing_plot_crying_panties_bondage_crossdressing_femdom_lipstick.png -(109116 B, 688x1125)
109116 109116 No.125943 - Link Reply Report 125943 2
File: holdpose.png -(83265 B, 292x391)
83265 83265 No.125947 - Link Reply Report 125947 2

Good to see you still working on these. We make a fine team.
I suppose I could start using more background ponies rather than wasting time coming up with generic manestyles and busting/balls related visual gags for cutie marks.

Lets see what I can cook up tomorrow.
Maybe these should be backed up somewhere. I'll try to give Derpibooru a look, if no other superior ideas are presented.

Relevant not-my-art included because my status updates are not content.

No.125948 - Link Reply Report 125948 2


No.125950 - Link Reply Report 125950 2

Female on male is best. Sometimes it's actually hard to find a non-convoluted reason to include them, but things like stepping on a rake could certainly be used by having Fluttershy kindly caring for the stallion's tender balls.

Likewise, having a bunch of mares pointing and laughing is a cheap but effective way to turn things like pegasus hanging from a tree branch into an intensely funny, sexually charged situation.

The ironically specific cutiemarks sure are fun, but I approve to using ponies from the show as well. Those are the ponies we all know and love, so having them in particular involved in scrotum-scrunching-scenarios adds a whole new layer of glee on the already amazing artwork!

That said, the ponies in my ideas are just suggestions, just as the ideas themselves are mainly for helping the artist get the creative juices flowing. The Iron Stallion competition in particular is better than I'd have believed possible from the concept, and it is now my favorite picture in the entire thread!

Oh, I just HAVE to gush about that one a little!: The white one has just been kicked, and everything about him shouts "Help me!". The mare has moved on to the next stallion to deliver another firm kick into the stallion's prized parts. She's bold and confident; she doesn't need to care how a buck in the nuts feels, she just needs to deliver them nice and firm! The stallion on the other hand fears the terrible, immeasurable pain that's coming for his balls, and the devious smile of the mare preparing her strength does nothing to help it.

This picture captures the perfect moment both before and after the kick. And the best part: after whacking the second stallion she'll be going back to the first one for the next round, nailing them again in their already agonized testicles for even MORE pain, again and again until the agony in their thoroughly battered testicles is enough to bring one or another down. After this event, neither of them won't be walking straight for weeks!

File: You_break_it_you_buy_it_color.jpg -(214207 B, 1331x1600)
214207 214207 No.125952 - Link Reply Report 125952 2

Literally asking for it.

Now to color a stallion clearly NOT asking for it.;)

File: A_rude_wakeup.jpg -(293703 B, 1600x1171)
293703 293703 No.125954 - Link Reply Report 125954 2


Bump! Bump! Nutsack Punt! Go team! :D


Fluttershy nursing a busted stallion sounds adorable! "Aww you poor little thing... They're so red and swollen, that must really have hurt. There there, it's okay to cry, Fluttershy's here to help your little goolies get all better..."

File: A_rude_wakeup_with_Pinkie_colors.jpg -(292251 B, 1600x1171)
292251 292251 No.125955 - Link Reply Report 125955 2


I felt the whole thing was so Pinkie-like that I made an alternate version of it. I couldn't do anything about the hair but I copied the cutiemark from the Ball Emergency picture, and I think it worked out fine. Oh Pinkie Pie, you're so silly!

File: Gymnastics_practice_about_to_go_wrong.jpg -(235898 B, 1300x1142)
235898 235898 No.125956 - Link Reply Report 125956 2

I absolutely love this one. The expressions alone are enough to tell an entire story:
"Trust me, I can balance on anything. Check this out..."
"What are you- Wait! NO! DON'T-"
"See? Piece of cake! Now with one hoof..."

File: adding_insult_to_testicular_injury.png -(370325 B, 1600x1600)
370325 370325 No.125957 - Link Reply Report 125957 2

Today on the menu: pegasi

File: lightning_punch.png -(312698 B, 1354x1600)
312698 312698 No.125958 - Link Reply Report 125958 2

Lightning Dust and whatshisballs

File: doublestrike.png -(372358 B, 1600x1472)
372358 372358 No.125959 - Link Reply Report 125959 2

To quote Bayonetta
"I don't know what you did to piss her off, but whatever it was... NICE."

That's all for now.

No.125960 - Link Reply Report 125960 2

This may sound like nitpicking, but could you draw more eyelashes? The mares in >>125926 >>125927 and >>125928 look rather boyish without them. Still the best thread ever though, you're a real, honest to Celestia hero for us all!

No.125961 - Link Reply Report 125961 2

I could, I just keep forgetting. It's one of those last details you put on and by the time I get there I tend to no longer have it in mind.

File: Standing_in_for_his_sister_was_a_bad_idea.jpg -(182567 B, 980x1600)
182567 182567 No.125962 - Link Reply Report 125962 2


I tried adding eyelashes to this, and although I'm nowhere near our main artist it still came out well.

Yay, the showponies are here! No more feeling like a slow kindergartener when pondering for minutes what to color a pony! Not to mention that I'm already excited from seeing some familiar ponies there! There's Lightning Bolt throwing a sweet uppercut on Starry Eyes! Flitter and Cloudchaser double teaming Thunderlane! My mind is SO BLOWN right now!

No.125964 - Link Reply Report 125964 2

I'm sure you'll get a good amount of attention on any "furry" art hosting site.

No.125965 - Link Reply Report 125965 2

Which one of those even are relevant these days?
FA? Inkbunny?

No.125966 - Link Reply Report 125966 2

Personally I'd go FA

File: Doublestrike.jpg -(279816 B, 1600x1472)
279816 279816 No.125967 - Link Reply Report 125967 2

I put everything else on hold to get this done as soon as possible. This picture is better than anything I could have hoped for, or imagined! It's like perfect teamwork, the hooves of the two best friends coming together like a hammer and anvil on Thunderlane's balls!

Legendary pain for Thunderlane, a good laugh for Flitter and Cloudchaser!

No.125969 - Link Reply Report 125969 2

Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic work everypony! The twins on Thunderlane's "twins" is a real masterpiece!

I got some new ideas again. This thread has given me a reason to watch the show in an entirely new light:

Horseshoe throwing as an erotic game.

Stallion has his balls stuck in a jar, and the only thing Nurse Redheart can think of is pulling harder.

Applejack's lasso skills save a stallion from falling off a cliff.

What if Saddle Rager HAD gotten angry at Mane-iacs minions?

The wonderbolt uniform is a wedgie hazard.

A stallion made the mistake of pranking Gilda. Those talons are grabby...

A pegasus causes mischief with a thundercloud.

Towel whip!

The Breezies give Seabreeze a piece of their mind.

Rainbow Dash demolishes an old shed while Big Mac waits outside.

A sunbather getting interrupted.

When Rarity convinced the delivery pony to fix her order, she wasn't asking as nicely as you'd think from just hearing the words...

The breezies on a pony idea certainly sounds great too. Kind of like Gulliver's travels, if they were just one scene of the lilliputians pummeling his nuts.

File: Lightning_Punch.jpg -(256350 B, 1354x1600)
256350 256350 No.125973 - Link Reply Report 125973 2

BAM! Like a bolt out of the blue! As a would-be wonderbolt I bet she has quite a bit of speed to strike with. :D

What's going on in >>125957 ? I see the insult, but what's the injury?

Anyway, before that I'm going to color Train Your Stamina and Get Swole. I don't know if I get it done today, but I just solved the greatest hurdle I had with it so when it's done it's going to be perfect.

No.125974 - Link Reply Report 125974 2

Didn't you say you would try to draw some yourself. I really think you should. If your drawing skills match your coloring skills than we are in for a treat

No.125976 - Link Reply Report 125976 2

Flying through hoops is hard for some ponies.

No.125977 - Link Reply Report 125977 2


If she did that in the show, she'd instantly be my new favorite pony. Oh wait, Rainbow Dash kicking the changeling in her dream is canon so her status would be safe anyway!

I love what this thread is doing to my mind. :)

File: she_learned_this_trick_when_they_were_both_kids.png -(313390 B, 1600x1333)
313390 313390 No.125979 - Link Reply Report 125979 2

Bucking is a long family tradition

File: beat_the_equality_out_of_you.png -(336991 B, 1600x1600)
336991 336991 No.125980 - Link Reply Report 125980 2

I have no idea what lead to this

File: I_said_equally_you_idiot_now_do_a_second_pass.png -(284034 B, 1600x1066)
284034 284034 No.125981 - Link Reply Report 125981 2

How many tries do you think it'll take?

And now for something completely different
Straight up ideas are cool, keep them coming (seen a few I will try out for sure) but lets see what you think of more broad themes.
We already established than M/F should remain the core of thing, but how about
Accidental or intentional?
Malicious, mischievous, innocent or sexual?
Ponies only or others too (Griffons, Diamond Dogs...)

No.125983 - Link Reply Report 125983 2


Intentional is the best, but accidental is good too. Innocent and sexual are so precisely equal that I really can't say more than scream of joy for them both.

Mischievous is better than malicious. Actual fighting detracts from the sexiness of the situation, but I still consider a supersonic hoof to the groin a perfectly valid practical joke.

Ponies are certainly the best, most of all because they're most prominent in the show. Although, I bet Gilda could be quite a bitch before the griffonstone episode... And I'd really like to see cranky get something to complain about... Yeah, I think it's free season for everything.

No.125984 - Link Reply Report 125984 2


Seeing these on FurAffinity would be good

No.125985 - Link Reply Report 125985 2

That does leave the question of how the credit gets shared.

No.125987 - Link Reply Report 125987 2

>>125981 since you asked, I like mischievous themes. I think that they are more fun to look at when both participants are enjoying this activity as in >>125928

File: Train_your_stamina_and_get_swole_2.jpg -(385812 B, 1641x1894)
385812 385812 No.125990 - Link Reply Report 125990 2

Being sore after a good workout is a good thing, right? I bet a good, strong massage would help... Actually, kneading the lumps of tense stallions would be a perfect activity for the spa ponies.

I was stuck for ages trying to come up with a girly enough color scheme for her, but copying the lashes from Rarity really solved that! After that I spent literally hours browsing through background ponies to find ones with same tail/manestyles, so I even managed to make this show-accurate: Meet Tropical Spring and Nameless Background Stallion!

It also took an disproportionately long time to make the background. I'm NOT good at drawing stuff from scratch. :(


I like intentional because the mare's participation tends to be much more intense in it. After all, if a stallion gets hit in the nuts and no one's there to laugh at him, does he make funny noises?

Accidental can certainly be good, but it's much harder to pull off if it comes as a surprise to the mare as well. I love the "Oops, sorry!" expression in >>125904 but usually my favorite part about accidental ballbustings is the aftermath: Profuse apologizing, stifled giggling, fussing over what to do... I could definitely see a fretting mare delivering stallion a bag of ice a little too fast and hard to be appreciated. ;)

Mischievous feels like a better idea in most cases, but I wonder if going for the balls as a "Buck You" is considered malicious? A swift kick to the nuts for being annoying is just deliciously bitchy thing to do!

Breezies getting their comeuppance on Seabreeze walks the line once again, but that's certainly something I'd like to see. Then again that's more about teaching a lesson than ill will. I'm not entirely sure about the definition of malicious we're operating on, but as a rule of thumb ballbusting is good when the mares can laugh about it later. I guess what I'm saying is that everything goes as long as it's upbeat.

I presume the innocent as opposed to sexual ballbusting means casual, as in >>125979 . I just LOVE mares using balls as a convenient stop-button for trivial reasons! Stallion too noisy? Thump! Stallion in the way? Thump! Can't bother to talk right now? Thump! If a problem can be solved by having a stallion clutch his balls and roll on the ground, this is probably the easiest way to handle it!

I still like sexual busting even more though, at least if it means more pictures like >>125955 >>125956 >>125967 and >>125973 with going for the balls as the goal itself. >>125909 deserves a special mention, it's outright steamy! She has her undivided attention right where it counts, and soon Mac is going to have his balls in her mouth. An intensely intimate moment - before her teeth start pressing against them and Mac panics, trying to pull out his sensitive jewels squeezed between her teeth. Thoughtless busting sure is fun, but oh wow is it hot when she's fully focused in it!

I'm okay with other races for variety. Ponies are naturally the main thing, but as long as you don't go all-griffon or something it's just as in-universe as everything else here.

File: Maud_Pies_Fetish.png -(1224345 B, 1278x1456)
1224345 1224345 No.125998 - Link Reply Report 125998 2

This thread is the BEST. THING. EVER! Here's a little something I did right after Maud Pie was introduced.


I don't know what you'd call >>125955 and >>125956 but they're my favorites. Those mares are definitely not malicious, they just don't seem to grasp that for a stallion ball-pain is kind of a big deal! The innocent obliviousness is the best!

Variety is the spice of life, and other races ought to bring it here like they do in the show. Griffons have graspers, diamond dogs have an upright posture, and yaks... well, I guess they would have exceptionally huge balls. Most of all, Iron Will has a WAY too open stance for someone specifically teaching mares to be ruthless!

No.125999 - Link Reply Report 125999 2


Everything goes if it's something you could see happening in-universe: Mischievous pranksters, malicious villains, innocent naivety and embarrassing accidents are all parts of the show - and they can all be harnessed for ballbusting! :D

No.126000 - Link Reply Report 126000 2


Glad to hear that ideas are still welcome! I guess you already know pretty specific things I'd like to see. :)

Pressing a tense rope down so someone can cross it is nice, letting it snap up when they're halfway over it not so nice.

Twilight practices magic. Levitation, growth magic... this can get interesting in so many ways.

Rarity tries squeezing balls into cubes or other fashionably interesting shapes.

Trixie dominates ponyville.

Tight space forces a stallion to back against a fillyfooler. She goes "Ew ew ew ew!" and slaps wildly in an attempt to keep the stallion's thingies out of her face.

Torch Song adjusts Toe Tapper's singing voice.

At the goof-off, Pinkie knows what always makes Dash laugh, and Cheese Sandwich just happens to be a stallion...

File: This_is_why_I_work_slow.jpg -(234944 B, 1600x1600)
234944 234944 No.126001 - Link Reply Report 126001 2

I guess I'd better ask you all something as well... The coloring itself goes in a flash, and I bet I could do dozens of pictures a day if that was all I did. However, it's the little things that end up eating my time, and I'd like to know if they're worth it or if I could just let them slide:

  1. Lines going a little across each other. Usually quickly fixed, but hard to spot.
  2. Ears/hoof ends not smooth. Takes minutes more time since I'll need to draw the smooth point by hand, which in my case means drawing it badly and fiddling with pixels until it's fixed.
  3. Random black dots. Quickly fixed, but a very minor issue.
  4. Lines not going all the way. Takes relatively much time, most of it spent on fixing the additional line to get it the right thickness and curvature to smoothly continue the original.
  5. Line segments not meeting straight. THIS IS THE DEVIL! If there's a gap between them it can take a good part of an hour to connect them properly!
  6. Long hoof edges. Quickly fixed, unless they cause problems with connecting with the vertical lines, in which case their corner becomes another quagmire of fiddling with individual pixels.
  7. Line next to another line. Again it takes minutes, if not tens of minutes of work to smooth them out. Happens with unexpected thicker or thinner spots on a line as well.

Not pictured here, but I've put a lot of work on the eyes as well. Are gradient-filled irises worth it when they require me to draw them, gradient fill them, and then painstakingly smooth the edges manually with an eraser?

As much as I love these pictures, I'd like to have SOME time for other things too!


I was going to try drawing, but then I remembered that I should finish Undertale before I'd encouter any more accidental spoilers about it. I played that afternoon, but since then I have used literally all my free time on perfecting these.

File: Beat_the_equality_out_of_you.png -(1099396 B, 1600x1600)
1099396 1099396 No.126003 - Link Reply Report 126003 2

Putting the Double Diamonds jewels in an impact test! I get the feeling this wasn't his idea. :)


For perspective, here's the same picture with colors, background, eyelashes and monochrome irises, but no further fine tuning, and it took me two hours 21 minutes.

No.126004 - Link Reply Report 126004 2


This certainly looks polished enough. Don't burn yourself out with the details, it's better to have many more gratuitous scenes of ballbusting than a technically perfect picture. I'd have thought the spaces between lines would have caused color leaks, but if they're not an issue the outlines don't matter too much.

Thanks for the artists! Yet another fantastic piece of work!

File: She_learned_that_trick_when_they_were_both_kids.jpg -(401054 B, 1600x1333)
401054 401054 No.126005 - Link Reply Report 126005 2

I absolutely love the nonchalant way Applejack does this! I also like how the image name implies that this is a common thing for her. ;D


Thanks! I'll try not to fall into the perfectionism trap. This picture was much more fun to do without being stuck in the details!

No.126006 - Link Reply Report 126006 2

Would you prefer I upload them as transparents?
I try to avoid messy lines but I put maybe an hour into each pic so I can't really demand perfect lines from myself. These already take up practically all my free time as-is, and honestly for stuff I draw for free this is about the best quality I can provide.

No.126012 - Link Reply Report 126012 2


It's okay, I have an easy way to separate the lines from the background with the color erase tool. I was fussing with perfecting everything because I was worried that not making perfect use of your pictures would be wasting good material, but it seems that it doesn't need to be mathematically-perfect to be pleasant to the eyes.

We're already doing great work, so there's no reason for anyone to look a gift horse in the mouth. :)

No.126013 - Link Reply Report 126013 2

It ain't the mouth we're aiming for here, now is it?
Bit of a downer day for me. Hopefully I can get something drawn tomorrow.
Probable candidates
-Locker room towel smack between Soaren and Spitfire
-Dash plays with a thundercloud
-Horseshoe toss

File: _explicit_nudity_penis_sketch_horsecock_unamused_ms-dot-+harshwhinny_hoof+fetish_hoofjob_signature[1].png -(3435989 B, 3700x4600)
3435989 3435989 No.126022 - Link Reply Report 126022 2

You are both gods among men! Most people wouldn't even think of that small things, let alone have the OCD to be bothered by them.

There's just two things this thread needs: Long, continuous squeezing, and Ms Harshwhinny. There HAS to be some way to get her squeezing nuts in a very professional way! She'd also be a prime candidate for kicking nuts for efficiency/time saving reasons, like getting journalists to stop following her or bringing arrogant celebrities down a notch.

No.126023 - Link Reply Report 126023 2

500% agree with him

No.126025 - Link Reply Report 126025 2


About squeezing, Mane-iac sure loved twirling her hair around spherical things... I also just realized that all of her henchmen were stallions.

The way Nightmare Moon loved laughing, I bet she felt good having the royal guard under her hoof. Literally.

There was also a sweet story about Chrysalis squeezing Shining Armor's balls when he insisted on wearing his uniform at the wedding. Sadly I can't find it now, but it actually fit perfectly in with the show and the dialogue in the scene!

-Are you disagreeing with me?
-I guess I am!
Shining Armor suddenly starts cringing in pain
-Oh dear! Are you getting another one of your headaches?

No.126026 - Link Reply Report 126026 2

I'll see what I can do when I get the tablet out again.
But got a lot to do before that. Namely, sleep and work.

File: I_said_equally_you_idiot_now_do_a_second_pass.jpg -(279325 B, 1600x1066)
279325 279325 No.126027 - Link Reply Report 126027 2

I'm having too much fun drawing the bruising... it feels like I'm using the cursor to spank their balls red! :D

And when they're swollen in pain and extra sensitive, what better time to smack them even more? The horseshoe throwing sounds very promising for repeated impacts as well. :)

I'm going bowling tomorrow, but I'll be back to color more by Thursday. Good night, it's time for me to hit the sack.

No.126028 - Link Reply Report 126028 2

>>126027 thats kinda hot
thanks for the work!
we love you!

No.126031 - Link Reply Report 126031 2

The lineart is already of phenomenal quality, no need to take more time with it than necessary. Just relax and carry on being awesome. :)

And now to the ideas:

Harshwhinny needs to stamp all kinds of things.

Jumping to conclusions in MMMMystery of Friendship Express, Pinkie is quick to start squeezing confessions out of the suspects.

Ms Cake gets careless with a running mixer, and Mr Cake ends up jamming it. Lots of twisting and pulling ensues in an attempt to dislodge him.

You see Big Mac in a bath, Pinkie sees an applebopping stand.

A funny place to test reflexes.

Derpy gives a fast and intense hoofjob, but she's doing it wrong.

Filthy Rich is henpecked by his wife.

Sexy whipping cream is an old thing, the Cakes have stuff like molten chocolate at their disposal.

Gilda stops a stallion from bursting into song.

Twilight studies things with science.

No.126038 - Link Reply Report 126038 2

Are you against using the younger characters?

File: The_testicular_fortimeter_must_not_be_calibrated_right_you_should_be_screaming_by_now.png -(257361 B, 1400x1400)
257361 257361 No.126040 - Link Reply Report 126040 2

Today's theme: main ponies
Twilight I don't think that scale is accurate.

File: boing_boing_groin_boing.png -(206354 B, 1400x1076)
206354 206354 No.126041 - Link Reply Report 126041 2

Goddamnit Pinkie keep your eyes open when you whimsically skip everywhere

File: its_the_nutshock.png -(296274 B, 2000x1550)
296274 296274 No.126042 - Link Reply Report 126042 2

The Nutshack is a fucking awful show

Are those even allowed on this site?

File: bust_these_balls_bust_these_balls_one_two_three_four_together_we_can_bust_these_balls_etc_etc_etc.png -(199789 B, 1000x804)
199789 199789 No.126043 - Link Reply Report 126043 2

And for clarification no I have nothing against using them if that's what you lot want to see. I just don't want the thread deleted for unwelcome content.

Too tired to finish these today. Maybe tomorrow.
Enjoy a sneak peek at some roughs.

No.126047 - Link Reply Report 126047 2

No clue about if its allowed here or not. But hopefully more tomorrow! Always love seeing more of your pictures

No.126049 - Link Reply Report 126049 2


I am SO looking forward to this!

No.126050 - Link Reply Report 126050 2

Best thread ever! If you need ideas, I think Finland's favorite pony deserves some action too...

Berry Punch just realized what else her name can mean. With all the subtlety of a happy drunk she goes sharing the joke to everyone.

On earth drunken bar patrons smack bar wenches on the bum. Meanwhile in Equestria...

Someone tells Berry to stop drinking. She says No.

Seductive Berry Punch comes on too strong, metaphorically AND physically.

It's hard to play pool when you're seeing the balls in two.

Do stallions testicles fit in a wine glass? Berry will find out.

Berry Punch heckles a karaoke singer.

No.126052 - Link Reply Report 126052 2

If you have ideas for the cuntbusting stuff or younger ponies or whatever, do post it.
I'll upload them somewhere if they can't be posted here, and having an idea backlog is good.

No.126053 - Link Reply Report 126053 2

I have wanted to suggest cuntbusting stuff from the start but i suck at coming up with ideas. Ill just try some and come up with better ones soon.

The magic duel between Twilight and Trixie turns physical and dirty.

Main-iac likes to dish out low blows

Applejack and Rainbow Dash have a contest to see who has the toughest pussy

No.126056 - Link Reply Report 126056 2


Awesome as usual. I love her carefree attitude!

Here's another pack of ideas, this time with a little filly theme:

Crusaders help a little colt get his cutiemark.

Applebloom jumps on Big Mac's lap.

Scootaloo attempts to scoot under a stallion, doesn't duck quite low enough.

Sweetie Belle doesn't like a stallion stealing her sister's attention.

Diamond Tiara tries to sabotage Featherweight's campaign with a less-than-subtle assault.

Button Mash struggles to keep playing despite the fillies distracting him.

The Crusaders forgive Featherweight for the blackmail photos after getting a little payback.

Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara ridicule a colt.

Exasperated fillies make Snips and Snail shut up.

The Twittermite vacuum has quite a sucking power.

Scootaloo tries to make an impression on Rainbow Dash.

One of the cutiemarks Cutie Pox gives Applebloom is something interesting...

Applebloom is way too agressive with trying to make ponies buy apples.

By the way, would you like me to repost the suggestions from the last thread? Luckily I had saved them in a text file before it disappeared.

No.126058 - Link Reply Report 126058 2


Rainbow Dash is such a prankster! I bet she does all kinds of little practical jokes like mousetraps on benches and icy-hot in flight suits...

No.126059 - Link Reply Report 126059 2


Considering how Tails and loony tunes- characters are accepted here, the crusaders should be ok.

There's even a whole thread about Spike, so we definitely have a reason to celebrate Mane-iac having fun with Humdrum!

File: Boing_boing_groin_boing.jpg -(217128 B, 1400x1076)
217128 217128 No.126062 - Link Reply Report 126062 2

What a beautiful day at the beach! Nothing's going to slow Pinkie down, while Compass Star looks like he's going to need a moment to catch his breath. ;)

Yesterday went while playing with real balls, but I'm back to bust some ponies now. Next up, the most shocking picture yet.

File: It_s_the_nutshock.jpg -(361125 B, 2000x1550)
361125 361125 No.126068 - Link Reply Report 126068 2

"Hey Cherry Fizz, how'd you like my ball lightning? Get it? BALL-lightning?"

Classic RD, nice one!

File: Sometimes_I_think_these_reunions_are_to_make_sure_the_family_dont_grow_too_much.png -(275441 B, 1500x1192)
275441 275441 No.126069 - Link Reply Report 126069 2

Finished these two pics

File: and_thats_fer_bucking_me_in_the_ladybits_earlier.png -(247832 B, 1401x1051)
247832 247832 No.126070 - Link Reply Report 126070 2

The other

File: Balls_arent_even_aerodynamic_this_is_win_win_for_me.png -(369880 B, 1500x1299)
369880 369880 No.126071 - Link Reply Report 126071 2

Ran out of stallions, decided to genderbend mares

File: highbuck_wip.png -(252776 B, 1000x1000)
252776 252776 No.126073 - Link Reply Report 126073 2

And again got halfway and ended up too tired.
So lets end the day with a poll again - who should these three be?

File: The_testicular_fortimeter_must_not_be_calibrated_right_you_should_be_screaming_by_now.jpg -(302515 B, 1400x1400)
302515 302515 No.126074 - Link Reply Report 126074 2

...increasing the weight further causes the subject to forgo verbal communication in favor of a sustained, high-pitched whine. I have decided to take a ten minute break to write down my findings, and to give Goldengrape more time to get used to the new level of pressure...


I have no idea. I just realized I don't even know a single pegasus/earth pony mare shippings, or even friendships outside the mane6. I'll try to think of something tomorrow, but I really have to go to sleep now. Thanks for all the art again, I can hardly wait to get my hands on >>126070 !

No.126075 - Link Reply Report 126075 2

You plan on coloring >>125928 and >>125913?

No.126090 - Link Reply Report 126090 2


Derpy and Golden Harvest are often drawn together, so them teaming up on a random stallion would make sense that way.

File: latest[1].png -(328962 B, 553x649)
328962 328962 No.126095 - Link Reply Report 126095 2


There's a handy list of every character ever (down to nameless background ponies who aren't even fully visible on screen) at mlp wikia.

For >>126073 I'd go with Yuma Spurs, Braeburn, and "S05E06 Unnamed Pegasus Mare #1 (pic related), because Yuma Spurs is hot, Braeburn would be fun to see kicked, and the unnamed pegasus is the only pegasus I've ever seen in Appeloosa.

File: And_thats_fer_buckingme_in_the_ladybits_earlier.jpg -(224925 B, 1401x1051)
224925 224925 No.126096 - Link Reply Report 126096 2

I just had to do this asap - it's just so hot! You can practically feel the power in this! She's really putting her back in it and ramming those things hard enough to push Mac's rear end off the ground by the balls alone. I wish I could see the the follow-up, because I bet he really lost his cool for the next ten minutes! :D


Yeah, I guess I'll have to. There's just always been so much awesome girl power in the new updates that I didn't want to spend my artistic time with stallions getting busted on their own. I'll get to them right away.

File: Thems_Fighting_Herds_fetish_porn_edition.jpg -(235168 B, 1400x1431)
235168 235168 No.126097 - Link Reply Report 126097 2

I bet the next round is going to have a lot less jumping and more wobbling around.

File: Boys_can_learn_to_like_this_right.jpg -(292097 B, 1737x1196)
292097 292097 No.126100 - Link Reply Report 126100 2

He seems to be enjoying this, are you sure you're doing it right?

While coloring this I realized what would make a perfect consensual ballbusting picture: Fluttershy! She's so shy and timid, I'd love to see her trying to overcome herself to hurt somepony even when that's what they want.

Seeing her giving stallion a happy little massage would also be nice, and something I could see her comfortably doing with more force. This would be even better, because I think that firmly pressing on them with her hooves and kneading them around would actually be much more painful than she'd think. "Does this feel nice? It looks so relaxing..."

File: I_think_these_reunions_are_to_make_sure_the_family_don_t_grow_too_much.jpg -(241507 B, 1500x1192)
241507 241507 No.126105 - Link Reply Report 126105 2

"Wait, Applejack made this even HOW long?"

I still have no ideas for ponies in >>126073 , but at least I'm pretty much guaranteed to get all the new picture colored today.

File: hats_off_to_that.png -(269170 B, 1500x1500)
269170 269170 No.126106 - Link Reply Report 126106 2

I hate drawing hats

File: so_tell_us_again_why_you_needed_us_here_Twilight.png -(303629 B, 1500x1086)
303629 303629 No.126107 - Link Reply Report 126107 2

This wasn't planned, but I saw this face and had to.

File: solid_nuts.png -(300233 B, 1500x1500)
300233 300233 No.126108 - Link Reply Report 126108 2

During the first act of Metal Gear Solid 4, you can pose as a statue to evade patrols much like Twilight did in It's About Time.
There is a ballbusting takedown in the same game.
So this is practically canon.

File: Balls_arent_even_aerodynamic_this_is_win_win_for_me.jpg -(388110 B, 1500x1299)
388110 388110 No.126113 - Link Reply Report 126113 2

The little guy sure has some balls! For now at least.


Nice! Another impressive double-hoof testicle press! I will to color this tomorrow the first chance I get, and if all goes well I may even throw in a little surprise as well. :)

No.126116 - Link Reply Report 126116 2

These are great! Have you made a furaffinity account yet or something similar?

No.126117 - Link Reply Report 126117 2

No, not yet.
I think I might have an old one...

No.126120 - Link Reply Report 126120 2

I'd really like to see mares laughing and wiggling their rumps seductively to a freshly busted stallion who's in too much pain to do anything but watch.

Likewise, a mare sitting on a stallions face and pressing down on his balls would be super hot.

File: Hats_off_to_that.jpg -(411992 B, 1500x1500)
411992 411992 No.126129 - Link Reply Report 126129 2

"Welcome to AaaAAAGH!"

And the surprise I mentioned yesterday is... Clothes! I started off with just using vector hats I found on google, but I thought that if I gave hats to everypony I should also get Braeburn his signature vest. And then it looked odd not to have Yuma with her jacket, so I went all the way with dressing everypony as they appear on the show. It was a special effort, but for a picture like this it was definitely worth it!

No.126131 - Link Reply Report 126131 2

Cheers luv, you complete me.
Want something drawn, let me know.

File: So_tell_us_again_why_you_need_us_here_Twilight.jpg -(306357 B, 1500x1086)
306357 306357 No.126132 - Link Reply Report 126132 2

"We'll do everything by the book! Oh, this is going to be such a learning experience for all of us!"

Looking at Spike there I think Rarity should give those little ballsy-wallsies a cute little pinch!

No.126133 - Link Reply Report 126133 2


I actually pondered for days how to make Twilight sneaking into the library work, but never figured out a good way to make it work. This is a brilliant little gimmick!

Got some more ideas again:

A stallion just tried to upstage Trixie in juggling.

Cloudy Quartz keeps dirty thoughts out of her husbands mind.

Instead of catching falling Spike neatly on her back, Cadence could have ended up needing to grab him by whatever she could reach.

Why stallions call them rocks, or even jewels? Maud Pie is disappointed with their hardness.

Cadence snaps Shining Armor out of Chrysalis's mind control.

When concentrating on patient's teeth, Colgate doesn't pay attention to where she's standing.

Fly-by/scoot-by slap.

Luna disciplines guards with a spanking.

File: Solid_Nuts.jpg -(198201 B, 1500x1500)
198201 198201 No.126138 - Link Reply Report 126138 2

"Twilight, why? You don't need to sneak in here! Oh Celestia the pain, why do you keep doing this to me?!"

I wondered for a long while why this guard had a different plume on his helmet than the all the other guards, but then I realized that he's a night guard and I had colored him wrong. I realized that in time, but I still had to do a quick repost to give Twilight a horn. :)

This is funny because thanks to the last picture, it is now my headcanon that Twilight is a true pro at all kinds of testicle-assaulting techniques. I'm wishing for more pics of those in-action in the future!

No.126140 - Link Reply Report 126140 2

That's Pinkie though.

File: Solid_Nuts.jpg -(194262 B, 1500x1500)
194262 194262 No.126142 - Link Reply Report 126142 2


"Oops! Luckily color changes are a piece of cake, so now I should be getting it right."

...is what I said before noticing I accidentally switched both ponies eye colors on the same layer. NOW It should be perfect! :)

No.126143 - Link Reply Report 126143 2

Good save.
I'm not feeling too fantastic today so we'll see if I can get anything new drawn.

On the horizon
-a mare sitting on a stallions face and pressing down on his balls
-Soarin gets into a mid-air collision
-Spitfire trains Wonderbolts candidates to fly well even after a kick to the stones
-a locker room towel whip to the sack
-possibly finally trying out cuntbusting or younger ponies

No.126144 - Link Reply Report 126144 2

(Reads the bottom part) YES!

No.126145 - Link Reply Report 126145 2

Ideas are of course still welcome.

No.126146 - Link Reply Report 126146 2


Aww, thanks! :D

I just noticed this post, but luckily one of my top three favorite wishes is already on the horizon. Mares have less vulnerable nethers than stallions, so it's nice to rub it in their faces. ;) In a less literal intepretation of that, I also like the "mares wiggling their rumps at a stallion who's in too much pain to act on it" idea for the same reason.

Something I haven't seen suggested before is mares using their mouths to grab and pull on a stallions balls. It is one of the basic ways ponies normally manipulate things, but it is SO much more intimate than using hooves or magic!

Don't worry about taking breaks, you're the pumping heart of this collaboration and I want you to stay happy with it. I'll be looking forward to color more art whenever you draw it. :)

No.126149 - Link Reply Report 126149 2

And the other two are?

No.126150 - Link Reply Report 126150 2

So who's posting all these? Got an artist page? Ever do anything non mlp?

No.126151 - Link Reply Report 126151 2

I'm just someone who draws
I don't have an artist page anywhere, I don't usually like to share what I draw, at least not with a larger public.
Yes I've done non-pony things too. Indeed I mostly did non-pony until now.

No.126153 - Link Reply Report 126153 2


Well you've certainly found your special talent! These are incredible!

I'd like to see more of the princesses, but I certainly don't want to interrupt whatever you're planning to do next since you've made me gasp in awe at things I didn't even know I wanted to see until now! Here's some royal ideas for the future:

Luna and Celestia compare the toughness of their guards.

The royal sisters first defeated Tirek during the pre-classical era. I bet they didn't do that with rainbow power...

Hundred moons ago in a meeting with yak diplomats, it was Celestia who smashed certain things. Maybe she charged Twilight with meeting the prince this time because last time she bruised more than just his ego.

Playing the role of Nightmare Moon, Luna gets the best scares out of stallions by threatening to castrate them.

Luna and Celestia have fun at the gala at the expense of some uptight guests.

No.126159 - Link Reply Report 126159 2


Facesitting with hooves on balls, tempting a stallion with sexy come-hither flank waving when he's in too much pain to take the offer, and something with a mare grabbing balls with her mouth. I have also really warmed up to the idea of Fluttershy giving a firm ball-massage thinking it's just like relaxing tense shoulders, but I don't want to overwhelm you with too many requests at once.

Keep doing your thing, I like the look of where it's going! :)

File: sit_and_squeeze.png -(245686 B, 1361x1363)
245686 245686 No.126163 - Link Reply Report 126163 2

As promised

File: Grape_stomping_practice.png -(241092 B, 1500x1500)
241092 241092 No.126164 - Link Reply Report 126164 2

Cutie Mark Crusader Applesauce Makers YAAAAAY

File: from_blank_flank_to_blank_shooter.png -(258570 B, 1500x1250)
258570 258570 No.126165 - Link Reply Report 126165 2

Oh you want to sneak into the girls' locker room?
Here, we'll help you fit right in

No.126166 - Link Reply Report 126166 2


Oh yes! This is just what I wanted! Is that Cheese Sandwich under Roseluck? I'm also not sure who the colt in >>126165 is, but I'll start coloring the ones I know right away!

No.126167 - Link Reply Report 126167 2

Could be Cheese, could be Pokey, who knows.
The colt is the one with the blue hair seen getting blackmailed by Tiara

File: Sit_and_squeeze.jpg -(243609 B, 1361x1363)
243609 243609 No.126169 - Link Reply Report 126169 2

"Come on mister Cheese, make me smile!"


Thanks! The tail looks distinctly cheesy to me so I went with him. Next up, the happiest little grapestomper you've ever seen!

File: Grape_stomping_practice.jpg -(262852 B, 1500x1500)
262852 262852 No.126171 - Link Reply Report 126171 2

Little ponies doing that happy trot in place is the cutest thing ever! I can practically see her squealing in joy and drumming her little hooves. :D

No.126172 - Link Reply Report 126172 2


Great, now I keep imagining her doing a Fulton recovery with a bunch of balloons tied to his nuts. :D

No.126174 - Link Reply Report 126174 2

You guys really work fast! Very impressive. I still cannot wait to see some cuntbusting. Maybe just trixie stomping down on twilights crotch. Or maybe twilight telling rainbow dash that a cuntbust can hurt just as much as a ballbust and she wants a demonstration

File: From_blank_flank_to_blank_shooter.jpg -(237784 B, 1500x1250)
237784 237784 No.126175 - Link Reply Report 126175 2

I can't tell which I love more, >>126169 or this. The other picture is certainly sensuous, but this, this is just perfect! Two fillies having fun at kicking a colts "funny parts", giggling innocently at the over the top reactions that draws from them. It's better than anything I could have wished for!

It's late night again, but I just had to finish this before going to sleep, and make sure it's as perfect as possible. Goodnight everypony!

No.126176 - Link Reply Report 126176 2

I'll see what I can do.

No.126182 - Link Reply Report 126182 2

I try to contain my enthusiasm and not spam this thread to the bump limit with well-deserved praise, so here's some suggestions as well:

A mare sleeps well on a pair of well-fluffed pillows.

Nopony takes the place of New Fluttershy in a line!

The dog-pony from the hospital goes for balls.

No.126185 - Link Reply Report 126185 2

Not a fine day right now.
More stuff when I feel better.

No.126186 - Link Reply Report 126186 2

Do you need more situational ideas like "Fleur de Lis distracting Fancypants while he's giving a speech" or specific ones like "mare brings her hooves together like cymbals around balls"? I love this thread and want to do anything I can to to help.

No.126187 - Link Reply Report 126187 2

Describing the specific act itself helps a lot more than characters and scenarios.

No.126188 - Link Reply Report 126188 2


Okay! So how about...

Bulk Biceps is doing bench presses at a gym. A mare walks next to him, looks him in the eyes, and slams a hoof down on his balls.

Reverse cowgirl with the mare wildly smacking the stallions balls. With pony anatomy she might even be able to spur him with her heels.

A mare is giving a blowjob, and punches the stallion in the balls just as he's having an orgasm.

A mare sits opposite to a stallion, pressing her hind hoof in his groin under the table. This might also be a kinky way to get someone like Harshwhinny or Mayor Mare in a professional setting.

Rarity accessorizes a stallion with a bow, pulling it painfully tight around his sack.

Sorry to hear about your day, wish you well!

No.126190 - Link Reply Report 126190 2


Oh, I really should have asked that myself! I didn't want to cramp your artistic creativity, but I'll go into more detail about how I envisioned some of the earlier scenarios. Feel free to modify and use these as needed as well:

A stallion is on stage with Trixie, having finished a juggling act. Now he's on his back with his rump in the air while Trixie juggles with his balls, pulling and twisting his nuts every which way in a jugglerish fashion.

Igneous Rock is having an erection at the rock farm. Cloudy Quartz nonchalantly bucks him in the balls to bring him back to earth.

After being thrown by Shining Armor, Cadence soars through the air and grabs the Crystal Heart with her magical aura. She also grabs Spike by clamping her teeth on his balls.

Maud Pie is squeezing a stallions testicles flat between her hooves. She says with her usual blank face "These are nothing like stones. I'm disappointed."

At the royal wedding, Cadence snaps Shining Armor out of the mind control spell with a buck to the balls.

A patient is lying back on the dentists chair while Colgate stands on the chair with her hooves mostly around him. One of her hind hooves is square on his balls, but with dentistry equipment holding his mouth open she thinks he's trying to scream just because he's afraid of the dentist.

Scootaloo scoots/a pegasus flies past a stallion, using her momentum to smack his balls with an outstretched foreleg.

Luna has a guard hold his front body on a table while she disciplines him by repeatedly smacking his dangling nuts.

One of the crusaders has just bucked a colt in the balls and he's now squirming in pain on the floor. They watch in awe as a ballbusting-related cutiemark appears on his flank.

Scootaloo tries to ride her scooter between a stallions legs, but ends up faceplanting into his ballsack.

A handsome stallion is coming to meet Rarity, but jealous Sweetie Belle bucks him in the balls.

As Pipsqueak is giving a speech about what he's going to do if he gets elected, Diamond Tiara bucks him from behind.

Button Mash is playing with the arcade machine, squirming and sweating with his eyes glued to the screen while a mischievous filly is painfully stroking his balls around.

Applebloom and Sweetie Belle hold Featherweight down while Scootaloo brings down one last hoofstrike on his battered balls. Sweetie Belle is already eager to go next.

Applebloom gets the twittermite vacuum stuck sucking on the pest pony's balls.

Scootaloo yells "Hey Rainbowdash! Watch this!" as she bucks a random stallion in the balls. Dash laughs with approval.

Applebloom with cutiemarks all over has one for ballbusting as well. She's involuntarily stomping on a stallions balls, apologetically yelling "Pardon! Pardon monsieur!"

Applebloom has just bucked a stallion in the balls, and while he's rolling around in pain she's just excitedly tries to sell him apples.

Ms Harshwhinny stamps a seal of approval on a stallions balls, with professional firmness.

In MMMMystery of Friendship Express, Pinkie pie wearing the detective hat squeezes a chefs balls between her hooves and demands him to confess. The reactions of other ponies would be priceless here. (Twilight is shocked, Fluttershy blushes, Applejack tries to stiffle a laugh, Rainbow laughs openly and Rarity is turned on.)

A Ms Cake has an electric mixer in her mouth, while Mr Cake has his balls squeezed between the beaters. She's trying to pull and twist it every way in order to get it off him.

Big Mac is taking a bath. Pinkie Pie has just dipped her head in the water and is now lifting Mac by balls like she was bopping for apples.

Nurse Redheart tests reflexes by hitting a stallion in the nuts.

Derpy is excitedly trying to give a hoofjob, but instead she's holding the stallions balls and rapidly banging them against the ground.

The Cakes are having a romantic evening together, but as Ms Cake erotically pours chocolate on Mr Cakes balls, they notice too late that it's way too hot for that.

Cheese Sandwich was just about to start an uplifting song for the griffons, but Gilda stopped him in time by grabbing his balls in a death-grip. In no rush to let go, she annoyedly points at the "No singing" sign.

File: I_fucking_hate_drawing_rarity_never_ask_for_anything_rarity_related_ever_again_or_i_quit.png -(203502 B, 1300x921)
203502 203502 No.126192 - Link Reply Report 126192 2

Oh aren't spikey-wikey's ballsy wallsies just so adorable you just wanna squeeze them over and oooover~

File: Nice_one_kid.png -(379204 B, 2000x2000)
379204 379204 No.126193 - Link Reply Report 126193 2

another request

File: this_is_the_last_time_you_call_me_a_chicken_and_anyone_calls_you_a_boy.png -(197166 B, 1500x1174)
197166 197166 No.126194 - Link Reply Report 126194 2

The payoff of her training

File: on_the_horuizon.png -(189189 B, 1000x1000)
189189 189189 No.126195 - Link Reply Report 126195 2

And the usual dump of things I will draw next

No.126196 - Link Reply Report 126196 2


I'll clarify my suggestions as well. Hopefully you'll feel like drawing soon again, your pictures are amazing!

Celestia and Luna have a royal guard and a bat-pony guard respectively struggling to stay standing with their legs spread. The princesses buck their opponents "champions" in a sisterly competition to see which one has the toughest guards.

Luna and Celestia deliver double-kicks to gigantic Tirek in his equally gigantic balls.

Annoyed Celestia bucks Prince Rutherford in the balls, saying something like "Well then, does this feel like a yak kick?"

Nightmare Moon presses down on the testicles of a scared stallion in a nightmare night outfit, laughing evilly about how she's going to crush them into mush and gobble them up.

Luna and Celestia frolic around the Grand Galloping Gala like two little fillies, laughing playfully as they buck unsuspecting stallions in the balls left and right.

File: I_fucking_hate_drawing_rarity_never_ask_for_anything_rarity_related_ever_again_or_I_quit_2.jpg -(166160 B, 1300x921)
166160 166160 No.126197 - Link Reply Report 126197 2

"Ow ow Ow OW! Rarity, please! They're really- I mean, they're all yours my beauty..." forced smile

I fully understand your stance on Rarity - this was the first time I had to leave a hair unshaded because I couldn't make heads or tails how in the spacetime it's supposed to work! :p

I also had a hard time deciding whether or not to color swelling on his balls. I try not to overuse the effect, but I really like the implication that she's been playing with them for a while now. ;)

File: Nice_one_kid.jpg -(370450 B, 2000x2000)
370450 370450 No.126198 - Link Reply Report 126198 2

"Nice one Squirt! You're making me so proud..."

I think I'll leave the last one for tomorrow and get some sleep before people start asking what's keeping me up at night. "You see, there was this little pony who was kicking another pony in the nuts, and I wanted to make sure that his mane looked perfect for the occasion..."

I'd better ask right away who the ponies in >>126194 are so I can get it right on the first try. Time for me to hit the sack figuratively for now, so goodnight everypony!

No.126199 - Link Reply Report 126199 2

Rumble and Scootaloo

File: This_is_the_last_time_you_call_me_a_chicken_and_anyone_calls_you_a_boy.jpg -(208344 B, 1500x1174)
208344 208344 No.126201 - Link Reply Report 126201 2

It's time to rumble! She may be little small to buck a big stallion, but those little nuts are in for a world of pain!

No.126203 - Link Reply Report 126203 2

Thanks for the pictures once again! I've joked before that I'm looking forward to updates on this thread more than new episodes themselves, but thanks to the early leak it's literally true this week. :)

How explicit pics are you willing to do? It would be nice to see Chrysalis posing as Cadence give Shining a blowjob, using her hooves to squeeze out all the love she can. I mean literally, squeezing his balls while he comes to extract more love-juice.

No.126204 - Link Reply Report 126204 2

While I do these for free, I draw what inspires me, which is usually pretty softcore so I can focus on delivering the important blow and getting the thing wrapped up in an hour or so.
I'm not against something more explicit (though I'd rather not go into gory territory), but I can't promise that will happen any time soon unless this turns into a commission business.

No.126211 - Link Reply Report 126211 2

Aww yes, that's my favorite crusader in action! Nice!

No.126212 - Link Reply Report 126212 2

I suppose I should ask - my pics tend to wildly meander from fairly on-model to about as on-model as the Philips Zelda games. Do you mind?
When I draw fast I draw expressive, not accurate. Should I spend more time getting it closer to the show look?

No.126219 - Link Reply Report 126219 2

Personally I'd prefer closer to the shows look

No.126220 - Link Reply Report 126220 2


Yeah, the last ones have been a bit... amorphous. I'd REALLY appreciate it they were more showlike, so they don't fall in the same "dammit I ALMOST can fap to these" category as Gnaw's art.

No.126222 - Link Reply Report 126222 2


I'm glad you asked, because I didn't dare to mention anything earlier. I pinned it on Rarity-drawing fatigue, but some of these are WAY worse than your usual drawings. The extra effort is most certainly worth it, even if it meant less pictures per day.

Here's some old ideas with more act-oriented descriptions again:

Chrysalis bucks Shining Armor in the balls while worried Cadence is running in, too late to stop her. "Have a nice weekend, lovers! Ha ha ha!"

While training on the way to the Equestria Games, Bulk Biceps is doing bench

presses while Fluttershy accidentally drops her dumbbell on his groin.

Rainbow Dash eyes Orchard Blossom suspiciously as she's talking with the judges and flicks "her" in the nuts.

Mane-iac holds Humdrum by the balls with her hair.

Mistress Marevelous hangs an evil hairdresser by the balls with her lasso.

Twilight flails around on the dancefloor, accidentally bucking a stallion behind her.

Big Mac is trying to hold on to the enchanted Smartypants doll, while mares bite and punch at his balls to make him let go.

A blindfolded mare is swinging a bat at a pinata, hits a stallion instead.

At Iron Will's assertiveness training, after Iron Will has taught Fluttershy to knock the goat on his back, she brings her hooves down on his balls.

Rainbow Dash tries to make the red dragon leave the mountain near ponyville by bucking it in the balls.

Derpy fools around with electrical equipment at the Doctor's lab, and with a load of electricity stored in her touches the doctor.

Fake Cadence enjoys a power rush by ordering guards to let her buck them in the balls.

Nightmare Moon brings down a guard with a powerful blast of magic, right in the nuts.

When Discord is about to throw Tree Hugger into another dimension, Fluttershy grabs his attention by grabbing his balls and proceeds to give him a lesson in Friendship while maintaining a tight grip.

Mrs. Cake is lifting a hot baking tray onto the counter, lifting Mr Cakes balls on it while doing so.

At The Grand Equestria Pony Summit, a mare whom Fluffy Clouds used to call his friend stole his seat. She's now sitting on his chair and sticking her tongue out while he's rolling on the ground in pain.

A polo-playing mare swings her mallet at the ball, hits balls instead.

In a very professional manner, Ms Harshwinny studiously squeezes an athlete's testicles in front of her eyes.

Celestia smirks as she playfully flicks a guard with her wingtip.

A rodeo mare skillfully yanks a lasso around Braeburn's balls.

Derpy crashes head-on on a stallions sack.

No.126224 - Link Reply Report 126224 2


I like the more show-accurate ponies too. They feel much more solid and pack a lot more "oomph!" when they get hit. I really don't get the impact if the characters are too malleable, while a firm, physically consistent pony getting a solid hoof in his firm yet yielding balls gives a way more satisfying picture of the act!

No.126228 - Link Reply Report 126228 2


Go for the show-look. I was afraid you were going the "mass production of least effort" route that some regularly published webcomics tend to slide into, but if at all possible keep your ponies looking like physical beings!

Your art is fantastic when you do it right. Thank you for everything in this thread!

File: Amorpha_pls.png -(148752 B, 1000x1000)
148752 148752 No.126230 - Link Reply Report 126230 2

Well my fanbase of nearly half a dozen people have spoken.
Gonna draw more show accurate stuff from here on, even if it means a slower pace.

No.126231 - Link Reply Report 126231 2


If there's non pony bb work from you I'd appreciate a link to an imgur album of it all

File: Clam_Slam.png -(250290 B, 1400x1272)
250290 250290 No.126233 - Link Reply Report 126233 2

I have no idea what I'm doing

No.126234 - Link Reply Report 126234 2

Most of it is old and sub-par, as is my old pony ballbusting (based on some of the RPG sessions I've ran)

File: simulated_flight_damage.png -(255954 B, 1400x1400)
255954 255954 No.126235 - Link Reply Report 126235 2

"A Wonderbolt should be able to maintain flight even in inoptimal conditions, like THIS!"

File: Clam_Slam.jpg -(235635 B, 1400x1272)
235635 235635 No.126237 - Link Reply Report 126237 2

The cuntbusting request has been fulfilled! It's not my thing, but you have my sympathies for having maybe the only fetish with less artwork of it than ballbusting. In fact, I think we just made the first pony cuntbusting picture in the world!

Next up my favorite of the day, with Soarin and Spitfire!

No.126238 - Link Reply Report 126238 2


YES! I've been waiting for this ever since you said it was in the horizon!

Also, +1 for solid pony artwork.

And an idea: Derpy cheerfully smacks a postal stamp on a stallions package.

No.126239 - Link Reply Report 126239 2

I'm taking much longer than expected with the flight suits, so I better leave finishing this up for tomorrow. It will be worth the wait, I promise!

No.126240 - Link Reply Report 126240 2

I'm not them but I'm definitely interested as well, regardless of how old they may be.

No.126241 - Link Reply Report 126241 2

Very happy to finally see this. Its a beautiful day!

No.126242 - Link Reply Report 126242 2

Remind me to upload it tomorrow then.

No.126252 - Link Reply Report 126252 2


No really please upload it all to an imgur album or somethig

File: Simulated_flight_damage.jpg -(284939 B, 1400x1400)
284939 284939 No.126254 - Link Reply Report 126254 2


All done! I think Soarin just became very aware of how tight that flight suit actually feels. :D

This is exactly the kind of thing I would do if I were Spitfire. "Yes, this totally is an official part of the training, now spread your legs and let me give you a hard kick in your most sensitive parts!" :D

File: The_aristocrats.png -(134161 B, 1163x692)
134161 134161 No.126255 - Link Reply Report 126255 2

Here's all I could find
imgur DOT com/a/AUn6f (can't post links here at the moment due to the spammers)
Also contains some pony
Here's another old pony pic from back when I still drew with a mouse.

No.126256 - Link Reply Report 126256 2

>>126254 Wow these drawings are hilarious!

No.126257 - Link Reply Report 126257 2


Wow! I really love everything you've done! I was already instinctually dragging the first picture into Gimp for coloring before I realized it wasn't a pony pic! :D

No.126258 - Link Reply Report 126258 2

Well, if you want to, I certainly won't mind.

No.126264 - Link Reply Report 126264 2


These are really good!

No.126265 - Link Reply Report 126265 2


I have a busy day tomorrow, but I could certainly do it on Sunday. I'll need to know the characters first to get the colors right though.

I also don't know the characters in >>126230 but I'm pretty certain it was made as a joke. ;)

No.126266 - Link Reply Report 126266 2

It's nopony specific. None of them are anything specific, just random things I drew.
Earthy colors on the goats seemed most fitting.

No.126273 - Link Reply Report 126273 2

>>125942 perfect, i love ballbust in mass

No.126279 - Link Reply Report 126279 2


Nice ones! Seems like you've had practice on drawing hooves-on-balls pictures before. :) I'd ask for more if that didn't detract from the even better pony busting.

File: She_gave_him_a_buck_to_the_nuts_later_for_poor_acting.png -(412684 B, 1600x1230)
412684 412684 No.126287 - Link Reply Report 126287 2

Happy halloween etc

File: stop_whining_Ive_been_bucking_them_harder_than_this_for_years.png -(388372 B, 1800x1071)
388372 388372 No.126288 - Link Reply Report 126288 2

And another

No.126296 - Link Reply Report 126296 2


My day couldn't have gotten a better start than having this waiting for me! I have it almost completed, but I'd better make sure that the mare in the center is indeed Colgate before I start making adjustments to her mane.

No.126297 - Link Reply Report 126297 2


File: Stop_whining_Ive_been_bucking_them_harder_than_this_for_years.jpg -(381518 B, 1800x1071)
381518 381518 No.126298 - Link Reply Report 126298 2

Applejack is making money with family goods again! This is yet another better picture than I could have dreamed of, and I thought I had a good imagination! i think that with all the implied pummeling before and after this picture, Big Mac is going to have some well-tenderized nuts by the evening!

And it's not in any way Applejack's problem. :D

File: She_gave_him_a_buck_to_the_nuts_later_for_poor_acting.jpg -(335171 B, 1600x1230)
335171 335171 No.126300 - Link Reply Report 126300 2

I think a light tap with the hammer would remind him of how he should be acting. "Now THAT'S how a stallion hit in the nuts sounds like! Do it again when the next ponies come by."

No.126301 - Link Reply Report 126301 2

>>126255 New poster chiming in...holy shit, your old stuff is amazing!! I've been loving this entire thread, but I have to admit, I actually like your pics with two-legged critters even more. (Not to derail you from the incredible work going on in this thread; keep up the ponies!)

If you do start a FurAffinity account or something like it, please please please do let us know. I'd follow it in a heartbeat.

No.126302 - Link Reply Report 126302 2

I think some of the furry/MLP BB community may have totally missed this thread so far. Would anyone mind if I go post about it in the SoFurry ballbusting group, or the FemaleDom forum thread? (Those places both have some MLP busting of their own, if you've never seen it.)

No.126304 - Link Reply Report 126304 2

Yeah go right ahead. I think I actually have some old throwaway account on Sofurry...
I guess I should do that some day

No.126305 - Link Reply Report 126305 2

>>126300 that's a cute prank

No.126308 - Link Reply Report 126308 2


These are very good too! In addition to the usual praise, it's worth mentioning that it was a nice detail to see some pussies. The pony positions rarely have a chance to show it, but fanservice is always nice.

No.126320 - Link Reply Report 126320 2

If you have some favorite ideas out of those posted, or new ones, let me know. The next couple of days may be a bit busy, but I'll get back to this when I can.
Might also set up that FA, but only if my colorist agrees to it.

No.126322 - Link Reply Report 126322 2


I would personally like to see something with Princess Celestia. If I had to pick one, the one with her and Luna comparing their guards would be the best.

I'll be looking forward to whatever you draw as soon as you get back.

No.126323 - Link Reply Report 126323 2


I still like the Chrysalis vs Shining Armor idea. Bucking a stallion in the balls just to annoy another mare is just an awesomely tactless thing to do, like the only real offense was depriving Cadence of a sexy evening.

I have at least two new ideas for the backlog as well:

A stallion stands in an opportune spot above an empty pumpkin catapult, or less seasonally, a see-saw.

Madame Pinkie tries to read the future from crystal balls by rigorously rubbing and gazing into the nuts of a crystal pony.

No.126325 - Link Reply Report 126325 2

Clarifying my suggestions:

Laughing Berry punch punches a stallion in the berries. "Ha ha ha, 'Berry Punch', get it?"

Berry is sitting at bar with her friends. When a handsome stallion walks by, she gives him a playful slap on the nuts.

Drunken Berry Punch tries to aims a shot at the pool table, ends up poking a white stallion in the balls.

Berry Punch tries to fit a stallions testicles into an empty tankard/wine glass. Whether or not this succeeds is up to the artist, but needless to say it's going to be painful.

Berry Punch gropes a stallion while he tries to keep singing karaoke.

And my favorite suggestion: Berry walks up to a stallion sitting in a chair, and lifts her forehooves on the chair to seductively lean closer to his face. The stallion is very uncomfortable, because she has her forehooves on his balls.

File: Satyr_nutslam.jpg -(365416 B, 1400x1418)
365416 365416 No.126326 - Link Reply Report 126326 2

I almost got this finished yesterday, but realized that it was better to make the last minute adjustments when I'm not too tired.

I assume the limbs on the guys back are wings, so I too some liberties adding the surfaces to them. I also want to say that I find these creatures strangely charming, like there was a bigger fantasy universe they came from. We'll see if I try coloring the other ones; I'll certainly keep them ready for any withdrawal symptoms while waiting for your return. :)


The idea of Fluttershy massaging balls, innocently unaware that what she's doing is far from relaxing has really been stuck in my mind since I first considered it. I'm not usually a fan of consensual busting, but in this situation a stallion tricking her into hurting him against her knowledge gives me an entirely new kind of fuzzy feeling I can't even properly describe. She would be so adorable, happily kneading them in a way she'd never do if she knew how it really felt like!

Please post these anywhere you want, I really want these to be appreciated! I'll remain an anonymous benefactor for now, as I don't think I'm yet ready to come out with my biggest secret fetish. ;)

No.126327 - Link Reply Report 126327 2

Well, there is a bigger universe they come from. They're homebrew races for an RPG I made.
Also fantastic to see you coloring those.
And what will I call you if I do put these up somewhere? Going by Anon and Anon will probably not help people find this stuff, and I won't take credit for the colors.

No.126328 - Link Reply Report 126328 2

Your praise has given me the courage to do this. While it's not ballbusting or pony, here's a gallery of some more of my other older stuff.
I'll try to be back with more relevant content ASAP
imgur DOT com/a/V9w1P

No.126333 - Link Reply Report 126333 2


Miss Harshwhinny studying and squeezing an athletes balls would perfectly combine my top two wishes: Harshwhinny and squeezing.

I'll say Berry Punch acting seductive while standing on balls as my second choice, in case we need a tie-breaker.

No.126352 - Link Reply Report 126352 2

That's awesome!! All your designs are fantastic...I'm super into the natural armor thing your dragons have going on. Do you still draw these characters? I'd love to learn more about them, and/or see more of them in the future. (And of course, I'd love to see more of those ladies smacking some balls around. Especially that dragon chick tied up about halfway through the album...)

Also, the one with goat-guy's junk trapped between goat-gal's thighs is very hot in a way I had never considered before. Poor/lucky guy!

No.126353 - Link Reply Report 126353 2

Dude, i really like your art skyle. I cannot wait to see what you come up with next

No.126354 - Link Reply Report 126354 2

Drawing ponies has really eaten up the time I used to spend drawing those things.
My schedule should open up a bit again on Thursday, hopefully I can get some new things drawn before the weekend.

File: Kicking_around.jpg -(619170 B, 2062x2062)
619170 619170 No.126357 - Link Reply Report 126357 2


I knew there was something more behind these, they feel much more grounded than characters designed just for pictures. I really like the dragons, so I'll probably color one of them next. Still looking forward to more ponies though! :)

No.126358 - Link Reply Report 126358 2

On the horizon
-Celestia and Luna compare guard durability
-Crysalis spites Cadence
-Harshwhinny examines athletes
-Berry Punch tries to be seductive
That pic is one of my personal favorites actually. Nice to see it colored.

File: Dragon_handjob.jpg -(355587 B, 1437x1423)
355587 355587 No.126363 - Link Reply Report 126363 2

I know she isn't busting his balls, but I really like their size difference. Although I know next to nothing about the races, watching them interacting like this despite their obvious strength difference is just enchanting.


I'm glad you like it! And I like what I see in the horizon! You're going to make a lot of fans happy with these! :D

File: some_grimdark_fanfiction_of_a_grimdark_fanfiction.png -(651366 B, 1280x951)
651366 651366 No.126368 - Link Reply Report 126368 2

I could give a summary of the races, but I fear this is veering too far off topic.

Not my pic but at least it's on topic.

File: Satyr_69.jpg -(388814 B, 1995x1120)
388814 388814 No.126373 - Link Reply Report 126373 2

More goats! With at least some degree of ball-play involved! I'd like to do the one with a woman and a goat boy, but I'd better make sure whether she's a human, dryad or something else before I pick the colors for her.

No.126374 - Link Reply Report 126374 2

Just a human

Looks like work will be double extra busy until December, but I'll still get new stuff done, don't worry.

File: Bra_thief_caught.jpg -(312090 B, 1062x1138)
312090 312090 No.126376 - Link Reply Report 126376 2

I hope he had fun, because she's certainly enjoying herself now!


Curse you real life! Oh well, hopefully you'll still find time to draw occasionally. The "on the horizon" list looks better than ever!

No.126388 - Link Reply Report 126388 2

I'm waiting for new art like it was heartwarming eve, which incidentially was a perfect time for Limestone Pie to get Big Mac's hooves off Holder's Boulder by getting her hooves on his stones.

No.126390 - Link Reply Report 126390 2

It's going to be a long day but I should get something drawn tonight.

No.126392 - Link Reply Report 126392 2

>>126390 hooray!

File: Between_the_legs.jpg -(217850 B, 1000x1333)
217850 217850 No.126400 - Link Reply Report 126400 2

This certainly looks fun!


YAY! I can't wait to get my hands on some good Equestrian fun! The fantasy art is good, but the ponies are what I REALLY signed in for!

File: intoxicating_touch.png -(334064 B, 1500x1500)
334064 334064 No.126401 - Link Reply Report 126401 2

I don't know how much the stress and overtime will affect my quality

File: checking_for_illegal_painkiller_use.png -(224270 B, 1500x1500)
224270 224270 No.126402 - Link Reply Report 126402 2

But at least I'll try

File: testing_the_guards.png -(289737 B, 1500x896)
289737 289737 No.126403 - Link Reply Report 126403 2

And I hate drawing princesses almost as much as I hate drawing Rarity

File: like_making_a_pizza_flavored_milkshake.png -(183614 B, 1000x1000)
183614 183614 No.126404 - Link Reply Report 126404 2

What if pony was goat people?
Answer: it would be terrible.
Let us never do this again.

File: She_d_so_want_to_kick_him.jpg -(469076 B, 1500x2000)
469076 469076 No.126406 - Link Reply Report 126406 2

Yay for ponies! Here's one more fantasy picture I finished while waiting, and while there's no ballbusting going on, I bet she's thinking about it!

Take your time with keeping up the quality - a good picture is worth more than ten squiggly ones. I'll mark the princess picture up to hard characters, especially since the rest of these are as good as ever. The one with Ms Harshwhinny is absolutely spot-on and I can't wait to do it the first chance I get! :D

No.126407 - Link Reply Report 126407 2

I see the thread has gotten too big and is now marked for deletion.
Do not worry when it disappears. If nobody else reuploads, I will.

No.126408 - Link Reply Report 126408 2

YES! More glorious ponies! As a side effect, this thread is making all the other porn of its characters ten times better by making it look like make-up sex after a ballbusting incident! :)

No.126418 - Link Reply Report 126418 2


Oh what a wonderful day! Thank you!

No.126420 - Link Reply Report 126420 2

Awesome work once again! I've been waiting for these all week!

Some new ideas again:

Trixie whips Snips and Snails to pull her carriage.

Remember how discorded Fluttershy slapped Twilight with her tail? That seems like an useful ability for this thread.

File: Checking_for_illegal_painkiller_use.jpg -(290088 B, 1500x1500)
290088 290088 No.126422 - Link Reply Report 126422 2

"Oh stop squirming, I haven't even gotten started yet!"

I love everything about this picture! She looks as professional as ever, and although the stallion's face isn't shown I bet he doesn't appreciate her efficiency! Is it strange that while coloring porn, I spend the most time making everypony fully clothed? :P

File: Checking_for_illegal_painkiller_use_nude.jpg -(274554 B, 1500x1500)
274554 274554 No.126423 - Link Reply Report 126423 2


Here's also a nude edition, in case you like it unprofessional. ;)

File: Intoxicating_touch.jpg -(339324 B, 1500x1500)
339324 339324 No.126425 - Link Reply Report 126425 2

As awesome as the Harshwhinny picture is, I might love this one even more because of the sexual tension. It is so cute and intimate and all kinds of arousing, all I can say is more like this please!

Then again I have been repeatedly surprised by how awesome you can make of everything, so just keep doing your thing. :D

No.126426 - Link Reply Report 126426 2


AWW YES! You guys just made my greatest dream come true! It's funny how the first picture looks as professional as she always does, but seeing her NAKED is suddenly somehow more erotic than ponies normally are.

No.126428 - Link Reply Report 126428 2


Sweet! This is a pretty perfect picture of Finlands favorite pony.

No.126430 - Link Reply Report 126430 2

Should we make a new thread since this one will no longer get bumped?

No.126431 - Link Reply Report 126431 2


Indeed. It's a good idea to make the new thread before the old one expires so you can put the link to this in the first post. And likewise, a link from this to the new thread.

File: Testing_the_guards.jpg -(253169 B, 1500x896)
253169 253169 No.126434 - Link Reply Report 126434 2

-Seems like your bat guard is taking this well!
-It's too early for me to celebrate, my sister. His screams have merely transcended thine hearing range.

Here's some royal pain in yet another great picture! I really like seeing such a friendly little match between two sisters, with balls objectified to the point of sports equipment.

The ponies sure love playing ball games! :D

No.126437 - Link Reply Report 126437 2

New thread here

No.127890 - Link Reply Report 127890 2


No.130233 - Link Reply Report 130233 2


No.130840 - Link Reply Report 130840 2


No.133228 - Link Reply Report 133228 2


Please, where is this from? :3

No.133270 - Link Reply Report 133270 2

>>126368 dream come true