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[-] [+] No.126436
MLP Ballbusting & Cuntbusting /ah/ 
File: Hats_off_to_that.jpg -(411992 B, 1500x1500)
411992 411992 No.126436 126436 1

Thread #3
Old thread can be found here >>125903

Ideas always welcome

Marked for deletion (too big - automatic).
File: Like_making_a_pizza_flavored_milkshake.jpg -(175745 B, 1000x1000)
175745 175745 No.126438 - Link Reply Report 126438 2

First new picture of a new thread. While pony satyrs aren't my thing, stepping on balls sure is!

No.126439 - Link Reply Report 126439 2

They shouldn't be anyone's thing
Should I dump all the pics in the last thread before or after it gets deleted?

No.126440 - Link Reply Report 126440 2


After is better. They'll stay on the board for months before the thread expires, and it's better to not fill this up with the old stuff.

Considering there was barely any ballbusting before and now the first thread reached its bump limit, these truly are great times for the fandom!

No.126442 - Link Reply Report 126442 2

From poiu, "when Princess Luna first became Nightmare Moon, she went on a rampage that included neutering half the stallions in Equestria (resulting in an uneven gender distribution that continues to the present day)." XD

No.126444 - Link Reply Report 126444 2

Pinkie fighting off attacking changelings like she was partying, barely paying attention to them.

Fluttershy calming down an aggressive bear behind her by casually bucking it in the balls with her hind legs or smushing them between the bear's pelvis and her rump.

The bear thanks her afterwards.

File: ring_the_ball_win_a_prize.png -(284839 B, 1500x1500)
284839 284839 No.126446 - Link Reply Report 126446 2

Something I had on my mind foe a while but never drew

File: insult_to_injury_2.png -(278528 B, 1500x1049)
278528 278528 No.126447 - Link Reply Report 126447 2

A request from the old thread

File: upcoming.png -(389858 B, 1500x1250)
389858 389858 No.126448 - Link Reply Report 126448 2

And a few WIP pics.
Please help me pick the ponies for these.

No.126449 - Link Reply Report 126449 2

>>126448 i want to see sweet fluttershy be a bitch and nail somepony in the balls

File: latest[2].png -(202284 B, 369x497)
202284 202284 No.126453 - Link Reply Report 126453 2


The polo players are easy: S05E10 Unnamed Unicorn Mare (pic related), and any of the likewise unnamed polo-playing unicorn stallions from S05E10 Unnamed Unicorn Stallion #1 to #3.

For the bottom left, Wildfire and Lucky Clover would be one idea. Maybe the love spell Cadence cast on them ran out at a bad moment?

Top right would be a perfect chance to have Octavia and Beauty Brass holding Frederick Horseshoepin for a Grand Galloping Gala orchestra combo, but I don't know what's going to hit him there. Do we have any musical ideas yet?

Lyra and Bon Bon is also a match made in heaven for any two-mare team-ups! Vinyl and Octavia or the spa ponies work as well, and the flower trio is perfect to keep in mind for larger teams.

Top left would be a perfect place for assertive Fluttershy stop Royal Riff from taking her carriage. A most canonical way to fulfill >>126449 I could think of. (Although I agree that Fluttershy bucking somepony in the balls like it wasn't even a thing has its own allure. Oh well, you can never have too much Fluttershy even if you did both!)

File: Insult_to_injury.jpg -(225014 B, 1500x1049)
225014 225014 No.126455 - Link Reply Report 126455 2

I really wanted to take my time with this, because it is PERFECT! In any other circumstances two inviting mares might be a dream come true, but right now it must be unbelievably frustrating. I like how he's hardly even looking at them, like his mind was filled by another intense feeling between his legs. ;D

File: Ring_the_ball_win_a_prize.jpg -(302693 B, 1500x1500)
302693 302693 No.126458 - Link Reply Report 126458 2


I couldn't actually find a stallion with this style of tail, but somehow I felt like it should be Pokey Pierce. Then I noticed his mane wasn't an exact match either, so... did I goof up with a wrong pony again?

Nice work once again, >>126455 in particular has kept me feeling ecstatic all day! :D

No.126459 - Link Reply Report 126459 2

Nah pokey is what I had in mind but I was too lazy to look up reference pics
Good job on both pics m8

No.126461 - Link Reply Report 126461 2


Funnily, Pokey has been one of the characters I've always wanted to see busted. With Braeburn and inevitably Big Mac already dealt with, I'm looking forward to seeing Fluffy Clouds and Mr Cake in the future.

No.126463 - Link Reply Report 126463 2


If there ever was an opposite to penis-envy, this picture has it. The smugness of those two mares is legendary!

No.126465 - Link Reply Report 126465 2

I see one of these pics turned up on e 621

No.126466 - Link Reply Report 126466 2


Speaking of wish-lists, I'd like to see Iron Will getting a taste of mare's assertiveness, if you know what I mean...

No.126469 - Link Reply Report 126469 2

hoping for more cuntbusting

No.126470 - Link Reply Report 126470 2

On the horizon
-those 4 from earlier
-nurse redheart test reflexes
-dash vs discord
-babs seed being a bully
-twittermites zap applebloom

No.126472 - Link Reply Report 126472 2


Yes, this pleases me greatly!

No.126481 - Link Reply Report 126481 2

Words cannot express how happy i am that this thread exists

No.126486 - Link Reply Report 126486 2

Last night I saw a dream where I was dominated by Ms Harshwhinny. It was fun, and I'm fairly certain it was thanks to the Harshwhinny pictures in the last thread.

This time I'm looking forward to Nurse Redheart the most. It's always great to add more mental imagery to recurring characters!

No.126489 - Link Reply Report 126489 2

Why do these threads get marked for deletion when the ballbusting thread on /ah/ is five years old and counting?

No.126491 - Link Reply Report 126491 2

Due to active content creation these threads reach the automatic size limit fairly fast.

File: _safe_rainbow+dash_fluttershy_screencap_edit_edited+screencap_dragon+quest_groin+attack_low+blow_cunt+punt.jpg -(58814 B, 1280x720)
58814 58814 No.126495 - Link Reply Report 126495 2

I see one of the pics also went up on Derpibooru.
Here's one grabbed from there to fill in some content in return then.
Might get a chance to draw over the weekend.

No.126496 - Link Reply Report 126496 2


A few days ago I saw a dream where Applejack was green (like her alternate color palette in Fighting is Magic), and she had to buck someone in the balls every five minutes. The ponies adventured on a quest to solve whatever was causing this, and the dream would have been like any other episode if it wasn't for its subject matter.

Thank you for drawing literally the stuff of dreams!

No.126511 - Link Reply Report 126511 2

Plenty of inspiration in the new episode

No.126512 - Link Reply Report 126512 2

>>126511 explain!

File: _safe_screencap_spoiler-colon-s05e23_the+hooffields+and+mccolts_freezing.png -(656920 B, 1366x768)
656920 656920 No.126516 - Link Reply Report 126516 2

well for one, she might me aiming pretty low with that shovel

No.126517 - Link Reply Report 126517 2


Two rival clans, one led by a mare, one led by a stallion. It sure has potential... as long as it's with a mare younger than Ma Hooffield.

No.126536 - Link Reply Report 126536 2


No new art this weekend?

Must not panic... Must not panic...

No.126538 - Link Reply Report 126538 2

Don't worry I didn't get blown up on Friday night.
I've just been having a ton on fun with some games lately, and that has eaten up all my spare time

File: Busting_Chart.jpg -(422018 B, 1424x1200)
422018 422018 No.126539 - Link Reply Report 126539 2


Okay, that's understandable. The aftermath of Fallout 4's release (or should I say fallout of Fallout?) has nearly halved all the activity on the internet.

Anyway, I decided to celebrate the state of the fandom with a busting chart. It's only of the show characters in ballbusting pictures so it is inevitably somewhat subjective in what it includes, but it's still funny.

File: in_retrospect_naked_polo_was_not_sexy_at_all.png -(258636 B, 1600x1086)
258636 258636 No.126566 - Link Reply Report 126566 2

je suis ne pas mort

No.126568 - Link Reply Report 126568 2


Awesome! My pale fingers itch for some sacred work! I'll gladly take a break from Mad Max for this, and I promise to color this the first thing tomorrow.

No.126570 - Link Reply Report 126570 2


YES! Our patience is rewarded! I know not to rush an artist, but I was this close to posting that I miss your stuff.

No.126572 - Link Reply Report 126572 2

>>126570 same here. I dont want to spam but i am very happy to see new art

No.126573 - Link Reply Report 126573 2

Glad to see I was missed. To be honest my motivation has been at an all time low and the constant overtime isn't helping.
I'll still strive to draw more over the weekend.

No.126574 - Link Reply Report 126574 2


Same here too. But a picture like this was well worth the wait!

One new idea too: Stallion has a want it need it -spell on his balls, which turns out unpleasant as mares fight over them.

File: Naked_polo_was_not_sexy_at_all.jpg -(263537 B, 1600x1086)
263537 263537 No.126578 - Link Reply Report 126578 2

One hit like that and the opponent falls, literally!


I understand. No matter how much I love your drawings, overworking an artist to exhaustion is the fastest way to lose an artist FOREVER! I'll be looking forward to the weekend, but remember to take care of yourself too. :)

No.126583 - Link Reply Report 126583 2

Yeah, i am very eager to see more art, but if you want to take breaks or take it slow then please do. We can wait

File: flutterbitch_dislikes_apples.png -(186996 B, 1500x1000)
186996 186996 No.126585 - Link Reply Report 126585 2

Work continues
Still trying to find something that would inspire me a bit harder

No.126586 - Link Reply Report 126586 2


This is another great picture (although she doesn't have wings yet). What's your favorite this far? Maybe having some guidelines could help me think of more ideas along the same suite.

File: flutterbitch_dislikes_apples.png -(193947 B, 1500x1000)
193947 193947 No.126587 - Link Reply Report 126587 2

Fucks sake
How much I like each pic pretty much comes down to how well the pic turns out. It's hard for me to enjoy these as actual porn since I made them myself.

File: you_dont_get_to_be_on_top.png -(273749 B, 1500x1179)
273749 273749 No.126588 - Link Reply Report 126588 2

I don't know if this is Dash or Do.

File: upcoming.png -(248009 B, 1000x1000)
248009 248009 No.126589 - Link Reply Report 126589 2

And some as-of-yet unused sketches

No.126590 - Link Reply Report 126590 2

Think I could finally set up that FA now that I realized I had an account registered there I forgot about.
Just need a confirmation from my dear colorist on how they'd like to be credited.

No.126597 - Link Reply Report 126597 2

It was another intense Saturday, but now I'm back in the saddle! I'll get coloring right away, but I'd better make sure whether the stallion in >>126587 is indeed Braeburn, and who the stallion in >>126588 is before I color them.

Fantastic work again! I can't tell which I love more because Fluttershy bucking balls is all kinds of awesome, but I really like the face to face closeness of the Dash picture!

No.126598 - Link Reply Report 126598 2

Yes it's braeburn
The other one is either a generic henchman (if that's Daring Do) or one of the flight school bullies all grown up (if that's Dash)

File: You_dont_get_to_be_on_top.jpg -(215534 B, 1500x1179)
215534 215534 No.126599 - Link Reply Report 126599 2

I ended up finishing this one first, because it has a rare chance for a mare to see the face of a stallion she's busting. I love the expression of surprise and terror when he realizes that things have suddenly taken a terrible turn to the worse for him.

I also like how the filename implies that sex is going to happen nevertheless. Prepare to be bounced on! :D

I forgot to mention in the last post that I've been thinking about an artist name: Nuttyhoof! Maybe not that creative, but it sounds cute and snappy. FA sounds like a good place to post these, so go for it!

No.126600 - Link Reply Report 126600 2

Between the forced wait between uploads, no option to batch upload and nearly 100 pictures all in all counting both color and lineart versions... this will take a while.

No.126601 - Link Reply Report 126601 2

If you ever wanted to comment on pics but didn't want to spam this thread, feel free to go nuts here.
furaffinity DOT net /gallery/buttsaucer/
Again, can't post direct links because of the spam filter

I will upload the rest, like the linearts, later

File: Flutterbitch_dislikes_apples.jpg -(246304 B, 1500x1000)
246304 246304 No.126602 - Link Reply Report 126602 2

"Hey Braeburn, what's swollen red and in pain? YOUR NUTS!"

I really like seeing Fluttershy in these pictures. She's the sweetest, cutest and shyest pony, so it's nice to see her daring to assert herself. You go girl!

No.126615 - Link Reply Report 126615 2


I don't have an FA account, but rest assured I'll still follow everything you draw in this thread.

No.126623 - Link Reply Report 126623 2

I don't have FA either, but I'll try not to spam without at least giving some new ideas while posting. Such as Countess Coloratura giving her manager a piece of her mind...

No.126631 - Link Reply Report 126631 2

I have been thinking about an idea/wish for some time now... In in the spirit of >>126425 I'd love to see a mare pushing a stallion on his back for a deep, passionate kiss, with his balls trapped under her hind hoof. For her this moment could last forever, while the stallion would obviously wish for this to be over soon.

I think either Fleur Dis Lee and Fancypants, Cadence and Shining Armor, or Mr. and Mrs. Cake could fit well here, since they're the most prominent couples I could think of. :)

File: manager_perks.png -(292512 B, 1500x1363)
292512 292512 No.126632 - Link Reply Report 126632 2

Inspiration is fleeting and weak
Give me your ideas

No.126633 - Link Reply Report 126633 2

One I'd love to see. Babs bullying the cmc. The bullying consisting of hitting them in the crotch. Id super love it if 2 of them are holding themselves in pain with babs in the process of kicking the 3nd one

File: Manager_Perks.jpg -(217525 B, 1500x1363)
217525 217525 No.126635 - Link Reply Report 126635 2

It's nice to see her putting some pressure on her manager. I bet he's much more eager to find compromises from this position!

He seems to be taking this surprisingly well, but the marehood is a nice detail to remind you how little she needs to care about ball-pain. :D

No.126636 - Link Reply Report 126636 2

Great work as always Nutty.
I'll see what I can do

No.126637 - Link Reply Report 126637 2

Considering how the Countess used an autotune-spell during her show, I think a soprano-spell would be even easier...

File: Gotta_thank_cousin_applejack_for_those_appleblucking_lessons.png -(227090 B, 2000x830)
227090 227090 No.126647 - Link Reply Report 126647 2

I gave it a shot

File: Templateapple.png -(156521 B, 1297x1348)
156521 156521 No.126648 - Link Reply Report 126648 2

Just a reaction, no action

File: BustedTemplate.png -(132193 B, 1297x1348)
132193 132193 No.126650 - Link Reply Report 126650 2

And if someone is feeling creative, here's a cleaned up template version of that

File: Templateapple.jpg -(186111 B, 1297x1348)
186111 186111 No.126674 - Link Reply Report 126674 2

"Ow my balls! Oww! I thought the yellow one was supposed to be sweet!"


You too Butty! :) It's always my favorite time of the week when I get new art from you. I couldn't draw like that myself, but getting to help by coloring them makes me feel like I've finally found my artistic place!

No.126675 - Link Reply Report 126675 2

>>126647 thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much for doing my request. It turned out amazing and i love it!

No.126679 - Link Reply Report 126679 2


Braeburn after his encounter with Fluttershy? CONTINUITY!

I like my busting female-on-male, so here's some more ball-related ideas:

Mr. Cake is lost in thought, and Mrs. Cake subtly snaps him back to reality with a quick jab to the balls.

Allie Way throws a bowling ball at a at stallion at the end of the lane.

Countess Coloratura gives stallion a hoofsie on the balls.

No.126680 - Link Reply Report 126680 2

I'll try to get back into the saddle soon, but it seems I've fallen a bit ill.
But not to worry, even if I slow down a little I'll have tons of free time after xmas at the very latest.

While not pony, here's some work in progress goats I've been working on
i DOT imgur DOT com/1J44Bon.png

File: Gotta_thank_cousin_applejack_for_those_applebucking_lessons.jpg -(255930 B, 2000x830)
255930 255930 No.126685 - Link Reply Report 126685 2

Another cuntbusting picture colored (and reposted after I realized I had forgotten the stripes on Babs's tail). I think I deserve some well-squished stressballs for doing that!

There's an idea: I bet using a stallion would be a much more effective stress-relief method than deep a breath and hoof-wave...


Take care of yourself. Also, I'm traveling away for Christmas, so I won't be coloring anything between 19th of December and 2nd of January. Hopefully there will be a lot of bruised packages before and after that!

No.126686 - Link Reply Report 126686 2

Goats! Love the smirk on the guy on the left :)

File: _safe_screencap_scootaloo_sweetie+belle_lip+bite_pipsqueak_crusaders+of+the+lost+mark_spoiler-colon-s05e18_pain_groin+attack[1].jpg -(173070 B, 1532x853)
173070 173070 No.126692 - Link Reply Report 126692 2

A new picture from Derpibooru.

File: pipsquish.png -(438617 B, 1519x835)
438617 438617 No.126693 - Link Reply Report 126693 2

Felt like adding to it

No.126699 - Link Reply Report 126699 2

I bet there's fun to be had with champagne bottles and flying corks. It would give a good chance to use Berry Punch again, but I think this would be an even better opportunity to use some of the high-class Canterlot ponies like Fleur De Lis and Fancypants, or Jet Set and Upper Crust.

Get well soon.

No.126709 - Link Reply Report 126709 2

Loving all the pics of ponies getting their balls/cunts busted. I have a few ideas for you:

Rainbow dash does a sonic rainboom into an unsuspecting stallions' balls

Pinkie or Dash pranks Twiligjht so Twilight tries to get them back by using a genderswaps spell on them just to hit them in the balls with a spell while they are confused by being genderswap.

Twilight tries a new spell that sends magical boxing gloves or boots out that attack balls and cunts of ponies (including herself).

Derpy hooves pops her head up through a cloud, hitting a sleeping pegasi in the crotch by accident. Derpy looks dumb founded as to what has happened.

Rainbow Blitz and Applejack have a contest of endurance and strength by letting Scootaloo and Applebloom stand on their balls respectively. RB and AJ are lying on their backs, using their front hooves to help their buster stand up right who are standing on their balls using their hind hooves.

(Similar to above) Rainbow blitz demonstrates how tough his balls are by letting Scootaloo stand on his balls. Blitz is lying on his back, holding Scootaloo's front hooves with his to help Scootaloo keep balance as she stands on Blitz's balls with her hind hooves. Dash only showing slight signs of pain, slight tearing bu is more showing off how strong he is. "My balls are 20% stronger than anyone else!". Scootaloo is amazed at how strong her idol's balls are.

A mare is pushing down a stallion's balls while bending down and licking his shaft.

The spa ponies double team a male who is lying down by pushing down on one ball each.

Two or more stallions hit each other (and themselves) in the balls for the enjoyment of the mares around them at a party of bar/club or vice versa females cunt busting for male enjoyment.

Soarin and Dash are kissing/making out with soarin on the bottom who raise's one of his hind legs up and kicks dash in the cunt. Both maintain kissing, soarin's eyes are shit and Dash's are wide open in a state of shock from the kick.

Wonderbolts initiates getting hit in the crotch multiple times as part of the selection process. Rainbow dash and Lightning dust both set an academy record for the number of hits they take while other ponies lay around them with bruised balls/cunts, tearing up, knocked out.

A wonderbolt complains that the wonderbolt uniform is too tight and gets busted the quatermaster who grabs hold of the front of the uniform (around the stomach area) and pulls it up, giving the stallion a frontal wedgie, squishing his balls in the process, telling them 'it could be tighter!'

A pegasi's wing turns into a fist to perform a flying uppercut into the crotch.

No.126710 - Link Reply Report 126710 2

You have my interest. I'll see what I can do.

No.126713 - Link Reply Report 126713 2


I really love the ones with Derpy, the spa ponies, and a mare pushing down on stallion's balls. I don't like cuntbusting pictures, but I'll color them out of gratitude if Butty wishes for it.

No.126714 - Link Reply Report 126714 2

Some day you should do the drawing and I'll color it

No.126715 - Link Reply Report 126715 2

>>126713 and as a cuntbusting fan i thank you. Your coloring rocks btw

File: Helping_hoof.jpg -(139387 B, 1161x843)
139387 139387 No.126721 - Link Reply Report 126721 2


It took a long while, but I finally finished a "Get Well" card for you. :)

No.126722 - Link Reply Report 126722 2


No.126727 - Link Reply Report 126727 2

>>126721 d'aw, how nice

File: Phathusa_bigmac_cheerilee_ballbust_detention.jpg -(224590 B, 1280x896)
224590 224590 No.126728 - Link Reply Report 126728 2

not my drawing, but enjoy some content

File: flower_trio.png -(355888 B, 2000x1000)
355888 355888 No.126738 - Link Reply Report 126738 2

It is a thing.
Featuring one of the random manehatten BG ponies because I was low on ideas for stallions.

File: upcoming.png -(194163 B, 1000x975)
194163 194163 No.126739 - Link Reply Report 126739 2

And upcoming stuff

These two also intrigue me

Two or more stallions hit each other (and themselves) in the balls for the enjoyment of the mares around them at a party of bar/club or vice versa females cunt busting for male enjoyment.

Wonderbolts initiates getting hit in the crotch multiple times as part of the selection process. Rainbow dash and Lightning dust both set an academy record for the number of hits they take while other ponies lay around them with bruised balls/cunts, tearing up, knocked out.

But I'd like some more details on what to put in there, since they will be rather big group pics.

File: Manager_Perks2.jpg -(217936 B, 1500x1363)
217936 217936 No.126741 - Link Reply Report 126741 2


Nut stomping intensifies

I thought he looked too comfortable there, so I added a little pressure. First dressing up the characters and now adding weight to the mare? I must be doing porn wrong! :D


It's beautiful! It's nice to see you're feeling better and back in action. I'll get to work on this right away.

No.126742 - Link Reply Report 126742 2


I've been looking through the list of ponies, but I still don't know who the stallion is. Does he have a name, or is there a picture I could pick the colors from?

File: Manager_Perks2.jpg -(217646 B, 1500x1363)
217646 217646 No.126743 - Link Reply Report 126743 2


Oops, I just noticed that Coloratura's tail was partially cut off. Here's a fixed version of the edited version.

In case it wasn't obvious, you can post >>126721 to Furaffinity too. :)

No.126744 - Link Reply Report 126744 2


For that first one, maybe have it set a club that is hosting some pony's hens night. The stallions could be strippers for the mares, dressied in tight underwear/speedoes. The stallions try to keep happy faces as they are hit. Maybe have a 2 stallions try hugging or holding onto each otherr while kneeing each other in the balls. A third stallion may be off hitting himself or going up to the mares to allow them to take a shot. For another pair of stallions, have them in a position where they are lying on the ground as if they scissoring each other but they are puling on each other's hind legs towards them to squash their balls together. Mares are raising their glasses as the stallions take hits. Fore the mares, have Berry punch, RD and Aj. For some of the stallions, have Soarin, Thunderlane, Braeburn and some random bg ponies.

For the wonderbolts one, RD and Lightning (who are in the wonderbolt trainee uniform) are presenting themselves towards spitfire and fleetfoot who is administering the test. Both Rd and Ld are atruggling to continue but they want to be the best. Pic could be of Rd taking a buck hit from spitfire while ld is recovering from a hit or of both mares taking a hit simultaneously from spitfire and fleetfoot. Other wonderbolt trainees are laying around them in a state of pain after dropping out of the test including bulk biceps, who is tearing up looking at his small bruised balls. Other ponies are cupping their crotches in pain, applying ices packs or have passed out. Have one stallion tearing up or crying with a though bubble of cracked nuts. Other ponies lying around are the ones from the 'Wonderbolts Accademy' episode that are in the same class/group as rd and ld.

Hopefully that helps.

File: _safe_animated_screencap_spoiler-colon-s05e24_the+mane+attraction_background+dancers[1].gif -(3546362 B, 900x505)
3546362 3546362 No.126747 - Link Reply Report 126747 2


For male strippers/entertainers, I think Hasbro handed them to us on a silver platter...

File: _safe_solo_clothes_screencap_earth+pony_shirt_stallion_background+pony_vest_spoiler-colon-s05e16.png -(250575 B, 447x577)
250575 250575 No.126748 - Link Reply Report 126748 2


No.126752 - Link Reply Report 126752 2


Thanks, I was stuck looking for him for hours! I'll have to go to bed for tonight, but I promise to finish this the first thing tomorrow.


Funnily, I always wanted to see them getting kicked as part of the show, although I expected to see the Countess doing it. Oh well, at least there will be a leering mare audience to enjoy the action. :)

Then again, who's to say we can't have it both ways? ;)

No.126753 - Link Reply Report 126753 2


I can see one of those dancers accidentally kicking one of the others in the nuts with that swing kick they do.


The more busting the better :)

No.126754 - Link Reply Report 126754 2

My hand hurts just thinking about drawing Countess...

No.126757 - Link Reply Report 126757 2

>>126747 LOL!!! This is perfectly timed to the song I'm listening to. 'Medicine' by The Prodigy from the 'The day is my enemy' Album. Awesome... .LOL

No.126763 - Link Reply Report 126763 2


I was just thinking about the seesaw-scene yesterday. Nice to see that it's proceeding smoothly.

The flower trio picture looks absolutely perfect! Wonderful work as always!

As a new idea: Mare throws stallion with a snowball.

File: Flower_Trio.jpg -(359089 B, 2000x1000)
359089 359089 No.126765 - Link Reply Report 126765 2

I absolutely LOVE ballbusting as a team! He is obviously terrified of what's going to happen, while all the mares around agree unanimously that this is going to be fun. Roseluck is determined to give it all she got, and Lily Valley's expression is spot on: "Oh yes, this is going to be good!"


I'm a bit nervouscxited about a pony with so detailed clothes too, but small details like studs and bands are remarkably easy to add while coloring. My greatest problem is the large parts and shirt collars, generally speaking all the things that require more artistic skill than raw effort. I think I might be able to draw all her clothes, but especially if you could do the main outline of the jacket the rest would be a complete no-brainer. :)

File: Flower_Trio_nude.jpg -(354141 B, 2000x1000)
354141 354141 No.126766 - Link Reply Report 126766 2


Here's also a nude version for completeness's sake.

No.126769 - Link Reply Report 126769 2

You can always use more rule63 stallions.

No.126772 - Link Reply Report 126772 2

I'm glad you added his penis into the picture, as many pictures don't show cocks only balls.

I would also personally enjoy a continuation of this scene. Something like him being held to a wall and one of the others bucking him.

No.126778 - Link Reply Report 126778 2

>>126766 I like the detail of squish on the butt :3
And to the colouring guy, i really hope to see more of your own drawings

No.126780 - Link Reply Report 126780 2

I like this idea. Will see what I can do with it.

No.126790 - Link Reply Report 126790 2

I'm considering trying out an animation, perhaps a simple game of some kind

No.126791 - Link Reply Report 126791 2

>>126790 wait what? Holy hell! Im excited now!

No.126792 - Link Reply Report 126792 2

Granted, this is very much on a "maybe" level. Not sure if I can pull it off.

No.126793 - Link Reply Report 126793 2


Awesome! +1 to that!

No.126795 - Link Reply Report 126795 2


Not a fan of dicks, but when they're pictured it's better to have them all out or all in sheath. Having just the head visible looks like some kind of inflamed bellybutton. That said, >>126765 is a perfect picture!

Some new ideas too:

A mare lifts her hoof as a pegasus is flying over her, his nuts colliding with it at full speed.

Applejack is running from a timberwolf and slows it down by snapping a bent tree branch right in its pinecones.

File: Nightmare_dominates2.jpg -(182634 B, 1300x800)
182634 182634 No.126796 - Link Reply Report 126796 2


You're in luck, because for the last three days I've been working on a new project! Behold, Nightmare Moon toying with the defeated captain of the guard! Time to start begging for mercy or risk losing more than just the fight! :D

I'm also looking forward to more of the flower trio. their first picture was already fantastic, and having the same mares hit him when he's hurting more than doubles the fun!

File: stripperWIP.png -(153913 B, 1000x627)
153913 153913 No.126813 - Link Reply Report 126813 2

Oh look a sneak preview

File: _oc_explicit_nudity_monochrome_shipping_straight_penis_balls_bondage_dialogue[1].png -(166535 B, 1200x1000)
166535 166535 No.126822 - Link Reply Report 126822 2

New stuff from derpibooru again.

Also, a dream I saw two days ago but that got deleted along with the "please no more" spam from someone who apparently didn't know the hide button:

Derpy Hooves was playing with a paddle ball, whacking it back and forth between my legs. It was both scary and exciting to see the ball flying mere inches past my sack, and while it hit its target only twice during the whole dream both the anticipation and the payoff were incredible.

Once again I thank this thread for giving me this kind of dreams in the first place, and hopefully this gives some kind of ideas for new pictures too.

File: pinnedWIP.png -(198760 B, 1000x1000)
198760 198760 No.126834 - Link Reply Report 126834 2

Just another WIP pic for now, since I spent my day trying out something a bit more detailed
i DOT imgur DOT com/ecFCZ0M.png

No.126841 - Link Reply Report 126841 2


This looks extremely promising. More of the flower trio?

No.126843 - Link Reply Report 126843 2

I'll make a third one as well so all three of them have a chance to be the buster.

No.126844 - Link Reply Report 126844 2


Always love your goats!

No.126849 - Link Reply Report 126849 2


That sounds great!

Ideas again:

Twilight slams a book on stallion's balls.

A mare plays balls like bongos.

I'd also like to see a mare trying to twist a stallion's balls around with her hooves, although I can't think of any better reason for it than fun and curiosity.

File: Art_of_the_pants.jpg -(216246 B, 1360x956)
216246 216246 No.126865 - Link Reply Report 126865 2

"I'll buy it! I'll buy it! Just please stop mauling my balls!"

After seven days in Gimp, I managed to finish this before the Christmas vacation! Since Buttsaucer didn't like drawing her, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to stand in and fulfill the idea. In fact, if there's any other idea you'd want to see drawn but don't want to draw yourself, maybe I could draw it for you. :)

I'll be back in January, so until then Happy Heartswarming to everypony!

No.126876 - Link Reply Report 126876 2

From 4chan:

>tfw no comfy ballbusting drawings
>with the kicker saying words of encouragement as the receiver tries to stay standing after a kick
>kisses to the balls after they decided they can't take anymore
>the kicker ruffles their hair and tells them that they did a good job

A mare giving a gentle kiss to the aching balls after a ballbusting session would indeed be both hot and heartwarming.

No.126877 - Link Reply Report 126877 2

I would love to see Discord or Tyrek getting nailed in the nuts. Time Turner getting hit would also be grand.

File: toon_1450913391166.dombrus_flash_is_a_bastard[1].jpg -(217265 B, 1280x1144)
217265 217265 No.126913 - Link Reply Report 126913 2

Merry Christmas!

File: _safe_bon+bon_sweetie+drops_oc-colon-anon_offspring_satyr_artist-colon-nobody_santa+claus_ball+busting_groin+attack[1].png -(575496 B, 839x1920)
575496 575496 No.126915 - Link Reply Report 126915 2

Merry Christmas! And may the new year be as bountiful in ballbusting as this has been!

No.126916 - Link Reply Report 126916 2


No.126917 - Link Reply Report 126917 2


No.126934 - Link Reply Report 126934 2


Pinkie popping up under the pianist certainly has potential, but what's the point in the second video?

No.126980 - Link Reply Report 126980 2

Happy new year! Oh what a dangerous day this must be for the pegasi...

No.127016 - Link Reply Report 127016 2

Dont think this has been posted yet

No.127035 - Link Reply Report 127035 2

I'm back. Still tired from travel, but more than ready for coloring!


I support this idea! I always like tender emotions along with tender balls! ;D

No.127042 - Link Reply Report 127042 2

A lot of things are eating up my time right now.
I will return to drawing soon, but not in the next few days

No.127066 - Link Reply Report 127066 2

>>126685 whoa, thanks for the cuntbusting one! It's so hot!

No.127100 - Link Reply Report 127100 2

I don't have any specific scenario in mind, but it would be great to see Milky Way doing some busting. Maybe a stallion with exceptionally big balls would be a poetic target...

No.127191 - Link Reply Report 127191 2

Not to rush you or anything, but I really miss more art from you two!

I have also thought about different kinds of hijinks Troubleshoes could end up with his bad luck and large balls:

Smacked by an opening door.

Hit by someone stepping on a loose floor plank.

Doing the "pony bicycle" with another rodeo clown when her hoof slips right onto his balls.

While he's sleeping, one of the bowling balls he keeps on his shelf falls on his groin.

While watching the "CMC meets Troubleshoes" scene again I also noticed that he backed up straight into a cactus.

No.127192 - Link Reply Report 127192 2

Work and video games are eating my time harder than in a long time, and I'm trying to get back into running a RP group. Drawing stuff, let alone drawing stuff for free, has taken a back seat for now.
I do hope to get a drawing or three out, but first I'd need some solid inspiration.

No.127198 - Link Reply Report 127198 2


I just wanted to say to take as much time as you need and that your work is awesome. You have spoiled us with so many great pics

File: Celestia_being_playful.jpg -(197630 B, 1196x950)
197630 197630 No.127222 - Link Reply Report 127222 2

"Giggle... Oh, this never gets old!"

I just finished a new princess picture for all the busting-deprived folks out there!


Take your time. I'd love to get back to just coloring, but I've seen many artists draw things begrudgingly and lose their interest altogether. Good luck with the RP group, and hopefully you'll find the inspiration to draw more too!

No.127224 - Link Reply Report 127224 2

Joyous day! Im happy to be getting a new one, and a princess one too boot. I like her abusing her power in order to abuse some balls.

File: Celestia_being_playful_nude.jpg -(176558 B, 1196x950)
176558 176558 No.127225 - Link Reply Report 127225 2


Me too! :D

I also made a nude version of this, since they seem to be surprisingly popular considering how little the pony clothes actually cover. :)

No.127235 - Link Reply Report 127235 2


Thanks, I really needed the new material. And it's of my favorite princess too!

No.127237 - Link Reply Report 127237 2

Ok I think I could get something made this weekend.
Toss all your ideas at me, I need inspiration.
I might also try that animation idea, but nothing final will come of that.

No.127240 - Link Reply Report 127240 2


Few ideas for you:
The CMC group up on a stallion. Sweetie bell uses her magic to hold the stalion's legs in place, forcing him into a face down ass up pose. Scootaloo is standing on the back of the stallion, holding his tail with one hoof and preparing to punch his nuts with the other. Applebloon is preparing to buck him.

Dash/Blitz while doing some stunt, crashes into a tree on AJ's farm and becomes stuck (head and front legs one side of tree, ass and back legs the other side). AJ uses this as an opportunity for some ball/cuntbusting practice while Dash/blitz is stuck.

A mare is giving a bj to a stallion while she is landing punches on his balls at the same time.

Twilight is holding a stallion upside down by his balls using her magic. She has a clipboard in her hooves taking notes on what she is seeing.

Fluttershy is sitting down with her eyes closed, head angled down, holding angel bunny tightly, with a single hoof extended, making contact with a stallion's balls.

A gymnast pony slips while doing a routine on a balancing beam and lands on their nuts. The pony is trying to maintain a pose while in front of the crowd as they try to deal with the pain.

No.127248 - Link Reply Report 127248 2

I hope I didn't spam out all my ideas too quickly, especially when there was some great stuff already on the horizon. Luckily I have two new ones too:

Zecora has made a voodoo doll of a stallion. This has pretty endless possibilities, whether its her using it for her own amusement or Applebloom obliviously fondling it out of curiosity.

A mare stands next to a stallion, nonchalantly whipping his balls with her tail.

No.127249 - Link Reply Report 127249 2

A quote from derpibooru:

>I want a fanfic where all everypony in town does is buck Snails in the sack. Even his parents. Even the police. Even Princess Celestia. They can’t help themselves.
No.127250 - Link Reply Report 127250 2


Awesome! I have missed you and your art so much!

For an idea, how about a mare trying to swat a fly on stallions balls?

File: Celestia_kicks_Big_Mac.jpg -(246423 B, 1244x886)
246423 246423 No.127262 - Link Reply Report 127262 2


I couldn't get as much "oomph" in this picture as I would have wanted, so out of curiosity I decided to try switching the stallion to Buttsaucer's Big Mac from an earlier picture. Now THIS is the kind of intensity I've been looking for!

I don't know if this is unique enough to Furaffinity, but...

File: Luna_kicks_Blueblood.jpg -(196229 B, 1244x864)
196229 196229 No.127264 - Link Reply Report 127264 2


...at least this one should be different enough from the previous pictures to post there!

File: Celestia_kicks_Big_Mac_nude.jpg -(230692 B, 1244x886)
230692 230692 No.127265 - Link Reply Report 127265 2


And here are the nude versions.

File: Luna_kicks_Blueblood_nude.jpg -(191259 B, 1244x864)
191259 191259 No.127266 - Link Reply Report 127266 2


No.127267 - Link Reply Report 127267 2

Good work m8
I'm still hunting for my inspiration but hopes are high

File: _safe_solo_pinkie+pie_smiling_vector_simple+background_absurd+res_transparent+background_happy_face[1].png -(868412 B, 5157x4678)
868412 868412 No.127272 - Link Reply Report 127272 2


SWEET! This is as exciting as waiting for a new episode!

File: Luna_kicks_Blueblood_nude.jpg -(189134 B, 1244x864)
189134 189134 No.127273 - Link Reply Report 127273 2


Oops, I forgot to turn off Luna's shoe colors for this picture! Here's the fixed version, I hope it isn't too late.


Good luck with the drawing, and have fun!

File: Three_more_and_I_ll_let_you_fuck_me.png -(549935 B, 2000x2000)
549935 549935 No.127284 - Link Reply Report 127284 2

I really don't know

File: Call_the_shots_blanks.png -(141882 B, 1500x1000)
141882 141882 No.127285 - Link Reply Report 127285 2

Welcome everypony to Call The (nut)Shots - the gameshow where stallions compete for big big prizes at high high stakes!
Lets see who our three lucky contestants are, and what challenges will they be facing.

This is where you get to throw ideas at me again.

No.127292 - Link Reply Report 127292 2


It's beautiful! Thank you!


Sounds like an interesting game show. One event could definitely be "who holds his balls the longest in a jar of twittermites.

No.127293 - Link Reply Report 127293 2

Id suggest an obstacle course involving a lot of nutshots. Like poles that shoot up and hit balls or needing to walk across a narrow pole only to slip and smash their crotches. Or maybe they have to go across a cliff like obstacle where they have to walk upright and hug the wall where something shoots out of the wall to flick their buts, or the audience gets paintballs to shoot their balls

No.127294 - Link Reply Report 127294 2

>>127285 in addition id also suggest them having to awnser questions and every wrong awnser resulting in progressively harder crotch hits. Btw LOVE your artwork!

No.127296 - Link Reply Report 127296 2


How about the contestants stick their balls through a 'glory hole' where on the other side is a mare who gets to bust them. Either the contestants have to guess who bust them or the mares get to guess who they busted based on the squeals and screams of pain the contestants make.

There could also be a 'wheel of nutshots' that the contestants get to spin. The wheel is divided up into different types of nutshots and each is colour coded to represent each cotestant. So a contestant can spin the wheel and land on a nutshot for another contestant or might be unlucky and land on one for him.

No.127298 - Link Reply Report 127298 2


Wonderful work once again! I really love their expressions.


I thought about a blindfolded "guess the kicker" game as well. As a new idea: A "dunk tank" where the stallions try to balance on narrow platforms while mares throw balls at their balls. The one who stays up the longest wins.

No.127300 - Link Reply Report 127300 2

Tug of war, with rope tied around their balls, and a Mare judge waiting at the middle line, ready to bring her hoof down on whichever nuts touch the line first.

File: Three_more_and_I_ll_let_you_fuck_me.jpg -(444701 B, 2000x2000)
444701 444701 No.127302 - Link Reply Report 127302 2


This year kicked off with a perfect picture! You really have a talent for capturing the intensity in these pictures Butty! :D

I especially like how there's a lot of kicks coming and he'll just have to stand there and take it like a man. He'll be quite sore by the time it comes time to actually claim his prize! :)

File: Three_more_and_I_ll_let_you_fuck_me_bruised.jpg -(445079 B, 2000x2000)
445079 445079 No.127303 - Link Reply Report 127303 2


I couldn't decide whether this was better with or without bruising, so here's the alternate version for comparison. Which one do you prefer?

No.127304 - Link Reply Report 127304 2

Already seeing some good ideas for my next pics.
But who should the contestants be in our little gameshow?
Good work. Nice to see you fixed a couple of mistakes I left in there too.

No.127306 - Link Reply Report 127306 2

I don't know about the other two, but I'd like one of them to be a generic changeling... equal opportunity and all that.

No.127309 - Link Reply Report 127309 2


Male host voice: 'Let's meet our contestants shall we?'

Female co-host voice: "Our first contestant comes from our capital of canterlot. Employed as the captain of the royal gaurd and married to the lovely princess cadance, can this soldier's balls withstand impending seige? Please welcome, Shining Armor!"
(Crowd cheers)

"Our next contestant fairs from Ponyville, he works for the local weather patrol, an agile flyer who one day wants to join the wonderbolts but can his balls endure enough pain to impress the wonderbolts? Please welcome, Rainbow Blitz!"
(Crowd cheers)

"Our last contestant today is a famer from Ponyville. He works on an apple farm bucking apple trees all day with his family but can his balls survive a bucking back? Please welcome to the show, Big Mac!"
(Crowd cheers)

No.127310 - Link Reply Report 127310 2


Braeburn seems like the kind of fellow who would sign up for something like this.

For the second suggestion, Comet Tail is a background pony that has appeared often enough to deserve more fandom attention.

For third, maybe Coco Crusoe for the same reason. Also a great opportunity for coconut jokes.

File: 6f4c5b61720282c316cba97acea85715[1].jpg -(310246 B, 900x695)
310246 310246 No.127319 - Link Reply Report 127319 2

Found some great anthro Celestia busting.

File: Better_make_it_good.jpg -(218847 B, 1000x1050)
218847 218847 No.127323 - Link Reply Report 127323 2

It's a simple edit, but when I saw the faces of those two ponies I knew it was my chance to contribute for the fandom!

No.127324 - Link Reply Report 127324 2

Dayum, excellent job.

File: 1453042809802[1].jpg -(440544 B, 1142x925)
440544 440544 No.127327 - Link Reply Report 127327 2

I'm not into cuntbusting, but this might be close enough for those who are.

No.127329 - Link Reply Report 127329 2

>>127327 as a cuntbusting fan i thank you.

File: toon_1454286772967.hericks_15-10-26_touch_not_the_boulder[1].jpg -(179966 B, 1280x718)
179966 179966 No.127353 - Link Reply Report 127353 2

Found a new sketch.

No.127360 - Link Reply Report 127360 2

Currently planned:
Nutsack tug of war
Balancing across a narrow ledge while being pelted with beanbags
Guess who is busting you

Now I just need to pick the contestants/pair-ups

No.127368 - Link Reply Report 127368 2

Tug of war - Shining Armor vs Changeling Drone, with Princess Cadence as the judge
Balancing - Rainbow Blitz vs no-one... except the rest of the mane 6 trying to hit his nuts
Guessing - Coco Crusoe vs Comet Tail vs Big Mac, with CMC as the busters

File: rainbow_dash_and_her_dad_by_jerick-d5uee2r[1].png -(513034 B, 1280x2130)
513034 513034 No.127370 - Link Reply Report 127370 2

There's already a rainbow-maned stallion in the show if you need one.


>Guess who is busting you


For the busters, how about celebrities like Fleur de Lis, Trixie and Sapphire Shores?

No.127375 - Link Reply Report 127375 2

Rainbow's dad vs Twilight's dad.

No.127384 - Link Reply Report 127384 2


Dad vs dad tug of war would go well with their opposing daughters as the judges.

No.127387 - Link Reply Report 127387 2

Why the opposing daughters? There's enough room for two hooves in one crotch, they should share.

No.127389 - Link Reply Report 127389 2

I suggest an endurance contest where 3 or more stallions have to stand up in a row in front of a table and have their balls locked in a pillory or some similar device, and then have weights dropped on them from a certain height. With each round the weights get heavier or are dropped from a greater height, until all except one of the stallions give up.

The funny thing though? Even when someone gives up, he still stays in the game and has more weights dropped on him, until everyone else except the winner gives up too. So if someone who's more sensitive, or is a first timer, or gets bruised early on, enters a contest with two professionals, he's in for a much more than he can take, no matter how much he protests, begs or cries.

File: Gymnastics_practice_about_to_go_wrong2.jpg -(235811 B, 1300x1142)
235811 235811 No.127397 - Link Reply Report 127397 2

I have been sick for a while, but decided to return to the drawing board with something I should have done a long time ago. I wasn't quite satisfied with how the eyes in my earliest colorings looked so I spent the day fixing them. Here are some of the old favorites updated, with up to 70% less hauntingly void gazes!

File: A_rude_wakeup_with_Pinkie_colors2.jpg -(292233 B, 1600x1171)
292233 292233 No.127398 - Link Reply Report 127398 2


File: She_learned_that_trick_when_they_were_both_kids2.jpg -(400239 B, 1600x1333)
400239 400239 No.127399 - Link Reply Report 127399 2


File: It_s_the_nutshock2.jpg -(362446 B, 2000x1550)
362446 362446 No.127401 - Link Reply Report 127401 2


File: From_blank_flank_to_blank_shooter2.jpg -(238444 B, 1500x1250)
238444 238444 No.127403 - Link Reply Report 127403 2


File: Nice_one_kid2.jpg -(370325 B, 2000x2000)
370325 370325 No.127404 - Link Reply Report 127404 2


File: Doublestrike2.jpg -(279855 B, 1600x1472)
279855 279855 No.127405 - Link Reply Report 127405 2


File: This_is_the_last_time_you_call_me_a_chicken_and_anyone_calls_you_a_boy.jpg -(208335 B, 1500x1174)
208335 208335 No.127406 - Link Reply Report 127406 2


File: Hats_off_to_that2.jpg -(412092 B, 1500x1500)
412092 412092 No.127409 - Link Reply Report 127409 2


No.127414 - Link Reply Report 127414 2

Human Fluttershy kicking please?

No.127416 - Link Reply Report 127416 2

Never thought of doing humans...

File: 20089a59ca7f1fd6dd1ce1638d309c3f.png -(416560 B, 1024x551)
416560 416560 No.127417 - Link Reply Report 127417 2

Rainbow Dash is my favorite buster.

File: tug_of_balls.png -(288220 B, 2000x1000)
288220 288220 No.127418 - Link Reply Report 127418 2


File: nutkick_animated.gif -(254839 B, 680x383)
254839 254839 No.127420 - Link Reply Report 127420 2

Test animation based on another gif

File: _safe_humanized_derpy+hooves_artist-colon-johnjoseco_dinky+hooves_equestria_27s+best+mother_kick_violence_ball+busting_groin+attack[1].jpg -(101797 B, 745x813)
101797 101797 No.127421 - Link Reply Report 127421 2


Humanized is okay too - after all, Sunset Shimmer DID keep the boys of Canterlot High under her heel somehow. And drawing Flash Sentry getting busted is a guaranteed way to gain the adoration of the entire pony fandom. :)

No.127422 - Link Reply Report 127422 2

>>127418 Big Mac would totally win.

No.127423 - Link Reply Report 127423 2

Thing is, I have barely ever drawn people. Let alone sexy people.

No.127424 - Link Reply Report 127424 2

I don't think you need to draw a full human. You could draw a normal stallion and two feminine hands of off-screen fluttershy. One holding the balls in place, and the other delivering punches, digging it's nails in, or scratching.

File: tug_of_balls.jpg -(394861 B, 2000x1000)
394861 394861 No.127429 - Link Reply Report 127429 2

The first event is finished! With contestants like this, I had to consider drawing in dragging effects as Braeburn is pulled along the floor. :)


WOW! This looks extremely promising! I know its only a test, but with a complete stallion this could easily become the best animated gif ever! :D

No.127430 - Link Reply Report 127430 2

Thing is, there is a lot of movement I'd need to add to the full body, and since I do these by hand you can already see the lines starting to live between frames. I should be doing all of them in vectors but I hate working with vectors.
The other thing is that even though this is just ten frames, the amount of small movements that would go into full bodies, from expressions to buckling knees, tail movement, etc, it's a lot of work. Especially compared to the usual hour or 90 mins it takes me to draw a picture.

No.127431 - Link Reply Report 127431 2

Amazing, love the choice of background.

Could you make an edit with some discoloration on Braeburn's parts? I think it would work better than adding any sort of dragging effects on the floor.

No.127432 - Link Reply Report 127432 2

Another human idea, Rainbow playing soccer gets pissed off at the other team.

No.127433 - Link Reply Report 127433 2

When you say human do you mean straight up human or like Equestria Girls human?

No.127434 - Link Reply Report 127434 2

>>127433 I'm cool with either

File: _oc_explicit_nudity_penis_trixie_solo+male_canon+x+oc_bucking_ball+busting_artist-colon-fallenarts[1].jpg -(234051 B, 1224x575)
234051 234051 No.127452 - Link Reply Report 127452 2

New picture from Derpibooru.


Luckily there's a Flash Sentry in Equestria too. :)

File: _solo_rainbow+dash_explicit_nudity_solo+female_humanized_breasts_equestria+girls_screencap_edit[1].jpg -(108671 B, 640x960)
108671 108671 No.127453 - Link Reply Report 127453 2


Both are good, but EQG-style gets a big bonus for being canonical. (They could certainly use bigger boobs though! Since they don't show genitals in the show either, I think the unflattering body shapes are just another result of sexy details being omitted.)

No.127454 - Link Reply Report 127454 2

>>127453 i would like to see more captions like this

No.127455 - Link Reply Report 127455 2

>>127453 i would like to see more captions like this

No.127456 - Link Reply Report 127456 2

>>127453 i would like to see more captions like this

File: tug_of_balls2.jpg -(394987 B, 2000x1000)
394987 394987 No.127457 - Link Reply Report 127457 2


Colorful edition done! Now it really looks like he's giving it all he's got!

I also haven't seen such a kickable-looking package in ages. ;P


I understand. As epic as an animated gif would be, I clearly prefer 30 unique pictures over one second of animation. :)

No.127458 - Link Reply Report 127458 2


I wonder if the artists behind these pictures would be okay if I colored them too? I'm working on a new picture too, but coloring lineart is always an easy, low hanging fruit (pun intended).

No.127459 - Link Reply Report 127459 2

I'll give this EQG/Human thing a look when I get the chance. Anything is worth trying once I suppose.
Seems the thread has also reached its size limit once again. With two threads behind us, I can't help but wonder if anyone here or elsewhere would be willing to actually start putting in commissions if I offered those. I could certainly use the extra money to fund my actual projects...

No.127477 - Link Reply Report 127477 2

>>127459 Is a new thread up yet?

No.127479 - Link Reply Report 127479 2

Not yet.
Working on new art as we speak.

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New thread is up >>127480