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[-] [+] No.127480
MLP Ballbusting & Cuntbusting /ah/ 
File: Flower_Trio.jpg -(359089 B, 2000x1000)
359089 359089 No.127480 127480 1

Thread 4
Old threads can be found here >>125903 and here >>126436

Marked for deletion (too big - automatic).
File: derp.png -(169124 B, 1254x1000)
169124 169124 No.127481 - Link Reply Report 127481 2

Old request pic

File: dunktank.png -(216385 B, 1000x1477)
216385 216385 No.127483 - Link Reply Report 127483 2
File: Dropkick_blank.png -(261318 B, 1807x1555)
261318 261318 No.127484 - Link Reply Report 127484 2

And then a couple of blank pics who you get to pick the participants for.

File: hammer_blank.png -(197405 B, 1662x1009)
197405 197405 No.127485 - Link Reply Report 127485 2
No.127491 - Link Reply Report 127491 2

Rarity on Tenderhoof.

Limestone Pie on Igneous Rock

File: Dunktank.jpg -(188838 B, 1000x1477)
188838 188838 No.127493 - Link Reply Report 127493 2

Second event done! I suppose he's trying to block the balls from hitting the target behind him, but I think his balls are the real target. :)

No.127494 - Link Reply Report 127494 2


This could be some of the Apple ponies like Apple Fritter or Apple Dumpling catching a stallion like Golden Delicious or Apple Cinnamon slacking at work.

Alternatively, using Aunt and Uncle Orange would offer a golden opportunity for jokes about "freshly squeezed oranges".

Or a random pegasus surprising a stallion off-guard, such as Sunshower Raindrops or Parasol, for a chance to use new ponies.


Igneous with Cloudy Quartz would also fit here. Or Trixie quitting her job at the rock farm. A mallet to the balls of a random stallion would also seem like a suitable joke by Pinkie Pie during the goof-off.

File: derp.jpg -(144128 B, 1254x1000)
144128 144128 No.127497 - Link Reply Report 127497 2

Here's Derpy! I'm surprised it took this long before she appeared in the first ballbusting picture, considering how popular she is in fanart in general.

File: Orange_squeezing.jpg -(235687 B, 895x990)
235687 235687 No.127499 - Link Reply Report 127499 2
>Orange squeezing

I tried editing the picture related, but I need some advice on how to make it look more painful. The original is in derpibooru if someone needs it, but I can't post the link to it here.

And once again, wonderful work you two! The pose in the Derpy picture is a bit off, but the dunk tank one is flawless!

No.127502 - Link Reply Report 127502 2

I like the idea but i feel like the cock is left out of the fun why no kicking or punching of the horse cock?

No.127503 - Link Reply Report 127503 2

I like the idea but i feel like the cock is left out of the fun why no kicking or punching of the horse cock?>>127493

File: Orange_squeezing_2.jpg -(236009 B, 895x990)
236009 236009 No.127508 - Link Reply Report 127508 2

I tried another approach to this, and it turns out to work just as well.

File: Orange_squeezing3.jpg -(236024 B, 895x990)
236024 236024 No.127509 - Link Reply Report 127509 2

The original pose, as good as I got it. Hopefully someone likes these.

No.127513 - Link Reply Report 127513 2

Most of these seem to be either surprise nutshots, or stallions willingly trying to endure the pain.

Are there any pictures with ponies tied up and crying, begging, or fighting against the restraints? Something where they are trying to cover their nuts and trying to run, but are in too much pain to stand up and get away? I'd like to see some stallions be pathetic and broken by mares that are malicious and cruel, not playful.

I like this one the best. Pressing down with one finger in the right spot looks more painful than a whole hand grip.

File: Breezie_busting.jpg -(840620 B, 2658x2101)
840620 840620 No.127531 - Link Reply Report 127531 2

I finally did it! After dozens of hours and several weeks of work, I bring to you my biggest artistic endeavor EVER! As the first non-pony Equestrian to get his balls busted, here's Seabreeze learning an important lesson in good manners.

I hope you like it! I don't know yet what I'll draw next, but I certainly hope it isn't going to be anything this complex. :)

No.127536 - Link Reply Report 127536 2

Love it, those wings look damn painful to draw though.

No.127538 - Link Reply Report 127538 2


No.127540 - Link Reply Report 127540 2

Honestly I don't get these kind of anthros. They're just humans with pony heads. It seems really lazy.

No.127556 - Link Reply Report 127556 2

>>127531 amazing picture! I can tell a lotta work went into this

File: zap_apple_negotiations.png -(288723 B, 1662x1009)
288723 288723 No.127557 - Link Reply Report 127557 2

Granny Smith, about to make jam

File: squeezed_oranges.png -(356999 B, 1807x1555)
356999 356999 No.127558 - Link Reply Report 127558 2

something something orange juice

File: jewel_display.png -(223266 B, 1500x807)
223266 223266 No.127559 - Link Reply Report 127559 2

[insert starter pokemon quote]

File: eqg2.png -(331962 B, 1820x1592)
331962 331962 No.127560 - Link Reply Report 127560 2

Tried out equestria girls
But fuck drawing feet

File: eqg1.png -(241682 B, 908x1500)
241682 241682 No.127561 - Link Reply Report 127561 2

Fluttershy more like kick-in-the-nut...ershy

File: pinned_blank.png -(274783 B, 1398x1241)
274783 274783 No.127562 - Link Reply Report 127562 2

And finishing off with one more of these.
Who will be busting who? You decide.

No.127563 - Link Reply Report 127563 2


These are neat. Should do more EQ busting pony, especially busting of pony equivalent like the blitz one.

No.127564 - Link Reply Report 127564 2


I was expecting eqg girls with eqg boys, but this is very nice! Speaking of feet, the feet of the toys are only stubs that you stick the shoes on, so even Hasbro themselves decided "fuck the feet".

The pony pictures are even better. There's still nothing is better than canonical hoof to the groin action!


I always thought this was going to be another picture of the flower trio. They would fit here well, unless you had something else planned for them.

I also thought about the Pie sisters, but that would mean leaving one of them out of the action.

File: toon_1456131352417.jpg -(328147 B, 1280x636)
328147 328147 No.127567 - Link Reply Report 127567 2

There's only one rule 63 I'd like to see, for obvious reasons...

No.127568 - Link Reply Report 127568 2


Fleetfoot and Blaze are holding Rainbow Blitz, Spitfire is kicking.

File: Squeezed_oranges.jpg -(296846 B, 1807x1555)
296846 296846 No.127569 - Link Reply Report 127569 2

"Looks like life in Manehattan isn't so different after all!"

What a wonderful start for a new day! Here's my favorite of the bunch to get started. Also thanks for drawing the lines in the hair, it made my work super easy!


Thanks! I spent several hours on them but compared to the rest of the picture they still went in a breeze! Heads, bodies and legs took about ten times as much time since my skills aren't so much about drawing as they are about fixing mistakes until the end result looks like a drawing. :)

No.127570 - Link Reply Report 127570 2

And a reminder, if anyone sees an idea they like, just point me to it so I know it has more support.
Good work. Looking forward to the rest.

No.127578 - Link Reply Report 127578 2

Hah, human on pony busting, awesome!

If you want to avoid drawing feet then but them with fists (knee to the crotch is more than fine too.) Two main advantages of hands are, they can grab the scrotum so that the orbs have nowhere to run, and that they can use toys (like a riding crop) for increased fun. I'd like Rarity to do both of those to teach some stallion his place.

File: Zap_apple_negotiations.jpg -(228740 B, 1662x1009)
228740 228740 No.127579 - Link Reply Report 127579 2

"He could have kept negotiating for a better deal, but he didn't have the balls for it."


I think some nonchalant, casual busting like >>126005 would be nice. For example, Mrs Cake catching Carrot Cake ogling Fleur De Lis would be a perfect time to snap him back to earth.

Also, Madame Pinkie trying to squeeze out visions of the future from the crystal balls of a crystal pony sounds like fun.

No.127582 - Link Reply Report 127582 2


Instead of humans and fingers, I'd like to see Gilda squeezing a stallion with her talons. I prefer canon characters over humanized/genderbent ones any day.

File: eqg2.jpg -(317629 B, 1820x1592)
317629 317629 No.127585 - Link Reply Report 127585 2

"Lets see how I would react to this..."


I'm not a fan of genderbending either, mostly because I like having clear genders of those with balls and those without them. For example, if someone busted Fluttershy when she was on poison joke, I think that would ruin the ballbusting for her forever.

File: eqg2_human.jpg -(314195 B, 1820x1592)
314195 314195 No.127587 - Link Reply Report 127587 2


Here's a vanilla human-colored version of the picture. I'm off to bed now, but I'll finish the two remaining pictures tomorrow.

No.127588 - Link Reply Report 127588 2

>>127587>>127585 These turned out great! Hope to see more eqg stuff in the future. Maybe Sunset vs Flash.

No.127589 - Link Reply Report 127589 2


Maybe it is Rainbow Blitz being given a 'New Recruit Initiation' by Spitfire, being held up by Fleetfoot and Soarin who is remarking 'We all had to go through this at some point, buddy', remembering his acking balls from his initiation.

No.127590 - Link Reply Report 127590 2

The see-saw picture still looks promising. Maybe with Derpy catching the Doctor by surprise, or Cheerilee catching a stallion standing on an opportune spot.


The flower trio seems sensible, but as an alternative Spitfire and Stormy Flare holding Wind Rider wide open for Rainbow Dash would work too.

Now that I think of it, it would be nice to have Stormy Flare do some busting in general. Playfully kicking a young cadet like Starry Eyes in the balls would certainly give the old mare a chuckle!

File: eqg1.jpg -(192847 B, 908x1500)
192847 192847 No.127595 - Link Reply Report 127595 2

Here's the second eqg-picture. I did some adjustments with the legs and hips, but it will be a relief to get back to working with ponies in the next one! :)

File: jewel_display.jpg -(185966 B, 1500x807)
185966 185966 No.127597 - Link Reply Report 127597 2

This picture sets the new record for pony balls not in pain. I thought about making the background a paintball range, but their expressions look so serene I decided in favor of the Canterlot stage.

No.127598 - Link Reply Report 127598 2


It's hard to suggest anything when you repeatedly manage to surprise me with things I didn't know I'm going to love, but more ponies please! Or other Equestrians like Gilda, Iron Will, Ahuizotl, etc. Fluttershy's first show of assertiveness against the goat on stage could certainly be improved by having her stomp on his balls.

No.127599 - Link Reply Report 127599 2

I'm the one who suggested Spitfire kicking Blitz. Mentioning that only because I'm not a common poster here, but I am a writefag. I wouldn't mind writing some stuff here for you guys. Don't know if you use ">" format or not, but I figure why not? If there's someone contributing art, why not add some writing?

No.127600 - Link Reply Report 127600 2

I'd like to see some other equestrians too. Like Twilight busting spike, or Fluttershy busting the bear. Gilda would be nice too, but I'd much rather see her getting cunt busted than to be the one doing the busting.

No.127601 - Link Reply Report 127601 2


Now you set a new record in pony's balls busted in 1 imaged.
That would be a good idea for a picture (the paintball range), having mare unload a few paintballs at close/point blank range into an unsuspecting stalion's nuts will be neat.

No.127602 - Link Reply Report 127602 2

Here is an idea for you:

> 3 ponies: 1 Pegasus and 2 other ponies, sitting down on the floor close to each other (shoulder to shoulder), and another taking a photo of the group (optional)
> The pegasus is sitting in the middle, embracing the other 2 in a 'wing hug'.
> The pegasus is a mare with a stallion sitting either side of her.
> She is busting the stallions by pressing down with 1 hoof on each stallion's balls (most likely just 1 ball each)
> The pegasus is smiling while the 2 stallions are trying to hide the pain.
> A forth pony is taking a photo of the group.

Alternatively, the pegasus could be a cocky stallion with 2 mares on his sides with the mares using 1 hoof each to press down on each of the stallion's balls (1 ball each mare). The pegasus could also be swapped out for Gilda or a griffon who instead of using hooves, is grabbing the stallion's balls with her claws in a tight grip.

The scene could be framed as the pegasus photobombing the 2 other ponies and then either busting or getting busted by the other 2 ponies. The photographer could be a mare with a big grin at the site of the stallion(s) getting busted.

No.127603 - Link Reply Report 127603 2


Greentexting works, and getting some stories will be absolutely fantastic!

If you need ideas, many suggestions here work for stories too, such as Chrysalis disguised as Cadence abusing her power to make guards let her kick them in the balls. Or Pinkie leaping to squeeze confessions from the suspects in MMMMystery of Friendship Express.

No.127604 - Link Reply Report 127604 2

Awesome! I will get to writing some stuff soon. I have finals at the moment, but I want to give back to you guys for being so awesome with the art. I have plenty of ideas in mind, but if you have any more, feel free to tell me!

No.127607 - Link Reply Report 127607 2

Write one about the wonderbolt test / initiation where cadets need to pass a flying test with freshly busted privates

No.127615 - Link Reply Report 127615 2


These are great ideas! Especially two mares on one stallion or two stallions grabbed by Gilda, even without the photographer in the picture, any of these would make for fantastic pictures!

File: eqg_flash_kick.jpg -(183452 B, 898x1080)
183452 183452 No.127617 - Link Reply Report 127617 2

I just did a new EQG edit by copy-pasting, scaling and rotating parts from different images. It should work on pony pictures too, making decent-quality pictures available for those without actual drawing skills. I recommend trying it!

No.127618 - Link Reply Report 127618 2

Seeing some ideas I'll at least try out, like the seesaw and two mares posing with a stallion.
Might also look into using Gilda for something, possibly more Diamond Dogs.

No.127624 - Link Reply Report 127624 2


Sounds like there's a lot of good things coming. Good luck to you both!

No.127632 - Link Reply Report 127632 2

how about trying to fly with weights attatched/tied to their balls (or maybe the whole set of privates)?

No.127637 - Link Reply Report 127637 2


How about a pic where a pegasus is trying to take off but someone has tied rope around their balls and the other end to the ground (via a pole or tree). So the pegasus takes off and gets a nasty, painful surprise. The scene could be that AJ caught Rainbow Blitz napping on the farm and decides to prank him by tying his balls to the tree he is napping on. AJ then wakes RB and tells RB to get lost. Blitz tries to take off at full speed only to be yanked backwards by the rope around his balls.

File: photohug.png -(263899 B, 1141x1000)
263899 263899 No.127638 - Link Reply Report 127638 2

Dump of the week

File: wonderbust.png -(394076 B, 1398x1241)
394076 394076 No.127639 - Link Reply Report 127639 2
File: seesaw.png -(280696 B, 1300x1232)
280696 280696 No.127640 - Link Reply Report 127640 2
No.127641 - Link Reply Report 127641 2


That is really good. I love the expression on the stallion like how he is trying to keep his composure while being busted. The balls are being busted quite well. Can't wait to see it colored.


Pain in 3...2...1. Would love to see a follow pic of the actual bucking. You tease well with these group shots.

No.127642 - Link Reply Report 127642 2


Wow! These are all pure perfection! Thank you once again!

No.127645 - Link Reply Report 127645 2

I love everything about this one, especially the faces. Could we get a follow up with Lyra and BonBon enjoying more stallions together? How about Lyra making out with a stallion while BonBon delivers a sneak buck into his unsuspecting balls?

File: photohug.jpg -(189311 B, 1141x1000)
189311 189311 No.127646 - Link Reply Report 127646 2

I just had to do this right away. Lyra and Bon Bon are my favorite couple, and this is an absolutely perfect picture of them working together!


I like this idea. Those two could definitely get into more mischief like that!

No.127647 - Link Reply Report 127647 2


That looks really good in color. Should add some redness to his balls considering how much they are getiing squished.

If you are after some more ideas, how about a point of view from a stallion about to be or being busted. A stallion lying on his back and a mare either pushing down on his nuts with a sadistic grin or about to hit is nuts with a weapon like a bat or something.

Another idea is having a male pegasus minding his own business while hovering in the air in a bipedal pose while a female pegasus approaches from behind with a massive strapon and does a pelvic thrust at him, sending the strapon's dildo at full speed at his nuts, slaming them hard. The mare has her front hooves on the stallion's shoulders and whispers into his ears, commenting, 'Hey, mines bigger' in comparision to the size of the strapon and stallion's dick. The victim could be Soarin or Thunderlane and the attacker Rainbow Dash or Spitfire.

No.127648 - Link Reply Report 127648 2

Ooooooooooh... the idea of PoV is really intriguing. Both stallion and mare PoV could work, there could even be two pictures of the same situation from two different viewpoints.

Imagine a stallion tied up spread-eagle on the bed thinking he's going to get some mare pussy, only to have the mare push his balls up around his penis and crush them against his pelvis (because crushing them against the soft bed wouldn't hurt nearly enough).

The female PoV would then reveal the stallions horrified pained expression, his tied, shaking hooves. And a huge strap-on dildo going from her own crotch to his ass, which wasn't visible form his own PoV.

Yeah, I know you don't like drawing penises or sexual stuff in general, but I'm dumping the idea anyway, just to get it out of my head.

There's something very arousing for me, about the fact how vulnerable stallion have to make themselves during sex. Especially if emphasized by the fact that they would be so careless as to willingly let themselves be tied up, and made completely unable to defend themselves or run, if they thought that it would bring them one inch closer to some mare's womb. It's absolutely pathetic and oh so deserving of merciless punishment.

No.127649 - Link Reply Report 127649 2

Heres an idea for ya: a stallion just picked up his mare friend for a date and one of her parents have threatend his nuts if he doesn' treat her right. They have put a bat between his legs, up againts his nuts enough to make one go either side of the bat but not enough to hurt or cause pain. The stallion has a look of fear/terror on his face.

Another idea - Fluttershy is taking self defense class and the trainer (male) has asked he to demonstrate what she has learned on him. She kicks him as hard as she can in the nuts and the trainer just stands there looking at her asking 'was that it?' as if she didnt hurt him at all. Both are standing bipedal. The trainer has his arms crossed with a disapointed look and fluttershy is confused. Fluttershy's leg is still in contact with the trainer's balls.

File: toon_1456666104363.spottythecheetah_flutterx.jpg -(176459 B, 1009x1278)
176459 176459 No.127650 - Link Reply Report 127650 2

It might be just me, but while this picture isn't explicitly stated to be about ballbusting, it certainly seems implied here.

File: Seesaw.jpg -(207101 B, 1300x1232)
207101 207101 No.127654 - Link Reply Report 127654 2

Another wonderful picture finished! Pinkie Pie is such a funny little prankster! :D

I'll get to work on >>127639 next but before I pick the colors I'd better ask to be sure, who each of the ponies are?

File: photohug_red.jpg -(189775 B, 1141x1000)
189775 189775 No.127656 - Link Reply Report 127656 2


Meanwhile, here's a red edition for you. These details are quick, easy and fun to make, and in fact the hardest part about them is deciding when to stop before going overboard. :)

No.127661 - Link Reply Report 127661 2

Fleetfoot / Spitfire / Soarin / that one background wonderbolt with the red mane

No.127663 - Link Reply Report 127663 2


Holy shit that's hot. I'm back guys, I'll be writing for a while.

No.127665 - Link Reply Report 127665 2


Neat. The redness really adds to the pain that stallion is feeling.It should be added when ever you have these pics that depict a prolonged busting, like that one.

File: Wonderbust.jpg -(305407 B, 1398x1241)
305407 305407 No.127666 - Link Reply Report 127666 2

"Declaring Rainbow Dash guilty until proven innocent? That's at least ten bucks worth of not-cool!"

It has been an awesome week for all kinds of pony ballbusting! Good job everypony, I'm really looking forward to what's coming next!

No.127667 - Link Reply Report 127667 2


Thank you! It looks just as snappy and painful as I imagined. You have done wonderful work once again!

No.127668 - Link Reply Report 127668 2

Keep the ideas flowing. I'll see what I can churn out come weekend, provided I don't stop to draw more non-pony things.
So far the Fluttershy VS self defence trainer seems like something worth trying at least.

And for those few who care for it - not pony or crotchbusting: i DOT imgur DOT com/WDEr8es.png

File: Rumbles_Cutiemark.jpg -(109040 B, 982x671)
109040 109040 No.127669 - Link Reply Report 127669 2

I just made an edit about the Cutiemark Crusaders helping Rumble get his cutiemark.


My favorite suggestion at the moment is Scootaloo crashing into a stallion from behind, getting a facefull of balls while delivering a groinfull of pain.

Another funny one is Hughbert Jellius with his balls stuck in a jar of jelly, with Nurse Redheart trying to pull it off with brute force.

No.127670 - Link Reply Report 127670 2


I thought there was 2 Spitfires there for a moment.


A few more ideas for you:

Bulk Biceps gets kicked in the nuts, causing him to 'YEAAHHHH!' as a way to handle the pain, confusing the attacker.

A mare and a stallion are making out, the mare lying on her back and the stallion is standing above her. While making out, the mare raises one of her rear legs, kicking/kneeing the stallion in the nuts. The mares eyes are shut, enjoying the kissing (and the fact she just kicked him in the nuts) and the stallion's eyes are open, in shock of what happened.

A mare has a stall at a market with a poor stallion tied up/stuck in stocks/gallows and is selling the right to bust the stallion for bits. Business is booming.

2 Stallions are kicking each other in the nuts in order to win the affection of a mare.

A mare is busting 3 or more stallions at once. She is kicking 2 in the nuts at the same time by bucking them with 1 hind hoof each. She is pushing down on another stallion's nuts with her front hooves, Considering the mare in putting all her weight onto her front hooves, the 3rd stallion is receiving the worst of it.

How about some cunt busting for a bit of a change?
Soarin cunt busts Spitfire as revenge for previous ball busting attacks she has done against him.

Dash has to pay for property damage from her crash by taking cunt punts (or nut shots) from the property owner since the owner would rather see Dash suffer. Similar to this skit from Robot Chicken - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRUOh3zY3Ao

No.127672 - Link Reply Report 127672 2

>>127670 +1 on the making out one.

No.127674 - Link Reply Report 127674 2


Another +1 for making out. Ballbusting while kissing is a wonderful combination!


These are great too, especially the Scootaloo one! It would be awesome to see her smacking her face into somepony's balls in a collision that's uncomfortable for both parties for entirely different reasons. :D

No.127676 - Link Reply Report 127676 2

Speaking of CMC... how about Babs Seed bullying some seed sacks?

No.127681 - Link Reply Report 127681 2


Love all the ballbusting, and also love your goats!

No.127682 - Link Reply Report 127682 2

Got some more detailed ideas on that?

File: fuckboy_punished.jpg -(288616 B, 1200x1000)
288616 288616 No.127685 - Link Reply Report 127685 2

I decided to just go ahead and color this, so hopefully the artist likes it.

File: toon_1456945214883.gif -(1230309 B, 500x281)
1230309 1230309 No.127686 - Link Reply Report 127686 2

She could feed Featherweight to the printing press, balls first. Or offer "show me yours, I'll show you mine" to him and once they exposes himself, punish him for believing her.

No.127687 - Link Reply Report 127687 2


She could be holding a small colt up againts a wall, kneeing him in the balls as a way of extorting bits from him. 'Give me your lunch money or I will bust your balls!'

No.127688 - Link Reply Report 127688 2

What if a filly and a cold playing let me kick yours and I'll let you kick mine?

No.127689 - Link Reply Report 127689 2


Babs cons 2 colts into playing RoShamBo (kicking each other in the nuts till one falls down/gives up), winner gets a kiss from Babs (or another kick to the nuts). Either that or Babs and a colt are playing that for the last cake/dessert.

No.127690 - Link Reply Report 127690 2

Diamond tiara holds a roshambo tournament for the prize of getting to kiss her
Rainbow dash beats the nuts of the bullies who made fun of fluttershy at flight school

No.127695 - Link Reply Report 127695 2


Speaking of Featherweight, I bet he's an easy target while he's concentrating on taking a picture.

Canon-wise, I would fully expect Applejack to buck Trenderhoof in the balls to get rid of him.

No.127703 - Link Reply Report 127703 2

With the babs one, Babs is bucking a colt and is teaching to the CMC on how to bust colts balls better. The CMC is ganging up on another colt. Scootaloo is holding the colt's arms behind his back, and Applebloom is bucking the colt, thanking Babs for the tips. Sweetie Belle is helping spread the legs of either colt. Rumble and Pipsqueak are getting busted. Several colts are looking on from the distance, fearing for their own balls, while hiding behind the school house or a tree.

No.127710 - Link Reply Report 127710 2

Don't really care about the specifics, but Trixie needs some love!

File: 150[1].png -(46759 B, 150x202)
46759 46759 No.127711 - Link Reply Report 127711 2


I approve. She definitely has the right attitude for ballbusting!

Maybe showing Ace that whacking balls is one of the things she can do better than the tennis player? Or proving her kicking prowess over "S05E16 Unnamed Earth Stallion #8" from Made in Manehattan.

File: ec7d0ae13c0425446772fc11151e4436.png -(399628 B, 952x1600)
399628 399628 No.127713 - Link Reply Report 127713 2

New anthro ballbusting pic!

No.127719 - Link Reply Report 127719 2

>>127713 Source of the image?

No.127720 - Link Reply Report 127720 2

>>127719 bubbleberrysanders on Tumblr

File: anthrodosh.png -(190201 B, 1038x1473)
190201 190201 No.127728 - Link Reply Report 127728 2

Sorry, unproductive weekend.
I'll try again later.

No.127736 - Link Reply Report 127736 2


That is very good anthro! I wouldn't mind seeing her bust some balls either. :)

No.127737 - Link Reply Report 127737 2


Either that or her getting cunt busted would be neat.

No.127739 - Link Reply Report 127739 2

If it pleases the audience, I could try something anthro for a change

No.127742 - Link Reply Report 127742 2

I'm part of the audience and anthro busting would please me greatly.

No.127748 - Link Reply Report 127748 2


+1 to anthro busting.

File: Cadance_kicks_guard.jpg -(175258 B, 1124x900)
175258 175258 No.127759 - Link Reply Report 127759 2

"Stand up soldier, your princess wishes to do it again..."

I have been exceptionally busy drawing last week, and finished the new picture in record time! I also tried using colored lines like the show, although I don't know if it was worth the extra effort.


She definitely looks good enough to bust some balls! Little Ponies may be the main thing, but seeing some anthro busting is definitely interesting for a change.

No.127777 - Link Reply Report 127777 2
>> 127759

Anthros busting smaller normal ponies would be neat. A few ideas for Anthro vs small pony pics:

  • Anthro using bats or other blunt instruments against the small pony's balls
  • Using one hand to grab above the balls, preventing the balls from moving while punching the balls with the other hand.
  • Small pony is on anthro's lap. Anthro is grabbing small pony's balls with one hand, squeezing them hard. With the other arm, wrapped around the chest of the small pony, preventing him from running away/escaping.
  • A pic similar to >>127595 but the male is facing the other way with their head buried in the breasts of the anthro female.
No.127779 - Link Reply Report 127779 2

I prefer anthro-on-anthro busting over anthro-on-regular pony busting. Makes more sense that the whole world would be one type or the other.

No.127787 - Link Reply Report 127787 2


Nice! In the context of this thread I like how proudly she's hovering there with legs apart, and nothing dangling dangerously between them. I bet out of all the ponies Rainbow Dash feels the luckiest to be born a mare.


I agree. Same bodytype but different gender makes the most satisfying ballbusting in my opinion.

No.127788 - Link Reply Report 127788 2

It'll be anthro on anthro if anything. We all know crossing the streams is bad news.
Gonna look into what I can get done over the weekend again.

No.127789 - Link Reply Report 127789 2

Incidentally she's also in a perfect position for a surprise cuntbust.

File: anthrokick.png -(372209 B, 1500x1650)
372209 372209 No.127815 - Link Reply Report 127815 2

This was not as simple as I had hoped

No.127818 - Link Reply Report 127818 2

Her neck looks really weird form this angle, as well as most of the other body proportions.

The squashines of his balls is top notch though.

No.127819 - Link Reply Report 127819 2

How about a colt tied to a bed getting his nads beat?

No.127820 - Link Reply Report 127820 2

How about a colt tied to a bed getting his nads beat?

No.127822 - Link Reply Report 127822 2


Nice! I had some computer problem but finally got the coloring started. I'll start with Applejack right away, but who is the stallion?

No.127823 - Link Reply Report 127823 2

>>127822 male rainbow dash!

No.127824 - Link Reply Report 127824 2

>>127822 male rainbow dash!

No.127826 - Link Reply Report 127826 2

Not a clue.
Make him whoever you want

File: anthrokick.jpg -(293030 B, 1500x1650)
293030 293030 No.127833 - Link Reply Report 127833 2


It is finally done! I spent several hours looking for the most suitable character, and finally settled with Apple Cinnamon. The hair looked more like Braeburn's, but I have never seen his hair from behind so I decided to play it safe. He's also a new character to add on the busting chart! :D

No.127834 - Link Reply Report 127834 2


Nice, I've been waiting to see this colored. Great work both of you!

No.127838 - Link Reply Report 127838 2


A simple, yet undeniably good idea. I bet those Canterlot ponies do all kinds of kinky stuff in the bedroom anyway.

No.127839 - Link Reply Report 127839 2

Some ideas:

  • Rainbow dash cunt punts lightning Dust for endangering her friends with a tornado
  • A male is being held in position over a ten-pin bowling ball return, either as a tease shot or as the bowling ball impacts his junk.
  • (Anthro) A short female has kneed time turner/dr whooves in the nuts and is grabbing onto his tie, pulling on it, making him bend forward.
  • In a workshop/shop class, a male has been dared to put his nuts in a vice, others nearby are putting forward money to make him tighten the vice's grip on his nuts.
  • A male is recieving nut shots for his birthday from an older sibling/friend.
  • Rainbow Dash gets a surprise cunt punt after being caught napping on AJ's farm.
  • Discord or Twilight is using magic to summon in boots, hooves, feet, etc to kick ponies in the crotch like 479427 on derpibooru.

How about some Ball busting in the locker room at the wonderbolts academy.

  • Whipped in the nuts/cunt by a wet towel
  • Kicked in the nuts from behind for popping a boner in the locker room.
  • Spitfire knees Soarin in the balls from behind for a poor flight performance.
  • Soarin gets caught creeping in the female locker room. The females in the locker room gang up on him and punish his nuts for it.
No.127840 - Link Reply Report 127840 2

I remember Spitfire towel-whipping Soarin being on the horizon at one point, and it would still make for a great scenario.


While your anthro is good, your regular ponies are absolutely godlike. While I'd like to see more show-accurate characters in the future I really appreciate this one too!

No.127841 - Link Reply Report 127841 2

If anyone wants to have a ballbusting/cuntbusting roleplay kik me at ColonelDashie

No.127844 - Link Reply Report 127844 2

Speaking of RP, I know there was a simple pony-themed RPG floating around at one point. I wonder if that could be used for some ballbusting adventures.

No.127846 - Link Reply Report 127846 2

Had to get a bit of surgery done, will get back to drawing as soon as the pain subsides.

No.127850 - Link Reply Report 127850 2


Wish you well!

No.127851 - Link Reply Report 127851 2


Sorry to hear that, but its good to know you're okay. Have a good rest our hero.

No.127852 - Link Reply Report 127852 2

Thanks for the support.
Small update: had to get a second visit in because something fucked up with the stitches. Still need to get a third one today just to check because I was bleeding a bunch overnight.
On the plus side, these extra visits are free so all I need to worry about it the first bill.

No.127854 - Link Reply Report 127854 2


Get well soon.

If you don't mind me asking, what sort of surgery was it?

No.127856 - Link Reply Report 127856 2

Just some tricky wisdom teeth, nothing major.

File: anthrodosh.jpg -(202184 B, 1038x1473)
202184 202184 No.127881 - Link Reply Report 127881 2


It's not ballbusting, but since it was a quiet week I decided to color this too as a gift. I wish you well, and look forward to more art whenever you're feeling better again. :)

No.127887 - Link Reply Report 127887 2


I have lost two wisdom teeth too. The first week is understandably pretty uncomfortable, but it should get better every day.

Season 6 is starting this weekend, so there's a goldmine of new ideas just around the corner. I hope something inspiring comes up in the very first episodes!

No.127916 - Link Reply Report 127916 2

You fuckers are the best. I've been searching for more mlp Ballbusting for so long and only a few Artists seem to be into it.

No.127923 - Link Reply Report 127923 2

Day 10
I'm mostly back to normal but still popping painkillers daily
I'll try to draw again soon
Have a not pony
i DOT imgur DOT com / vsG3tuy.png

No.127950 - Link Reply Report 127950 2


Sunset Shimmer bucking Sunburst certainly seems like an obvious choice now.

File: 46a08c1de3a115d905b3ae26ccccfcb7[1].png -(938755 B, 1172x1172)
938755 938755 No.127965 - Link Reply Report 127965 2

Found this one of griffon kicking a furry. Not as good as you guys, but new content is still new content.

File: on_the_ohorizon.png -(163604 B, 1000x1000)
163604 163604 No.127966 - Link Reply Report 127966 2

No characters assigned yet, so ideas are welcome. I might also not finish all these so if you want specific ones done please let me know.
Could also give cuntbusting or little ponies a shot if someone can toss out a juicy idea or two.

No.127969 - Link Reply Report 127969 2

I like the middle right one the best, self-busting like this is rare to see. Bottom right one is also interesting, always nice to see unicorns abusing their magic like this, especially is the victim is not an unicorn and can't defend themselves.

As for ponies, I'd like to see some Starlight-on-Sunburst busting.

As for cuntbusting, I'd like to see Fluttershyrolling on the floor cupping her cunt. Doesn't really matter who's the buster.

No.127970 - Link Reply Report 127970 2


These look great! Glad to see that you're feeling better.

The first one certainly looks like Great and Powerful Trixie material to me! Any two Ponyville stallions would do, for example Red Delicious and Golden Delicious.

The top right could be Sunset Shimmer bucking Sunburst for pretending to be busy with "wizard stuff".

Middle left could be Cheese Sandwich playing accordion on a table and Pinkie Pie seizing the opportunity.

Bottom left could be Applejack giving Trenderhoof a taste of real applebucking.

Bottom right could be Trixie beating Emerald Green after something jewel-related, or Coco Cruscoe after something nut-related.

My favorite of these would be Pinkie punching Cheese, because it's such a rare opportunity to see a pony getting punched in the nuts from straight ahead. Anything with Trixie is definitely at the top of my wishlist as well. Hopefully we'll get to see as many of these as possible!

No.127971 - Link Reply Report 127971 2


Top left needs to be Trixie busting grown up Snips and Snails,

Top right is fluttershy giving a light kick to someone who shrugs it off.

Middle right could be Derpy or Rainbow Blitz. If it is a self-busting one, add a mare or two who are standing around laughing at the male.

Bottom left should be AJ busting Rainbow blitz(based on the tails).

Bottom right is Twilight dong the busting.

As for some cunt busting ideas:
-CMC gang up on Babs Seed for some revenge
-Lightning Dust gets to Cuntbust Dash who was asigned her wing pony.

  • Pinkie Pie gives Dash a wake up cunt punt when Dash is sleeping on a cloud. Pinkie is up there with balloons tied to her.
No.127973 - Link Reply Report 127973 2


YAY! I have missed your art so much!

Perhaps the middle right could be a paparazzi pony like Eff Stop or Big Shot stuck in the tree while stalking Coloratura at the farm. Naturally her and Applejack would find his predicament hilarious.

The bottom right looks like Twilight having a talk with his brother. Cadence would be an even better fit if you feel like drawing her.

No.127974 - Link Reply Report 127974 2

Cuntbust idea: Trixie is giving Dusk Shine some mild to moderate ball torture, bragging about how she is clearly the most great and powerful because she has no balls to bust or some stupid shit like that. Dusk then magicks some heavy thing into her cunt, leaving her stunned, both from pain and disbelief that she could be busted like that

No.127975 - Link Reply Report 127975 2

Another idea: Shining getting some revenge on Chryssi by brutally cuntbusting (or ovipositorbusting) her. Maybe while Cadance watches and cheers him on.

No.127982 - Link Reply Report 127982 2


+1 for Trixie standing on eggs. My second favorite would be the bottom right one, or first favorite if its Cadence holding Shining Armor.

No.127984 - Link Reply Report 127984 2


Idea for a cunt/ball busting pics:

  • Rainbow Dash teaching Scootaloo how to cunt punt. She lets Scootaloo practice on her. Scootaloo isn't kicking hard enough to cause Dash much pain.
  • Applejack teaching Applebloom how to bust balls by making her practice on their unwilling brother.
  • Pinkie Pie letting her friends cunt bust her to cheer them up.
  • AJ bucks a tree to collect apples but does't realize Dash is napping up high in the tree. The buck causes Dash to fall, landing on a strong tree branch crotch first.
  • A stallion is standing on a street corner with a sign offering the opportunity to bust his balls: '5 bits for a punch, 10 bits for a kick, 20 bits for a buck.' Business is booming.
File: 3797dcc4e4b61630fe32e682b7bd3403[1].png -(686303 B, 1280x1295)
686303 686303 No.127985 - Link Reply Report 127985 2

Here's anthro Gilda busting Shining Armor. The fandom is growing!

No.127986 - Link Reply Report 127986 2

Sorry, no busting today.
Had to do a request for a friend, turned out well.
Will draw more tomorrow
i imgur com / DdsFPfa.png

File: _explicit_nudity_rarity_penis_straight_human_balls_colored_human+on+pony+action_femdom.jpg -(122373 B, 992x1280)
122373 122373 No.127996 - Link Reply Report 127996 2

Top left fits Trixie best. Her two lucky victims could be snips and snails i guess.
But that bottom Right one is definitely Rarity. I think it's sad that there is relatively few Ball-busting art of her.
She is such a Dom.

Also, slight suggestions. Make their Balls bigger to show that they have been abused a lot, making them swell.
Or emphasize on how much it's going to hurt when their huge nuts are kicked.
(Bigger Balls = More Pain)

File: doublestand.png -(305696 B, 1500x1189)
305696 305696 No.127997 - Link Reply Report 127997 2

Badly starved for time today, but this was the most requested one so I tried to at least get it done

No.128000 - Link Reply Report 128000 2


Aww yes, It looks even better than I expected!

File: doublestand.jpg -(274046 B, 1500x1189)
274046 274046 No.128001 - Link Reply Report 128001 2


The Great and Powerful Trixie has the lightest steps in all of Equestria!

I absolutely love how happy she looks with her feat. She's so pleased with herself, while some may argue that its Snips and Snails who carry the weight in this show. ;)

No.128002 - Link Reply Report 128002 2

I wouldn't mind seeing the tree bucking one of AJ and Rainbow Dash

No.128004 - Link Reply Report 128004 2

>>127997>>128001 such a Trixie thing to do too

File: doublestand_2.jpg -(271072 B, 1500x1189)
271072 271072 No.128005 - Link Reply Report 128005 2


I decided to edit another version of this as well. I moved Snips and Snails closer to Trixie's hooves and made them look a little more in pain considering their situation.


Indeed! I hope we'll see more of Trixie's amazing feats in the future! :)

No.128006 - Link Reply Report 128006 2

I like it. Good job Nuts.

No.128007 - Link Reply Report 128007 2


Thank you, this is fantastic! Truly this was the greatest, most powerful image of the on the horizon pictures, and if you need votes for the second one from >>127966 I'd say the lower right is pretty sure bet for victory whatever ponies you put in it. Cadence + Shining Armor is my favorite suggestion for it.

No.128008 - Link Reply Report 128008 2

Holy fuck. This is GOLD.

File: af4f5f7804a46857d7caea46e1cb916d.png -(382252 B, 1200x950)
382252 382252 No.128017 - Link Reply Report 128017 2


Awesome work! Thank you both once again!


The magical nut-pulling indeed looks like the next best thing on the page. The straight punch looks the second best. In addition to Pinkie and Cheese, it could also be a stallion leaning on the handrail of a balcony when a mare punches him under the rail. It would be even better if he just noticed it coming but too late to react.

No.128037 - Link Reply Report 128037 2

I just saw a dream where I laid on a bed while Rarity roughly stroked my balls with her hoof. She was nervous, but Fluttershy was there as as an animal expert, reassuring her that she was doing well and encouraging her to keep going.

Thank you artists! Once again I doubt I'd have dreamed about things like this without all these pictures.

No.128039 - Link Reply Report 128039 2

Ideas for you:

  • An earth pony jumps up and headbutts and pegasus in the balls who was hovering above the earth pony. Could be AJ or Pinkie jumping up and headbutting Dash or Blitz in the crotch.
  • A unicorn has placed a spell on their crotch so that it reflects the impact to the attacker. A male tries to kick the unicorn in the crotch only to have the impact of the kick reflected onto his nuts. The attacker's hoof is connect to the crotch of the attacker but his nuts are knocked about/spread apart and red as if he was kicked.
  • Applejack fires multiple apples at her brother's balls via bucking them at him.
  • A stallion is in a pool with a floating ring around his waste. A mare swims underneath him and kicks him as she swims underneath him.
  • Thunderlane gives his brother, Rumble, a brotherly sack tap with one of his front hooves. The force of the hip is enough to lift up the rear end of Rumble.
  • A stallion kicks himself in the nuts through portals thanks to the use of the aperture science
  • Twilight creates a male duplicate of herself in order to practice and study ball busting on it.
  • The pinke clones from 'Too many pinkie pies' gang up for some cunt/ball busting on the main pinkie pie. Could also gang up on twilight sparkle or rainbow dash.
No.128040 - Link Reply Report 128040 2

>>128039 yesss please did those ideas!!

No.128042 - Link Reply Report 128042 2


The underwater kick certainly sounds nice.

No.128043 - Link Reply Report 128043 2

>>128039 I like the 2nd one.

No.128051 - Link Reply Report 128051 2

How about Applebloom repeatedly accidentally kicking her dance partner in the nuts at dance class

No.128052 - Link Reply Report 128052 2


His horn looks like it is stabbing nightmare moon in the chest.

File: Nightmare_Nutgrind.jpg -(127223 B, 1238x892)
127223 127223 No.128055 - Link Reply Report 128055 2


You're right. Here's a super-early morning edit before this gets uploaded anywhere. :)


I like this. It would have fit perfectly in the latest episode!

No.128064 - Link Reply Report 128064 2

Bit of an art pause from my end due to the release of Dark Souls 3.
See you in a few days when I've beat it.

No.128067 - Link Reply Report 128067 2

How about shining armor getting busted by his mother?

File: _safe_solo_dragon_artist-colon-carnifex_spoiler-colon-s06e05_gauntlet+of+fire_princess+ember[1].jpg -(56601 B, 619x745)
56601 56601 No.128081 - Link Reply Report 128081 2


As I thought, 'a few days' for beating a Dark Souls game sounded like an underestimation. Anyway, I just watched Gauntet of Fire and it was great! Looks like I get to be the first to suggest Ember busting Garble. :)

No.128083 - Link Reply Report 128083 2

I'm done. Three days, 34 hours. All bosses done.
Great game.
Will get back to drawing as soon as I can.

File: toon_1461006373765.png -(625941 B, 1600x1200)
625941 625941 No.128085 - Link Reply Report 128085 2
No.128115 - Link Reply Report 128115 2


Nice! Although anthros without hands are a weird concept, I really like the situation here!

No.128118 - Link Reply Report 128118 2


It is almost like a ball busting glory hole.

No.128140 - Link Reply Report 128140 2

No new episode nor ballbusting? :(

Oh well, from what I've heard the next weeks episode could be an inspirational one.

No.128144 - Link Reply Report 128144 2

Sorry for the low productivity, lots of things happening all at once and motivation is rather low.
Will aspire to get new pics done soon.

No.128150 - Link Reply Report 128150 2

>>128144 cannot wait, totally love your art!

File: unicornbust.png -(355657 B, 1400x1614)
355657 355657 No.128170 - Link Reply Report 128170 2

I've been quite sick the past few days forcing me to miss work, but I cleared up enough to draw this.

Still on the list
-the frontal nut punch from that earlier on the horizon pic
-something with Cinder if that was still desired?

Ideas welcome as always.

File: _safe_screencap_cute_starlight+glimmer_faic_nervous_spoiler-colon-s06e01_the+crystalling_glimmerbetes_spoiler-colon-s06e02.jpg -(192876 B, 438x544)
192876 192876 No.128171 - Link Reply Report 128171 2

Bonus: replace Starlight with any of these for hilarity

No.128172 - Link Reply Report 128172 2


It's beautiful! I've really missed your art!

File: Unicornbust.jpg -(382279 B, 1400x1614)
382279 382279 No.128177 - Link Reply Report 128177 2


It's good to be coloring again! I bet "the great wizard" feels helpless when his childhood friend literally has him by the balls! :D

I'm really looking forward to the frontal punch one. And if by Cinder you mean Ember, then it sounds like we're in for some real Equestrian biped-busting! They even have claws to grasp jewels with. :)

No.128181 - Link Reply Report 128181 2


That looks neat. Should do more pics where the mares are using magic on the male's balls.

A few ideas for you:
A stallion is lying on his back. A mare is sitting on his chest, facing towards is crotch, she is spreading his hind legs apart with her front hooves. A second mare is pushing down on his nuts with her front hooves. The stallion is looking on in horror.

A unicorn drags a stallion through town by his balls. The stallion is either on his back with the mare holding his balls up high so his hind legs and rear are held up high because of it or he could be dragged on his stomach with him trying to use his front hooves to dig into the ground to stop her from dragging him along.

A mare walks past a stallion who isn't paying attention to her. As she walks past she raises one of her hind legs to casually kick him in the balls. She isn't fazed by what she has done., probably drawn holding a fast food soda cup, drinking it from a straw. The stallion is in shock from the sudden pain from the unsuspecting kick.

A stallion kicks himself in the nuts via the use of portals.

The school is having a fundraiser and a mare has set up a stall where participants can buck or punch one of several victims in the crotch. The victims are family or close friends of the students of the school. Cheerilee is operating the stall with Big Mac, Thunderlane and Rainbow Dash. The stall is popular with the students and small ponies who are flocking to have a turn.

No.128182 - Link Reply Report 128182 2


Once again an excellent picture! I've become pretty much addicted to these.

File: comic_horizon.png -(134162 B, 400x2000)
134162 134162 No.128183 - Link Reply Report 128183 2

Please toss some Princess Ember ideas at me.
in the mean time, I'll also show this bigger thing on the horizon

No.128184 - Link Reply Report 128184 2

Well the obvious one would be roasted nuts or flame broiled pony pie... Or both!!
Personally I'd like to see the princesses all go at each other to see who's best princess. But that's just me.

No.128185 - Link Reply Report 128185 2


That's nice! I love the licking after the kicking.

Some ideas for the dragonballs:

Straight up kick, face to face.

Wrestling with Garble, she grabs his nuts and twists.

Ember whacks Garble between the legs with the bloodstone scepter.

Sitting on a throne, looking bored and casually squeezing them in her hand like stress balls.

I also thought about Ember using her firebreath but since dragons bathe in lava it would probably just feel good to them.

File: Unicornbust2.jpg -(381363 B, 1400x1614)
381363 381363 No.128186 - Link Reply Report 128186 2


I decided to give this a try, and it turns out the turned-on face certainly works here!


I really, REALLY love this! The tenderness after ballbusting is both arousing and adorable, and I think the whole ride must have been quite a legendary mixture of pain and pleasure. He looks so happy in the last panel, receiving a blowjob for his dick and some well-needed rest for his abused balls. :)


My favorite of these is definitely the casual kick. I love it when the mares kick balls like it's not even a thing! The first and second idea are great too, and the second one could also work with a rope, or even better, teeth!


Wow, roasted pony nuts sounds really good! Now that I think of it, Ember on stallion busting sounds even better than Ember on male dragon because the stallions have such prominent testicles to do things with. Grabbing, twisting, blowing on them, it would all be fantastic! In any case, anything with Ember ought to be good just because she has such a perfect attitude for ballbusting.

No.128187 - Link Reply Report 128187 2

Very nice, always happy to see magic busting.

I'd love to see Ember get cuntbusted, first a foremost.

Spike, wields the Bloodstone scepter, has order Ember to "That's right! Uh... Now, go start your long journey home. And give every dragon you see on the way a chance to kick you in the cooch."

Or, spike uses the bloodstone scepter, to order Emper to stay still as he bust her himself (actually, he could be hitting her with the scepter too).

Or, if you want to draw Ember to do the busting, Spike gives a similar order to Garble, and Ember is the first dragon he meets, and has to let her bust him.

Alternately, Ember complains to her father Dragon Lord Torch about not being able to join the race, and he puts her in line by flicking a finger straight between her legs.

No.128191 - Link Reply Report 128191 2

I love that chain of images. I think it would be neat if it was in reverse, starting with the blow job but add a panel with the mare asking if the stallion wants more, then he will have to pay for it in nut shots.


With that last suggestion - how about having Ember use her firebreath on a dragon's nuts who is enjoying it while asking a male pony wanted some as well. The male pony is cringing at the thought, holding his nuts at the thought of it.

Some Ember related suggestions:

  • A dragon slayer pony in full suit of armor is trying to take on ember, takes a fireball to the crotch
  • Ember turns around quickly, whipping a stallion or a dragon in the nuts with her tail.
  • Ember steps on a stallion's balls, squishing them against the stallion's body. She comments on how more fun the pony's nuts are to bust than dragons.

In regards to fire, how about if Spike accidentally hits a stallion in the nuts with a message scroll delivered from his flame/magic. Could also possibly have burnt the stallion's balls in the process. Alternatively, it could hit Twilight in the cunt.

No.128197 - Link Reply Report 128197 2

I think he should get the last proper hit, while he's getting the blowjob and his guard's down.

No.128198 - Link Reply Report 128198 2


Or the mare gets into 69 position on the stallion with her being on top allowing her to both suck his dick, punch on his junk and shove her pussy in his face at the same time. She tells the stallion to start licking or she will punch harder.

File: dragondive.png -(351781 B, 1600x1316)
351781 351781 No.128206 - Link Reply Report 128206 2

The real reason Garble didn't get up too fast after that throw

File: dragondive.jpg -(319057 B, 1600x1316)
319057 319057 No.128215 - Link Reply Report 128215 2


It's super effective!

This picture is fantastic! I love how smug she looks about hitting hard straight at the dangly bits. It's good to be a girl - such vulnerable things between males legs are just asking for a good walloping! :D

File: dragonbust.png -(662985 B, 1000x1000)
662985 662985 No.128217 - Link Reply Report 128217 2

Great work.
I'll be doing three more on this theme, as slight alterations of the actual fight scene.
-grabbing his nuts instead of the tail
-knee to the groin while pinning him to the wall
-kick the jewels when held down
And if I'm still not sick of drawing dragons, maybe a bonus of Ember getting hit in the dragonfruit with the scepter.

No.128219 - Link Reply Report 128219 2


An entire scene full of brutal nutshots... I can't describe how excited I am! You really have a skill with the dragons too!

No.128220 - Link Reply Report 128220 2


Garble's balls are going to be in so much pain after you drawn those scenes. Can't wait.

No.128223 - Link Reply Report 128223 2

Been doing ponies for quite a while now, I wonder if I should try something else on the side some day.
No idea what would lend itself well to busting though. Pokemon? Just general furs?
Just idle thoughts, don't panic, I'm not leaving you or anything.

No.128224 - Link Reply Report 128224 2

How about... I don't know... humans? Maybe satyrs?

No.128225 - Link Reply Report 128225 2


The first thing that comes to my mind is Zootopia, but I haven't even seen it yet. Maybe Carmelita Fox? Lola Bunny? Kitty Katswell?

No.128226 - Link Reply Report 128226 2

>>128223 I feel like there may be time for a busting pok├ęballs joke...

No.128227 - Link Reply Report 128227 2


>Kitty Katswell

Yes... Ponies are the best, but I for one can certainly see the appeal of a slim, sassy catgirl in tight leather and high heels kicking balls!

No.128228 - Link Reply Report 128228 2

I've always preferred Digimon, to be honest.

Maybe a crossover? Digimons busting pokemons and vice versa.

No.128233 - Link Reply Report 128233 2

Starlight holds male version of Twilight down w/ magic while Trixie stomps. Or anything w/ those three really.

No.128238 - Link Reply Report 128238 2

There's been some pokemon busting already, but seeing Renamon for a chance would be something new.

Also, having watched some episodes of Tuff Puppy, I'm kind of surprised Kitty hasn't kicked him already in the show itself.

No.128239 - Link Reply Report 128239 2

Plenty of interesting ideas here, including some stuff I've never heard of.
Guess I need to go check some research

File: toon_1462311031099.bagger288_trixie2[1].png -(1807703 B, 1024x1024)
1807703 1807703 No.128241 - Link Reply Report 128241 2

Found a new anthro pic.

I expected a Trixie episode to have more ballbusting opportunities, but unfortunately she didn't happen to interact with any stallions. Starlight Glimmer on the other hoof could try using magic to make a stallion more receptive to her advances by giving him magical super blue balls.

File: taps.png -(158601 B, 1071x1238)
158601 158601 No.128299 - Link Reply Report 128299 2

Something quick for yall

No.128305 - Link Reply Report 128305 2

Nice. Your facial expressions are always great.

I like the solo/accidental bust drawings.

No.128307 - Link Reply Report 128307 2

I like the bust, but the head is waaaaay too large.

No.128317 - Link Reply Report 128317 2


I just got back home, but I'll get to work on coloring this as soon as possible tomorrow!

File: taps.jpg -(210155 B, 1071x1238)
210155 210155 No.128323 - Link Reply Report 128323 2


Special talent: Nut-tap-dancing!

I actually laughed out loud when I noticed his new cutiemark. Maybe he'd have gotten that instead if in his first performance the sliding on knees finisher had ended on Applebloom's hoof at the edge of the stage. Now there's a new idea for a picture! :D

No.128324 - Link Reply Report 128324 2


Nice solo act, although it could be called pair dancing as well. Time for a new thread?

No.128326 - Link Reply Report 128326 2

New thread HERE >>128325

No.131237 - Link Reply Report 131237 2


No.131849 - Link Reply Report 131849 2

>>127984 do one of em

No.132885 - Link Reply Report 132885 2