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[-] [+] No.128080
Your Toon Crush 
File: rockos-modern-life-showdown-2012-1.jpg -(27742 B, 480x360)
27742 27742 No.128080 128080 1

I'm curious to see people's toon crushes. Myself, I LOVE Rocko from RML. Ever since I was little I imagined being with him...lol. Might be a little strange but I can't help it. I wish I could hump him silly and take his load down my throat. Anyone wanna contribute/converse about their crushes? :3

File: 401593_-_Disney_Minnie_Mouse_Nezuya.jpg -(116559 B, 589x600)
116559 116559 No.128084 - Link Reply Report 128084 2

I've liked her since I was a kid :v

File: vlcsnap-2016-03-28-12h31m58s327.png -(846491 B, 1280x720)
846491 846491 No.128130 - Link Reply Report 128130 2
Source: house of mouse

the goofer.

File: Guilmon_by_Zen.jpg -(504632 B, 1152x855)
504632 504632 No.128133 - Link Reply Report 128133 2
File: mcwolf_screen.jpg -(63773 B, 640x480)
63773 63773 No.128135 - Link Reply Report 128135 2

I have several upon several, but this guy tops them all.

No.128137 - Link Reply Report 128137 2

I know who you are~

No.128138 - Link Reply Report 128138 2



No.128139 - Link Reply Report 128139 2

Oh, >>128137 as a reply to >>128135

File: yakko_wakko__chill_out_by_rockleetist-d4xsn81.png -(415516 B, 658x900)
415516 415516 No.128141 - Link Reply Report 128141 2

These 2 for sure

File: CuteTwoTone38.jpg -(47400 B, 640x480)
47400 47400 No.128159 - Link Reply Report 128159 2

I remember when I was a kid I saw Two-Tone and I thought she was cute. Not sure why though

File: ask_pat.png -(366436 B, 900x1100)
366436 366436 No.128207 - Link Reply Report 128207 2
File: toon_1469064906146.skunkjunkie_twitch_doodle.png -(307959 B, 885x1058)
307959 307959 No.129114 - Link Reply Report 129114 2

Too many to count.
But Twitch is my number one.

File: Pin-up_Bugs.jpg -(167676 B, 900x1321)
167676 167676 No.129116 - Link Reply Report 129116 2

for me it was 3.... if not more.... mainly guys.... 1st was Bugs Bunny, he hypnotized to love femboys as a child....

File: toon_1459036356396.buddythesketcher_flirty_brandy.jpg -(124920 B, 1280x928)
124920 124920 No.129117 - Link Reply Report 129117 2

2nd comes Brandy from Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, she got me into feet & flat chest.....

File: 13157_-_Goof_Troop_Goofy_Goofy_time_Max_Goof_Powerline_Roxanne.jpg -(388573 B, 700x850)
388573 388573 No.129119 - Link Reply Report 129119 2

Last.... Max AND Roxanne, yes that's 4 but I was all over the goddamn place with my "needs", I seeing the goofy movie & that 1st scene with Roxanne & Max's body.... I lost my shit.....

File: 105.jpg -(115456 B, 662x890)
115456 115456 No.129124 - Link Reply Report 129124 2

Minerva Mink

File: 1754735_-_Jak_and_Daxter_SkunkJunkie_daxter.jpg -(240656 B, 1280x960)
240656 240656 No.129187 - Link Reply Report 129187 2

Gotta go with Daxter.
Holy butts, do want.

File: 940ee334023bc979bc971902c8214061.png -(575625 B, 1200x900)
575625 575625 No.129213 - Link Reply Report 129213 2

I wish she had more appearances in the series.

File: 689126_-_Conker_s_Bad_Fur_Day_Mr._blue_Mr._green_Mr._red_Mr._yellow_Mutant-Serpentina_weasel_mafia.jpg -(133954 B, 1280x914)
133954 133954 No.129673 - Link Reply Report 129673 2

those weasels from conker's bad fur day. never could peg what it was that made me gravitate toward them so much

File: ppff.jpg -(385820 B, 920x1300)
385820 385820 No.129675 - Link Reply Report 129675 2

Mines a two way tie between Pepe le Pew and Fifi la Fume! Something about the curvy bodies and bushy tails got me, even as a kid. They were just so seductive.

File: 256583_20-_20Digimon_20Flamedramon_20Narse.jpg -(299751 B, 897x750)
299751 299751 No.129829 - Link Reply Report 129829 2

This digi. Ever since I was young I've had a crush on him. He's the one that'll be on my mind for the rest of my life.

No.129830 - Link Reply Report 129830 2

>>129829 You and me both.

File: img-491969-1-so-cute-bunnie-rabbot-8921714-320-240.jpg -(26360 B, 320x240)
26360 26360 No.129831 - Link Reply Report 129831 2

BUNNIE! Oh man, ever since I was a little kid she made me feel weird things.

No.129835 - Link Reply Report 129835 2

Naughty Bunnie .

File: Zolf-02.png -(6013129 B, 4369x2480)
6013129 6013129 No.129840 - Link Reply Report 129840 2

I am the one of the biggest childhood raper. I researching the best artists and I ask commissions when I can, about my favorite childood characters. Just cartoon-like artworks.
Check my little (expanding) collection: inkbunny[dot]net/Zolf

File: 97c9ee8bf58655ac2d045a8aa08f2d1f.jpg -(510272 B, 1024x746)
510272 510272 No.129858 - Link Reply Report 129858 2

For me It would have to be Conker

File: 4bb9ae344e4f20d35c4a8d96584bb7c1.jpg -(95967 B, 1280x1098)
95967 95967 No.129860 - Link Reply Report 129860 2

I absolutely love skunk from skunk_fu I would fuck that tailhole slow and rough. and then i would ask him to spray me while i was fucking him

File: Zolf-03.png -(7017357 B, 5551x2480)
7017357 7017357 No.129921 - Link Reply Report 129921 2
Source: https://inkbunny.net/Zolf

Another gem (from Chacomics). ^.^

File: image.png -(1159727 B, 1047x1250)
1159727 1159727 No.130073 - Link Reply Report 130073 2

Wile E. Coyote definitely. I think it's those big sexy paws :P

File: Robin_hood_Animated_paintfox.gif -(4951990 B, 972x705)
4951990 4951990 No.130076 - Link Reply Report 130076 2


File: a7d0dc6624352a75eaf777fcaf8f8df8.jpg -(160409 B, 1280x1280)
160409 160409 No.130133 - Link Reply Report 130133 2

definitely Bonkers

File: BagelCollector-SabrinaOnlineFanart.png -(447628 B, 1123x1600)
447628 447628 No.130707 - Link Reply Report 130707 2
Source: https://e621.net/post/show/654528/alpha_channel-bagelcollector-bikini-bikini_bottom-

(Disclaimer: that thankfully, this one isn't done by Eric Schwartz himself, so that I can post here about this one.)

Oh, that I'm only surprised that no one else here has mentioned as of yet about this still cute and sweet and beautiful and sexy young woman. Well, that I could go into how that I came across her in the first place and how that I felt about her during and after that time as well, but all that I'm going to say about her for now is that she may not be my main toon crush, but she's definitely my biggest one of them, and that also this is my second recent picture of her that I've lately been interested in, and that the drawing video of it is even now on YouTube, huh friends :^). >Danny<

File: foxy_roxy_returns_by_daymond42.jpg -(168462 B, 1106x855)
168462 168462 No.130720 - Link Reply Report 130720 2

<<She was the main reason I bought Brutal for <3
Wish the game was at least as good as her pictures on internet.

File: 2016-11-13__3.png -(1631637 B, 1920x1080)
1631637 1631637 No.130731 - Link Reply Report 130731 2

I have many, but I love Booster the most. He's cute, sweet, and not bothered by public nudity! What more can a guy ask for! <3

File: Knuckles_Quack_Pack.png -(2166058 B, 1920x1080)
2166058 2166058 No.131654 - Link Reply Report 131654 2

Knuckles From Quack Pack

File: Ggr.png -(498857 B, 406x615)
498857 498857 No.132031 - Link Reply Report 132031 2

The female gremlin from Gremlins 2 was kinda hot in a freaky monster chick sorta way.

File: toon_1494429074409.rand_maidmarian.jpg -(398221 B, 836x1000)
398221 398221 No.132033 - Link Reply Report 132033 2
File: ftryr755t5t57858585785757858.png -(868488 B, 1250x1500)
868488 868488 No.132035 - Link Reply Report 132035 2

Fifi for fifteen years and counting.

File: fa05eab1c1769871fa585656de1e2952.png -(1457091 B, 1500x1405)
1457091 1457091 No.132036 - Link Reply Report 132036 2
File: tumblr_oeqwe60uzT1ulysl8o1_1280.jpg -(163828 B, 1280x1280)
163828 163828 No.132038 - Link Reply Report 132038 2
File: c191ee89643cfc9f7468a3abfec010eb.jpg -(36222 B, 800x500)
36222 36222 No.132052 - Link Reply Report 132052 2

It has to be Throttle from biker mice from mars. He was my favorite growing up and now he's my favorite as a adult. I'm in love with him

File: af7b723eacd4816e59de041544c3a2ef.png -(507014 B, 900x773)
507014 507014 No.132054 - Link Reply Report 132054 2

Recent one.

File: Fuf_cuteyreptileib.jpg -(813517 B, 1065x1500)
813517 813517 No.132079 - Link Reply Report 132079 2
File: 313826-80165-ninjara.jpg -(212531 B, 370x629)
212531 212531 No.132085 - Link Reply Report 132085 2

For me it's been Ninjara for a very long time. Been fond of her ever since I was a child. Always found her very hot. And I pray to the TMNT gods that she will one day be in an animated show.

No.132093 - Link Reply Report 132093 2

Most likely not, she's no owned by Mirage comics, rather by her creator who split from the company. And she has kind of been replaced with Alopex , heck Alopex is basically Ninjara 2.0 being a former villainess who the turtles fight but who later becomes their ally and Raphel's romantic interest

File: vlcsnap-2015-10-20-00h31m39s250.png -(999174 B, 1280x720)
999174 999174 No.132094 - Link Reply Report 132094 2

one of the main villians from Dreamworks "All Hail King Julien"

He's seriously one of the sexiest cartoon characters i've ever seen, he's devious and intimidating.

File: KittyKatswellCyclist.jpg -(13513 B, 480x360)
13513 13513 No.132095 - Link Reply Report 132095 2
File: bd2ce7b2-26a6-4210-8e3a-02b4fe0e1a60.jpg -(100797 B, 800x800)
100797 100797 No.132478 - Link Reply Report 132478 2

I love victini

File: 16.jpg -(265815 B, 656x1024)
265815 265815 No.132508 - Link Reply Report 132508 2

Doesn't leave too much for imagination. S2E11. 1080p version would be so sweet.

File: Tooners_rosesfifi.png -(590562 B, 920x620)
590562 590562 No.132519 - Link Reply Report 132519 2
File: 2922d0500801f23287c104ac0434a639.png -(617171 B, 1000x814)
617171 617171 No.132520 - Link Reply Report 132520 2

These guys x)

File: 69bee09c67619620f95cd277fc874d25.jpg -(160605 B, 541x922)
160605 160605 No.132522 - Link Reply Report 132522 2

Isabelle from AC:NL