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[-] [+] No.128325
MLP Ballbusting & Cuntbusting /ah/ 
File: Unicornbust.jpg -(382279 B, 1400x1614)
382279 382279 No.128325 128325 1

Thread 5
Old threads >>127480 / >>125903 / >>126436

Ideas welcome
New art coming soon

Marked for deletion (too big - automatic).
File: Stagepunch.jpg -(184598 B, 1098x718)
184598 184598 No.128332 - Link Reply Report 128332 2


Here you go! Glad I could finally do a request for you guys too. I don't mind if someone more skilled does a take of this too, but here's the best I could come up with. Keep up the good work!

No.128334 - Link Reply Report 128334 2

A couple of ideas for you from the new episode:

  • 'I'm ready for whatever punishment you want.' Spitfire punishes dash by having the whole team cunt bust her.
  • When Dash stands on Soarin's bed, she accidentally stands on his balls.
No.128337 - Link Reply Report 128337 2

>>128334 id like to see some more cuntbusting

No.128338 - Link Reply Report 128338 2


Thanks! That was fast. :)

No.128339 - Link Reply Report 128339 2

The last episode had all the wonderbolts wearing their tight spandex flight suits, full of opportunities for naughty mares to pull back with their teeth and snap at their victims nuts.

No.128340 - Link Reply Report 128340 2


I think that those wonderbolts suits could be used to bust nuts/cunts by having the attacker(s) give the victim a wedgie with it. Grabbing onto the front or back of the suit and pulling it up will defiantly make it very uncomfortable for the poor victim. Especially if 2 mares grab the front and back of a stallion's suit and pull it up will squish his poor balls pretty good.

No.128342 - Link Reply Report 128342 2

Cunt busting, not enough of it mane.

File: DashSuitWedgie.png -(194808 B, 828x1280)
194808 194808 No.128344 - Link Reply Report 128344 2


Or they could help each other zip up there suits which could lead to ball/cunt busting like the last few frames of this comic. Mares zipping up the front of a stallion's suit can easily squeeze the male's poor nuts.

No.128346 - Link Reply Report 128346 2

Indeed. Speaking of which, a couple of cuntbusting ideas from the last thread:


File: DashBallClamp.jpg -(163758 B, 1022x1280)
163758 163758 No.128348 - Link Reply Report 128348 2
Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19850526/

From Furaffinity, by B-I-R .
Dash clamping some poor stallion's balls.
www DOT furaffinity DOT net/view/19850526/

File: Shining_Nightmare_Animated.gif -(477852 B, 1238x892)
477852 477852 No.128350 - Link Reply Report 128350 2

I thought I was biting off more than I could chew with the breezie picture, but this one turned out to be an even bigger undertaking. Behold: My first pony ballbusting animation!

I don't know if I'll try this again someday, but I know for certain that it will NOT include anyone with a magically flowing mane! :)

No.128363 - Link Reply Report 128363 2


Now that looks painful! I can hardly imagine my balls being squeezed like that, and she just keeps continuously grinding them forever. Good work, this looks way more painful than I'd have expected from the first picture!

No.128364 - Link Reply Report 128364 2

Good work on this one.

Long term roughhousing is so much better than a one-time kick.

No.128386 - Link Reply Report 128386 2


Very nice indeed. While I tend to favor still images as fap material, I can definitely appreciate the novelty of a moving picture for a change.

No.128387 - Link Reply Report 128387 2


Are you going to color this?

File: Rainbow_Dash_nutcrunch_color.jpg -(252628 B, 1022x1280)
252628 252628 No.128395 - Link Reply Report 128395 2


In all honesty, I already did. I know it's a good practice to ask the artists permission first, but I had already colored this for my own enjoyment so I suppose I could as well just go ahead and post it here too. I'd like to thank B-I-R for drawing this, and I hope he likes it! :)

No.128423 - Link Reply Report 128423 2

I have 3 ideas, then some random thoughts.

  1. A mare and stallion are making love and then a jealous mare nut busts the stallion. The first mare doesn't notice and continues as if nothing happened.
  2. A nervous stallion is on his back with a rope, string, fabric, whatever tied around his balls and then tied to the ends of each of his hooves. The mare, with a wicked smile, tells him to spread his legs for her. A self vice.
  3. This one is more ambitious than the others and would probably need multiple panels. I can understand why no one would want to go to the effort, but I thought I'd share anyway.

A mare, probably Twilight or Rarity, is instructing another mare (or maybe the reader) about erotic ball play. There's a stallion on his back and she's swatting his family jewels with a crop and noting that it won't hurt him and he'll even like it, as long as his balls have room to move so they don't absorb the full force of the blow. The stallion can have a hardon and a happy look on his face. And then, of course, she lays his balls against a flat surface, or against the inside of his thigh maybe, and demonstrates what happens when they're compressed. There could be a funny panel where the stallion's expression changes abruptly during the repositioning.


I've only seen a couple pictures in these threads where the stallion cums while being busted. Not only is it hot, but the facial contortions are always hilarious. Puts another spin on "busting a nut."

I think stallions would be very alarmed by someone wrapping their fingers around their balls. Usually they're only played with by magic, wings, hooves, or a mouth/tongue, so fingers could feel unusually constricting, even if the handler doesn't intend for it to be threatening.

No.128427 - Link Reply Report 128427 2

Eureka! I finally found a ballbusting opportunity from the latest episode: A mare and a stallion are nuzzling together, while Snowfall Frost sings about how she hates the Hearts Warming Eve. As a part of her musical number, she casually bucks him in the balls while singing about the waste of time.

No.128435 - Link Reply Report 128435 2

Squishy squish, nice work.

No.128443 - Link Reply Report 128443 2

I'll try to get some actual relevant stuff done tomorrow.
For now have some pony without ballbusting: i dot imgur dot com / d2xaS9s.png
And something not pony at all: i dot imgur dot com / EqtYewx.png

No.128453 - Link Reply Report 128453 2


Nice! Looking forward to it.

No.128460 - Link Reply Report 128460 2

Anyone want to do this? Ideas from the /trash/ MLP thread:

First post:
/r/ing Chrysalis getting kicked in the cunt by Shining Armor while Cadance keeps Chryssi restrained and in a vulnerable position through magic

Second post:

>cunt busting
>not ovary busting
>not having an xray view of one of chryssi's little eggsacs rupturing as shiny punches it as hard as he can and while cadence makes her take it
>not having chryssi whimper pathetically as shiny presses a hoof into the other one, keeping her guessing as to whether he's gonna wind up another punch and rob her of all her future babies
File: _safe_solo_fluttershy_reaction+image_scared_cropped_shocked_shock_artist-colon-jittery-dash-the-dash-dragon_horrified[1].png -(112654 B, 1028x899)
112654 112654 No.128462 - Link Reply Report 128462 2



I think this would go way outside the scope of ballbusting and into castration territory.

No.128464 - Link Reply Report 128464 2

That's a bit too far, but I like the idea of ovary busting.

If we imagine the green thing on her stomach is transparent, it would allow to hit her just in the right spot.

No.128465 - Link Reply Report 128465 2

Yeah, I like the idea of ovary-busting too (albeit milder than that other idea). More direct analogue of ballbusting for mares. And yeah, if we say those green bits are transparent, lots of fun to be had there.

In any case, the idea of Shining and Cadance ganging up on Chrysalis for revenge/punishment floats my goat.

No.128466 - Link Reply Report 128466 2

Personally I prefer normal cuntbusting

File: Itsthattimeagain.png -(738093 B, 1126x709)
738093 738093 No.128468 - Link Reply Report 128468 2

I prefer just ballbusting myself. Speaking of which: how about Cheerilee spanking Big Mac's balls?

File: dragonkick.png -(372464 B, 1861x1155)
372464 372464 No.128498 - Link Reply Report 128498 2

The other parts of that earlier dragon series

File: dragonknee.png -(404522 B, 1639x1887)
404522 404522 No.128499 - Link Reply Report 128499 2
No.128500 - Link Reply Report 128500 2


I love the evil grin she has as she smashed his nuts. She really seems to be enjoying it.

No.128503 - Link Reply Report 128503 2


YYYESSS!! I've been waiting for these so much! Thank you! :D

No.128511 - Link Reply Report 128511 2


Good job on those ones. If you plan on doing more ember ball busting, how about having her give Spike a nice big kick to the nuts that sends the little guy airborne/lifted off the ground by quite a bit by the shear force of the kick.

File: Dragonkick.jpg -(360898 B, 1861x1155)
360898 360898 No.128512 - Link Reply Report 128512 2


He's got some balls to keep fighting after a blow like that, but sooner or later something is bound to give way.

I rewatched the episode for the backgrounds, and found the fight scene infinitely more funny when you imagine it with all the nut kicks every five or so seconds: Dramatic music continues, yet after each kick Garble's struggling gets weaker and weaker until in the end he's just trying to protect his battered nuts while Ember keeps kicking them. :D

File: Dragonknee.jpg -(358667 B, 1639x1887)
358667 358667 No.128521 - Link Reply Report 128521 2


And here's the knee attack. I learned today that dragon wings are different color from their back than front, and luckily managed to fix that in the last picture before posting it. :)

File: Dragonknee2.jpg -(356131 B, 1639x1887)
356131 356131 No.128525 - Link Reply Report 128525 2


I also made a version without the backspikes.

No.128541 - Link Reply Report 128541 2

Excellent work as always! This suggestion might be obvious, but in the latest episode when Rarity bumped into Caramel it shouldn't have been his tail she bumped against.

No.128543 - Link Reply Report 128543 2

I might still do another three to finish the set
-spike hitting ember in the taco with the sceptre
-ember and garble kneeling before him cupping their crotches
-ember kicking spike in the nuts once she gets the sceptre

No.128556 - Link Reply Report 128556 2

Love these. If there's gonna be even more, I think his balls should be getting more and more colored with every picture.

File: ceda64a2272b798f0f42ede8066ed027.png -(322628 B, 1280x671)
322628 322628 No.128558 - Link Reply Report 128558 2

He's really setting himself up for a friendly slap to the balls here...

File: _oc_clothes_questionable_bondage_gag_rope_shirt_crossdressing_ballgag_offscreen+character.png -(512154 B, 2081x1025)
512154 512154 No.128564 - Link Reply Report 128564 2
No.128573 - Link Reply Report 128573 2


I like the idea, but where are his balls?

Speaking of balls, I really love the way Buttsaucer draws them. They look so solid and heavy, just a close-up of the stallion's balls getting hit by a hoof would make a great piece of art!

File: _oc_explicit_nudity_pinkie+pie_anthro_breasts_penis_human_sex_nipples[1].png -(360285 B, 945x1600)
360285 360285 No.128577 - Link Reply Report 128577 2

Continuation to >>127713

File: dragonhold.png -(170747 B, 1000x1050)
170747 170747 No.128592 - Link Reply Report 128592 2

quick on the horizon

No.128594 - Link Reply Report 128594 2


Twilight: This is great! I'm learning so much about the dragon culture!

No.128596 - Link Reply Report 128596 2

Yes! That cunt was just waiting for some good busting.

No.128597 - Link Reply Report 128597 2

I also considered making one picture based off each episode, in reverse chronological order.
Zephyr getting his nuts smashed by dash for goofing off
Laundry pony getting whipped in the croth with a towel

No.128600 - Link Reply Report 128600 2


Nice! I've been waiting for the towel whip for ages! And a bust per episode sounds like a fantastic idea.

No.128617 - Link Reply Report 128617 2

Now that's a LOT of work, but it will give you enough material to work with for another year. If you have the time I say go with it. I'll be here to comment on every single one of them.

No.128618 - Link Reply Report 128618 2


His balls are pushes into himself by a combination of a crotch rope and tight bloomers.

File: Hoofsies.jpg -(212266 B, 1360x1120)
212266 212266 No.128623 - Link Reply Report 128623 2

I finally finished my latest project: Countess Coloratura giving out hoofsies!

File: Hoofsies2.jpg -(216862 B, 1360x1120)
216862 216862 No.128624 - Link Reply Report 128624 2


Here's also my original version with the veil. I think she looks wilder without it, but feel free to upload whichever or whatever I've done to the Furaffinity page. :)

No.128625 - Link Reply Report 128625 2

If you have any ideas for the episode pics, do tell.
The less time I spend rewatching for ideas the more I have for drawing

No.128631 - Link Reply Report 128631 2

A few episode based ideas:

Applebuck Season:

  • When AJ and Big Mac are surveying the upcoming harvest, AJ punches Big mac in the nuts when he questions her ability to do the harvest on her own.
  • When Rule 63 AJ tries to help dash with her trick, when he jumps off the tower, he accidently lands on his balls.

Boast Busters:

  • When Twilight is pracitcing spells, she practices a nut shot spell on Spike.
  • When Trixie shows up Dash, she zaps Dash in the cunt with a lightning bolt.

Dragonshy: Dash tries to kick the dragon in the nuts to get him to leave but the dragon shakes it off due to the size difference.

Swarm of the century: When Dash wakes up with the parasprites, when they to make a 'bikini' formation on her, one of them rams her in the cunt.

Winter Warp Up: Rule 63 Twilight - when Twilight uses the magic to speed up the plow, the back bar raises up and busts his own balls.

Sonic Rainboom - Rarity accidentally busts a couple of the wonderbolt's balls
when they try to rescue her.

Over a Barrel: One of the ponies defending the town throws a pie that hits one of the buffalo attackers in the nuts.

May the Best Pet Win: Rainbow Blitz's nuts get trapped under the rock in the landslide during the race.

Newbie Dash: When Dash stands on Soarin's bed, she accidently stands on his balls.

No.128632 - Link Reply Report 128632 2


It sure is hard to come up with ideas for all the episodes, but we can do it! Here's some ideas for episodes that any of the previous ideas might not fit:

The Gift of the Maud Pie: Maud and Rarity hold the sleazy stallion with his balls in the party cannon while Pinkie fires it.

Scare Master: Mare yanks a loose piece of mummy wrapping on Big Mac's costume for a wedgie. She could also swing it to send a whiplike wave to its target.

The One Where Pinkie Knows: Pinkie snaps a stretched balloon at a colt's balls.

Made in Manehattan: While one of the Method Mares actors is getting into his costume, an actress busts his balls while his head and forelegs are in his shirt. Also serves as another rare opportunity for a frontal bust!

No.128633 - Link Reply Report 128633 2

Good work, you're improving with each pic.
I'll upload it soon.

No.128634 - Link Reply Report 128634 2


The Hooffields and McColts: A McColt is walking along when one of the Hooffields jumps up from a bush behind him and nails him in the balls with a tomato.

The Saddle Row Review: Bouncer pony tries to keep a straight face despite one of the dancers hitting him in the balls.

No.128636 - Link Reply Report 128636 2


In the episode dragon quest: how about the teen dragons and spike have a contest to see who is the toughest by getting their balls smashed and they keep score who got the their balls hit the most whit out crying uncle or holding their balls

No.128639 - Link Reply Report 128639 2

Ok I don't know if it's appropriate to ask here, but I could really use some quick cash for... stuff.
Would anyone be interested in commissions?

File: inverted_heart_nutkick.png -(126893 B, 1000x1182)
126893 126893 No.128657 - Link Reply Report 128657 2

Here's to you

No.128658 - Link Reply Report 128658 2


Thank you! Simple but straight to the point! :D

File: Inverted_Heart_Nutkick.jpg -(103101 B, 1000x1182)
103101 103101 No.128661 - Link Reply Report 128661 2


Colored it! Wouldn't it be funny if his cutiemark meant upside-down relationships but everypony just presumed it represented an aching nutsack? :)

No.128668 - Link Reply Report 128668 2


Nice work once again! Although it does leave me yearning for the rest of the scene. :)


Are there any specific episodes you need ideas for? I'm sure I can come up with more ideas wherever they are needed.

For the last weeks episode, I'd certainly like Saffron cheerfully busting one of the uppity restaurant ponies. Even better, while trying to attract customers she could make a passing stallion stop by grabbing his nuts with her magic.

Zesty Gourmand definitely disapproved with Coriander Cumin's cooking, but she looks so famished I doubt she could hurt him if she tried.

No.128676 - Link Reply Report 128676 2

Any episode really.
I'm getting increasingly swamped with work due to other projects and Overwatch so my productivity may go down a bit, but nothing makes me shift into high gear like seeing an idea that gets my attention.

No.128698 - Link Reply Report 128698 2


In the episode dragon quest: how about the teen dragons and spike have a contest to see who is the toughest by getting their balls smashed and they keep score who got the their balls hit the most whit out crying uncle or holding their balls

No.128701 - Link Reply Report 128701 2

Canterlot Wedding: Twilight kicks Shining for not telling her about the marriage.

No.128702 - Link Reply Report 128702 2


File: _explicit_nudity_penis_straight_human_edit_sex_balls_oral_blowjob[1].png -(908001 B, 1225x2160)
908001 908001 No.128722 - Link Reply Report 128722 2

Found a picture of Gilda with human balls in her talons.

Some new ideas:

Rarity Investigates: Rarity questions the castle guard seductively, while also keeping up pressure by pressing on his balls.

Sweet and Elite: Instead of breaking the champagne bottle on the airship, Rarity uses it to whack Blueblood in the nuts.

Fleur De Lis shooting the champagne bottle cork at an unfortunate stallion would also be funny.

Pinkie Apple Pie: Sitting down and enjoying the ride, one of the ponies carelessly waves her legs over the frontboard of the cart, occasionally hitting Big Mac in the balls but not caring enough to stop doing it.

No.128726 - Link Reply Report 128726 2

Canterlot Wedding, part 2: Shining and Cadance's love-attack turns into a focused shockwave aimed straight for Chryssi's crotch

No.128769 - Link Reply Report 128769 2



Read it and Weep: The dog pony Screwloose bites the doctor's balls.

No.128818 - Link Reply Report 128818 2

>>128769 rainbow dash bucking zephyr breezezephyr in the balls for bugging her

No.128819 - Link Reply Report 128819 2


I didn't even suggest this myself because I knew anyone who saw the episode would agree that Zephyr desperately needed a swift kick to the nuts. :)

Read It And Weep: Daring do slides between Ahuizotl's legs, and punches straight up at his groin.

No.128820 - Link Reply Report 128820 2

Best Night Ever: When Dash tries to get the Wonderbolts to notice her when she catches the stallion she intentionally knocked into the air, the stallion lands on his nuts on Dash's back.

Sonic Rainboom: When Dash is swapping numbers with the various competitors, she punches a stallion in the nuts when she goes to place the number on an unsuspecting pegasus.

A Dog and Pony Show: When the ponies buck the Diamond dogs off their backs, they whack the dogs in the nuts in the process.

File: _oc_explicit_nudity_oc+only_penis_cum_balls_grimdark_horsecock_underhoof.png -(372155 B, 1000x3837)
372155 372155 No.128857 - Link Reply Report 128857 2
No.128861 - Link Reply Report 128861 2


Urethral insertions horrify me, but the second to last panel is right up my alley!

File: zephyrbust.png -(320043 B, 1400x1073)
320043 320043 No.128868 - Link Reply Report 128868 2

[undeath noises]
Anyway, looks like several of you wanted Zephyr, so here goes

File: dragonfinale.png -(533566 B, 2400x1834)
533566 533566 No.128869 - Link Reply Report 128869 2

Also one final dragon pic. Decided against the original finale pair and just went with this.

No.128870 - Link Reply Report 128870 2

Dash did not hold back with that kick. Love it

Was hoping for more dragon pics :( Was hoping you would do one of ember kicking spike and sending him airborne from the kick.

No.128871 - Link Reply Report 128871 2

Well if there is market for more, I might still make some

No.128874 - Link Reply Report 128874 2


Aww yes! I've missed your works, and this is about as perfect and energetic as it gets!


Much better than the original sketch! Ember's body language looks so smug, and I've never seen her drawn so sexy in general. Looks like the break was really good for you. :)

No.128887 - Link Reply Report 128887 2


These are glorious! I think the Zephyr pic just became my new all-time favorite.

File: Zephyrbust.jpg -(307680 B, 1400x1073)
307680 307680 No.128888 - Link Reply Report 128888 2


I just finished the first new pic. I absolutely love how intense it is! Rainbow is REALLY determined about using Zephyr's dangly bits to express her annoyance, and it is awesome!

I have to go to sleep now, but I'll color Ember picture first thing tomorrow. Thank you Buttsaucer, these really made my day once again! :)

No.128889 - Link Reply Report 128889 2


File: Dragonfinale.jpg -(473597 B, 2400x1834)
473597 473597 No.128892 - Link Reply Report 128892 2


This is truly the best way for Ember to assert her dominance and make dragons kneel before her. Garble looks so beaten I could swear he'll remember that walloping for a long time. :D

Awesome work as always, I'm really looking forward to whatever you decide to draw next!

Oh, and it was especially nice treat to see a rare after-busting pic, with the male in throbbing pain with the female standing proudly. It really serves to show who just had all the fun and who has to deal with the aching balls for the next several days. :)

File: FullSizeRender.jpg -(78000 B, 640x619)
78000 78000 No.128893 - Link Reply Report 128893 2

Hope you like some of these drawings.

File: FullSizeRender_1.jpg -(82236 B, 627x622)
82236 82236 No.128894 - Link Reply Report 128894 2

Looks like a lot of pain.

File: FullSizeRender_2.jpg -(72876 B, 640x608)
72876 72876 No.128895 - Link Reply Report 128895 2

No babies for you!

File: FullSizeRender_3.jpg -(66193 B, 640x622)
66193 66193 No.128896 - Link Reply Report 128896 2

Right in the baby makers!

File: FullSizeRender_4.jpg -(84850 B, 640x631)
84850 84850 No.128897 - Link Reply Report 128897 2

What are you going to do?

File: FullSizeRender_5.jpg -(76020 B, 640x632)
76020 76020 No.128898 - Link Reply Report 128898 2

Take that bitch!

File: FullSizeRender_6.jpg -(145265 B, 640x636)
145265 145265 No.128899 - Link Reply Report 128899 2

Ouch! she cut her with the blade!!!

No.128904 - Link Reply Report 128904 2

Maybe my favorite one yet. Really love all your dragon pics, and Ember makes a great ballbuster. (Especially when she's drawn with curves like that!)

No.128905 - Link Reply Report 128905 2


Excellent work on these both!

If you're th:nking what to do next, the apple family trip in >>128722 gets my vote. I can imagine what a pain it would be for Mac to pull the wagon while knowing that the mare swinging her legs behind him could kick him in the balls again any minute.

No.128907 - Link Reply Report 128907 2

Always good to see more artists here.
Anyway, now that I'm back for a couple of days, any requests specifically on the many ideas that have been posted?

No.128908 - Link Reply Report 128908 2

Here's a suggestion that nobody made how about some discord ballbusting like in the episode return of harmony instead of turning discord in to stone the elements just smashes his balls

No.128911 - Link Reply Report 128911 2

>>128893 >>128899
Lots of good stuff in there, UnicornMAN. Love all the ones of Dash getting cunt busted. Keep it up.


A few ideas for you:

  • A stallion is lying on his back and mare in front of him, holding his hind legs apart, leaving his nuts open. She lifts her hoof up to stop on his nuts.The stallion has a look of horror on his face while the mare has a smug look. The pic could be of the stomp or a tease pic.
  • A nut-shot glory hole: Stallions stick their nuts through a hole and the mare on the other side busts them. Could be the stallion is in the glory hole and sticks his nuts out at passing mares who can bust them as they please.
  • A stallion and his partner are at the doctors after a very painfull ball busting incident. The doctor is inspecting an xray (looking away from the patient) and says the mare shouldn't bust her partner's nuts anymore and before he can finish saying it, the mare busts the doctor in the nuts shouting "If I can't bust his nuts anymore, I will just have to bust yours!". The patient is sitting, cupping his nuts even harder after seeing the doctor busted.
  • A unicorn uses a shrinking spell on a stallion's underwear, crushing his nuts.
  • A pegasus stallion is minding his own business in the sky when a mare comes up behind him wearing a massive strap-on who slams it against the stallion's nuts and penis, whispering into the stallion's ear, "Mine's bigger."
  • 2 ponies are making out, stallion on top and female on the bottom. The female decides to kick the stallion in the nuts as they are making out. The stallions eyes are wide in shock while the mare's are closed. Both are still kissing.

There are plenty of ideas through all the threads so it might be a good idea to have a browse through them all for some that might stand out as good ones for pics.

No.128914 - Link Reply Report 128914 2


Thank you for drawing again! These are my top three favorites at the moment:

>2 ponies are making out, stallion on top and female on the bottom. The female decides to kick the stallion in the nuts as they are making out. The stallions eyes are wide in shock while the mare's are closed. Both are still kissing.
>Rarity questions a castle guard seductively, while also keeping up pressure by pressing on his balls.
>A mare walks past a stallion who isn't paying attention to her. As she walks past she raises one of her hind legs to casually kick him in the balls. She isn't fazed by what she has done., probably drawn holding a fast food soda cup, drinking it from a straw. The stallion is in shock from the sudden pain from the unsuspecting kick.
No.128916 - Link Reply Report 128916 2


The one about a stallion leaning on a balcony rail as a mare punches him in the nuts still sounds good. Getting to see the punch coming but being too late to react on it should make all the worse for the poor stallion (and I really like the way you draw expressions so this ought to be a golden opportunity for a mixture of pain and horror).

No.128917 - Link Reply Report 128917 2

>>128893 >>128894 >>128895 >>128896 >>128897 >>128898 >>1288939

I love these, especially the first one and the pinkie pie on. There isn't enough cuntbusting in these threads so these are a welcome change. I hope you do more. A couple of ideas for if you if you are going to do more:

  • Considering Dash has been busted by nearly everyone, have fluttershy come up and ask (politely) if she can bust Dash. Dash agrees thinking flutters is weak but flutters delivers a massive kick to Dash's cunt. Whhile Dash is in pain, Flutters offers Dash the opportunity to bust her back.
  • Dash let's Scootaloo practice Cuntbusting on her. Scootaloo uses rapid punching against Dash's cunt.
No.128919 - Link Reply Report 128919 2


Excellent work on Zephyr and Garble pics! I've been feeling happy for days since I saw that you've made more ballbusting pics. :)

Laundry pony getting whipped in the crotch with a towel sounds good, especially if the mare swings the towel with her teeth.

Rainbow Dash standing on Soarin's balls in the Wonderbolts barracks sounds good as well.

And the cart ride. Repeated busting is definitely a thing we need more of.

No.128920 - Link Reply Report 128920 2

Here is an idea for you. How about if Derpy was going to sit on a (un)lucky stallion's dick but misses and slams her ass down hard on his balls instead. Derpy is sitting there confused as to why people do this while the stallion is in shock and pain from the sudden impact on his balls while yelling at derpy to get off.

No.128979 - Link Reply Report 128979 2

Unabashedly showing him her tits and crotch, hand confidently resting on her hip... I just love that pose. Garble look pretty good too, kneeling in front of his queen as he should. And showing the tears after busting rather than the shock and pain of bust itself is refreshing.

Ember is a bomb and I want to see more of her. Possibly busting some ponies for a change. How about Ember holding a stallion in the air by his marbles and breathing fire at or next to them?

Do you have access to a scanner? The photo quality is really low. That said, thanks for the bulk of content, you can't have too much cuntbusting.

No.128983 - Link Reply Report 128983 2



File: _explicit_nudity_anthro_penis_straight_human_sunset+shimmer_femdom_human+penis_foreskin[1].png -(2586334 B, 1609x1729)
2586334 2586334 No.128994 - Link Reply Report 128994 2

New anthro pic from Derpibooru.

Anything with longer busting would be good indeed (cart ride, interrogation, testicle massage etc.), but I think my favorite would still be the casual buck while drinking soda.

Keep up the good work! You are literally my favorite artist in the whole fandom.

File: _solo_oc_explicit_nudity_clothes_plot_balls_panties_crying_underwear[1].jpg -(165019 B, 960x1280)
165019 165019 No.129057 - Link Reply Report 129057 2
No.129063 - Link Reply Report 129063 2


I love the expression in that. The shock hits home just a moment before the pain.

No.129102 - Link Reply Report 129102 2

I wish ballbusting was combined with bondage more often in this thread.

No.129153 - Link Reply Report 129153 2

Nice series of sketches there, m8.

Mind drawing one where Shiny and Cadance cuntbust Chryssi for messing with them?

No.129154 - Link Reply Report 129154 2

WITH MIND BULLETS!!! (AKA Pony horn lazers! Pew pew! Right in the snackbox! )

No.129170 - Link Reply Report 129170 2


Or unicorns summoning magical weapons or props to bust ponies.

No.129176 - Link Reply Report 129176 2

We need more pictures for this topic!

No.129181 - Link Reply Report 129181 2

Don't worry I ain't dead, I just got back from vacation and can return to drawing.

No.129182 - Link Reply Report 129182 2


Horray! I hope going on vacation has allowed you to come up with a few ideas to draw.

File: _applejack_suggestive_crossover_big+macintosh_fallout_artist-colon-redhotkick_fallout+4[1].jpg -(238098 B, 623x543)
238098 238098 No.129184 - Link Reply Report 129184 2

New pic from Derpibooru.

No.129185 - Link Reply Report 129185 2


Yay! Welcome back! I've missed you so much!

No.129186 - Link Reply Report 129186 2

Here are a few ideas for you:

  • A stallion is getting a massage at the spa. He is lying on his stomach and the spa pony who is massaging him decides to massage his balls aggressively. Could be either at the Ponyville spa or at the wonderbolts academy.
  • A point of view similar to >>128623 but the mare is placing both her front hooves on his balls and pushing down on them. She has a smug grin as she is doing it.
  • 2 Stallions try busting each other as a sort of game. Both appear to be having fun/laughing about it.
  • A stallion tries making an imprint of his balls in wet cement but the cement dries before he can pull his junk out. Mares gather around and laugh at him.
No.129211 - Link Reply Report 129211 2


No.129212 - Link Reply Report 129212 2

Hah, love the last one.

No.129240 - Link Reply Report 129240 2

More ideas for you:

A wrestling match between a stallion and a team of two mares. The stallion is upside-down lying up against the ropes of the ring. The who mares are holding one of his hind legs each, spreading his legs, leaving his junk exposed. Both land a punch at the same time on his nuts. Both mares are wearing either bikinis or a one-piece suit. The stallion is wearing a speedo/underwear type suit. This could be a team of Spitfire and Blaze taking on Soarin.

Same set up as above but the mare team land hit on the stallions nuts from both sides similar to the Thunderlane >>125967 and Braeburn >>126436 pics you did.

Finally, the mares gloat over their beaten opponent who is keeled over, cupping his busted nuts on the floor while the mares put a hoof each on his back or flak in a victory pose, standing over him.

File: idea.png -(580892 B, 1406x783)
580892 580892 No.129241 - Link Reply Report 129241 2

Idea: Rainbow Dash tries to free Quibble Pants by ramming into him from under the bridge.

No.129242 - Link Reply Report 129242 2


I just watched the newest episode, and he's really another pony that desperately needs a switft kick in the nuts!

Maybe Dash and Daring could pull her on the waterskis groin first into a pole?

No.129251 - Link Reply Report 129251 2


Maybe when they drop into the rock/ball pit near the start of the episode, Quibble lands o the rocks on his balls or Dash could throw a rock at his nuts.

No.129260 - Link Reply Report 129260 2

Ok some of the stuff I'll try out soon
-Dash stepping on Soarin's nuts when waking the wonderbolts up
-A stallion gets his junk stuck in wet cement
-this thing >>129240
-a towel whip

No.129261 - Link Reply Report 129261 2


Nice! Can't wait.

No.129264 - Link Reply Report 129264 2


Yay! Looking forward to these!

File: towel.png -(149211 B, 1000x1000)
149211 149211 No.129270 - Link Reply Report 129270 2

I got roped into video games for most of the evening so enjoy this quick sketch for now

No.129271 - Link Reply Report 129271 2


Looking good! Can't wait to see this finished!

No.129272 - Link Reply Report 129272 2


Looks good. Can't wait to see it finished. When it comes to coloring it, I think there should be a bright red spot added to the impact spot on the nuts of where the towel hit.

File: towel.png -(214847 B, 1300x988)
214847 214847 No.129289 - Link Reply Report 129289 2
No.129302 - Link Reply Report 129302 2


Excellent! A sharp snap like that is an entirely different kind of pain in the balls. I like it!

File: towel.jpg -(199132 B, 1300x988)
199132 199132 No.129304 - Link Reply Report 129304 2


I came from a cabin trip today, and I couldn't have hoped for a better surprise when I got home. Another nice picture of a mare horsing around! :D


I tried making a red mark, but I just couldn't keep it from looking like a rather horrifying wound instead so I decided to forgo it completely in this picture. Hopefully I'll get to color more red and swollen balls in the future! :)

No.129309 - Link Reply Report 129309 2


Excellent work. Must be amusing to see him walking funny after a slap like that. Maybe that sack will give the same idea for other ponies waiting for their towels too.

Coming up with a busting idea for the last weeks episode is going to be a doozy. With all mares and stallions sitting deep in their cars, I'll have to watch that again for any opportunities for nutshots.

No.129314 - Link Reply Report 129314 2


Nice work once again. Always looking forward to your delicious pony ballbusting!

File: Grinning_press.jpg -(224374 B, 1360x1332)
224374 224374 No.129316 - Link Reply Report 129316 2


>A point of view similar to >>128623 but the mare is placing both her front hooves on his balls and pushing down on them. She has a smug grin as she is doing it.

Request completed! :D

No.129317 - Link Reply Report 129317 2


Nice. Good job on that one.

File: _oc_explicit_nudity_oc+only_penis_sex_edit_balls_tongue+out_text[1].png -(5555047 B, 3703x4242)
5555047 5555047 No.129319 - Link Reply Report 129319 2

Excellent pics both of you! Here's something relevant I found from Derpibooru again.


Maybe Rarity could smack a bystander in the balls with the wing of her swan-car?

No.129324 - Link Reply Report 129324 2

Very good. It's better to not have the balls red than making the picture look grotesque.

On another note, yay for more trapped/tied swollen balls. Busted stallions are cuter when they know there is no escape and have to try to be as nice as possible to be shown mercy.

Pony faces look weird form the front.

No.129330 - Link Reply Report 129330 2


These drawings are awesome and the upcoming stuff sounds absolutely divine. Keep drawing, you two truly are my favorite persons of the fandom!

File: Redheart_nutpull.jpg -(167017 B, 1400x1000)
167017 167017 No.129334 - Link Reply Report 129334 2

I've been drawing every day, and just finished another picture! Here's Nurse Redheart helping Hugh Jelly with a little jar emergency.

No.129335 - Link Reply Report 129335 2

Good one.
I'll be drawing more come weekend as well.

No.129342 - Link Reply Report 129342 2

>>129334 lol, poor pony

No.129345 - Link Reply Report 129345 2


Nice! Apparently it's also really possible to get your nuts stuck like that if you put them in one at a time because you can't get them out side by side.


That's excellent news! New pony ballbusting pics always make my day.

File: tree_mishap.png -(204722 B, 1000x1141)
204722 204722 No.129355 - Link Reply Report 129355 2

some new things

File: fandom_disputes.png -(207104 B, 1200x1246)
207104 207104 No.129356 - Link Reply Report 129356 2
No.129357 - Link Reply Report 129357 2


Looking good!

File: Fandom_Disputes.jpg -(207054 B, 1200x1246)
207054 207054 No.129358 - Link Reply Report 129358 2


"That's a nice costume Quibble, but Daring Do doesn't have a pair of THESE!"

I have to go to sleep early today, but I promise to color the second picture as soon as possible tomorrow. Thanks for drawing again, I love coloring these!

No.129359 - Link Reply Report 129359 2

Yknow i should soooo draw something for you guys. I have talents to share and im pretty quick. If anyone wants to suggest something im all ears! (My laptop is dead so only traditional for now)

No.129360 - Link Reply Report 129360 2

>>129359 I'd really love to see some more pony cuntbusting

No.129361 - Link Reply Report 129361 2


+1 for cunt busting.

Some ideas for you:

  • 2 Ponies standing bipedal hugging each other but one has decided to knee the other one in the crotch.
  • Rainbow Dash cunt punts Lightning dust after nearing killing her friends.
  • Maybe the Wonderbolts in their tight uniforms could be given wedgies which squeezes the male's balls or busts the female's cunt. Maybe the victim complains to the quatermaster about how tight the suit is and the quatermaster responds by pulling the front of the suit up, wedging the front of the victim, stating that the suits could be tighter.
  • A male has a rope tied around his nuts and is being dragged by another pony.
  • A pegasus could use their wing to punch another pony in the crotch.
  • An earth pony could buck a pony in the crotch so hard that the victim's flank is raised up in the air from the shear power of the buck.
  • A unicorn could squeeze and squish a victim's balls with their magic.
No.129362 - Link Reply Report 129362 2

I'd like to see some busting in bondage, like a stallion dragging a cart and being kicked in the nuts by a mare sitting in said cart, or (if you are willing to draw a series) a stallion helps a mare put a humbler on him so that she can have fun busting him properly.

Or busting with size difference, like Cheerilee busting one of her students in school for talking when they shouldn't, or princess Luna standing on some guard's ballsack and grinding it into the ground.

No.129363 - Link Reply Report 129363 2


Welcome! It's always great to find more ballbusting artists! There's plenty of ideas posted throughout these threads, so feel free to draw whatever you like from them.

With Rainbow Dash pranking ponies in the latest episode, there must have been plenty of chances for ballbusting pranks as well.


+1 for these all, especially the cart ride!

No.129364 - Link Reply Report 129364 2


Idea from the latest episode:

  • Dash drops a giant rock on Big Mac's nuts
  • After flipping the blackboard around, Cheerilie cunt punches dash in the crotch in response to her prank.
File: Tree_Mishap.jpg -(283171 B, 1627x1452)
283171 283171 No.129367 - Link Reply Report 129367 2


Coloring done! I also added laughing mares from an earlier sketch, because awkward situations like this are so much better with unsympathetic females finding it hilarious. :)


Please draw something, new ballbusting art is ALWAYS appreciated!

File: toon_1471295919819.jpg -(985772 B, 2560x1440)
985772 985772 No.129371 - Link Reply Report 129371 2

Who wants to see him pull the cart? :3

No.129372 - Link Reply Report 129372 2

>>129371 all here

File: 164845-1.jpg -(1439392 B, 2200x1373)
1439392 1439392 No.129373 - Link Reply Report 129373 2

Hmmm who should these two be?

File: 172547-1.jpg -(1553019 B, 2101x1440)
1553019 1553019 No.129379 - Link Reply Report 129379 2

Poor fella x3

No.129380 - Link Reply Report 129380 2


This is nice too... but more of this! >>129379

No.129383 - Link Reply Report 129383 2

>>129379 LOVE THESE!!!

No.129384 - Link Reply Report 129384 2

>>129373 Oh gosh please more magic-busting and paddling/hairbrushing stallions.

No.129386 - Link Reply Report 129386 2

Liking this new art. Mind if I ink it?

No.129388 - Link Reply Report 129388 2


These are GREAT! I just love the nonchalant way Applejack is handling Mac's nuts. :D


I thought it looked a little like Mr and Mrs Cake, but she's not an unicorn. Second suggestion would be Rarity slapping either Trenderhoof or Hayseed Turniptruck. Fantastic work this far, no matter who the final version will be.


If you ink them, I can color them. The production team expands!

File: horizon.png -(266114 B, 1100x1100)
266114 266114 No.129389 - Link Reply Report 129389 2

the usual horizon dump
ideas for characters are welcome

No.129390 - Link Reply Report 129390 2

Thanks for the color. Adding the mares really makes the image better.

Vinyl scratch and some saddle wearing pony snob from Canterlot.

I love your facial expressions, could we get a third one where,
Could we get sequel where Big Mac is actually pulling the cart, with his balls all red and swollen, while applejack just laughs and verbally humiliates him. And then another one where she, rather that kicking him, stomps on the rope and almost pulls his balls off?

I'd like the bottom left to be Cheerilee teaching Applejack (Left), Rainbow Dash (Middle), and Rarity (Right) the cost of ruining the cart race.

No.129392 - Link Reply Report 129392 2


Here's some suggestions for characters:

The first one could be Toe Tapper pulled by Fluttershy, or one of Caballeron's henchmen pulled by Daring Do.

One of the construction ponies seems most likely to get stuck on the wet cement.

Octavia giving feedback to her band would fit the bottom left, if only the band had one more stallion. Mane-iac berating her henchmen on the other hand would fit here just perfectly.

Bottom right looks like Applejack bucking Trenderhoof to me.

No.129396 - Link Reply Report 129396 2

>>129386 feel free to ink x3

File: 162821-1.jpg -(1051763 B, 1246x1688)
1051763 1051763 No.129398 - Link Reply Report 129398 2

feel free to ink and color any of my stuff posted here x3

File: 162900-1.jpg -(1345379 B, 1804x1440)
1345379 1345379 No.129399 - Link Reply Report 129399 2

Looks like he fell right on his already tenderized apples cx thats gotta hurt

No.129400 - Link Reply Report 129400 2

>>129398>>129399 I'm Loving this Please make more!!!! <3

No.129401 - Link Reply Report 129401 2

>>129389 Yas! Great work!

No.129403 - Link Reply Report 129403 2

Oh god! This is so good!

Could we get more, where Big Mac doubles over in pain, crying and sobbing like a little colt... and AJ softly (no sarcasm) takes his balls between her hooves, and just plays with them and massages them softly... while looking him in straight the eyes and telling him how easy it would be for her to crush them and turn him into an eunuch (and maybe comments how one of them already feels weird and squishy).

Nutcracking this good in ink and color? Christmas comes early this year.

File: _clothes_questionable_looking+at+you_open+mouth_panties_underwear_dialogue_stockings_presenting_scarf[1].png -(1771172 B, 2806x2827)
1771172 1771172 No.129433 - Link Reply Report 129433 2

I found this picture of Harshwhinny, and while it's not strictly speaking ballbusting, I don't see what else it could be referring to.


Great work with these too! I'll be anxious to get to the coloring after the inkings are done!

File: Nimitea_flutterbutt.png -(952530 B, 2412x2599)
952530 952530 No.129441 - Link Reply Report 129441 2
Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=1171708

By Nimitea on Inkbunny.

File: git_down_from_mah_tree.png -(241102 B, 1200x1200)
241102 241102 No.129473 - Link Reply Report 129473 2

I was going to do more but today is for naps, not drawing it seems

No.129474 - Link Reply Report 129474 2

>>129473 Please do more!!!

No.129475 - Link Reply Report 129475 2


Awesome work! This ought to get Applejacks message through to him.

No.129476 - Link Reply Report 129476 2

It looks like she's splitting his testicles with the edge of her hoof, rather than smashing them. It's... intriguing.

Also, love the scowly face.

File: Git_down_from_mah_tree.jpg -(222559 B, 1200x1200)
222559 222559 No.129491 - Link Reply Report 129491 2

It's good to be coloring again! Here's Applejack bucking some nuts. :)

No.129492 - Link Reply Report 129492 2

Could you add some bruises on the ass/taint/balls? The way she looks at him, makes me think this wasn't the first kick, nor will it be the last.

File: Git_down_from_mah_tree2.jpg -(222673 B, 1200x1200)
222673 222673 No.129493 - Link Reply Report 129493 2


Yes, I'm always ready to add bruising to ponies balls! :)

No.129495 - Link Reply Report 129495 2


If you get the chance, maybe you should add some flailing front legs and part of a head to the other side of the tree.

No.129496 - Link Reply Report 129496 2

Thanks, love it.

File: pegasusrope.png -(337126 B, 1400x1400)
337126 337126 No.129509 - Link Reply Report 129509 2

This is the 83rd image I've drawn for these threads so far if I'm not mistaken

File: pegasusrope2.jpg -(279040 B, 1400x1400)
279040 279040 No.129526 - Link Reply Report 129526 2


And what a fantastic images they have been!

I also just realized that I am in the most fortunate position of coloring the works of my favorite pony artist. Hopefully there will be countless pony ballbusting pictures more for us in the future! :D

File: Git_down_from_mah_tree3.jpg -(233169 B, 1200x1200)
233169 233169 No.129531 - Link Reply Report 129531 2


I did the additions, although I couldn't get his expression as pained and panicked as would have been reasonable.

No.129533 - Link Reply Report 129533 2


It looks a lot better with the flailing legs and head.

File: boss_is_gonna_kill_me_84.png -(268851 B, 1400x1414)
268851 268851 No.129534 - Link Reply Report 129534 2

Occupational hazards

File: Boss_is_gonna_kill_me.jpg -(216380 B, 1400x1414)
216380 216380 No.129535 - Link Reply Report 129535 2


I wonder if this counts as being stuck working overtime. :)

No.129548 - Link Reply Report 129548 2

you could possibly use some of these for new drawings, possibly a little more cuntbusting

No.129573 - Link Reply Report 129573 2

I just watched the newest episode, and the Ogres & Oubliettes game world looked like just the kind of fantasy world to include kinky, dirty-fighting ninja mares.

The changeling episode had Spike sliding groin first into an icicle, but there has to be some sexier busting situations than him getting hurt on his own.

28 Pranks Later was all about Rainbow Dash playing pranks, so obviously she could have used any opportunities for comedic nut-shots.

File: ec2d00304f33fa8116563a868e390293[1].jpg -(1831757 B, 1000x2745)
1831757 1831757 No.129584 - Link Reply Report 129584 2

I just came across this page in a CYOA-style changeling story on another site that I can't mention here because of the spam filter.

File: 1__1.png -(390380 B, 723x1024)
390380 390380 No.129588 - Link Reply Report 129588 2

Found some nice images online.

File: 1__2.png -(215207 B, 795x1024)
215207 215207 No.129589 - Link Reply Report 129589 2
File: 1__3.png -(230000 B, 795x1024)
230000 230000 No.129590 - Link Reply Report 129590 2
No.129591 - Link Reply Report 129591 2

Speaking of O&O, there are some pony rpgs around if we wanted to have a busting adventure of our own. It might give the artists good material to draw inspiration from.

No.129593 - Link Reply Report 129593 2


  • After busting Soarin, Rainbow Dash offers Soarin a pie as an apology. Soaring is whimpering, cupping his nuts but the offer of pie cheers him up/takes his mind off the pain for a moment.
  • An important political pony is giving a speech to a crowd. She is standing behind a podium while her assistant is hiding in it and handing her notes/cards. She is steping on the poor assistant's nuts while this is happening.
  • A male and female try scissoring. While the female is enjoying it, the male on the other hand is having a very painful time. Alternatively, 2 males try it and both immediately regret it.
  • A mare is giving a blow job to her partner in exchange for busting his balls.
  • A female approaches a bipedal stallion from behind and engages him in a surprise hug while kneeing him in the nuts.
  • A stallion cheats is cheating on his partner. His partner finds him while making out with another mare. She then kicks him to the shock of the mare who he was cheating with. The partner than cunt punts the cheating mare.
No.129594 - Link Reply Report 129594 2


I've never played RPG games before, but this definitely sounds like my kind of fantasy! Count me in if one is getting started!


These sound good too. Especially the Dash/Soarin one, and the blowjob in exchange for busting.

No.129595 - Link Reply Report 129595 2

I recall some people from 4chan /mlp/ made a beginner-friendly RPG a couple of years back, I could try to find that again and see if went anywhere.
Ponyfinder might be a little heavy for our needs.

No.129599 - Link Reply Report 129599 2


Indeed, I think we'd be using just one kind of attacks anyway. :)

No.129601 - Link Reply Report 129601 2

Good news and bad news
Good news: I found it. it was called MLPFMTORPG but apparently got renamed to Simple10 and massively expanded
Bad news: it seems to have changed from mlp to fantasy races
??? news: I can probably just look up the pony race rules from their old versions

File: Pinkamena_Crush.jpg -(57019 B, 497x629)
57019 57019 No.129603 - Link Reply Report 129603 2


I tried finishing this completely, but turns out drawing a human body from scratch was too much for my skills. It's still a nice picture, so here's the main parts colorized.


A pony RPG renamed "simple", made more complex and non-pony related... Strange. Anyway, I still have practically no experience of any RPG:s so I'll be ready to follow along to whatever system you decide to use.

No.129604 - Link Reply Report 129604 2

Simplicity is relative I suppose. It still only uses a single dice roll for everything. Most of the new stuff seems to be skills and classes.

No.129606 - Link Reply Report 129606 2

Could imagine it now. Trying to sneak past a few guard mares. And rolling a 1 meaning they find the poor stallion trying to slide along his belly, his balls dangling behind him and resting right on the solid floor. Definitely a fun little idea

No.129607 - Link Reply Report 129607 2

We'd still need somewhere to play it, since it needs a dice roller.
On the plus side we won't need grids or maps or anything else.

No.129610 - Link Reply Report 129610 2


Quite a few chatrooms have a dice function, as do many forums too. Often they even allow rolling different kinds of dice, like 12 or 20 sided ones.

No.129612 - Link Reply Report 129612 2

Well, just point me to one and I'll handle it

No.129613 - Link Reply Report 129613 2


I found one by googling "chat with dice", although I can't post link to it here because fchan has disabled linking to combat spam.

We also seem to need yet another new thread.

No.129615 - Link Reply Report 129615 2

New thread is up, continue discussion there

No.134281 - Link Reply Report 134281 2


No.134594 - Link Reply Report 134594 2

I wish THIS guy made more art.