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All Palcomix content, VIP or otherwise, is now considered DNP.
Moebius Unleashed content is commercial and as such is also DNP. Do not post either.

This board is for images drawn in a toony style and non-morphic characters.

For specifics, explanations, and definitions, please see this thread.

Art that contains toon character and /ah-related themes does in fact belong in /toon. However, in order to keep threads relevant, any thread with /ah art in it needs to be explicitly marked in title. Threads without mention of /ah in title cannot contain such art.
See also the relevant FAQ thread.

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[-] [+] No.129198
POKEMON Super effective! 
File: pokea8eb734013d36250a00f8606c4feeab6.jpg -(429671 B, 1000x773)
429671 429671 No.129198 129198 1

pokemon (morphic or non) dominating their weaker types! males or females taking the advantage XP

No.129239 - Link Reply Report 129239 2

but lucario's fighting/steel is weak to infernape's fire/fighting...

File: 9a9a146b8f55efe3bc798389655e50eb[1].png -(918279 B, 920x1200)
918279 918279 No.129244 - Link Reply Report 129244 2
Source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=56219440
File: Fanart_-_Crossbreed.png -(1422445 B, 870x1300)
1422445 1422445 No.129245 - Link Reply Report 129245 2
File: Fanart_-_Reshiram_and_Scolipede.png -(2092372 B, 1280x989)
2092372 2092372 No.129246 - Link Reply Report 129246 2
File: Fanart_-_Sadism.jpg -(800773 B, 1184x771)
800773 800773 No.129247 - Link Reply Report 129247 2
File: Fanart_-_Stung.png -(78730 B, 750x475)
78730 78730 No.129248 - Link Reply Report 129248 2
File: Fanart_-_Zekrom_and_Yveltal.jpg -(1360269 B, 2400x1600)
1360269 1360269 No.129249 - Link Reply Report 129249 2
File: 64b6ca475e99dc51fa6a7c503337b80c.png -(214136 B, 594x618)
214136 214136 No.129250 - Link Reply Report 129250 2
Source: http://iveebutt.tumblr.com/post/147322273262/caslon-shows-iveechop-a-magic-trick
File: ae0e4d2d9e0553823119c39fd21f27f1_u18chan.jpg -(360370 B, 777x1100)
360370 360370 No.129254 - Link Reply Report 129254 2
File: 4ce7f88c7a1750835584c52a9839d421_u18chan.jpg -(397401 B, 777x1100)
397401 397401 No.129255 - Link Reply Report 129255 2
No.129366 - Link Reply Report 129366 2

I wrote a sort of fanfic, chapter 1 fits the theme here, would anyone be offended if i post it?

No.129368 - Link Reply Report 129368 2

Would anyone mind if i posted a fanfiction i wrote here? I only jut started it, but chapter one fits the theme here

No.129369 - Link Reply Report 129369 2

Would anyone mind if i posted a fanfiction i wrote here? I only jut started it, but chapter one fits the theme here>>129198

No.129370 - Link Reply Report 129370 2

That depends is it a piece of art?
Or does it belong more on a story site?

No.129391 - Link Reply Report 129391 2

Probably more of a story site, i just thought the theme kinda fit, im trying to get the word out since ive been writing, but not really sure how to go about it or how to make sure people who would appriciate it can find it

No.129691 - Link Reply Report 129691 2

>>129239 dude that is the ppoint... she is the one doing the work duh...