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[-] [+] No.130225
MLP Ballbusting/Cuntbusting /ah/ 
File: Kick_redraw.gif -(319034 B, 400x600)
319034 319034 No.130225 130225 1

Thread 7
Old threads >>127480 / >>125903 / >>126436 / >>128325 / >>129614

Ideas welcome
New art coming soon

1000+ posts and 100+ images later, still at it.

Marked for deletion (too big - automatic).
File: roundbusts.png -(129919 B, 1000x750)
129919 129919 No.130227 - Link Reply Report 130227 2

Really quick and dirty sketch to prove I'm still working on it.
The winning rounds are
-lightning strike from a guest referee

No.130228 - Link Reply Report 130228 2


That point of view one looks neat. I hope you give Dash an evil smirk/grin as as is stomping him showing her enjoying the pain she is inflicting on him. MAybe spread her legs so that her vag is in shot as well.

I think there should be a final one of Dash taunting Soarin after she wins. HAving her stand bipedal doing a pelvic thrust pointing at her vag and sticking her tongue out at him in trimuph. EIther that or maybe a pic where they are sitting side by side snd they put an ice pack on each other's junk with Soarin showing signs of pain and Dash taunting him over how strong her vag is, both being friendly after the comp.

No.130229 - Link Reply Report 130229 2


Also with when she is stomping Soarin, maybe have an additional side view version where she is leaning towards him through his hind legs, smiling at him as he is suffering. For when she is getting stomped, maybe have her cross armed, smiling at his futile attempt to cause her pain in comparison to what pain she caused him. Maybe showing Soaring with signs of fatigue/battle weariness as he stomps her.

I think in the pain shot after the lightning, I think you should have a small amount of smoke coming from their junk and have their hair/tail all rustled/messy from it.

No.130230 - Link Reply Report 130230 2


For the stomp round, I think you should do 4 pov pics representing each view during the round to contrast the different reactions of the two contestants. Having a point of view of the one being stomped by having soarin squirming in pain while the one of dash would be more relaxed, maybe taking a pose similar to that of the top right pic with her hooves behind her head. For a point of view from the one being busted, having Dash have an evil/sadistic grin or have her taunting him as she stomps down and applies pressure on Soarin's nuts while when Soarin is doing it to Dash, having him have a look of fatigue/weariness as his attempt to cause dash as much pain as she caused him fails.

Considering there is very little in the way of point of view mlp ball busting, I think it would be neat if there was more :)

No.130242 - Link Reply Report 130242 2

On a side note, these threads have apparently been going on for over a year now.

No.130243 - Link Reply Report 130243 2


Happy 1-Year of Ball Busting little ponies, Buttsaucer and Nuttyhoof! May plenty more littlen ponies suffer and squirm at the hands of your art.

Butt should do a pic celebrating this with a pic of a stallion wearing a party hat being haned a present from a mare who is simultaneously kicking him in the nuts. Or the present could just be the kick. THere could also be a queue of mares waiting to give him a 'present' as well.

No.130245 - Link Reply Report 130245 2


Instead of a present it could be his 'birthday bucks' One for every year, and ofcourse, another for luck ,3c

File: Round_1.jpg -(373777 B, 1388x2500)
373777 373777 No.130252 - Link Reply Report 130252 2

I originally planned to color these when the whole series is complete so I could choose a proper background and so on, but I just couldn't wait that long so here's the characters colored already. That was a good thing too - coloring multiple pages like this at once would have been a ludicrously huge project!

File: Rponyville.jpg -(494284 B, 1388x2500)
494284 494284 No.130255 - Link Reply Report 130255 2


Here's also a version with a Ponyville as the background.

File: RBalls_only.jpg -(420985 B, 1388x2232)
420985 420985 No.130256 - Link Reply Report 130256 2


Also a quick ballbusting-only version as a personal preference. :)

No.130261 - Link Reply Report 130261 2

Will there ever be dialogue given???

No.130262 - Link Reply Report 130262 2

At the last round with the lightening, he should try and avoid going through with it, only for Dash to hold him down like in >>126003

No.130263 - Link Reply Report 130263 2


If this side bb only one continues alongside the main contest, I think you should still have him kick her the first time and the have her full on retaliate by pushing him over and stomping his nuts. Her pose is egging for a kick and I can imagine her saying 'Come on big boy, show me what you got :)". Either that or she evades his kick and pushes him over as he goes to kick her and lands the stomp on his nuts "you idiot, you should have just walked away, at least you still would have had your balls!".

File: round2.png -(379475 B, 1000x1693)
379475 379475 No.130268 - Link Reply Report 130268 2

Part 2

I started thinking about doing one of those choose your own adventure/quest things. never tried running one, but at least we'd have a consistent theme to work with here.
Any interest?

No.130269 - Link Reply Report 130269 2


Love the horse show print on Dash's crotch. She is really starting to enjoy this contest and Sky Stinger is starting to regret it (massively). Could you possibley do a reaction shot of Stinger while he is getting stomped as well similar to the dash stomp one? I am sure his reaction would be quite the polar opposite of her one.

Do you mean one of those adventure comics where you post a pic and then chose what happens next based on comments to said comic? If so, +1.

No.130271 - Link Reply Report 130271 2


I think the horse shoe print on Dash's crotch should be flipped over based on the angle Stinger stomped her.

File: dashsquish.png -(167013 B, 1000x754)
167013 167013 No.130273 - Link Reply Report 130273 2

Quick variant pic

And yes, that's what I meant

No.130274 - Link Reply Report 130274 2


Neat, good job on the variant pic.

I would love to see a multi-part pic with just the stomp of Stinger where Dash preps to stomp, stomps him and then presses down on his nuts leaning more forward each part while Stinger is fearing the pain, in a ton of pain and then trying to endure the pain during the pressing. Then follow it up with him in pain like the 2 to last pain pic in your sketches of the contest. >>130227

I also think that you should reorder each round so Stinger busts dash first because the amount of pain shown in the pain shot at the end of the round on this current pic of Stinger isn't conveyed when he is stomping Dash.

How many more rounds do you plan to do for the contest? You had 5 rounds planned out but seemed to have skipped 2 of them (punch and wing). Do you have any plans for the adventure comic yet or are you just floating the concept at this point?

No.130275 - Link Reply Report 130275 2

The only reason I started skipping around is because this one seemed the easiest to pull off today.
The adventure has no concept yet. Might try some kind of high fantasy adventure thing rather than anything show-accurate to get some more action in there.

No.130278 - Link Reply Report 130278 2


I think sky stingers dick/sheath should be visible from the angle in the first picture, but good job nevertheless!


This is absolutely magnificent! I just love the long press, and Dash's expression that shows she's clearly enjoying every second of it. Goes along perfectly with the frustration on Stinger's face in the last picture as he clearly couldn't hurt her as much as she hurt him.

No.130279 - Link Reply Report 130279 2


I reckon if she pushes down on his nuts just that little more she can make him scream :)

File: soarin.png -(1177519 B, 900x900)
1177519 1177519 No.130280 - Link Reply Report 130280 2


With the to stomp pics (not the POV), I reckon you should add a wind up shot before the stomp and then show the impact shot. Taking Dash's pose from her being stomped for the pre-stomp pose one and then maybe have her leaning back/lying flat on the ground in a state of pleasure/enjoymentt when Stinger stomps her, chaning Stinger's expression to a WTF?!?!. For Stinger being stomped, have that expression >>130273 for his pre-stomp pose and then have him screaming in agony when Dash stomps him.


Few ideas for the remaining rounds based on your selection in >>130227
The ideas could work either way for most of them.

  • Stinger grabs hold of dash from behind, lifting her up as if to do one of those wrestling moves where they pick up the opponent and fall backwards. His wings reach around and attack Dash's crotch.
  • Dash uses her wings to grab and squeeze Stinger's balls.
  • Stinger's wing forms a fist shape and punches dash

-Stinger slaps Dash in the crotch with his wing.

  • Stinger sits on the ground with his legs apart. Dash uses her hooves to hold his legs apart and uses her wings to push down on his nuts with just the tip of the wings.Either that or Dash is lying down, propping her head up with her front hooves while she plays with his balls with her wings.


  • Dash sits on stinger's stomach while he is on his lying on his back while unloading punches on his crotch (stinger could return the favor as well)
  • Stinger could do one solid upper cut type punch to Dash while Dash opts for multiple rapid hits, treating his balls like

a punching bag similar to >>125990

  • Dash holds stinger's balls in one hoof while punching them with the other, maybe tries to squish them together.
  • Stinger throws dash over his shoulder and throws punches with the arm that isn't holding onto dash. Dash is laughing it off while Stinger can't see her face. Similar pose like in picture attached to this post.
  • One could be lying down while the other stands on all fours above, facing the other direction while they are punching each other in the crotch. One of them could headbutt the other in this situation as a joke.


  • Derpy triggers the lightning on both of them at the same time.

Maybe change this to a Taser (one of those self defense type ones)?

  • Dash lies on top of Stinger as she slams the taser into Stinger's nuts. Stinger is trying to stand up during this but Dash's position prevents him from doing it. Dash potentially being effected by the taser as well.
  • Stinger stands behind Dash and reaches around and pushes the taser into her crotch.

Alternate round ideas:

  • Stinger is forced to do a hand stand while Dash positions her self above him (flying) and drops onto his crotch while landing on her crotch (balls and cunt collide). Stinger screaming from the full weight of dash bearing down on his nuts while dash laughs/evil smirks it off showing Stinger that she is willing to bust her crotch at the same time as his. Potentially something similar to this >>125962. Could also be vice verca where Stinger drop's his crotch onto dash's.
  • They could scissor crotch bust each other at the same time. Using their crotches to bust each other, they hold onto each others hind legs and pull towards them, putting more pressure on their crotches with Stinger clearly losing and Dash enjoying it.
No.130285 - Link Reply Report 130285 2

New idea: Vapor Trail is helping Sky Stinger do loops by flapping a gust underneath him, accidentally slappig him in the balls as he's coming around at the low point. This would make for a cute "oopsie!" scenario.

No.130289 - Link Reply Report 130289 2


Love that whole round. THe horse shoe print on dashie's vag is cute. would have loved to see a pic/frame with a horseshoe print on the guy's nuts. A pic simlar to the one with the point of view where he is having his turn againat dashie with his legs spread enough to show his poor abused nuts with a horseshoe print on them.

Keep up the good work. I love how one sided it is (poor guy :( ) and the expressions on their faces (especially dashie's )

No.130302 - Link Reply Report 130302 2

Reminder that hitting a girl in the vag isn't something to walk off either:

youtube.com slash watch?v=cKVaf6b5QJ4

youtu.be slash o4_NR8Ub3zw?t=56

File: Round_2.jpg -(272280 B, 1000x1693)
272280 272280 No.130303 - Link Reply Report 130303 2


This took ages, but I finally got the characters colored! Although Rainbow Dash is the hardest pony to color, she's also the best ballbuster which always makes it worth it! :D

No.130304 - Link Reply Report 130304 2


Good job on the coloring. I think the ponies would look cuter if they had belly buttons even if it is just a dot. It also enhances the nudity of the scene.

Agreed on dashie being the best ball buster. She always seems to have the most enthusiasm when busting balls of any of the busters in the pics you two make.

File: Rponyville2.jpg -(322511 B, 1000x1693)
322511 322511 No.130305 - Link Reply Report 130305 2


And here it is with a background.

No.130306 - Link Reply Report 130306 2


Neat. Will you end up coloring the other pic for this round (side view of Dash stomping Stinger) >>130273 ?

File: Round2_ponyville.jpg -(345486 B, 1033x2137)
345486 345486 No.130307 - Link Reply Report 130307 2


I also tried switching the first two panels to have Dash go last, because Sky Stinger doesn't look like he'd have recovered from the stomping by the last picture.

No.130308 - Link Reply Report 130308 2


Good idea. Dash should always bust first as Stinger is showing more pain in the final frame. Could you please add the horseshoe mark to Dash's crotch since she was already stomped this round (continuity).

No.130310 - Link Reply Report 130310 2

shouldn't the backdrop be the wonderbolt academy?

No.130311 - Link Reply Report 130311 2


Having them bust each other in public will make the whole event be seen by more ponies. More humiliating for Stinger because he is clearly losing this battle.

File: round3.png -(396190 B, 1200x1500)
396190 396190 No.130312 - Link Reply Report 130312 2

round 3: aerial punch

No.130313 - Link Reply Report 130313 2


Good job with those ones. I love the winded look Dash has on her face and her laughing at him at the end.

No.130314 - Link Reply Report 130314 2


Dash's tail is missing from her being punched.

No.130315 - Link Reply Report 130315 2


Can you please draw the upper half of Stinger when he is getting hit? It would be neat to see the difference in facial expressions when being hit. Dash being winded and Stinger having a more vocal/open mouth yelp expression from the hit.

File: Dashsquish.jpg -(127013 B, 1000x754)
127013 127013 No.130316 - Link Reply Report 130316 2


Another coloring done! And I REALLY love these long squeeze pics!


I agree that the Wonderbolt academy would be a better background in every way, but unfortunately I couldn't find a suitable picture to use for it. If anyone happens to find one with right size and from the right angle, I might be able to use it instead of the ponyville one.


I approve to this post! If it's not too much trouble, his expression ought to be definitely worth seeing! :)

No.130317 - Link Reply Report 130317 2


I love the long squish/squeeze ones too. They get to suffer longer than just a single impact. I think that it is better for the buster because they can change how hard they are pressing down to make it more or less uncomfortable for their victim.

I reckon it would be cool for another pic of Dash stomping Stinger where she stands on one hoof on his nuts, raising her other hind hoof off the ground to put her whole body weight of pressure on his nuts and does a pose while Stinger is screaming. Or she places her other hoof that isn't busting his nuts on his chest/belly, pinning him down while leaning backwards, putting her body weight on the hoof that is pressing on his nuts.

No.130321 - Link Reply Report 130321 2

How about for one of the rounds, they bust each other at the same time like in >>126097
Dash being the one diving from above and Stinger taking the ground/bucking position.

Both would be in a huge amount of pain from the impact with Stinger still managing to hang on for another round.

File: round3.png -(533621 B, 1333x2000)
533621 533621 No.130348 - Link Reply Report 130348 2

updated round 3

File: Roundfinal.png -(414891 B, 1333x2000)
414891 414891 No.130349 - Link Reply Report 130349 2

And the grand finale round 4

File: Rupdated.jpg -(424973 B, 1333x2000)
424973 424973 No.130350 - Link Reply Report 130350 2


Here it is! Fast work, wasn't it?

Actually, I noticed the updated version just as I finished coloring the original one, so I just had to color Sky Stinger's top half to update my part of the work too. :)

No.130352 - Link Reply Report 130352 2


Good work on the contest you guys. I hope you guys do more multi part pics or comics in the future.

I think you should do a pic of Dash celebrating her win while Stinger is still in pain. Having her do a pelvic thrust towards him while pointing at her vag while he is on the ground in pain.

Or maybe she sits on his flank, facing away from him with her legs spread, showing both crotches being busted but she is celebrating while Stinger is still crying/reeling in pain. Could be like she posted a pic/selfie of herself with his busted balls on social media and the comments section is full of mares congratulating her on her victory and stallions feeling for Stinger's pain or saying they would last longer against Dash (And Dash promptly challenging them to it).

No.130353 - Link Reply Report 130353 2


I agree wholeheartedly. There HAS to be some gloating/mocking

No.130354 - Link Reply Report 130354 2


For that last frame/part, I think you should make Stinger's ear's floppy and maybe have 1 wing half open when he is on the ground to make it look like he is finally beaten.

>>130352 >>130350

+1. Maybe another pic on top of a gloating pic as well where they are both sitting next to each other with their legs spread showing off their busted crotches. Dash in high spirits with her arm around Stinger hugging him while Stinger is still crying/weeping in pain.

File: Roundfinal.jpg -(405940 B, 1333x2088)
405940 405940 No.130355 - Link Reply Report 130355 2


Coloring done! I got it mostly finished yesterday evening, but I have learned not to declare things finished while tired. It's a good thing too, as I once again found a few details to add before posting. :)

No.130356 - Link Reply Report 130356 2


Good job on the color. I thought Dash's right eye would have been open based one the line art which makes it look like she has one eye open and one eye shut.

No.130357 - Link Reply Report 130357 2


A couple of details you might want to add also is maybe a slight scorch mark on Dash's crotch from the lightning blast and maybe add the horse shoe mark as well for continuity. Maybe also add a little smoke coming off both of them.

File: Roundfinal2.jpg -(405871 B, 1333x2088)
405871 405871 No.130358 - Link Reply Report 130358 2


You're right! The long curve of the muzzle makes much more sense now.

I was just thinking about how some of the episodes are hard to come up ideas for because they they don't have that many male characters, for example the Castle Mane-ia has only Spike... and Angel Bunny! I couldn't think of how he could be busted in that episode though, but he'd be just the right size to get bucked in the nuts by breezies!

No.130359 - Link Reply Report 130359 2

I'll look into making a celebration/gloating pic next I guess

No.130363 - Link Reply Report 130363 2


Maybe angle bunny busts spike? He seems like a bit of a dick at times who would probably bust others.

For Breezies busting Spike, maybe they dive bomb/crash into his nuts. Maybe the Parasprites could ball bust someone as well. They are small as well so they could bust spike or even a Breezie. Maybe a single Parasrpite slams into a pony's crotch only to have multiple parasprites go for the same spot. The pony gets hit by the first one or two where he tries to dodge them but as more and more hit him, he gives up and just lets them bust his nuts.

No.130364 - Link Reply Report 130364 2

In Castle Mane-ia near the end of the episode when they figure out Pinkie was using the organ for the traps one hidden spring sends Spike flying. Maybe instead it can be a metal pole that appears under his crotch ramming it straight up with his shocked expression and his face scrunching up with some tears in his eyes.

No.130367 - Link Reply Report 130367 2

>>130365 Whoops posted twice, not used to this site.

No.130374 - Link Reply Report 130374 2

I had some free time today so tried to make a simple animation. One day I will probably finish it but for now I leave it here, maybe someone will like it. It's about 90mb so I uploaded it to:
yadi [dot] sk/i/T9rO9VX5zLTEK

No.130377 - Link Reply Report 130377 2


Fly-by nut shot. Nice. I hope you decide to do more animations in the future.

I can see this beeing a favorite busting tactic of female pegasi, especially speed demons like Dash.

No.130390 - Link Reply Report 130390 2


Looks extremely promising! I presume it's a work in progress since the ponies don't even have manes and tails, but the quality of the finished parts looks great!

No.130397 - Link Reply Report 130397 2

Here is final version. I also tried to make something like sound accompaniment using free sound effects and adobe audition.
P.S.: Criticism is always welcome.

Link to the animation: yadi [dot] sk/i/MpsZUecvzVNFq

No.130398 - Link Reply Report 130398 2

>>130397 ah i cant see it and when i search it nothing comes up.

No.130399 - Link Reply Report 130399 2

You can't open the video by the link?

No.130400 - Link Reply Report 130400 2

Have you replaced [dot] with actually dot?
Probably you've left some spaces in the link.
Or if this site blocked in your country, you can use Proxy or VPN.
But if nothing will help, I can upload it somwhere else.

No.130402 - Link Reply Report 130402 2


The nuts retracting up at the end is a bit odd but other than that well done with the animation, AlonIO .

No.130403 - Link Reply Report 130403 2

>>130397 can't you upload it anywhere else? i can't view or download it

File: Drawing_00287.png -(187616 B, 1280x720)
187616 187616 No.130404 - Link Reply Report 130404 2

Here it is: drive [dot] google [dot] com/open?id=0B9Rpbwar24SrZk9DZVhsQVEzOHc

No.130425 - Link Reply Report 130425 2


I have never seen balls move like that after being busted (and it was quite weird), but I absolutely love the way they swing from the force of the blow! "Spankable coin purse" indeed. ;)

That gave me an idea for a new suggestion too: A mare is lying under a standing stallion, idly slapping his balls back and forth. The stallion is having a hard time staying up every time her hoof makes contact with his balls, while she's curious and just mesmerized by their swinging.

No.130426 - Link Reply Report 130426 2


If a mare were to bat a stallion's balls around for fun, I don't think the stallion would be in too much pain, especially if a mare was more playing around with them than actually trying to harm him. He would more likely be annoyed at agreeing/allowing to let the mare to it.

I can totally see Fluttershy doing something like that with a wide, open mouth smile. Maybe a shy virgin ball buster Fluttershy wanted to learn to ball bust and enlisted the help of a the trainer (pro-ball buster Dash maybe) and a stallion (the somewhat willing training dummy) and each time she had to follow the trainer, she managed to screw it up or do something like play with his balls instead. Maybe the trainer asked her to punch the stallion in the balls but Fluttershy tries to punch the stallion's nuts, she lands a soft punch on him but gets mesmerized by them flopping about so starts batting at them like a cat does to a cat toy/string.

No.130427 - Link Reply Report 130427 2


Also the stallion would stand there (bipedal) somewhat annoyed/confused at why the mare was batting his balls (maybe enjoying it as it may not be causing pain) and the trainer standing nearby face palming.

No.130438 - Link Reply Report 130438 2
>Fluttershy patting at balls like a kitten

This is now my number one fantasy.

No.130445 - Link Reply Report 130445 2

Some ideas for you guys:

  • A stallion and mare sitting next to each other with a sign that says 'bust buddies 4 ever' with the stallion nursing a set of busted balls. The mare is holding the sign in one hoof and pointing towards his balls with the other. The guy is trying to put on a smile to mask the pain while he has one hoof on his balls, the other hugging the mare.
  • Pinkie Pie is holding a sign that says "free hugs". A stallion wants to take part in this offer, approaching her with spread arms/legs. As he gets close, Pinkie flips the sign and shows the opposite side which says "Free nutshots". Before the stallion can realize the ruse, the she kicks him in the nuts. The stallion drops to the ground, with Pinkie then giving him a hug/cuddling him.
  • A dragon has returned to his cave to present his female mate with a gift; 2 male ponies he caught, holding them by the nuts up high in triumph (both ponies are off the ground).
  • Scootaloo is riding her scooter with a helmet on when she hits a rock on her path, sending her flying helmet first into a nearby stallion's nuts.
  • Spike is caught trying to sneak away from Twilight but she hears him so she uses her magic to grab his nuts, threatening to squeeze them if he doesn't return to his duties.
  • Twilight is studying the sturdiness of pony and dragon balls. She 'recruits' Spike and Shining as test subjects to see how durable their balls are.

Based on Butt/Nutty's pic >>125990 "Train your stamina and get swole", Stallions helping mares work out/exercise by having their balls busted by being part of the equipment:

  • A mare is using a leg press machine where a stallion replaces the weights part of the equipment. The mare pushes onto her hooves into the stallion's nuts which pushes the stallion up like the weights.
  • A stallion has his nuts tied to a bike that a mare is riding. He is forced to run fast to keep up with the mare to prevent his nuts getting pulled/busted.
  • A mare is doing push ups. Her front hooves are on a stallion's nuts while he is trying to do sit ups.
No.130480 - Link Reply Report 130480 2


Angel is indeed a dick - which is exactly why I'd like to see him getting busted.

No.130523 - Link Reply Report 130523 2

We ever gonna see that gloating end pic

No.130543 - Link Reply Report 130543 2


Who knows when.
Butt probably ded again :(

No.130545 - Link Reply Report 130545 2

It's one of those industries that kinda ramps up towards xmas, so while not dead I'm shorter on time than usual again.
Will return to drawing towards the end of the year most likely.

No.130551 - Link Reply Report 130551 2

>>130545 Awww I miss the pictures cant wait till you post more! :D

No.130554 - Link Reply Report 130554 2


Can't wait for you to start drawing again.

Until then.... Butt Is Ded :(

No.130560 - Link Reply Report 130560 2

Very nice.

Follow-up pic of them trying to bang eachother with their battered junk when?

No.130564 - Link Reply Report 130564 2


I don't either of them would be up for sex after the abuse their crotches went through.
Maybe Dash should tease him by masturbating/stimulating her vag in front of him.

No.130565 - Link Reply Report 130565 2


>Dash teases him with light masturbation
>He gets frustration boner, tries to make a move without thinking
>They both recoil in pain due to prior tenderisation
>Possibly agree to revisit the matter later
No.130569 - Link Reply Report 130569 2


>Dash offers him sex for busting his balls so bad
>Sky Stinger accepts and they begin to fuck
>Dash realizes it is a bad idea after Stinger's first thrust.
>Her sore crotch getting pounded makes her crotch pain worse.
>Stinger is a dick and cums inside of Dash
>Dash busts his already sore nuts hard for it.
No.130582 - Link Reply Report 130582 2


>some months later, Dash gives birth
>Sky Stinger is there
>Instead of holding hooves and squeezing his hoof to help with the pain, she's holding onto and squeezing something else
>the two experience the "joy" of the pains of childbirth together
>Sky Stinger Jr is most likely fated to be an only child as a result
No.130595 - Link Reply Report 130595 2


>Dash and Stinger fucking reverse cowgirl style.
>Dash tells him not to come inside or there will be pain
>Stinger is getting close, tries to get Dash to hop off so he can pull out.
>Dash refuses to move, reminds him not to finish inside of her.
>Stinger begins to fear what Dash will do to him if he does cum in her
>He strugles to get Dash off of him as she is stopping him from pushing her off
>Stinger beings to cum
>Dash smiles and slams both her front hooves down on his balls as he cums
>Dash climaxes at the same time as she busts him
File: KYQP9RUOZ-I.jpg -(137603 B, 1280x960)
137603 137603 No.130596 - Link Reply Report 130596 2
File: 9uA136dFwms.jpg -(101739 B, 1280x960)
101739 101739 No.130597 - Link Reply Report 130597 2
File: gloat.png -(442754 B, 2400x1700)
442754 442754 No.130657 - Link Reply Report 130657 2

something quick mid-xmas

No.130658 - Link Reply Report 130658 2


Looks neat.

I have a few ideas for that pic.
-Move Dash closer to him and put her right arm around his back, hugging him while her left arm points at her crotch. Her mouth open a bit as if to say she was telling him "The female crotch is quite superior. Same time next week :)"

  • Have Dash hovering close to his face with her crotch at his face/eye level with her legs spread more (nearly doing the splits).
  • Change Stinger's pose so that he is lying on his back,cupping his balls and have Dash stand over his face in her curent pose
No.130669 - Link Reply Report 130669 2


These look fantastic! I'm still away from home for four more days, but I'll get to work coloring these as soon as possible.


Awesome! It's always great to see new artists in these threads! Are you going to color these? I could finish them in Gimp too unless youre planning to do it yourself.

No.130670 - Link Reply Report 130670 2

No Christmas ballbusting under the misletoe?

No.130671 - Link Reply Report 130671 2


For Christmas, maybe a stallion let a girlfriend bust his nuts as his gift to her. He would have a gift wrap bow tied around or stuck to his balls while presenting them to his friend.

No.130672 - Link Reply Report 130672 2


Unfortunately I suck at coloring, so you can if you want to

File: gloat.jpg -(369382 B, 2400x1700)
369382 369382 No.130721 - Link Reply Report 130721 2


First coloring 2017 is done! I absolutely love gloating pics like this, so I think I'll start working on >>130597 next.

No.130728 - Link Reply Report 130728 2

I wouldn't mind seeing art, possibly a gif of Pinkie Pie punching someppony's groin

No.130729 - Link Reply Report 130729 2


Maybe Pinkie punching other ponies in the crotch is making them smile smile smile.

File: pleased_with_the_results.jpg -(249146 B, 1280x960)
249146 249146 No.130730 - Link Reply Report 130730 2

Second one done! I wanted to color somepony other than Rainbow Dash for a chance, but the manes and expressions were just so perfect for these two that I ended up coloring two ponies with similarly complex manes instead. :)

File: Quibblepants_kick.jpg -(225515 B, 1280x960)
225515 225515 No.130734 - Link Reply Report 130734 2


I just managed to complete the first page of this comic too. Thanks for drawing these, I'll gladly color more pictures too whenever you make them!

No.130738 - Link Reply Report 130738 2


If you were looking for more stuff to color, here are some incolored pieces from previous threads.

>>128893 - 5 cunt busting pics
>>129371 >>129398 AJ busting big mac

Are you able to draw as well? Butt has a lot of unfinished sketches throughout these threads that you could possibly finish and color.

File: fchanponyporn.jpg -(389943 B, 1700x2100)
389943 389943 No.130807 - Link Reply Report 130807 2

Heres some magic busting of a random pony for you guys

No.130808 - Link Reply Report 130808 2


Good job. I love his facial expressions.

No.130809 - Link Reply Report 130809 2

>>130807 Awesome I love your drawings!

File: _explicit_artist-colon-pananovich_rumble_oc_oc-colon-flourish+glade_age+difference_ahegao_ball+fondling_balls_bat+pony_batpony+oc_canon+x+oc_di.png -(3953931 B, 3507x2550)
3953931 3953931 No.130810 - Link Reply Report 130810 2


This is fantastic! And looks really painful too. I like to imagine these as Rarity's point of view -shots as she's having kinky fun with her guest.

No.130811 - Link Reply Report 130811 2


I really love the art/pony style in you drawing.

Please do more.

No.130917 - Link Reply Report 130917 2

No new art?


No.130923 - Link Reply Report 130923 2

He does that occasionally, hope he comes back

No.130924 - Link Reply Report 130924 2


I hope he comes back soon. Life is empty without his art :(

File: twokick.png -(256847 B, 1700x930)
256847 256847 No.130942 - Link Reply Report 130942 2

Yes hello I live

File: bully.png -(241211 B, 1523x932)
241211 241211 No.130943 - Link Reply Report 130943 2

Ideas are welcome as always.
Some filly/colt ones might be a fun change of pace

No.130944 - Link Reply Report 130944 2

>>130942 Love it!!!!

No.130945 - Link Reply Report 130945 2



Those are great!

If you are after filly/colt ideas:
-Cheerilee giving her class a lesson on cunt/ball busting with a practical component by getting her class to bust each other or by having the few male students get busted by the fillies.

  • AJ and RD are teaching the CMC how to ball/cuntbust. The CMC practice on each other as well as RD and AJ. They also practice on an unwillimg Big Mac.
  • A filly gets a few colts to kick each other in the nuts to find out who she lets be her boyfriend.

Normal bb ideas:

  • A stallion is sitting down while a mare who is standing bipedal is stepping on his nuts. The stallion is hugging her waiste/crotch with tears in his eyes trying to endure the pain. The mare is ruffling his mane/rubbing his head during this.
  • Twilight walks past a stallion and casually uses her magic to squeeze the balls of a stallion behind her. She is walking with a drink in hoof while the stallion was sitting at a table miding hismown business.

Would you considering doing male on male ballbusting at all? If not just sub Spitfire for Soarin in this next one.

  • Thunderlane gets kicked in the balls by Soarin as he stands to attention saluting him. Soarin looks himd ead in the eye as he kicks Thinderlane in the junk as Thunder tries to hold back tears.

I hope these ideas are useful.

No.130946 - Link Reply Report 130946 2




Is he busting himself? If so, that is hotter.

Good to see you back, Buttsaucer. Looking forward to more.

No.130948 - Link Reply Report 130948 2


Fantastic work once again! I'm busy with moving this month and the next, but I promise to find time for coloring these!

Speaking of coloring, who are these ponies? I couldn't find the cutiemark in >>130943 anywhere, but I'll get started with the linework right away.

No.130949 - Link Reply Report 130949 2

I just drew randoms because I couldn't be arsed to look up background pony manestyles

File: bully.jpg -(173211 B, 1523x932)
173211 173211 No.130951 - Link Reply Report 130951 2

Coloring done! It was hard to decide which one to do first because they were both so exquisite, so I started with the easier one.

For ideas, how about Featherweight taking candid photos of a filly taking a bath, when another filly surprises him from behind with a swift kick to the nuts. I also like the old idea about Button Mash playing an arcade game, struggling to keep playing as a filly (Sweetie Belle perhaps?) kneads his balls. That would be just perfect for prolonged busting in a situation where he has his hooves full and is unable to protect himself. :)

No.130952 - Link Reply Report 130952 2


With the button mash idea, how abou Button and Rumble are both sitting close next to each other playing a console game when Scootaloo pops in betwen them and puts one front hoof down on Rumble and one on Button's junk. Rumble is showing a lot of pain but button mash is able to hide it, focusing on the game. Scootaloo has a big grin with her wings deployed, giving the boys a wing hug as she busts their balls.

Another Button mash idea; He is lying on his back playing a handheld game while Sweetie Belle steps on his nuts while holding his hind legs. Button is showing signs of psin but is more focused on his game than the pain.

No.130953 - Link Reply Report 130953 2


For that kneading idea, maybe have pinkie pie or mrs cake use a rolling pin on a pony's balls by using it like they were trying to roll out dough.

Another idea: One of the male Wonderbolts goes in for a special massage offered by one of the spa ponies that results in the massage giver kneading or aggressively massaging his balls. It would not be painful like a kick to the nuts but enough to make him feel sore/uncomfortable.

No.131017 - Link Reply Report 131017 2

Is that other coloring gonna get done?

No.131018 - Link Reply Report 131018 2


Yes! Sorry about the wait, things with the moving got busier than expected. The originally planned moving van wasn't available, the first planned driver couldn't drive with manual transmissions, and I'm having a lot more trouble with the cleanup than I expected. I'll still try to finish the picture asap, although after that I won't be promising more colorings until I've settled into my new home. :)

No.131021 - Link Reply Report 131021 2


Post more manual transmission inability please...

File: twokick.jpg -(246169 B, 1700x930)
246169 246169 No.131027 - Link Reply Report 131027 2

Coloring done! This picture immediately gave me a barnyard-party-vibe so I went full apple with it. I was originally going to make the mare Apple Fritter, but her attitude seemed just so Applejack-like that I decided to go with our well known bucking enthusiast instead.

I'll be looking forward to new art once again, but this time it's safe to say that I won't have time to color anything before the month is over. :)


Ooh, you like that? Well, the guy who was supposed to drive the van back after the trip said he hasn't driven with manual transmission in five years, so he didn't dare to start now. I myself haven't driven any kind of car in five years (and even then it was the moving van to my current apartment, and that being four or five years after the last moving van drive before that), but I trust I can make it. Luckily I now have new volunteers available, so now I just hope the van will make the trip safely both ways.

No.131028 - Link Reply Report 131028 2


Good job on the coloring.

I love this scene of the male spreading himself, readying himself for his impending pain.

No.131029 - Link Reply Report 131029 2


I do indeed! I have some very obscure and hard-to-describe fetishes. I'm not sure how that would fit into this specific thread, but I'm sure there's a place for it here somewhere? The really amazing thing is that almost all new vehicles come with an automatic transmission now by default, and if you want a manual, then you have to see if it's even available as an option!

File: 5951.png -(1010718 B, 1920x1280)
1010718 1010718 No.131033 - Link Reply Report 131033 2
Source: https://derpibooru.org/1356193

Here is a pic I found on derpibooru which is slightly ball busting.
Artist is NorthernSpirit.

No.131037 - Link Reply Report 131037 2


I really like the expressions in this. Apple Cinnamon is trying to cope with pain, Happy Trails is having second thoughts and Applejack shows no intention of going easy. She's really having fun here, and it shows!

For a new idea, how about one where Trixie has taken over ponyville and is currently sitting on a throne, casually fondling a slave stallions balls? With Trixies attitude I'm surprised there isn't more ballbusting pictures of her in general.

No.131038 - Link Reply Report 131038 2

>>131027 Love it!

No.131044 - Link Reply Report 131044 2

Here is an idea for you. What if a male pony claims he has balls of steel and a female pony challenges him to prove it. He lets her kick him in the nuts but it turns out he actually has balls made of steel. The female kicks him hard only to hurt her foot/hoof from the impact.

No.131045 - Link Reply Report 131045 2

How about it hurts both of them? Balls of steel are still balls after all

File: _explicit_artist-colon-threewontoo_starlight+glimmer_anthro_ball+fondling_balls_blowjob_breasts_cleavage_clothes_cum_eyes+closed_gloves_grope_h[1].jpg -(421171 B, 1280x1600)
421171 421171 No.131093 - Link Reply Report 131093 2

Just found a picture of Snowfall Frost working her assistant on Hearts Warming Eve. :)

No.131222 - Link Reply Report 131222 2

Moving has been a success! I'm ready to get back to the drawing table, or more precisely to assemble the drawing table as soon as there's art to be colored. There's still some arranging stuff to be done but the busiest time is over and I'm back in control of my schedule.

No.131225 - Link Reply Report 131225 2

Please have some Spike ballbusting, there is a severe lack of it.

Maybe Twilight testing how durable they are using many different methods of Nut Shots.

No.131226 - Link Reply Report 131226 2


Butt drew something implying that a long time ago: >>126132

Have Twilight test ball busting methods on Spike and Shining Armor to see the difference reactions between ponies and dragons when they get their balls busted. Maybe she has them bust each other to get them to use species tactics on each other. Shining bucking spike in the balls and Spike squeezing Shining's balls with his claws.

File: Spike_on_the_back_of_Rainbow_Dash_S1E13.png -(761677 B, 1920x1080)
761677 761677 No.131231 - Link Reply Report 131231 2


Some Spike-related ideas:

Rainbow Dash shaking Spike off her back in Fall Weather Friends looked like a prime opportunity to have his balls mashed repeatedly against her back.

Mane-iac belittling Humdrum while using her mane to flick him in the nuts.

Rainbow Dash trying to help Applejack get Spike off her back by giving him painful tasks in Spike At Your Service.

Oh, and congratulations on the new house Nutty! Looking forward to more art from you two.

No.131234 - Link Reply Report 131234 2


  • Twilight uses her front hoof to press down on his balls (with Spike lying on his back).
  • Applejack bucks at apple at Spike's balls. The apple hits with such force it knocks him off his feet.
  • CMC manage to persuade Spike to act as a 'busting dummy' to allow them to practice ball busting on him.
File: 100_slaps.jpg -(146418 B, 1132x817)
146418 146418 No.131269 - Link Reply Report 131269 2

This went a little late because of the unexpected havoc this year, but I finally found the time to finish it. Congratulations for the 100 ballbusting pictures Buttsaucer! :)

No.131275 - Link Reply Report 131275 2


Nice job. That pic looks good.

That poor pony's balls must be real sore after 100 slaps.

No.131294 - Link Reply Report 131294 2


Here's hoping for another hundred soon! >w<

File: 275.png -(267379 B, 1108x1592)
267379 267379 No.131324 - Link Reply Report 131324 2

Congratulations Buttsaucer! These threads are amazing!

File: possible_punishment.png -(351437 B, 1235x1400)
351437 351437 No.131382 - Link Reply Report 131382 2

Spike must have fucked up hard if this is what he thinks he deserves

No.131396 - Link Reply Report 131396 2

>>131382 maybs he came without premission?

No.131397 - Link Reply Report 131397 2

>>131382 maybe he came without her premission?

No.131401 - Link Reply Report 131401 2


Maybe he had already been punished that day and he fucked up again so he is anticipating what she will do to him this time.

File: possible_punishment.jpg -(327088 B, 1235x1400)
327088 327088 No.131412 - Link Reply Report 131412 2


Spike! What is the Big Book of Ballbusting doing in the trashcan?!

Once again a fantastic picture! I love it how Spike can already feel the impending walloping in his little dragonballs! :D

No.131413 - Link Reply Report 131413 2


Nice job. Would really love to see the top left pic become a full pic. Twilight kicking him hard enough to make him airborne even if it is a few inches off the ground would be cool.

No.131416 - Link Reply Report 131416 2

Great job on that last one! I love the squeezing visual, it looks rather painful. Poor spike.

No.131425 - Link Reply Report 131425 2


How do you know she isn't squeezing them just to check for freshness?

No.131435 - Link Reply Report 131435 2

Maybe she is! But if she keeps that up, they probably won't be fresh for long >_>

File: rarity_nut_kick_by_redtriangle-d7bt6aw.jpg -(299696 B, 1024x3601)
299696 299696 No.131438 - Link Reply Report 131438 2


Looks like there's an alternate way to postpone the dragon puberty. Marvelous art as always! I'd imagine that fearing and expecting the punishment will only make it worse when it strikes.


The kick is my favorite scenario too. With Spike it would also offer Twilight a rare chance to watch a male straight in the face as her front hoof impacts with his groin.

No.131444 - Link Reply Report 131444 2

I've only watched the first two seasons of MLP, but man, pony ballbusting is really the best. Is there any good guides/references for drawing in the show's style? I'd like to try drawing something myself maybe in the future.

No.131445 - Link Reply Report 131445 2


Just search "how to draw mlp characters" and you will find heaps of guides on how to draw them.

I tried drawing ponies once using Sorcerus Horserus's guide on deviantart. He has guides on how to draw heads, bodies and wings which might be useful for you.

No.131727 - Link Reply Report 131727 2

Is Butt still around or has he fallen off the face of the earth again?

No.131729 - Link Reply Report 131729 2

I ain't dead
I'm just low on good ideas again

No.131731 - Link Reply Report 131731 2


Emergency brainstorming time!

Maybe the Pie family has some interesting stones-related traditions?

Mare helping a stallion through a narrow hole, pushing against his balls.

A stallion lying on his stomach in a hammock while a mare punches him in the groin from below.

When a pony wears pants, it offers a rare chance for mares to give him a wedgie.

File: pic1.png -(892191 B, 1280x1792)
892191 892191 No.131732 - Link Reply Report 131732 2


Have some ideas then:

  • Based on the attached pic (perspective), a Point of view of a mare stomping on a stallion's nuts, causing him to shoot cum at himself.
  • A mare and stallion in a 69 position with the mare on top who is aggressively fondling the male's balls.
  • Two males attempting to scissor to see why mare's like doing it, squeezing their balls between them as they realize this was a horrible idea.

-A unicorn puts a spell on a stallion's underwear, causing it to shrink, squeezing the stallion's balls.

File: random_pony_drawing_guide_by_twilightflopple-d4czkm3.png -(208693 B, 900x704)
208693 208693 No.131735 - Link Reply Report 131735 2


Seconded. There are a lot of good tutorials online.

Funnily enough, the main thing about all of them is to start by sketching balls - two balls for the body and one for the head that is. Here's a good example about it, as well as the shape of the back leg which I personally found hardest to figure out without a tutorial.

Good luck with your drawings, it's great to have more artists doing ballbusting!

File: _explicit_artist-colon-jonathan+the+awesome_derpibooru+exclusive_sweetie+belle_aquarium_ball+busting_balls_bipedal_blushing_cable_cbt_clothes_d.png -(755363 B, 1500x2200)
755363 755363 No.131736 - Link Reply Report 131736 2


You could always do some kinky S&M stuff like >>131269 , maybe with Sassy Saddles in dominatrix outfit hefting the swollen balls of a tied-up stallion.

No.131742 - Link Reply Report 131742 2


What about a unicorn mare who is walking through town with closed eyes and big smile while dragging a stallion by the balls behind her with her magic. The mare is quite happy with her catch.

No.131746 - Link Reply Report 131746 2

>>131742 i second this! Please do something like this!

File: toon_1491498208315.jpg -(292233 B, 1600x1171)
292233 292233 No.131754 - Link Reply Report 131754 2


I just had a funny mental image of a stallion rolling on the ground in pain while Pinkie Pie dances around him singing a "I just kicked your balls!" song. :)

I might even go as far as to say Pinkie Pie is my favorite ballbuster because of how happy and carefree she is about the unspeakable pain she cannot relate to. She's the kind of pony who'd bust somepony's balls out of nowhere just for a giggle and make up for it by handing him a cupcake before hopping away.

No.131759 - Link Reply Report 131759 2


What about Pinkie Pie kicking smiling ponies in the nuts as part of her Smile song.
Stallions receiving a kick or having their balls stomped with their eyes closed and massive wide smile on their face.

File: _grimdark_suggestive_artist-colon-hakar-dash-kerarmor_derpibooru+exclusive_chickadee_ms-dot-+peachbottom_shining+armor_bad+touch_cap_clothes_fa[1].png -(242160 B, 1246x1000)
242160 242160 No.131798 - Link Reply Report 131798 2


She could also hit a stallion in the balls to make him sing the high notes with her.

I got another idea too: Shining Armor is lying on the bed while Cadence tries a new experimental spell on his balls, expanding them and causing him to squeal hysterically as he jizzes like a firehose all over the room.

No.131799 - Link Reply Report 131799 2

>>131798 love those expressive faces

File: Madame_Pinkie.jpg -(162030 B, 1400x800)
162030 162030 No.131804 - Link Reply Report 131804 2

I just finished my second drawing of the new house. After six hours in Gimp, here's Madame Pinkie gazing into some real crystal balls!

No.131805 - Link Reply Report 131805 2


Love her curiously of his balls. Good job.

File: _safe_screencap_starlight+glimmer_all+bottled+up_spoiler-colon-s07e02_anger+magic_angry_meme_youtube+caption[1].png -(977292 B, 1920x960)
977292 977292 No.131834 - Link Reply Report 131834 2

Sounds like Starlight Glimmer shares our fetish!

File: dashattack!!!.png -(811030 B, 1040x626)
811030 811030 No.131836 - Link Reply Report 131836 2

Here's a modified pic from one of the comics. I'm afraid I don't know which issue...

No.131838 - Link Reply Report 131838 2


Nice, I really like some plain and simple groping. Stallions walking around naked ought to experience that more often.


I came across this in Derpibooru and really liked it! It seems just like something Pinkie would do in the show, swooping at someone's balls and squeezing them around for a gag.


This gave me an idea. Maybe Trixie could be just as excited about learning her first ballbusting spell, running around Ponyville zapping stallions in the balls while giggling "Nutzap! Nutzap! Nutzap!"


I'd definitely save this if it was mare on stallion. Still a flawless edit though, I hope there will be ballbusting like this in the future.

No.131850 - Link Reply Report 131850 2

Do one where someone falls off a tree onto their crotch

File: _explicit_artist-colon-helloiamyourfriend_trixie_oc_oc-colon-zane+scoot_balls_bdsm_big+balls_bondage_canon+x+oc_chair_colored+sketch_earth+pony.png -(2167150 B, 2714x2014)
2167150 2167150 No.131862 - Link Reply Report 131862 2

Something like this would work perfectly with Trixie and Glimmer teasing a tied down stallion while having fun slapping and kicking his swollen balls.

No.131882 - Link Reply Report 131882 2

I agree

No.131883 - Link Reply Report 131883 2


I really like that idea

File: 630a213f6f.png -(3475877 B, 3976x3976)
3475877 3475877 No.131963 - Link Reply Report 131963 2
No.131969 - Link Reply Report 131969 2


Wow! Now that's cute! I'd certainly want to see an action shot of someone taking up is offer!

No.131970 - Link Reply Report 131970 2

>>131963 sexy.

No.131973 - Link Reply Report 131973 2


Holy shit that is awesome.

No.131982 - Link Reply Report 131982 2


Literally asking for it.

I really like this style. Mares may be what makes the ballbusting work, but he definitely looks nice and I'd like to see what reactions to nut-punching would look like in such a cute style. :)

No.132008 - Link Reply Report 132008 2

What happened to all the ballbusting mlp images? Did you just stop making them? I would help but my drawing is bad.

File: large[1].png -(139118 B, 1280x762)
139118 139118 No.132030 - Link Reply Report 132030 2


I draw rather rarely because I am so slow at it, while Buttsaucer is always looking for ideas and inspirations.

If you could draw pony ballbusting, I'll do anything I can to help you! Don't worry too much about quality, when you're just starting out your skills will improve surprisingly fast with experience. ANY ballbusting is better than none, so I bet everyone here will be happy to see whatever you can make!

File: _explicit_artist-colon-antelon_oc_oc-colon-lous+lisi_anthro_ass_ball+fondling_balls_belly+button_blowjob_breasts_clothes_collar_cum_cum+in+mout[1].png -(660907 B, 1196x1733)
660907 660907 No.132032 - Link Reply Report 132032 2

Here's some anthro goodness to pass the time.

No.132034 - Link Reply Report 132034 2

Buttsaucer here
I had some IRL shit intervene, and hoped to get some commissions done
I'll get back to this soon enough

File: read_it_and_weep_ballbusting_opportunity.jpg -(40412 B, 854x437)
40412 40412 No.132044 - Link Reply Report 132044 2

I just noticed that Read It And Weep had a perfect ballbusting opportunity with Applejack taking the ring from one of the tribal ponies. I'd really like to see this scene with AJ's kick aimed a little lower. ;)

No.132081 - Link Reply Report 132081 2

It would be great to see her crush some apples :D, I think an after pick of him clutching his balls while she laughs would also be good!

File: backbuckapple.png -(222774 B, 1400x1200)
222774 222774 No.132082 - Link Reply Report 132082 2


No.132083 - Link Reply Report 132083 2


That looks good

No.132086 - Link Reply Report 132086 2

I'm an artist and I found this thread and thought it was kinda hot. I was wondering if I could use the same concept of the ball busting comic at the very top? I wanted to add myself as a guy pony up against one of girls too.

No.132087 - Link Reply Report 132087 2


Absolutely! More ballbusting art is always an unambiguously good thing to have!

No.132088 - Link Reply Report 132088 2


Nice! AJ is looking both smug and relieved to find the stallion's weak point presented so easily. :)

No.132089 - Link Reply Report 132089 2


I loved the comic concept and wished it had have gone on longer so I wish you luck in doing your version.

No.132090 - Link Reply Report 132090 2


Which girl pony do you want me to face? Also, this will be the name I'll go by here :)

No.132092 - Link Reply Report 132092 2


Well the Mane Six have been pretty much covered here, both getting busted and doing the busting (tho I don't think fluttershy has gotton hers yet) So you might want to use a newer pony girl like starlight or possibly one of the princesses. I bet luna would absolutely murder some poor ponyboys manhood, plus it'd be fun to see a princess get her ass.. er.. also other regions kicked. ;3

No.132096 - Link Reply Report 132096 2

You should face Derpy or Luna or maybe Gilda :)

No.132099 - Link Reply Report 132099 2


I decided to do Derpy :)

No.132106 - Link Reply Report 132106 2


Sweet! I just came home from camping, and I'll start coloring this right away. The background may take a while, but I'll do my best to give it the attention the picture deserves!


Welcome! It's always good to have more artists around, and it sounds like there are some good suggestions for the busting mare already. Starlight Glimmer can certainly be competitive, but Gilda must be the single most suitable candidate ever for a game that includes receiving blows to the groin in addition to just delivering them!

But Derpy is always nice too, and it will be nice to see her whack some nuts too. :)

No.132107 - Link Reply Report 132107 2

I don't know about you but I want some more ball squeezing! Always funny to see boys get their poor little ballsys squished!

No.132112 - Link Reply Report 132112 2


I totally agree. Squeezing is awesome! To be honest though, I think I'd like anything related to ballbusting. :P

File: backbuckapple.jpg -(221214 B, 1400x1200)
221214 221214 No.132114 - Link Reply Report 132114 2

Applejack kicking some tropical nuts!

I love these re-imaginings of events in the show, and from now on this will always be the version of the events that I'll remember. :D


I approve wholeheartedly. Squeezing is the best, but I love everything ballbusting-related in general. :)

No.132137 - Link Reply Report 132137 2


Excellent work once again. The pussy is a nice detail, it really underlines how fundamentally different her point of view is on kicks to the groin.

File: macintosh.jpg -(485884 B, 1700x1800)
485884 485884 No.132138 - Link Reply Report 132138 2

heres some Mac busting for you guys <3 I have a FA if anyone is interested in visiting it (keep in mind i usually do pokemon busting art) I'm Yiffy1234 c:

No.132140 - Link Reply Report 132140 2


I love the bad to the nuts one. Good job on it. Do you plan on doing more at all?

No.132143 - Link Reply Report 132143 2


Lovely! I actually follow you on FA already -- keep up the great work!

No.132145 - Link Reply Report 132145 2

Awesome job as usual! There's just something about squeezing, seeing those two lil grapes get squashed and the squeezer being able to cause exactly how much pain she wants.

No.132148 - Link Reply Report 132148 2

Oh, I've kept an eye on your stuff before.
Glad to see you here.

No.132156 - Link Reply Report 132156 2


That's some good busting indeed, especially the bat to the groin. It would be nice to see the mare doing the busting as well.

No.132158 - Link Reply Report 132158 2


Will you be posting these on your FA?

No.132164 - Link Reply Report 132164 2

Post more Daybreaker please...

No.132171 - Link Reply Report 132171 2

I hope this one wasn't posted.

File: image.jpg -(454080 B, 1500x2000)
454080 454080 No.132172 - Link Reply Report 132172 2

>>132171 I forgot the image sorry

File: Flutter_nutter.jpg -(491033 B, 1280x1600)
491033 491033 No.132173 - Link Reply Report 132173 2


This! I have already fapped to her superiority several times, and actually seeing her bust some balls would be fantastic!

"I can do with them whatever I want!"

"Ugh, so much screaming. Yeah, I get it, they hurt."

Now she just needs a stallion to toy with. Maybe a royal guard? Or someone from Glimmer's hometown? Big Mac is always a popular choice and I bet Glimmer has dreamt about him every now and then like any mare ought to.

No.132185 - Link Reply Report 132185 2


"Why should I suck your cock when I could just crush your balls instead?"

Time for a new thread?

No.132222 - Link Reply Report 132222 2

This is a master peice, would be awsome to see one with big mac though!

No.132259 - Link Reply Report 132259 2

Can someone make a new thread?

No.132302 - Link Reply Report 132302 2

New thread: >>132287

No.133099 - Link Reply Report 133099 2

Does anyone know what happened to the next thread?!?!

No.133116 - Link Reply Report 133116 2

It's still dead :(

No.133124 - Link Reply Report 133124 2

Can somepony please make a new thread?

No.133125 - Link Reply Report 133125 2

Yah why does it say 404 - not found what happened?

No.133141 - Link Reply Report 133141 2

Somebody posted a story, few days later, his posts were deleted, and after that, the whole thread was gone as well.

No.133203 - Link Reply Report 133203 2

Can somepony PLEASE make a new thread? Please?

No.133204 - Link Reply Report 133204 2

>>133203 I don't know how exactly Fchan works, but I assume that in order to start new thread it is necessary to enter /toon/ board first. And here is a problem: there is only a white blank page there.

No.133206 - Link Reply Report 133206 2

>>133204 And after I wrote it, I was redirected via working URL... It's seems some links from the board list dont work (at least for me).

So it worked and I started a new thread...

No.133214 - Link Reply Report 133214 2

Is it just me, or did the new thread disappear again?

No.133215 - Link Reply Report 133215 2

>>133214 You are not alone. The thread is visible in the /toon/ but when you try to access it via direct link, there is only blank page there. Fchan has been a little odd lately. Will try to contact Admin

No.133216 - Link Reply Report 133216 2

>>133214 The Grand Admin Xenofur fixed the problem! Everything is OK now.

No.134482 - Link Reply Report 134482 2

What's up with the most current thread not working?

No.134530 - Link Reply Report 134530 2

Not sure. Can somebody link me to the Discord though? I wanna stay up to date on these pics lol. Unpopular opinion: more Fluttershy cuntbusting.

No.134537 - Link Reply Report 134537 2


Hmu with that discord link too please leave

No.134575 - Link Reply Report 134575 2

I really hope someone drops that discord link soon :/

No.134593 - Link Reply Report 134593 2

Cant post the link because spam but if you google around for rainbow dash or fluttershy cuntbusting, there are a couple low quality pics that link to the dead page of this thread. The link is on there with a picture of rainbow dash getting cuntbusted by AJ while Flutters and Pinkie hold her down.

No.134598 - Link Reply Report 134598 2

You're an absolutely ascended being, thank you <3

No.134694 - Link Reply Report 134694 2

Damn I guess the thread is dead and the Discord link is dead too

No.134761 - Link Reply Report 134761 2

Yup, seems like it. Sucks, this place was poppin at one point.

No.134806 - Link Reply Report 134806 2

If Discord link is still needed (don't forget to change ' [.] ' -> '.'): discord [.] gg/vD8yGse