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[-] [+] No.133205
MLP Ballbusting/Cuntbusting /ah/ 
File: fragment.png -(59371 B, 500x500)
59371 59371 No.133205 133205 1

Thread 9.

Old threads >>127480 / >>125903 / >>126436 / >>128325 / >>129614 / >>130225 / >> 132287[died in agony]

File: _twilight+sparkle_explicit_nudity_balls_grimdark_vulgar_changeling_grotesque_source+needed_abuse.jpg -(353276 B, 800x1451)
353276 353276 No.133207 - Link Reply Report 133207 2

Yay! I was hopeing someone would make a new thread!

Does anyone have a relink to that amazing video game some brony was working on. I lost the page and was curious if there had been an update.

File: ballbuster.jpg -(249552 B, 1005x1786)
249552 249552 No.133208 - Link Reply Report 133208 2

Nice to see a new thread! I already made a general ballbusting thread in >>133188 , but these are the best ballbusting threads anywhere!

No.133209 - Link Reply Report 133209 2


Nice! The hoof really looks like its impacting the balls hard and fast.

Here's some ideas I've had since I saw the movie:

-Tempest Storm punishes Capper by zapping his balls with her horn.

-Tempest Storm breaking in slaves ought to be interesting as well.

-Any fight between ponies and the bipedal storm guards has plenty of ballbusting opportunities.

And some ideas inspired by the latest episodes in general:

-When Cattail said they had tried to get the honey from the flashbees with things he shudders to think about, it meant Twilight used his balls as a bait.

-Ballbusting as Cutiemark Camp activity.

-In Once Upon a Zeppelin, Twilight should have busted Star Trackers balls in quite a few occasions.

-Fighting against the Pony of Shadows, instead of helping Twilight counter the villains beam, Starlight Glimmer zaps him in the balls instead.

-Rockhoof lets Applejack buck him in the balls as a show of toughness.

No.133210 - Link Reply Report 133210 2

>>133207 If you are about that turn based 2d game, then there is nothing new to show yet.

The last version is here: yadi(REPLACE IT WITH ".")sk/d/utApk1ai3PpUTq [Just don't use C button if you are not into hard CBT thing]

Attack and Defence Minigame prototype is here: yadi(REPLACE IT WITH ".")sk/d/cYkNQ-cv3PpVLy

I am going to change graphics. For this I am working on ragdoll animations which I'll use later like a reference for more accurate pixelart animations.
Anyway, I think there is won't be anything new to show till New Year, because I have no much time for anything besides study and work for now.

No.133213 - Link Reply Report 133213 2

>>133210 This is amazing I love these! :D plz continue to make these and more <3

No.133217 - Link Reply Report 133217 2

Hurray! I'm so happy the new page is up!

No.133220 - Link Reply Report 133220 2

These are both amazing! If you're going to expand the games even further, I'd love to see some sort of progression between the kicks. See the stallion's dialogue go from confident to nervous to outright begging, as his balls turn red.

No.133226 - Link Reply Report 133226 2


Wow! I can't believe the detail in that minigame. Looks like you put a lot of work into it so far. I'm really curious as to how you plan it to work.

The second version of the 2d one is great, too. It's pretty funny when there are dozens of testicles all over the ground. :P But other than that, I like that you've included such graphic injuries in it.

No.133282 - Link Reply Report 133282 2


Post more [died in agony] please...

No.133299 - Link Reply Report 133299 2

What happened to all the pictures and posts they keep going away and no ones posting anymore unfortunately :(

No.133304 - Link Reply Report 133304 2

>>133299 yup, site is pretty unstable, maybe we need a discord server for content duplication and other things

No.133305 - Link Reply Report 133305 2

What happened to my posts from a few days ago???

No.133306 - Link Reply Report 133306 2

What happened to my posts from a few days ago???

No.133307 - Link Reply Report 133307 2

>>133306 They just disappeared, like the last thread did. I doubt they were deleted on purpose.

No.133309 - Link Reply Report 133309 2

I'm part of a discord, but it focuses on all toon busting both human and furry. With separate M/M and F/M channels for original and no original stories and artwork.

No.133310 - Link Reply Report 133310 2

>>133309 I would love to join how do I join?

File: Massage_aftermath.jpg -(113654 B, 1056x800)
113654 113654 No.133312 - Link Reply Report 133312 2

Behold, I made some new content! I've been spanding way too much time on roleplaying lately, but I finally returned to the workbench for a few days and managed to make the long-waited picture of Doctor Whooves heading home after a hot stones massage. :)

No.133313 - Link Reply Report 133313 2


Nice work on that one. I reckon those mares had a lot of fun with his big balls.

No.133314 - Link Reply Report 133314 2

>>133312 YaY! Thanks for coming back cant wait for more content! :D

No.133315 - Link Reply Report 133315 2

If you have a Discord the code is M33VqV8 - It's not really that active though.

File: _explicit_grimdark_artist-colon-marsminer_oc_oc+only_oc-colon-venus+spring_abuse_groin+attack_onomatopoeia_pain.png -(402999 B, 1206x995)
402999 402999 No.133340 - Link Reply Report 133340 2
Source: https://derpibooru.org/1609512

New Cbusting pic. This thread still alive?

No.133341 - Link Reply Report 133341 2

>>133340 Yes it is still Alive I check it every day wishing there were more artists though. Hopefully we will get lots of new art and stories or games soon! :D

No.133342 - Link Reply Report 133342 2

>>133340 Thanks for the pic btw got anymore?

No.133343 - Link Reply Report 133343 2

>>133342 Afraid not. Hopefully the artist draws more. There needs to be more Cbusting in general.

There used to be a couple hand-drawn pictures of Dash getting busted in various ways but they got deleted when the thread fucked up.

Anyone have those and are willing to repost them?

File: _explicit_artist-colon-buttsaucer_artist-colon-nuttyhoof_rainbow+dash_sky+stinger_ball+busting_balls_cbt_comic-colon-endurance+match_cunt+busti[1].jpg -(162543 B, 711x1280)
162543 162543 No.133346 - Link Reply Report 133346 2


Do you mean these?

File: _explicit_artist-colon-buttsaucer_artist-colon-nuttyhoof_rainbow+dash_sky+stinger_ball+busting_balls_cbt_comic-colon-endurance+match_cunt+busti[1].jpg -(141884 B, 619x1280)
141884 141884 No.133347 - Link Reply Report 133347 2


File: _explicit_artist-colon-buttsaucer_artist-colon-nuttyhoof_rainbow+dash_sky+stinger_ball+busting_balls_cbt_comic-colon-endurance+match_cunt+busti[1].jpg -(188976 B, 853x1280)
188976 188976 No.133348 - Link Reply Report 133348 2


File: _explicit_artist-colon-buttsaucer_artist-colon-nuttyhoof_rainbow+dash_sky+stinger_ball+busting_balls_cbt_comic-colon-endurance+match_cunt+busti[1].jpg -(168364 B, 817x1280)
168364 168364 No.133349 - Link Reply Report 133349 2


No.133350 - Link Reply Report 133350 2

No, I appreciate it but the ones I was talking about were in black and white. I recall Twilight busting Dash with a book, Pinkie busting her with an ice skate etc.

No.133351 - Link Reply Report 133351 2

Disregard, I found them. I'm just unobservant.

File: bb162.jpg -(78000 B, 640x619)
78000 78000 No.133352 - Link Reply Report 133352 2


File: bb168.jpg -(145265 B, 640x636)
145265 145265 No.133353 - Link Reply Report 133353 2


File: Flutterbust_1.png -(1552855 B, 2000x1468)
1552855 1552855 No.133361 - Link Reply Report 133361 2

Yikes! Poor...Venus? (is that her name?)

Here's one of Fluttershy someone requested literally months ago (I only just finished it, my bad).

It's part 1 of 2. I'll post what I have on part 2 as well, since I don't know when I'll actually have it done. If you're the anon who requested this, sorry for the excessive wait.

-Also, anyone remember that pic of AJ revenge-busting Mac? She says something like "that's for bucking my ladybits!"

Could somepony make a prequel? AJ busts are woefully few and far-between, especially when she's been pounding him regularly in these threads.

File: FullSizeRender_2.jpg -(72876 B, 640x608)
72876 72876 No.133362 - Link Reply Report 133362 2


>hand-drawn pictures of Dash

Is this one of the pics you mean? I have the rest, I just want to make sure before spamming the wrong album.

File: Flutterbust_2.png -(1101731 B, 2400x1700)
1101731 1101731 No.133363 - Link Reply Report 133363 2

Here's what I have completed for part 2 so far...

File: And_thats_fer_buckingme_in_the_ladybits_earlier.jpg -(224925 B, 1401x1051)
224925 224925 No.133365 - Link Reply Report 133365 2

This one?

File: Dashie_Penalty_Kick_1.png -(782625 B, 1900x1241)
782625 782625 No.133367 - Link Reply Report 133367 2


That's it! I'd love to see the event that kicked this off (pun intended).
I love BB, but there's a mountain of it compared to virtually no CB.

Also, pic is 1 of 4 (or maybe 5) I haven't decided which yet.

No.133368 - Link Reply Report 133368 2

Ayyyyyy no sweat lmao. I just thought you forgot. Hell man that looks great. Keep up the good work!

Also I'm the same anon that was looking for those pics of Dash but fret not because I found them so no one has to spam them lol.

File: toon_1514057259597.buttsaucer_wonderbust.jpg -(226843 B, 1280x1136)
226843 226843 No.133376 - Link Reply Report 133376 2


Looking good. Reminds me of this pic.
Can never have enough of Dashie in cbt pics.

File: candy_cane_nut_grab.jpg -(31187 B, 640x400)
31187 31187 No.133381 - Link Reply Report 133381 2


Thanks! I wanted to do another picture just for Christmas, but I got roped way over my head in another fan project and didn't have time to draw ballbusting in time. Without further ado, here's a quick depiction of the christmassy idea: a mare yanking a stallions balls with a candy cane. I think Twilight and Shining Armor would fit nicely here, but whatever ponies you want to use is up to whoever decides to draw this.

Merry Christmas everypony!

No.133383 - Link Reply Report 133383 2

Here is my story
Hope you enjoy

File: Dashie_Penalty_Kick_2.png -(862748 B, 1900x1241)
862748 862748 No.133389 - Link Reply Report 133389 2

Lol I actually used this as the base.
btw Marey Christmas to all!


No.133390 - Link Reply Report 133390 2


BANG! Right in the vag!
Good work on that one. I cant wait to see what you draw next.

No.133391 - Link Reply Report 133391 2


BANG! Right in the vag!
Good work on that one. I cant wait to see what you draw next.

File: toon_1514281023542.png -(7954916 B, 4000x2246)
7954916 7954916 No.133393 - Link Reply Report 133393 2

Here's some captions I made for you guys. I hope you enjoy, and belated merry Christmas!


File: toon_1514281149204.png -(2486634 B, 3350x2311)
2486634 2486634 No.133394 - Link Reply Report 133394 2


File: toon_1514281312756.png -(817386 B, 1400x1600)
817386 817386 No.133395 - Link Reply Report 133395 2


File: toon_1514281393834.png -(718815 B, 1600x1086)
718815 718815 No.133396 - Link Reply Report 133396 2


File: toon_1514281462103.png -(153301 B, 1050x900)
153301 153301 No.133397 - Link Reply Report 133397 2


File: toon_1514281571204.png -(1247642 B, 1700x1100)
1247642 1247642 No.133398 - Link Reply Report 133398 2


File: toon_1514281683194.png -(897453 B, 1100x1000)
897453 897453 No.133399 - Link Reply Report 133399 2


File: toon_1514281767083.png -(2093474 B, 2500x2000)
2093474 2093474 No.133400 - Link Reply Report 133400 2


File: toon_1514281820825.png -(1114485 B, 1400x1280)
1114485 1114485 No.133401 - Link Reply Report 133401 2


File: toon_1514281902774.png -(3123649 B, 2050x1497)
3123649 3123649 No.133402 - Link Reply Report 133402 2


File: toon_1514281986018.png -(3252488 B, 3000x3200)
3252488 3252488 No.133403 - Link Reply Report 133403 2


File: toon_1514282081222.png -(1317830 B, 1651x1380)
1317830 1317830 No.133404 - Link Reply Report 133404 2


No.133410 - Link Reply Report 133410 2

Wow that was a very nice amount of content! Thx

No.133415 - Link Reply Report 133415 2

>>133393 OMG! Yas Thank you I love Ballbusting Captions especially on MLP! :D More please! :)

File: _explicit_artist-colon-magnificent-dash-arsehole_quibble+pants_rainbow+dash_anus_backsack_balls_blushing_bottomless_bridge_clothes_dark+genital.jpg -(310285 B, 1280x1280)
310285 310285 No.133419 - Link Reply Report 133419 2

Those were much hotter than I could have expected! Seriously, I didn't know captions could be that hot, but these are absolutely perfect for describing ballbusting scenarios.

More please!

No.133421 - Link Reply Report 133421 2

>>133419 Same here <3 More please! :D

No.133424 - Link Reply Report 133424 2

I can imagine Rainbow letting go "accidently" and Quibble Pants landing on a tree branch legs spread with a very painful expression on his face while Rainbow laughs and takes pictures.

File: Dashie_Penalty_Kick_3.png -(794032 B, 1900x1241)
794032 794032 No.133428 - Link Reply Report 133428 2



Anyone interested in doing a prequel/revenge shot for this AJ pic? -------> >>133365

File: large.png -(255933 B, 338x1024)
255933 255933 No.133451 - Link Reply Report 133451 2

Interested in Big Mac Busting AJ? EeEEeeYup!

File: Dashie_Penalty_Kick_4.png -(879629 B, 1900x1241)
879629 879629 No.133452 - Link Reply Report 133452 2



phew Finally done! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing dash get busted as much as I did; this was a bit more involved than I had originally planned. I might still to a follow up pic detailing the aftermath, but I can't make any promises just yet.

No.133454 - Link Reply Report 133454 2


Good work on the pics. Keep up the good work! if you do an aftermath pic, maybe have Dash on the ground cupping her vag and fluttershy trying to either put an ice pack on dash's vag or she is trying the hug dash to apologize.

No.133462 - Link Reply Report 133462 2

I really like the thought of Fluttershy with an icepack. Maybe with AJ gloating and saying something snarky as she walks away?

No.133464 - Link Reply Report 133464 2

Are there anymore MLP ballbusting captions?

File: laceypants-stallion.png -(619677 B, 1280x951)
619677 619677 No.133481 - Link Reply Report 133481 2

Here's a good pic by MarsMiner.

File: laceypants-mare.png -(695539 B, 1280x951)
695539 695539 No.133482 - Link Reply Report 133482 2

And here's a mare version for CB fans.

No.133506 - Link Reply Report 133506 2

Wish there was more art its starting to die unfortunately :(

File: pony-crusaders_crotch_punch.png -(2813288 B, 1122x3496)
2813288 2813288 No.133526 - Link Reply Report 133526 2

It very well may be, sadly.

No.133547 - Link Reply Report 133547 2

I'm an artist that's new to the MLP scene. I love this kink and I'd like to add to this even if I'm the only one giving to this thread. I'm open to commissions too!

No.133548 - Link Reply Report 133548 2

Be careful, you'll get more work than you can handle with this thread :D ( I'd personally like to see some magic play, hornbeams, painful magic blasts to the goodies ) On another note it 'might' be time to redirect this thread someplace a bit more permanent since Fchan likes to buffer the threads (and loose them unexpectedly!) Anyone have any ideas on that?

No.133549 - Link Reply Report 133549 2

I dont mind :) I'm looking for work and I have an idea. Dose anyone feel up to joining a discord with it? I can make it myself if you want.

No.133551 - Link Reply Report 133551 2

Post the link here once it's made and I'll join!

No.133552 - Link Reply Report 133552 2

I can't post it cause Fchan is trying to crack down on spam >< I have it though.

File: Dashie_Penaltyddd_Kick_4.png -(553947 B, 752x900)
553947 553947 No.133553 - Link Reply Report 133553 2
Source: https://discord.gg/tv4zT3y

If you love MLP ballbusting come join my Discord!

File: DerpyHindHoofJobOops.jpg -(635560 B, 1920x1080)
635560 635560 No.133556 - Link Reply Report 133556 2

First time drawing ball busting.

"After a long day out adventuring together, Dr Whooves and Derpy Hooves returned home for some fun together. Derpy offered up the idea of a foot job and as Dr Whooves had a long day, graciously accepted the mare’s offer.
The two prepared for the footjob, Derpy grabbed onto the stallion’s hind legs to spread them and give her access to the stallion’s junk so she could provide him a hoof job. As the mare positioned her hind hoofs to rub his dick with her hooves, she missed and impacted his balls instead and began to press on his balls, thinking she was giving him a foot job."

No.133557 - Link Reply Report 133557 2

I'd love to see ballbusting combined with bondage. There's nothing like seeing a stallion getting his marbles cracked, and being unable to cover himself from subsequent hits.

Not bad at all!

File: toon_1517097096638.png -(758425 B, 1000x900)
758425 758425 No.133558 - Link Reply Report 133558 2

>>133410 >>133415 >>133419 >>133421
Thank you, very much! I wasn't sure I was up to the par, but it's really encouraging to hear that you all liked it!

I would appreciate some constructive criticism as well though. I can't get better if nobody tells me what I'm doing wrong, so don't be shy to tell me when something doesn't work out for you.

Also, here's another batch: 1/12

File: toon_1517097228041.png -(1379470 B, 1748x1600)
1379470 1379470 No.133559 - Link Reply Report 133559 2


File: toon_1517097282453.png -(927531 B, 1400x1610)
927531 927531 No.133560 - Link Reply Report 133560 2


File: toon_1517097340147.png -(1381472 B, 2100x1500)
1381472 1381472 No.133561 - Link Reply Report 133561 2


File: toon_1517097409712.png -(7617792 B, 4200x3833)
7617792 7617792 No.133562 - Link Reply Report 133562 2


File: toon_1517097491206.png -(8907903 B, 5400x3438)
8907903 8907903 No.133563 - Link Reply Report 133563 2


File: toon_1517097594610.png -(823531 B, 950x849)
823531 823531 No.133564 - Link Reply Report 133564 2


File: toon_1517097759242.png -(569705 B, 1600x1220)
569705 569705 No.133565 - Link Reply Report 133565 2


File: toon_1517097853958.png -(927477 B, 1900x1513)
927477 927477 No.133566 - Link Reply Report 133566 2


File: toon_1517097908882.png -(6954288 B, 3300x3499)
6954288 6954288 No.133567 - Link Reply Report 133567 2


File: toon_1517097966938.png -(6455138 B, 2700x2300)
6455138 6455138 No.133568 - Link Reply Report 133568 2


File: toon_1517098068001.png -(8650626 B, 3900x2678)
8650626 8650626 No.133569 - Link Reply Report 133569 2


No.133573 - Link Reply Report 133573 2

Great work! I think #9 and #6 are my favorites of the bunch. (In the first batch, my faves were #4, #6, and #12.) My preference is for straight BB and for ponies on the anthro side of the scale, but that's just me, and your captions probably have enough variety to satisfy everybody :) Keep it up!

If you'd like a specific suggestion, I'd love to see more that combine sex and ballbusting. "I'll give you a blowjob, but only after I thrash your balls", "Look how much you came after all that nutkicking", things like that.

No.133586 - Link Reply Report 133586 2

These were great! I only have a few comments myself:
I'm a sadist, and much more in favor of unwitting/unwilling/unhappy recipients. Dialogue from that side is always nice, even if just in response to the more dominant partner (I recognize that it can be hard to have a fearful/reluctant character actively drive dialogue). So almost in direct opposition to the last commenter, where #9 is on my less-favored side (you really can't please them all, can you...). I do agree with them that the variety is a good way of making more people happy

That being said, sufficient dialogue implying the presence of the former is fine--so, #1,#5,#6,#12 would be my favorites this time, I suppose. If you want an explicit suggestion--Flash with a pre-reformation Sunset ensuring he's a properly compliant boyfriend? I dunno.

Also, you don't need to save up 12 images before posting--feel free to put them up as they're made. It's the gaps in content which kill the thread.

There's a fair bit of content which has never been uploaded to derpi, too...

File: _explicit_alternate+version_artist-colon-wolfmask_twilight+sparkle_alicorn_bedroom+eyes_book_both+cutie+marks_condom_eyes+on+the+prize_female_h.png -(6501670 B, 3720x5262)
6501670 6501670 No.133591 - Link Reply Report 133591 2

Nice! The muzzles are a bit long, but I love the situation. I can definitely see Derpy happily kneading balls thinking it feels good.

Could you do a version of this without the reddening? The discoloration seems to be something that has been creeping into a lot of ballbusting pictures lately.

This one is definitely my favorite of these. It's precisely the kind of playful obliviousness I love the most, girls kicking balls for fun with no sympathy for how much it actually hurts. It's why Dash and Pinkie are my two favorite ballbusters, Pinkie with the funny prankster attitude and Dash with how smug she is about dropping stallions to their knees.

Would you like to do something with this picture? It looks like this view could have plenty of ballbusting potential.

File: rd_nut_grab.png -(10168906 B, 2126x2953)
10168906 10168906 No.133597 - Link Reply Report 133597 2

Newest ballbusting find from derpibooru.

File: Rarity_Gala_translation.png -(380574 B, 979x887)
380574 380574 No.133600 - Link Reply Report 133600 2

Now THIS is an old one! I made this comic about a dream I had, six years ago.

No.133700 - Link Reply Report 133700 2

Wish there were more art or ballbusting captions

No.133732 - Link Reply Report 133732 2

It sucks how I can wait a week or two hoping for at least 1 new pic on this forum, but it stays barren.

No.133749 - Link Reply Report 133749 2

>>133732 Same here come here every day hoping for new content.

File: Holding_boulders.jpg -(66398 B, 572x627)
66398 66398 No.133755 - Link Reply Report 133755 2

"How do YOU like someone touching your boulders?"

I just got myself a drawing tablet, and while practicing its use I also decided to draw my first picture with anthro ponies. It's not as smooth as using the curve tool yet, but hopefully I'll eventually learn to draw pictures in a more reasonable time. Hope you like it!

I also did this to everyone else to try drawing too. The small number of ballbusting pictures means the entry skill level is low, and you'll see that once you just start drawing your skills improve drastically with each new picture.

Oh, and stories are good too. Just use a site like pastebin for it rather than pasting the text directly in here. :)

No.133765 - Link Reply Report 133765 2

I know this is a limited market but I would love to hear some bb or cb readings. If anyone wants to do a reading as a male or rule63 pony busting or being a buster I would for sure listen to it a few dozen times. Or if anyone wants to do a reading of a cb or bb story.

File: toon_1520522371743.png -(2753983 B, 2550x3250)
2753983 2753983 No.133766 - Link Reply Report 133766 2

The face you make when you realize the weights are a lot heavier than you thought.

File: Preview_but_less_then_10mb.gif -(10265337 B, 400x225)
10265337 10265337 No.133767 - Link Reply Report 133767 2
Source: https://i.imgur.com/UMao9we.gifv

>>133749 >>133732 Guys, I would recommend you to join discord server, if you aren't there yet. Looks like Fchan is already abandoned by most of people... At least discord server is more active than fchan. The only problem I see is new users influx, because of discord server isn't public.

PS: Discord also has Web-client.

No.133769 - Link Reply Report 133769 2

Sweet Celestia, that animation is AWESOME!

No.133778 - Link Reply Report 133778 2

That animation is to notch!

File: EmberBustingTaco.jpg -(2814213 B, 3024x4032)
2814213 2814213 No.133785 - Link Reply Report 133785 2

Have some male on male pony busting.

No.133792 - Link Reply Report 133792 2

We need more pinkie pie busting and we need something with discord

No.133810 - Link Reply Report 133810 2

Wish there was more art, did we move or something???

No.133811 - Link Reply Report 133811 2

>>133810 yes, invitation to our new motherbase was here: >>133553

No.133812 - Link Reply Report 133812 2

>>133811 yah but still barely any ballbusting art being made their too.

No.133813 - Link Reply Report 133813 2

oh wait there is YaY am glad people are still making art for ballbusting mlp!!!

No.133814 - Link Reply Report 133814 2

could you guys still post the art here?

File: f99328081c24c2ca3764fb5ff06754e3c5e6b583b89d32f72c1e00720991db99[1].jpg -(1879513 B, 2889x2620)
1879513 1879513 No.133815 - Link Reply Report 133815 2

Here's a request someone drew for me in 8ch /pone/

Also, sorry for not drawing in a while, but I've been very busy with other pony-related movements. 4chans /mlp/ board, moderated by people who hate ponies and just want the fandom to suffer on a board that intentionally stiffles them, has finally reached the tipping point where people have started moving to 8chan. I've been busy making content there, because most of the sheeple are still staying at 4chan just because it has more traffic, and the only way to save the fandom from a slow death under their mods is to make more posts to 8chan. The traffic is the only thing keeping people on their old board, so once enough people move to 8chan they'll all start being a part of the solution rather than the problem.

File: bad_customer_service.png -(256734 B, 1440x978)
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Somehow the text didn't get posted. Strange.

Anyway, I've been learning faster freehand drawing on a tablet, and just finished the sketch for the latest picture. It's shopkeeper Fluttershy getting a little too bold with a customer.

I was about to start coloring this when I had an idea: Would someone here like to help with it? My artistic path got started by helping Buttsaucer finish his works, so would someone here like to help with fixing and coloring my pictures? That way I'll have time to draw more faster instead of having to do everything myself. Teamwork is more fun too, and I really miss the powerhouse of art we had going with Buttsaucer and me.

So, would anyone here be interested in collaborating with me? I can also send the lineart pictures a with transparent background if it helps.

No.133869 - Link Reply Report 133869 2

YaY! Its back hope we can get more art!

No.133879 - Link Reply Report 133879 2

All I'm seeing are ponies, ponies and more ponies...

Where are the dragons?

Someone needs to kick Spike in the Dragonballs!

File: 9d020c80d8bf828549dc51c036e44392.jpg -(106829 B, 708x800)
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File: 5df51df66994d134bba4eecad7613357.jpg -(87350 B, 400x800)
87350 87350 No.133917 - Link Reply Report 133917 2

I'll just leave this here

File: _explicit_artist-colon-averageocporn_starlight+glimmer_oc_oc-colon-cerulean+circuit_anthro_breasts_canon+x+oc_collar_dominatrix_feet_female_fem[1].png -(1276032 B, 4056x5312)
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Source: https://www.derpibooru.org/1724634

Newest find!

File: naivintage_speararity.jpg -(297222 B, 966x1280)
297222 297222 No.133967 - Link Reply Report 133967 2

Not ballbusting in the traditional sense, but his balls are clearly getting squished inside those panties.

File: sample_f1d6e1db50545328a731fc0021f915c5fcdcf824[1].jpg -(370417 B, 850x786)
370417 370417 No.133968 - Link Reply Report 133968 2

I don't remember seeing this before.

File: Soarin_Busting_Thunderlane.jpg -(2167323 B, 3024x4032)
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>>133210 Open a Patreon and get monetary support for your game. I, for one, would gladly throw some $ your way. Guys like Skunkfrakker make good money off this MLP stuff.

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Source: https://derpibooru.org/1774931

Guess this thread is dead.

File: _questionable_artist-colon-pshyzo_sci-dash-twi_sunset+shimmer_twilight+sparkle_equestria+girls_rollercoaster+of+friendship_spoiler-colon-eqg+se.png -(631144 B, 832x1020)
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Source: https://derpibooru.org/1774931

My bad, meant to post this pic

File: Babs_ballbuster.png -(640667 B, 1030x1369)
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I just found a picture that with a little edit instantly became relevant for this thread.

File: _explicit_artist-colon-draltruist_pinkie+pie_anatomically+incorrect_anthro_ball+busting_balls_bdsm_belly+button_bellyring_bondage_boots_breasts[1].png -(702218 B, 643x900)
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