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[-] [+] No.134399
/dis is broken so this is happening here: fat shouldn't automatically mean AH 
File: bugs_undies.png -(1505177 B, 2100x3000)
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Fat bodies are not offensive unless you're fat-phobic. We're talking about body types that people have in the real world. And, surprise surprise, these people have very vanilla sex all the time.

If fat bodies squick you, you have some growing up to do.

No.134400 - Link Reply Report 134400 2


Fat itself isn't offensive. Just make sure you remember the difference between fat and hyper / morbidly obese, which IS /ah, and keep it labeled accordingly.

File: Neenya_tapiosmall.png -(939989 B, 864x1280)
939989 939989 No.134408 - Link Reply Report 134408 2

This for fuck's sake.

No.134409 - Link Reply Report 134409 2


Two things:

  1. 37.7% of Americans are obese or extremely obese. You're essentially saying 37.7% of bodies in America are as much of a squick as scat.
  2. There is a scat thread right now a mile long with no "ah" tag.
  3. There is zero transparency, nor any discussion about where the line is drawn with hyper. Is the bugs at the top of this thread hyper? Is the cutoff anything larger than the cat with the spare tire?
No.134411 - Link Reply Report 134411 2



The line is really blurry too. I get the impression the spirit and intent of the rule is no hyper-fat. "Morbidly obese" is a bad term because it's too ambiguous. Depending on weight and height the BMI might label someone "morbidly obese" who doesn't really look that fat.

So how do we gauge what's AH? Anything that upsets people with a fat-phobia or something that's legitimately hyper-fat?

No.134412 - Link Reply Report 134412 2


I don't claim to be speaking for anyone other than myself here, but I feel there's a few things that need to be said...

I'm personally fine with anything below hyper-fat. Now if genuine hyper-fat is your thing, I'm not saying it should be banned. I just believe that it should be labeled /ah and left at that, so that those of us who aren't into it can politely avoid it. Bugs appears to be exploring his limits, but I don't consider him to have crossed the squick line yet. Does anybody agree?

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No.134417 - Link Reply Report 134417 2

I'd say that hyper suggests size that is either biologically impossible, or at least highly outside the norm. There are some people IRL that would probably push the border of being hyper-fat, but they're highly rare.

Anything below that - any body type that the "average" person could encounter during their life - shouldn't be AH.

No.134418 - Link Reply Report 134418 2

Once again, I say there should be a separate board for toon ah

No.134420 - Link Reply Report 134420 2

To the OP: Look, I weigh 465 pounds. I don't care what anybody says, my body is utterly disgusting. The amount of maintenance I have to pull to not stink to high heaven is so much that I am shocked I am not losing weight from it alone.

I can get around a lot better than most people my size, but in my early thirties my knees are already going, my organs are at the point they shouldn't be until I am in my sixties, and I get tired and overheated way too often. Further, my sexual drive and ability are devastated.

If I could go back to my early twenties with this knowledge and nip the problem when I was only 250 pounds, I would. This body sucks.

The shock and disgust obesity causes in people is understandable and natural. This is not healthy, this is not a good thing.

I hate myself every day because of this body. Do not tell me there is some new pretend bigotry against obesity as if it wasn't natural to find it unappealing. We cannot thrive like this. I could very likely die in my 40's. That is a reality that I have to face.

Stop blaming other people. Stop pretending this is healthy.

No.134421 - Link Reply Report 134421 2


I'm sorry to hear about your situation- it does sound really difficult to deal with, and I'm not surprised to hear that you don't find it appealing in others, if you feel so bad about yourself. What's being discussed, though, is where the line should be drawn for this forum.

There is such a thing as bigotry and unreasoning hatred of anyone who's overweight. There is NOT a "natural" disgust for anyone overweight. In many cultures around the world, being overweight is an attractive status symbol. Only in the past 60-100 years has being super-thin been viewed as "healthy." Usually it means "malnourished."

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No.134432 - Link Reply Report 134432 2
                         ::                    ::                ::
:: :: ::
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:::::::::::: :: ::
No.134433 - Link Reply Report 134433 2
>Stop blaming other people. Stop pretending this is healthy.

You clearly have some things you want to talk about that are not the topic of discussion right now

Your hangups with your own body aren't the topic at hand

Nobody has brought up health and nobody has brought up blame

If all you want to do is talk about how disgusting fat people are and perform your dance of self-hatred for fat-phobes, there are plenty of relevant corners on this lovely ol' net of ours where that will be welcome